Dunn Dunn Dunn Dunn!! Yes I know it’s cheesy…….. don’t judge me!!!!

October 1, 2014

-Holy Shit a Jury Got it Right.  But not in-Arizona

Hai kids. I’m baaaack!! Told ya I’d be my normal slightly (okay, extremely) insane self by today didn’t I.

Let’s talk about Florida just for a second shall we? Florida is a state where it is perfectly acceptable to murder a toddler, it’s okay for the lunatics to walk free, it’s okay to shoot teenagers as long as they are African American, and it’s okay to shoot at children in SUV’s. Want to know what’s not okay? Hitting the SUV while you are shooting at the children. Apparently SUV’s are an endangered species and fish and game will have your ass one way or another. And that is what happened to Michael Dumbass er I mean Dunn. Don’t kid yourselves, we already know it’s okay to kill African American teenagers in Florida, bitch got convicted for first degree murder of that SUV. Fish and Game don’t play. I hope they put the SUV murdering son of a bitch in segregation because the home-boys are gonna be lined up waiting on his ass.

In todays installment of the Stabby games, Alfred E. Nurmi has decided he might as well get something out of this and go for a world record for most motions filed to have the DP removed from the menu. I spent hours going through motions today (there are now 181 if anybody is keeping track.) I have found 14 counting this one motions to remove the DP. Can’t wait to find out why. (spoiler I couldn’t possibly care less) I’m just glad to see Nurms is back on his game. And I know this because of our oh so beloved in house psychic. Take it away in house psychic.

Okay, before I take it away, I want you to know that I hate you. I mean that. Do you have any idea what goes on in these peoples heads? *shudder* Of course you don’t because you are NOT the psychic, I am. You’re paying for my therapy, do you hear me Kelly. ALL OF IT!! Now pass me the Gravol, the Tylenol and maybe a shot of tequila while you’re at it. FUCK MY LIFE!

Shit, this trial might actually happen before she drops dead of natural causes. I can’t have her shanked in Sheriff Joes Homey Don’t Play That House of Indefinite Incarceration because the crazy bitch is on lock down 23 hours a day. Maybe an accident during transport???? Nah, driver might get hurt. Maybe we could arrange for Cha Cha and Jenny to drive? Nah, people would know it was me. God dammit. Think Nurmi, think. I could think so much better if my chair would agree to come out of the Ikea Protection Program. Fucking Feds. Well, I better figure out something because if I don’t judging by the warm reception good ol’ Einstein has gotten so far, bitch is gonna be deader than shit and it’s going to be on me. I don’t blame them, I’d vote for the death penalty and she’s my fucking client. What to do, what to do. Oh I know, I’ll file another motion and maybe buy us a little more time, and as a bonus it looks like I am at least trying something and I can pad my ridiculous bill some more. I wonder if there is a taco bell somewhere on the way home. I want taco’s….or maybe an all you can eat buffet. Thank god I didn’t toss my old suits. I wonder if Golden Corral is still holding a booth for me? I thought I heard somebody say I was starting to look like Alyce in Blunderland….nah, couldn’t have heard that right. I wonder if that hot little number Dr. Demarte is kicking around anywhere? Man would I love to THAT IS IT!! I THINK I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH A LITTLE!! This is the in-house psychic peacing the fuck out. I’m late for my therapy appointment.

Uhhhhh, thank you in house psychic. We love you. Everybody, tell the in house psychic we love her.

In other Stabby news, she continues the all mitigation all the time tour. She donated her 980 dollars to a food bank. I think she’d donate a kidney at this point if they would let her out of her cell long enough to get hold of one. They come out pretty easy.

Out of 400 Jurors we are down to 176 of the less intelligent ones. They are going to need to find some more for the Venire because 176 out of 400 is really bad.

I suggest they look here.


looking for jurors 1

or here: looking for jurors 2

And as a last resort, here: looking for jurors 3 What, you think Stabby’s cousin isn’t hiding jurors?  Meh, I could be wrong.

The majority of the dismissed potentials are saying they think that Stabby wholly deserves the death penalty.

Stabby have waived her right to be at Jury selection tomorrow……………so expect another fake suicide attempt sometime this evening.  Once again, there is no Stabby family in the courthouse.

Tanisha and her husband are present.  She is wearing a blue band to commemorate Travis.

I see Detective Flores has stocked up on good boy treats, squeaky Nurmi toys and it looks like there is also a case of anti-fog spray on the prosecution table.  Way to forward think Detective Flores!

Uh oh.  Poor, poor stabbykins is tweeting again.  She said she feels like a lamb going to slaughter.  That can’t be right though because people like lambs.  Buddy must have misheard her or something.

And there you have it folks.


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