Stabby Apparently Doesn’t Have any Friends.

May 20, 2013

I have a migraine, can we cancel court? Arizona

Well kids, here we go again.

Stabby really, really doesn’t want to hear what the jury has to say about whether she gets to live or die.   Alfred E. Nurmi, using one of his last hail Mary moments, has requested a mistrial of the sentencing phase of the proceedings (seriously, is that a thing?) because druggy wuggy womak feels threatened.  My bullshit detector is going into overdrive.  He also asked for a mistrial due to previously mentioned prosecutorial misconduct because the pit bull is  a mean bad dog.  Stabby seems to just no longer care and Jenny from the cell block is very obviously high.

The Juanderful Mr. Martinez is up and he’s hot.  They didn’t bring the vet in today for some reason and Detective Flores is diligently trying to distract the frothing little pit bull with some good boy treats to no avail whatsoever.  Uh Oh.  Judge Stephens looks seriously pissed.  I am not sure at who yet, but she is definitely hot.

Alfred E. Nurmi is back up and he is pretty much calling the court and the prosecution out.  The Judge has allowed an atmosphere of intimidation.    Dude, really?  You want to fuck with THAT?  Just no man, go sit down and eat a cheeseburger.

Judge Stephens just denied all motions and I was right she is pissed.  She wants to know if it’s all good to bring the jury in now and Nurmi has now requested that he and Jenny from the Cell Block be recused because they can not provide adequate council.  Judge Stephens seriously has smoke coming out of her ears.  DENIED can we all fucking move on now.  Now they have no witnesses to present.   So, wait, let me get this right.  Druggy Wuggy Womak,  and the dude Stabby used to blow have decided they are not going to testify.  I get why Womack doesn’t want to testify, but I wonder what is going on with Brewer.  I personally think that everyone has just realized that she is just evil and they are all bailing.

Judge Stephens does not have a fuck to give and says, I assume the defendant is going to alocute and we get the now famous “mayweapproach.”   FUCK.

Court is dismissed for the day, reconvenes tomorrow at 9 am and we have another successful halt to the proceedings.  Gotta love putting off the inevitable.  I am also highly disappointed that we are not having he impromptu gallery opening we were promised.  I really wanted to see tracings of works I have already seen.  Now I am just sad.

Apparently Stabby is going to beg for a 2 movie deal tomorrow when she speaks.  Or something.  Who the hell knows with this Psycho bitch.  Guess we will all find out tomorrow.

See you tomorrow at 9

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