SInce there is no court today….Here is a list of Random Things that Actually Exist

The Mannequin Bong

for the forever alone stoner!

The Eyebrow situation on Karl Lagerfeld.

I suddenly get it why the magical unicorn that is Karl is never parted from his shades.  Inside, outside, side to side, the man wears shades.  I’m slightly frightened the right eyebrow may have them wrapped in a web somewhere for later consumption.

The Fuck you Shoe. 

Ladies, we all know perfectly well that high heels were designed by some sadistic fucking man.  these say fuck your feet a million times better.

The SnowMiser from everyone’s favorite holiday special.

Sing it with me……She’s Mr. Snow Miser, She’s Mr. Snow, she’s Mr Snow Miser, she’s Mr 10 below.


Because why not.  They just follow each other around all day with no idea why.

Lunch meat Clowns


Because your parents really ARE trying to kill you.

The dog Fanny Pack


specifically designed for Jodi Arias to carry around Jenny from the cell block when she goes into attack mode at the site of any pitbull named Juan

Blood Spatter Wallpaper


Specifically designed for Jodi Arias to decorate her death row cell with.  Ahh the memories.


axl rose 2013

Yup, we didn’t all have a collective hallucination. Here is proof that Axl Rose Actually exists.  It’s almost like finding big-foot.   Just on the off-chance; um Axl, as a fellow Agoraphobe, dude I get it that we don’t go outside for sometimes weeks at a time but there is a dress code DAMMIT!!

Court resumes tomorrow at 9:30 am Arizona time which is Lets fuck with everyone o’clock around the rest of the world.


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