A Stabby Poem- totally Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe

May 17, 2013

Well, yesterday my heart broke for the Alexander Family (I actually do have one believe it or not) and somewhere from deep within my sarcastic and warped mind this appeared.

One night while I lay there napping

Suddenly I heard  a flapping

Something not even close to rapping

Coming from my doggy door.

As I lay there thoughts abounding

Terror in my mind resounding

Pictures in my mind were bounding

Of a trial I followed ever more.

Pictures in my mind were blooming

Of a three holed wonder looming

Men of the world intent on dooming

With a screech I snarled NO MORE.

Then to a courtroom I was taken

Stabby stared, she was not shaken

Nurmi dreamed of cake and Bacon

Objection!  a little pit bull roared.

my skin crawled as I pondered

Inside  of my room it wandered

It said my camera was laundered

I said “you’re a stupid whore.”

Responsible for so much  strife

Because it wanted to be a  wife

It said so as it pulled a knife

And a gun of tiny bore.

In my dreaming state I was awake

I noticed that its tits were fake

It showed me cookies that it baked

truly a slut of epic score.

I awoke to the sound of screaming

Realized I had been dreaming

A smile on my face that had me beaming

Quoth the Writer:  Stabby ,  I hope you see this and realize that the whole world other than for a few severely disturbed individuals hate you and hope you die after a very painful fuck up in the death chamber and then you get resuscitated so we can kill you again just for fun because you are a lying stalking sociopath insane bitch and you’d just kill someone else and we know it.

Oh yeah, and in case I didn’t mention it earlier, you are a lying, murdering, nasty  WHORE!!

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