August 18, 2013

I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, truthfully because nothing in the legal world interests me at the moment.  Andrea Schneiderman turned into a big fat nothing once the murder charges were dropped and so, I’ve been doing what I do when I am not blogging.  I’ve been working on my books.  I had a grievous interruption to my day to day living several weeks ago.

For those of you who don’t know, I am an agoraphobe. The short answer to what that is is it is a mental disorder that makes me afraid of going outside.  It’s bad.  I have problems going outside even on my own property and going anywhere public is sometimes truly a nightmare.

I don’t have a lot of friends.  I have my best friend in forever, Jason whom I have known for over 40 years..  Jason has had a lot of his own problems over the course of his life, but he’s always been there for me same as I have been there for him.  I have a friend on twitter who knows who they are who I trust almost as much as my friend Jase, even though I’ve never met this person face to face.  I have Marion who is one of the most awesome people I know and I trust her just as much.

My friend Jase like I said has gone through his share of problems.  I had no idea how bad things had gotten until he got arrested about a month ago now.  Because he has about as many people as I do it was left to me to clean out his apartment which he lost due to his idiot children.  Anyway, when I went to clean out his apartment, in a back room in a cage I found a pathetic little mop dog that had been standing in her own shit for about a week.  She was so matted she could no longer properly urinate and was just peeing into a large clump of fur so she was constantly soaked with acidic urine.  She had feces matted to the hair on her butt.  Her facial hair was soaked from leaking eyes.  There was no water located in the cage and she was severely underweight underneath the matted hair.  The most distressing part was her complete terror when I reached into the cage to bring her out.

I know my friend and while I know that he would never physically hurt a dog, I did not put it past his children. I could not even fathom the idea that he had just sat back and either not noticed what was happening to this dog or not cared.  She was so frightened when I reached into her cage that she urinated on herself yet again.  I finally just left the cage door opened and hoped she would come out by herself.  She refused.  I hated the distress I was causing her but I could not stand the concept of her staying in there for one more second so I reached in and pulled her out.

She struggled briefly, and I soothed her as best I could.  I put her on a leash obviously for the first time ever and took her out into the sunlight.  My plan was to tie her outside where the air was not quite so foul while I finished clearing the apartment but she had never been on a leash and it scared her.  I sat outside with her for about an hour discovering I needed some fresh air as badly as she did.  By the time the hour was up she had plucked up enough courage to come closer to me.  I talked to her some more about stupid things and was rewarded when a tiny little nose touched my hand.  I decided that I was done with Jasons apartment for the day as the dog took priority.

I brought her home, fed her, got out the scissors and the clippers and over the course of the next couple of days shaved her, bathed her repeatedly because of course she had a whole army of fleas living in the clumps of fur, cleaned her face and discovered a beautiful little dog.  Not just a pretty little dog, but a dog with a beautiful little spirit.  She came around quickly once she realized I was trying to help her not hurt her.  I tried to play with her and it became evident that she had never seen a toy.  So I made up a game where she would chase my flattened hands around the floor.  She discovered that the leash was not the enemy and when she had it on she was allowed to bound through the grass at my house.  Running on grass gives her tremendous pleasure.  She got fed three squares a day and put on weight quickly.  She learned sit and stay in two days and I had her house trained in a week.

the first night she slept on the bed only because she was too small to jump down, every night since, she does what is now known as the bedtime dance when she thinks I am getting ready for bed.  She has no fear of my mastiff Mya and would very much like to meet my Rottweiler Bruno.  He is not so keen on meeting what he considers an appetizer.

I named her Peanut because I had no clue what her name was or even if she had a name and I was so angry up to that point that I had refused to go see my friend and ask.  It is hard enough for me to gather the courage to venture out without rage in the mix.  We still haven’t spoken about the dog.  She looks like a sloth someone I know had in Costa Rica and the sloth was named peanut.  Peanut appears to be mostly shitzu.

Peanut knows her name, knows she really likes being free to go wherever she wants, she likes ceasars dog food, she likes other dogs, she likes cats, she loves to play and she loves bedtime.  She likes that she is no longer itchy all the time and even if she is, she can at least scratch the itch now.  She loves me.  And I love her back.  A lot.

It’s been hard since storm died.  I had no idea how very badly I missed him until I found this puppy.   I have Mya and Bruno, and I love them but they are grown dogs and they get attention and they get love and exercise and playtime when they want it and they are content.   Mya was more than willing to share her mom with the little messed up runt I brought home.  Peanut was a little hesitant at first being as Mya weights over a hundred lbs, but she got over it quickly and now thinks she is a big dog too.   This little puppy, she doesn’t just get those things, she NEEDS those things and she never ever lets me out of her sight.

Because of her I have to go outside several times a day because she will not go out with anybody else.  She will not romp through the grass, hell she will not even walk if it isn’t me at the other end of the leash.  She has given me back every ounce of help I have given her.  She is a sweet, loving, loyal little dog who weighs about two lbs and has a heart as big as my Storm ever did.  I may have saved her, but I think in all honesty she may have saved me right back.

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