Suicide Watch of The Damned

May 10, 2013

Are You Fucking Kidding Me -Arizona

To the surprise of absolutely no one, within 20 minutes of the verdict being read, Stabby who is definitely NOT looking for fame gave an exclusive interview about her thoughts on the trial, verdict etc. She was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you that the Jury didn’t believe her absolute bullshit and convicted her of 1st degree murder.  Next she took a quick page from the reverse psychology handbook and told the whole 7 people watching the interview that she preferred to get the death penalty.  Of course she is hoping the jury will go “hey, if that’s what the bitch wants, lets just keep her in jail till she dies.”  If Satan’s concubine really wants the death penalty she will not appeal.  Anybody want three to one on that?  Place yer bets.

In her usual narcissistic fashion she blamed everyone starting with the Jury, who she prayed for everyday, awoeursohngbfse- sorry that was my head hitting the keyboard.  On a side note a spokesman for the Jury said they are immediately all going to be exorcised lest she has hexed them in some fashion.

She blamed  Juan “the pit bull” Martinez because she’s butt hurt and according to her, him not letting her have those letters that were deemed to be forgeries entered into evidence is “shady practices and hiding evidence”.  Everyone now stand, face Arizona and Slow clap for the Juanderful Mr. Martinez.  Even Bud Light salutes you Mr. Martinez.

Stabby Einstein said she hoped Travis’ family would be able to find peace.  In house psychic take it away.  Now that I”ve ruined everyone’s lives forever and tarnished the memory of a perfectly decent man I know they will think of nothing but that forever.  Sigh, thank you in-house psychic.

She said that if they had been able to avoid trial the murkier aspects would have never come out and he would have been immortalized as someone who adhered to their morals.

I came across this on a site called Jodi arias court documents.  Credit: Grahamwinch.  wordpress.  In a pre-trial motion, yup folks you read it here, she had this all planned out she threatens to drag Travis, his church, his family and anyone else she can think of through a river of mud if they don’t let her plead to manslaughter.

Here is the link to the entire website because what else are we going to do for the next five days  Check this out because there are all kinds of interesting little tidbits here.

She was asked about looking at the Alexander Family and she actually had mouthfuls of the unmitigated gall that has carried her through her audition er I mean trial and said “she tried not to look at them because they all look-alike and when she saw them it was like looking at the man who abused her.  Again, are you fucking kidding me?    How the hell is this even allowed?   She and Charles Manson would make a cute couple don’t you think?

Because of the statements she totally practiced for days while being coached by Alyce in Blunderland she has managed to move the inevitable back by a week.  Juan was immediately darted twice and led away without incident by our main Pit bull wrangler Esteban Flores.

We did witness a miracle when Gramma Stabby, no longer required for the sympathy vote, stood up out of her wheelchair and walked into the courthouse to visit Stabby.  hallelujah, it’s a miracle.

Charlie Daniels and the boys put themselves up in a hotel in Arizona till Wednesday so they don’t miss opening for court.


This was written by one of my wordpress friends and I meant to add it here but got carried away and forgot.  Janie, I hope you don’t mind.  I think it is beautiful and I think everyone will see the same beauty I do

Although I never met you
I know you all the same.
Millions pray with your family
to help them through the pain.

A young man with much to offer ,
a smile to light the way,
your in our hearts, our minds, our souls, and together we all pray.

Travis rest with God our father,
Whose arms you now reside.
God will keep you always
forever by his side.

So many loved ones left behind
who can only wonder why.
A life so young and promising is gone
and we are left to cry.

Your journey now is over,
you’ve earned your wings today.
God bless you always Travis
forever and a day.

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