Really Big Mean Dog Publishing Presents: The Big Book of Words

for everyone’s edification, Stabby doesn’t know what edify means – Arizona

Oh hai everybody. I have decided to branch out into publishing to bring you the Big Book of Words. In an effort to help make everyone more Einstein-y than they are now, I have re-watched all the trial footage. ALL. OF. IT…’re welcome. Don’t worry though, I already had the flu so the vomiting didn’t bother me much. I then put together a list of all the big words Stabby used during the trial. Well, not all of them, just the ones that were used for no other reason than to use a big word, words that were used incorrectly and words that most normal people unless they were writing a thesaurus would never use in a sentence. I have also included a few words that Juan or Nurmi threw out there (not the ones Nurmi made up though) that Stabby either incorporated into a sentence later or were just big words that irritated me. I have decided that because nothing makes sense about this trial I am going to post them in order of appearance or when I thought of them instead of in alphabetical order because why not. On a totally unrelated note, I decided I better grab before one of the Wackadoo’s from Camp Stabby decided to fuck with it.

Most of the words contained in the Big Book of Words will be multi-syllabic. Stabby must have cruised right over single syllable words because only less Einstein-y then her people use them. Stabby also may know a lot of big words, but she does not understand the definition of quite a few of them.

Imply/Infer – Imply – indicate the truth by suggestion rather than by explicit reference. Ex. Stabby implied that she was more Einstein-y than her lawyers. Infer -conclude from evidence rather than from explicit statements. Ex. When I write, I am inferring that Stabby is stupid and uses big words to cover it up.

Edify – To teach someone in a way that improves character. Also to enlighten or inform. Stabby obviously has no idea what this word means since during Jurors questions she stated ” I wanted to Edify Travis only in good ways at that point, I didn’t want to say anything bad.” Pretty hard to enlighten, inform or teach somebody that’s dead…..just sayin’

De-edify – NOT A WORD unless you are all Einstein-y and can just invent words to go with the words you don’t know the meaning of to begin with.

Debase – to lower the value or reputation of someone/thing or to make less respectable. Apparently Stabby is all too familiar with the definition of debase.

Hotti Biscotti – Anybody Stabby is considering fucking at some point in time.

Monogamous – The state or practice of having only one sexual partner at a time. Unless you are Stabby….and you have to meet Ryan Burns.

Pedestrian – Adjective. Lacking inspiration or enlightenment. Dull. Stabby’s definition…insignificant.

Pejorative – A word or phrase that is intended to belittle. Expressing criticism. First used in court by Juan who immediately retracted it and instead used belittle. glommed onto and used by Stabby only 12:36 minutes later. Used incorrectly.

Contemporaneously – consisting or happening at the same time. Stabby murdered Travis and took pictures contemporaneously.

Ameliorate – to make something bad or unsatisfactory better. Stabby getting the death penalty would ameliorate the situation.

Discombobulated – disconcert or confuse. Juan has Stabby completely discombobulated.

Paaaar-tic-u-lar – exactly like particular, but much more important the way Stabby says it. (for Stabby’s Pencil)

Thank you for reading the first edition of the Big Book of Words. Really Big Mean Dog publishing sincerely hopes you feel much more Einstein-y than you did before you started.

If I have missed anything put it in the comments and I will publish it in volume two of the Big Book of Words.


13 Responses to Really Big Mean Dog Publishing Presents: The Big Book of Words

  1. Tina says:

    Very well done, I feel much more enlightened, Stabby was so pedestrian in her testimony it was debasing and I would love to ameliorate Stabby’s current living conditions by sending her to DR as well!! I sometimes feel discombobulated watching this whole trial unfold, contemporaneous with the Conspiracy Theories of those nutty “supporters” of hers!! Yes, I feel much more “Einstein-y”, Thank you

  2. April says:

    You are funny as hell! ❤️ it

  3. Nicole says:

    Lol you should send copies to Stabby! How did you research the whole trial? I’ve wanted to do that lol

  4. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Conjure: Big word normal people could use. To come up with. In the big STFU KMA txt Travis sent Stabs, he said, (paraphrasing), “Now I can conjure a worse alternative than the roaches crawling on me as a kid.” I always thought Stabs put the plan in action because TA actually used a $5 word correctly….and trumped her 119 IQ!

  5. Lola says:

    How about “I’m so incubated here”? Perhaps she meant isolated? Stupid bitch

  6. Ben says:

    Sorry, really late to the party. But I have vocabulary info, and +/- a ton of poptarts, so I hope I can come in. Stabby’s linguistic crimes are hardly even the tip of the tip of her criminal iceberg, but still. They bug the hell out of me. “De-edify” in particular, so I focussed some of my OCD on that for a little while and I believe I actually may have figured it out. I think it’s a Pre-Paid Legal thing. I won’t get into PPL itself, as I don’t want to cast aspersions on how law-abiding people make their living. In PPL parlance, “edify” means “speak well of.” I assume, therefore, that “de-edify” means “speak ill of,” and that seems to be how Stabby uses it. Still not a word, but I guess it qualifies as jargon. Of course, Nurmi’s attempt at a contribution to the English lexicon (i.e. “conversate”) has yet to be approved by anyone anywhere in any context whatsoever.

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