*SIGH* The Zimmerman Trial

July 18, 2013

Well, my inbox is full of everybody on the planet asking for my sarcastic little opinion on the Zimmerman trial.  Since it seemed easier than constantly emptying my inbox I was actually going to write my opinion on the Zimmerman trial.  As I sat to put my opinion on the bullshit that is the ZImmerman trial to blog, my obviously long lost brother (this guy can’t not be related, holy shit it’s me with a dick) sent me the link to his youtube blog on the Zimmerman trial.  So, to save redundancy, I give you A Dose of Buckley: The Zimmerman Trial.

I’ll be covering Andrea “crazy eyes” Sneiderman” starting July 29th, plus of course any relevant Stabby updates until I’m dead. 

MIss you all, sorry I’ve been away, but as the terminator says, “I’ll be Back”

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