It’s a Juanderful day for a Barbeque

May 3, 2013

the charcoal grill outside my trailer Arizona

Juan the pitbull Martinez wasted absolutely no time lighting the barbeque and having a good old fashioned cookout.  The smell of burning ho hair could be scented for miles and men long overdue for service started to push their little faces against the window begging for scraps before it was burned beyond recognition.

In between flipping ho burgers he paced in his usual dominant display of authority, giving the closing argument to end all closing arguments……..without notes.  We Do’n need no stinking notes was heard being uttered by co-pilot Esteban Flores.

The pitbull seized, shook and dismantled Stabbies huge mountain of lies while simultaneously flipping burgers, applying sauce and flawlessly showing the perfect fluidity of his prima fascia.

Stabby looked a little, well, stabby as her monstrousness was exposed once and for all.  In her rage filled state she scribbled madly, getting worse with each piece of her ridiculous story that was ripped away.  The human doorknob got angrier and angrier as Juan ripped away with huge satisfaction, one falsehood after another after another infinitum. Just for the record, Stabby seems to think that rubbing ones nose continually will convince everyone that you are actually crying.  She’s so smart that Stabby.  119 Everybody.  119.

The high point of the day though folks had to be when Alfred E. Nurmi actually giggled, like giggled like a girl when the pitbull told of Travis being all dead and naked, exposed, degraded in the shower.  I am actually waiting for the earth to open up tomorrow and just swallow the three of them up.

On a totally serious side note.  Hats off to Mr. Martinez for one of the most masterful closes I have ever had the pleasure to watch.  He brought Travis back to life for a little while during his close.

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