Could That Sound I Hear be a………Backfire?

Wishing I could clone Sheriff Joe – Arizona

Hai Kids. Well, by now you have already heard the stunning (spoiler: No one is stunned)news that Stabby’s esteemed Judge has decided that now is the time to black out the courtroom. Um, you all have to become Lawyers and practice law and shit before you become Judges in Arizona right? I shook my head so damn hard when I read the wording of that decision I think a gave myself a concussion. Just, WOW. Huge error in my opinion. For whatever it’s worth. Before we get into the meat of Sheriff Joe’s latest, I wanted to let you all know that I have put a donation button up on the bottom of my blog. Why? Because writing really is my job. It is strictly voluntary. VOLUNTARY. You don’t haveta if you don’t wanna.

Why can you spell Sheriff with two R’s or one R and spellcheck does not have a fuck to give? I can’t even use Canadian spelling or my computer has an aneurism. What is that about?

Sheriff Joe is suddenly hitting all the high notes for me peeps. His beautifully written fuck off and die letter to that film maker was so beautiful I wanted to weep. Sherriff Joe upped the ante today when he rolled off a letter regarding Stabby and the press tour she still seems intent on having.

Since Sheriff Joe stepped out of the closet, he has been intent on burning that bitch down. No longer a quiet Stabby hater, Sherriff Joe now seems intent on letting us see via written word every ounce of contempt he holds for Stabby. I wonder if he actually almost bit his tongue off trying to bite back his feelings of utter contempt for Stabbykins, and he said fuck it, I’m not injuring myself for some murdering slut? Or something.

Anyway, today Sheriff Joe released another doozy of a letter letting the press, the citizens of Arizona, me, and earth in general know just how hard he thinks Stabby should suck it.

Sherriff Joe said, to paraphrase:………From the Sheriff Joe Homey Don’t Play That House of Indefinite Incarceration……….

Because all of you assholes can make money off a murdering twat no matter what bullshit comes out of her mouth and I know there will be fiftyfivebillion requests, I have decided to shut all you bitches down before you even get started.

In case any of you forgot, the bitch has already been convicted of first degree murder.

She is a complete narcissist who is very good at manipulating the simple minded. She is actually getting these idiots to sell things for her. She even tried to get a documentary filmed about her but I shut that shit down.

I understand that television stations need to make some cheddar, but not on my watch. Bitch had lied long enough and I am sick and tired of listening to her bullshit. Therefore, if you haven’t already figured it out, any requests for interviews with this sadistic bitch will be DENIED.

Actual Press release below.

Arias no media

Oh Sheriff Joe. Your immense annoyance makes me weep with joy. I think I love you Sheriff Joe. I think we all do.

Oh, and while we don’t get cameras, the lovely and talented Jen from Trial Diaries is able to tweet so we can at least sort of know what’s going on.

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10 Responses to Could That Sound I Hear be a………Backfire?

  1. BlueWhiteRed says:

    During the first penalty puck F-ck, I heard someone theorize they called no mitigation to then get the case (if DP) to the 9th US Court of Appeals, who has a history of overturning DP due to ineffective ass (not a typo). IAC due to nit calling mit witnesses. I gave my best Scooby Doo huh? But it actually makes sense (I threw up in my mouth). So the talking head suggested *JM* call her mom as a preemptive strike against the 9th Circuit being involved. He calls her to say what she would if called by the DT, which keeps the jury decision fair. I don’t think her mom could cry her off from a DP, but I do think the somewhat liberal 9th would overturn for any reason. The head called it procedural IAC. I think they should be disbarred for stunts like that. I hope I explained that clearly. Now I shower. Great posts, thanks & continued Semper Mel.

  2. Happy says:

    Another Fabulously written piece girlfriend! Love that letter!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Happy!!! YAY!! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sheriff Joe is getting super sekrit HAWT with all this Stabby hating. I almost like him.

  3. Cheryl says:

    So we’re up to 13:30 minutes of her 15 of fame. Thanks for the giggles.

  4. Joan Soap says:

    Hai! Congrats on another really funny post! So glad I found your blog.

  5. Mommy3zips says:

    Awesome Kelly !!thanks for the much more interesting version of Sherrrif Joes statement 😀 acquiesced …. Hmmm Watch Stabby start using that word

  6. reallybigmeandog says:

    Thank you! That is my goal. I want Stabby to incorporate all of my $5 words into her next testimony lol.

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