Since it’s the weekend and the Jury isn’t deliberating I thought I’d be Like Alfred E. Nurmi and Make Some Words up

May 5, 2013

Makin’ shit up cuz I’m bored Arizona

Stabby- someone with a fondness of stabbing a person or animal with sharp, pointy objects

Analhilate- annihilate but as it pertains to sexual acts

Juanderful- Anything pertaining to Juan Martinez

Floresation – something that is quietly good for you

Migrainitis- the act of faking a migraine whenever testimony does not seem to be going your way

Hodi Scariass- pretty self explanatory

Blunderland – The place cartoon characters go to be abused

Tortoiphobia – the unnatural fear that Alfred E. Nurmi will never actually finish a complete sentence.

Asshat – See Jenny from the Cell Block, Alfred E. Nurmi, Stabby Arias.

sadokjrwaoyhedovbnerwtgnh- the shit that happens when I bang my head off of my keyboard

Ermegerd – the word Nurmi utters under his breath when even HE can’t believe what he is about to say

Covertitis – a condition which one develops after hearing the phrase covert mission more than seventy times in an hour

If you have any of your own please add them to the comment section and I will post them to the list with credit.

Hoping for a very speedy verdict tomorrow so that Travis can finally rest in peace and his family can finally find some.

Ally la Toiletta–much like the real thing only when u push the handle shit comes out. This one is from G.E. Smith.  and a great one.

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