House Update #5

July 10, 2016

Hi, everyone!  Yes, I am feeling better…I’m not 100%…YET…but I WILL BE!

Here is the “Progress Report”….in MY (humble) opinion…the house is even more beautiful than it was at the last visit!  To get the entire hous into the viewfinder, it seems that I need to step across the street and back into lot 53…I will figure out how to do it on my next visit…maybe….m the pavers driveway looks really wonderful…that drive will last longer than the years that Papa and I have left!
For the most part, there was no activity INside the house…all the work this week took place in the yard.  This is the “California Room” just outside the Great Room sliding glass doors.  You can see they have the “Pavers on the concrete” installed…
The paver patio is close to complete…just need to “sand it”…which consists of sweeping sand into the spaces between the bricks, which acts as a “mortar”.  I think it looks wonderful…very happy with it.  You can just barely see the cobalt tiles set at what will be the “waterline”. Once the pool is filled with water…the blue water will really make it all “Pop”!!
Here we go…this is the “overall effect”….once the sod is put down, there will be some “contrast”….
It’s interesting, watching the patterns of the tree shadows changing throughout the day….if I remember correctly, this photo is taken looking almost “East”…the house is oriented North NorthEast….so, the majority of the afternoon sunshine tends to beat down on the front of the house; the garage and dining room and billiards room.  For FLORIDA, this is perfect…the trees act as a wind break for the North Wind in what little “winter” we have….and the trees and house give plenty of “shade” during the “Dog Days” of Summer!  Funny…how “short” my 6 foot plus son appears to be in this photo…those 10-11 foot ceilings tend to make everyone short!!
Well…that’s all of my “First World Problems” today, ladies….a few insignificant items were completed at the house….the cooktop, dishwasher and vent hood were all installed….oh, and the chandlier in the dining nook was installed….they also finished “sanding” the back patio and pool deck….it looks very nice.  We have the “punch list walk thru” scheduled for the 27th….and the final walk thru on August 5th at 1 o’clock, and closing at 2 o’clock.  (Pretty sure of themselves, huh?). I expect the next set of photos to have a fence and some sod….maybe a few trees….I’m starting to get excited…I can hardly wait to get over!
Love to all….Live Long and Live Well…

A Final Thought Before New Year Begins

December 31, 2015

I hesitated when I thought about sharing my feelings on today’s topic, but, then I realized (like so many other life issues) that I’m not the ONLY one here at the No Kill Shelter to struggle with it, and, maybe by sharing our thoughts, and our feelings, we all will heal a little more, it might make us stronger.

Today is the 39th anniversary of the accident that stole my younger sister, she was my best friend, my best buddy, and my Monopoly adversary.  It breaks my heart that she hadn’t even  turned 21.  She had two little boys; one, a newborn, survived the accident, but her 3-year old did not.  My father, who was driving, did not survive either. (Funny, but at the time, I believed that 48 years old was close to being ANCIENT!  Now, my son, at 41, is SO YOUNG!)  
Our family had faced many heartaches in the 10 years prior to the accident.  One of my uncles had been accidentally (as opposed to purposely, I suppose) electrocuted while doing some repairs, and  the woman I called “mom” had died of a cerebral hemorrhage during dinner while we were on a family cruise.  My sister and I stood there and watched as the doctors valiantly attempted to save her life.  Even with today’s technology, there isn’t much hope when the brain begins to bleed and/or swell. I’m glad that I had no clue that in less than two years, I would be back to that same cemetery, laying my dear Gramma to rest just two plots behind my sister…followed by my grandfather three years after Gramma. The funeral pushed me close to my breaking point.  At no point in my life had I ever felt as alone and abandoned as I did then.  My only thought, every time I quit picking at my own fingernails and looked up, was WHY?”  I stared at those three caskets, trying to understand “Why” “Why?” “WHY?” of course, there was no answer to be had…and, of course, I blamed “God”.
I barely remember that New Year…and I certainly wasn’t celebrating with the rest of the world.  It is interesting just how integral some sort of “celebration” is to the New Year.  It seems that we cannot “end” one year and “begin” the next without a ceremony or ritual of some sort, even if the only thing you do is watch a little of the celebration on TV and then retire early.  Because I was so wrapped up in my grief, I didn’t acknowledge the year end in any way, so stayed confused about “what year is it?” for a VERY long time.  I seem to have blocked the funeral from my memory. What little I do remember is that my nephew’s Sunday school class sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, and that everything was grey.  The sky was grey, the snow was grey, the caskets were grey, even the few leaves that tenaciously clung to a few (grey) trees were grey. And it was cold.  How appropriate that the sun was hidden, the trees were bare, everything covered with snow, and everything drained of color.  I did not understand how a “loving God” could do this to me….If He was so loving, the least He could do is strike me dead too…so that I wouldn’t have to face the world alone…
Perhaps the best thing for me, psychologically, was that I did not live in the Mid-West near my Dad & sister…I lived in the Florida Panhandle.  Eventually, I would leave the Land of Grey and go home, where everything was “colorful”.   But, before I went home, I made one last trip to the cemetery.  I needed to “talk” to my sister. I apologized for “tattling” on her, I apologized for “being mean”, I apologized for cheating in Monopoly…I confessed things she didn’t know, and would never have discovered!  I told her that I didn’t know how to face the future without her. I told her how unfair life was…and Then, I promised her that “I would do my best to live life full enough for BOTH of us.”  I swore that I would “live large”, that I wouldn’t do anything “half-way” and I would “take her with me” in every new adventure.  
Even after all these years, I still haven’t figured out “God’s reasons”…but that accident and the results were a huge “fork in the road” of my life.  In retrospect, my life is tremendously different than what it WOULD have ever been otherwise.  I’ve discovered the axiom  “you aren’t a true adult until you lose your parents” is true.  Only when you realize that there is no one to “save you” are you REALLY self-sufficient.  Only when you take on the mantle of “Matriarch” do you achieve true and complete self actualization.  Now, I KNOW that the LAST thing you would EVER consider is “moving back into Mom’s basement”….but, it IS there…it iS a LAST RESORT.  It is your “Ace in the Hole”.  A change occurs when YOU become “The Last Resort”…when the only person that stands between you and living under a bridge is YOU, you become a different person. Gone are the mornings of hitting that “snooze” button just one more time, gone are the thoughts of buying that cute pair of earrings with a portion of the grocery money (saying “well, I’ll just have dinner with Mom a few nights this week”, gone are the days of calling Dad to work his “magic” on the clothes washer when the water pump stops working, or calling Dad to come fish your wedding ring out of the pipe under the bathroom sink.  (Worst of all was not being able to call my sister with the million things I USED to call her about; from the baby’s fever, to the crazy person at Piggly-Wiggly, to things I couldn’t even ask my doctor about! Even now, 39 years later, I occasionally have one of those thoughts-“I bet my sister would laugh at!”)
Now that I am in my 60’s….and I’m watching my friend’s and cousin’s family issues…I see how fortunate I am.  I’m SO thankful that my father and my dear sister did not suffer.  The accident was fast, their deaths immediate.  My dad didn’t even have time to put his foot on the brake. The accident was measured in nano-seconds, not months or years.  I am thankful that they were spared enduring pain or suffering.   Last year, my dear husband watched his mother suffer through several months of assorted illnesses, watched her “lose ground” with each episode…   She refused to eat.  She had 95 years of excellent health and the illnesses were very difficult for her.  So, one day, she just decided that she was “tired of living”.  Once she made her decision, there was no point in trying to dissuade her…so, she quit eating…after about a week, she  fell into a coma, and then just “never woke up”.  (I wish us all to have full lives like she did. To have 95 years with virtually no health problems,  then to die quietly in our sleep! She raised two wonderful children, had two grandchildren and a great grandson.  Her husband left her enough money so that she never lacked for anything at all!). (Actually, with all that she had, I was surprised at what a miserable person she was, which proves  that money and things do NOT make you happy!)
My Dearest Sister/Cousin has been watching her father slowly lose himself to Alzheimer’s and chronic heart disease.  Not only does he not know his wife’s name most of the time, but I’ve lost count of the number of heart attacks he has survived.  He and his wife celebrated 63 years of marriage recently, but, sadly, he wasn’t really “there” for the celebration.  Every winter, for the last 5-6 years, I’m told “this is probably Dad’s last Christmas”…tragically, what I used to hear in those words was sadness…but now, I believe I’m hearing a prayer; his heart attacks are very painful, the Alzheimer’s stealing his brain’s ability to remember how everything; from the names of his children to remembering how to swallow, how to breathe, how to walk…. his illness is causing great emotional pain within the family.   Another cousin, Dave, who was only a few months younger than I,  lost his battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease this summer.  He and his family suffered as the disease stole a little portion of him each day.  
As tragic and as unexpected as the accident was, I’m very grateful that my dad and my sister did not suffer. 
At first, the depression would descend on me sometime in October….and wouldn’t lift until Spring.  Life was unbearable, not just for me, but those around me, too.  One year, my ex-husband yelled at me “She’s DEAD!  GET OVER IT!”  Which, by the way, explains WHY he is an EX-husband!  It isn’t like I was CHOOSING to be so miserable!  There were two things that truly helped me.  
My favorite Auntie came to Florida for vacation about 10 years ago.  She and my uncle stayed in Jacksonville during the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November, prime time for my depression to start.  Of course, we talked a lot about my sister…and, because I trust her very much, I was very honest with her about my problems.  I confessed my problem with the overwhelming depression at Christmas.  And I also confessed to her that my sister and I had argued before she died. She asked me “Did you and your sister argue and fuss at one another before this one time?”  And I told her “Well, yes, of course, we fussed at each other a LOT!”  Then she asked “did you usually make up, and things were ok?  And I said “Yes, we never stayed mad for very long!”  Then, the next thing she said changed everything: “If you and your sister always fussed yet ALWAYS made up…don’t you think that by now, no matter what you might have fussed about, that she would gave forgiven you by now?  Do you think that she would WANT you to feel as bad as you do?  Wouldn’t she have done ANYTHING to make you happy again?  Just like you would do for her?”
I considered all of those questions for some time.  I knew in my heart, that due to the unique circumstances of our lives, that we were closer to one another than most sisters are.  We were almost “twin-like”, because we always seemed to know, no matter the distance between us, that the other was in trouble, or in need.  I knew in my heart that my sister wouldn’t have wanted me to be upset.  She WOULD have forgiven me, a long, long time ago. I discovered that it wasn’t HER forgiveness that I needed…but my own.  I HAD to forgive myself, and move on with my life.  I knew that I could never let go of the love I had for her…but I had to let go of my guilt.  I had to allow her memory to love me, for ME to love me!
I eventually learned to live without my sister.  I still miss her, but she inspired me to do things that I probably would have never thought were important enough to try.  I promised to “live for both of us” and to “live large”.  As a result, I didn’t get just ONE college degree, I earned TWO.  I didn’t have just ONE career, I had TWO.  I wasn’t satisfied with just receiving a “passing grade” in my classes…I wanted an “A” and, because I’m no Einstein, I had to work twice as hard to earn it! 

She is “with me” wherever I’ve gone over the past 39 years.   As watched the sun set in Ka’apalua, Maui, Seattle  and San Diego, sunrises at South Padre Island, West Palm Beach, and Denver.  She was with me on New Year at Greenwich, London 1999-2000 and in Paris at the Eiffel Tower 2000-2001.  We’ve hiked glaciers in Alaska, canyons in Grand Canyon, meadows in Yosemite, strolled The Great Wall, climbed Macchu Pichu,  cycled Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, strolled the Castro, Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon and the Seine, flown over the Nazca Lines, parasail end in Bora Bora.  She danced the night away with me in the Bahamas, Aruba, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Rico, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Big Bear, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston.  We’ve shopped NYC,  San Francisco, Beijing, Mexico City, South Coast and Honolulu and attended theater in London, New York, San Francisco and South Coast. And I “failed” skiing at both Big Bear and Heavenly.

Most of my cousins haven’t been out of Iowa because we come from a long line of tee-totalers, xenophobes and hodophobes.  (My grandparents “eloped” to Unionville, the grand sum total of 8 miles away!).  So, I’m only “widely traveled” in comparison to my family!  The point of this all was that, my sister was with me “in spirit” and by taking  my “stay-at-home” sister “with me”, it not only helped me tame my fear of traveling, but helped me recover, I didn’t miss her so much because she was only a thought away!

So, here we are…and I am okay.  I didn’t have to drink a bottle or two of wine every night this week just to shut up the noise between my ears.  I didn’t spend the week crying and feeling sorry for myself.  Instead of replaying the argument with my sister over and over in my head for the past week, and focusing on “our last Christmas”…I shared the story of our “best Christmas ever” with my dear husband…and I even laughed at my own silliness.

Yes, I still miss her.  But, I’m okay. I also came to realize that I didn’t need to go to Antigua or Giza to share something with her or to avoid that big black hole I crawl into…..there was a beautiful sunrise this morning, right here in Jacksonville….and she was right there with me, in spirit…just like she always is.   I’m beginning to believe that she is my Guardian Angel.

So…we start this new year, guilt free.  Not in the hole of depression, not in a foreign land…but right here at home…living in the present.

I hope each one of you is “ok” too.  Forgive yourself.  Your loved one wouldn’t want you to be suffering.  The No-Kill-Shelter is always here to listen and understand.  Whatever loss you face, you aren’t alone…a sister, a brother, a mom, dad or gramma…you miss them, especially at this time of year.  But, we are stronger than we think we are…and, in your moments when you need a shoulder to cry on…you know that we are all here to help one another!  Each of you are in Kelly’s heart and prayers, as each of you are in my heart and prayers.  Begin this new year with love in your heart…and know that this will be the best year ever!  Happy New Year!! 

Kelly will have “technology” soon!  She hasn’t stopped writing…but her pen only works on paper, it doesn’t work well on the computer screen!  She’s reading your posts on the blog!  (She-just-hates-writing-answers-with-hyphens!!)

Hi, it’s Mama!!

September 27, 2016

Ok, for those that haven’t heard…we moved in…we are still “settling in”…slowly…

My studio….


The “Great Room”
The Formal Dining Room
The Entry
The pool area
I’ve also spent a very small amount of time in my studio…I’m very “rusty”…I really need to get some practice painting done…
Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Things That Only Happen In Canada

September 17, 2016


Hello everyone. Your wayward Queen is back with stuff to say. Before we get into the amusing part of the program, I would like to dedicate this post to the Tragically Hip and specifically their lead singer Gord Downie. Gord has been the frontman for the hip since before they ever had a record deal. His voice is what I think angels sound like and he is a true inspiration to everyone battling anything. Gord has inoperable brain cancer. He is dying. Instead of just lying down and waiting for the inevitable, Gord decided that he was going out the way he wanted and what he wanted was one more tour to thank the fans.
I first saw the Hip when I was 19. I had taken one of my I have no idea where I am going to end up weekend road trips and I wound up right around Kingston and camped for the night. I decided to check out a bar about a half hour up the road and they had a live band. The band was phenominal. They did mostly covers and a couple of originals and played to about 10 people counting me. Even with nobody in the audience they gave it everything they had, played a full set and I was hooked by the second song. I saw them twice more after they had become big and own every album they have ever put out. They are not the best band in the world, but they are definitely the most Canadian band in the world. They never cared about world fame even if the attain a modicum of it, they just wanted to make good music about things relevant to Candians. And they did that in spades.

Gonna get right into the meat and taters of todays post before another fit of laughter keels me over.

I know you all in the States think you have the market cornered on weapon violence, but I will have you know you are absolutely right, but that doesn’t make this any less funny.

Today in Toronto a crazed Bowman(Have to check and see if that is a thing, not really sure)killed three and injured one in a crazy crossbow attack.

Now, of course dead people are never funny. Wait…anyway the thing that is funny is that anybody can legally obtain a crossbow. kind of like you all and guns in the States. Call it the Canadian second amendment or, the right to carry bows. All kinds of bows. Cross bows, long bows, recurve bows, camouflage bows. The difference between say a 45 and a bow is, bows are a fucking pain in the ass to re-load. If you are small it can take upwards of five minutes to reload. Also, you need to be a much better shot to use a bow. If you don’t believe me ask Daryl Dixon he’ll tell you. After about the fourth shot your arms are too tired to reload anymore and this is my theory as to why the rampage (which was actually three people bowed down (see what I did there)at close range in their driveway and some random person.) The survivor probably survived because the crossbow wielding maniacs arms were tired and he wobbled.

There have been crossbow hunting accidents and a dog up here shot his owner once but that was with a rifle, but I can’t remember any crossbow attacks. We had that dude that cut somebodies head off on a bus but that was with a hunting knife and he was batshit nuts so it wasn’t really his fault but no, cross bow attacks not so much.

Think I will google crossbow attacks in Canada and get back to you.

So, at the risk of people not having a sense of humor, lets talk about your election because nothing is more fun than talks about politics or religion. I feel for you all and because of that I have to feel bad for Canada. If Justin ever loses his hair it will be over the American election. Your Candidates both suck. Trump is just a whack a doo and I think Clinton is just slimy.

I love Trumps thoughts though, | may have to turn the in house psychic loose on him, although she has threatened suicide if I do. How is this man ballsy enough to talk about how he knows more about ISIS then anyone else and how he is going to run the country like a business. Is he so full of his own bullshit that he thinks nobody knows how many times his business skills have put his businesses into chapter 11. Can a country file for bankruptcy? Someone better look that up. He is getting rid of all the illegal immigrants to bring them back but legally? How fucking much is that going to cost and more importantly why the fuck would you do that? Then he flipped and decided they could stay if they paid back taxes. I find that confusing. I don’t really understand how illegal immigrants work unless it is under the table, off the books like, so how can you charge them back taxes on money they technically never made? And if they are on the books they aren’t illegal right? They must have a work visa or something. I am also looking forward to Trump getting privileged 1st worlders to do the jobs that the illegal immigrants do. Is he going to make it mandatory to do farm work or clean houses or garden or whatever it is that Americans don’t want to do that makes people in poor countries flock there to get jobs?

Hell, you can’t get farm workers here. We have to import them. We actually request them. That way they are vetted, they are on the books, they are treated like humans instead of farm animals, the have access to medical while they are here, they pay taxes on the money they make and it is still a shit ton more money then they make at home. Some farms have had the same gangs of Mexicans or Jamaicans for over 10 years. Because Canadians don’t want the jobs. How it works in the states I don’t know, but here the jobs have to be posted at services Canada and offered to Canadians first. The farmers I have known have told me they maybe get two or three applicants for forty or more jobs and when they are hired they usually only last a couple of days. Farm work is hard and long and hot. You work in the sun, in the rain, etc. So don’t be so quick to think getting rid of your immigrants is going to accomplish anything, it may actually cause more problems than it fixes.

As for Clinton, I don’t think she is a much better choice, just for different reasons. I find her disingenuous. And Bill Clinton is going to be the ugliest first lady ever. Looking forward to seeing his inaugural dress though.

I say you write in Rick Grimms/Daryl Dixon and see if they win. Or vote for your cat. Or Mama. Mama would make a kick ass president.

That is it

House Update-Final Chapter

July 31, 2016

Well, at least the “semi-final” chapter!  We close on Friday, just 5 days from now…and only a few “minor” items remain to be done: painting the garage doors, installing the freezer and the oven, the final paint touch ups throughout, etc…so, without further ado, I present: Casa Azul…

At the foyer; looking into the Family Room, immediate left is the Billiards Room, immediate right is the Formal Dining Room, ahead and to the left, the Master Suite, straight ahead, the patio & pool,  ahead and right, the Dining Nook, Kitchen, ahead, to the right and down the hall, Butlers pantry, Drop Zone and laundry and to the right and down the left hall, DH’s office, Guest Suite and my Studio.
billiards Room
Formal Dining Room
Dining Nook
Gas Fireplace in Great Room
Master Suite
Master Suite Bath
Laundry Room & Mechanical
Drop Zone
Guest Suite
Guest Suite Bath
My Studio
Back yard–Left
Back Yard, Right

Boo “helping”

Well….that’s the end for now, ladies….I won’t make you suffer thru my interior design troubles….we are very happy with the final result…and I know we will have many happy years living in our beautiful home!  Thanks for your support and comments throughout the process!!

Risk: The Game Of World Domination. Real World Edition

July 21, 2016

Hi kiddies, tis me your wayward queen back from hiding in my bunker because the GOP election thing is happening and I’m ascared.

college humor wrote this, I take no credit because unlike whatever the fuck number wife we are on, I try not to just poach stuff like entire speeches.

So, just for the shits and giggles of it all (spoiler alert I hope you saved your complimentary Pretoria puke buckets) lets recap shall we?

Donald  Trump (real name Drumph according to John Oliver) thinks all people of Latino origin, ESPECIALLY MEXICANS are murdering rapist drug cartel running bastards.  Except for a couple which he assumes are okay.  I’m thinking probably his gardener and pool guy.  All as in every single Muslim is a terrorist and need to be deported back to the stone age as soon as we can round up enough planes.  Born in America, tough shit deal with it.  Women fall into three categories, the blow up dolls like his wife, the mildly cuddly and the way gross fat ones that need to be exiled until we figure out what the fuck is wrong with them.  Oh sorry forgot the forth category, the ones bleeding from….wherever.

He is planning on building a wall around Mexico. Um, excuse me for a moment (OMGLOLROFLMAO) and wait cuz it gets better, Mexico is going to pay for it.  He does have the distinction of actually making a foreign dignitary curse in a second language no less to tell him they are not paying for a fucking wall, so 2 points to Slitherin.

This brings us to NATO. NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was brought together in 1949 because WWII happened. Members include Canada, Britain, a bunch of European countries I’m to lazy to go look up, Russia briefly in 91 but they quit because world domination, Poland, the Czech republic and the US, at least until the orangutan that speaks becomes president. He doesn’t like Nato, he doesn’t think countries are equal in costs to upkeep Nato, he is an idiot. Putin is probably throwing a huge party and planning his overthrow of the US right now because if you don’t think all the NATO countries are going to tell Trump to eat a dick, you are not paying attention.

In case you were wondering, Canada is starting a go fund me to build our own fucking wall and we will pay for it ourselves because we all had a meeting and decided that the states has just gone batshit crazy. It’s not your fault. I blame the 1%, the people who think you need an automatic weapon for anything other than when the purge starts and I’m sure it’s not too far off. Why the fuck does anyone need an assault rifle? Home protection? Blow me, if you can’t shoot someone with a 12 gauge or a 45 you shouldn’t even be holding a gun. Going hunting deer with it? That is just sick. Climbing a clocktower? you’re better of with a carbine…not that I would know. People are shooting cops as a sport, so I’m not kidding about the purge.

Don’t worry, we are working hard to get the normal Americans out. We have re-activated the underground railroad. Go to Georgia if you can get there without getting shot, wait until dark and watch for the old timey lantern. Go to it and the conductor will give you further instructions.

I leave you with this because it just reminds me of all of this mess.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

EDIT: Renae is correct, Russia is not part of NATO at this time

Hi, Everyone!!! A Note from MamaVia

July 5, 2016

Hi!!!  Mama here…more or less…on the 22nd, Papa kidnapped me from the sofa and forced me to get on a plane full of people with GERMS…and we flew into Billings, Montana….then drove to Sheridan, Wyoming.  Papa seems to think that although I was BORN in WASHINGTON STATE, grew up in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, and lived 12 years in SAN ANTONIO….(with 6 months of “hard time” at Lowry AFB, Colorado) that I hadn’t seen “the real west”…trust me…I saw what I wanted to see….Indians?  There’s Indians in Washington State….and California….mountains?  There’s mountains in both states…and some called “Hills” in Texas…so… MY CONSIDERED OPINION….I HAD MISSED NOTHING!!!  I once drove to Mount Rushmore….and the Crazy Horse Monument….it’s not like I am a sheltered traveler….but….to keep everything happy…I dragged my raggedy ass off the sofa, sent Boo to Brenda’s house, threw some of my skorts into a paper bag and off we went…SIGH……….

Thursday, the 23rd…I woke up with a sore throat…oh, lovely…so, went to the pharmacy, got some cold-ease and hoped I wouldn’t get sick…clambered into the rented Subaru Outback and my “chauffeur” drove me up the crookedest derned road I’ve ever been on…nothing but rock…oh, look at the rocks…oh, look at that rock!  Needless to say….I got car sick…grabbed my pillow, got in the backseat, and went to sleep…my head wedged against one door, my feet propped against the other…hoping that the Great Indian, “Falling Rocks” wasn’t going to attack the Outback…

Met my husband’s “friend”….a short ugly little man….a cross between a troll and a leprechaun…obviously a heavy drinker from the florid face, bulbous nose and BIG MOUTH.  A MYSOGYNIST….whose wife adores him…he is HUGE into guns, prepping, himself, drinking and generally being an asshole….I cannot stand him…he is an authentic “Florida Cracker” and proud of it.  How he found such a wonderful, caring, considerate wife, I’ll never know… husband drinks too much when he is around Cracker….and I don’t like that, either.

I’m not really sure when I got sick…but I can barely remember the 6 days we were gone.  All I wanted to do was to come home.  Somewhere about the 24th or 25th….I can actually FEEL the crap in my lungs “crackling”…I can BARELY breathe….my dearest insisted we go to “Buffalo”…where all he did was sit on a park bench under a tree on the street…(I called my doc at home & made an appointment on the 29th)..we didn’t shop, we didn’t walk (who could walk with all that crackling and out of breath stuff?). We went with Cracker & Wife for dinner…I don’t remember eating, or talking or even where we went.  I couldn’t breathe…at some point, we went shopping…my DH purchased a pair of cowboy boots for me (why?  I don’t know!) and a hat….the boots didn’t really look at that “hot” with my skorts!  I began thinking I needed to go to the emergency room…I couldn’t breathe…I wanted to go home….FINALLY….the 28th!!  Up at 2am for the two hour drive back to Billings…yes, I slept in the back…airport at 4 am, turn in the rental, go thru security….sit around to finally get on the plane…I still can’t breathe (do you see the theme, here?). FINALLY….home at 5:30 Eastern…go get the dog at 7…home by 8….(thank you, son, for driving me…). I fell asleep exhausted…

By the time I got to my doc on the 29th, I was barely alive….my fingertips were bluish, my ankles are so swollen that I feel the water “sloshing” with every step….I can’t “let water” at all…I’m struggling for every breath…the receptionist was so shocked at my presentation, she forget to collect her co-pay…I’m put into a room with no weigh in, no blood pressure check…and, suddenly, it’s like a scene from E.R….Dr. Browning is shouting for Epi-shots and steroids and giving instructions…several nurses are preparing shots and breathing machines and putting monitors in me…my oxygen concentration at 75% has everyone going nuts…

Finally…the Epi and steroids kick in…and my oxygen gets up to 82%…maybe I will live after all…finally, after another hour of breathing treatments…I’m up to almost 91%…and they send me for some prescriptions and “bed rest”…I was ordered to go get a lung X-Ray….diagnosis: Community Acquired Pnemonia and COPD….last X-ray, several years ago, showed a spot on my right lung…we will see if it has grown any larger…or if, as I suspect, it’s just some scar tissue from my many bouts of Pnemonia and chronic bronchitis…all is well….

House Update:

Nothing much “substantial” has happened this month…the paint is done….


And….the paver driveway, sidewalk and porch are done…


The “waterline tiles” are installed in the pool….


The chandeliers are installed….


The cabinets and cabinet lighting completed….


And…my soaker tub is close to complete….


I’m so sick of waiting for everyone to get off their thumbs and get this house done!!!  We’ve been dealing with this since mid November…and I’m pretty sick of those men not getting anything done!!!  What SHOULD take a day, takes a week…what SHOULD take a week, takes a month…several weeks ago, I would have given this builder 5 stars…please don’t ask for a reference until after they quit piddling around and get this house done!!!  Maybe it’s like being pregnant…the last month is the worst for waiting…

I’ll let y’all know about the X-Ray when I get the results…I hope everyone is well…

Love, mama

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I’m Surprisingly OK With It

June 17, 2016

Hello my lovelies. I know it’s been a minute, I’ve been busy trying to get a bunch of stuff done around the house. I’ve decided that it needs to be moved around, painted and I have to get rid of several tonnes of stuff because apparently I keep everything. I have boxes from video games I bought when I was like 30. Why? Because I might need it. I also have not been especially well, nothing to worry about, basically just trying to do to much to fast.

Lovely to see Casa Azul coming together so nicely. It was actually mama who motivated me to make some much needed changes to this place. I am taking a huge step and moving my bedroom downstairs where I am only behind one lock and I’m pretty fucking proud of myself.

That however, has nothing whatsoever to do with todays post. Today’s post is brought to you by the letters W E I S F U C K E D.

Whatever the fuck is in the water in Orlando, don’t let the army take it and weaponize it. I am so sorry for the victims of the shooting, their families, the officers that had to respond to that carnage and us. I am sorry for us.

Now why is a Canadian sorry for you all, being as you the greatest nation on the planet? Because you are like our big brother in a good way and you have been grievously injured which injures us too. Targeting the LGBT community is just so fucked up I can’t even.

I don’t care if you fuck women, men, blow up dolls, an apple pie, or your malamute as long as he or she is into it, it is flat out none of my business and that being said I probably don’t give it any thought Until something like this happens. Then I think about it a lot. And it makes me very angry.

Then you have Adolph Trump fanning the already huge flames about Muslims who are not are radical assholes and building a wall to keep out Mexicans and just arbitrarily deciding that immigration needs to stop. Never mind that his 14 year old wife is an immigrant. I guess the pretty ones will get a pass. Adolph Trump is a worry, just not even close to my biggest one.

What is it with you all and guns? How fucking many people have to be mowed down by crazy assed crazies before you all figure out that your right to bear arms flies in the face of the right to go to school and not get shot, or go to a club and not get shot, or go buy a pack of smokes and not get shot? I’m not talking about taking away your guns, but who the fuck needs military grade weapons for anything other than war? If you are hunting with one you are a coward and or a shitty shot and if not what the fuck are you doing with it? My question is this. What is the number of dead wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, children, pets etc that will make you say “you know what, we might have a problem here?” ten thousand? twenty thousand? I’m really curious about that.

Now we have this new lovely thing called Zika virus right where all are Olympic athletes are going to be and they have finally found the elusive super bug that not even our antibiotics of last resort will kill.  Have I mentioned we are fucked.  In case you missed it, we are fucked.

Up here in Canada land the Trial for the murder of Tim Bosma just finished with a verdict of guilty and two life sentences with parole eligibility after 25 years. Which in Canada means see ya in 25 years.

We got the right to die bill put through this week but just like I said when it was first discussed it is just a big pile of shit with a bow on top. The big contention was the wording of foreseeable death. Well, I have a shocker for all the big shot muckity mucks on the hill, EVERY DEATH IS FORSEEABLE. I’m pissed off because I have never believed that the government should have any say on when you as a person have decided that you want off this ride and want to punch your ticket. You shouldn’t have to blow you head off or whatever to do it. You should be able to have access to the drugs necessary to make the transition from life to death as easy and pain free as possible.

My plan should the time come is to find a dealer of Heroin since they must be out there somewhere, and I’m gonna ride me a dragon right into the sunset.

Oh yeah, I have decided that besides Queen of all I survey I have also crowned myself Queen of Scotland. Please don’t forget to curtsy.

Note to Pesky, one of your cousins keeps teasing my extremely large puppies and you might want to send him a letter or text or something that they do not appreciate his shenanigans and he looks mighty tasty.

I will be around sporadically, I’m just crazy busy right now.

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