Actual Science, you know like Einstein did, sucks everytime.

An apple just fell on my head cuz gravity sucks, Arizona

Jenny From the Cell Block and Stabby decided to go out in style in matching black mourning ensembles While Alfred E. Nurmi was dressed to say hi to the devil when he gets back to where he’s from.

First up on the Juan train was the smoking hot Kevin Horn, Medical examiner/ underwear model.  Kevin explained that the gunshot wound that passed through Travis’ head, traveled through his brain turning it to pudding and would have incapacitated almost immediately, like within seconds.  Travis would not have been cognizant of his surroundings, and would not have been able to defend himself, ie those pesky defensive wounds on his hands as he fought off Norman Bates.  Unfortunately for Stabby, Travis did have extensive defensive wounds which kind of throws a fuck into the whole he attacked me because I dropped his camera and he was gonna kill me over a camera so I shot him first.  Dr Horn made for a very, very convincing witness and if nobody believes anything else in this theater of the completely absurd, they believe that Travis was not shot first.

Apparently Alfred E. Nurmi is grounded, which looks totally fine with Alfred and Jenny from the Cell Block took a run at Dr. Horn.  Jenny From the Cell Block and prom queen contender was kind enough to have admitted into evidence that Dr. Horn had performed over 6000 autopsies a great portion of which were gunshot wounds.  She made Dr. Horn sound like a defacto gunshot wound expert.  Jenny asked what the difference is between immediate and rapid death.  They seem fairly self explanatory to me, but hey, my IQ is only 187.  Not the stunning 119 of Ms Arias so what the fuck do I know.  Jenny next tried to impeach the good Dr’s testimony.  Silly Jenny.  Jenny tried tripping him up with a misstatement which he jumped on her pumpkin for immediately.  Jenny looked chagrined to say the least.  She pointed out that in his autopsy report that he said he could see no damage due to the decomposition.  She used one of her big words, but the Dr. retorted rather snappily that simple geometry tells him the bullet trajectory.   Jody did her patented pretend to cry behind a veil of hair so nobody can see she is actually snickering at her stabby greatness.  Jenny and the Dr. Continued to box but Jenny was on the ropes pretty quick.

Juan got up to clarify a few points and then the Jury was allowed to ask its questions.  Jodi stated she shot Travis in the middle of the bathroom would there not be blood in the middle of the bathroom.  Is it possible you could be wrong about the amount of time Travis was able to ambulate?  Resounding no.  Why do you think Travis was still alive when his throat was cut?  Because of the amount of hemorrhage.  How many times have you seen 25 caliber gunshot wounds?  several hundred times.  Redirect by Juan just confirming what he’d already established.   Jenny got up for one last go.  She is a trooper that one.  She tried to muddy the waters a little bit, but it turned into a big bunch of nothing.

Shockingly, at the end of rebuttal, Nurmi did not immediately disappear in a cloud of brimstone and fire.

one Sur rebuttal witness on Wednesday and then closing arguments.  I can’t wait for closing arguments.

********BREAKING NEWS*********  Juror number 8 has been dismissed.  And then there were 15.


2 Responses to Actual Science, you know like Einstein did, sucks everytime.

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  2. bobbie thompson says:

    Dr Horn is HOT! Too bad those hands roam dead bodies ewwwwww lol

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