While we Wait for Stabby to Get Settled

May 27, 2013

Holy Shit there’s another one – Georgia

While we wait for Stabby to acclimatize to life where there are no press conferences, let me introduce you to this little piece of Psycho.

Allow me to introduce you to Stabby’s long lost sister.  Her name is Andrea Sneiderman.  She is accused of having her boss, who she may or may not have been having an affair with, kill her husband.  She will be coming up for trial in July of this year.  I will be covering her trial, because with the amount of crazy ass that she is how could I not.  I will also continue to cover each and every Stabby update that is available.  Please watch the insanity and enjoy.  This is Psychosauce testifying at her bosses capital murder trial.  Enjoy.

The in-house Psychic will be going to the place holding Stabby to try and get a reading either today or tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone.

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