Alfred E Nurmi is Working for His Murder Money.

October 2, 2014

-seriously dude, I’ve seen smaller versions of War and Peace- Arizona


Apparently in Arizona, when you file a motion you get paid by the page.  I give you exhibit # 1 the largest motion in the history of motions ever.  Dude, we get it that you are at the hail Mary portion of the competition, but Christ on a cracker man, seriously? It is over 50 pages long.  50 mind numbing completely incoherent pages long.  Christ, even detective Flores wife got dragged into this shit show.  Read at your own peril.  I fell asleep twice, during which time I had a nightmare about being buried under a hundred million billion pieces of paper.

Since we seem to be throwing everything including the kitchen sink at this mess, I have a few items I would like brought before the court.  I’m a Law Professor, I can do that.

1. I want Alyce in Blunderland brought up on charges of purgery, moral misconduct, blatant ethics violations and for slandering the seven dwarfs.

2. I want Dr. Fog brought up on charges of really bad choices of women he wants to fuck

3. I want Matt McCartney brought up on really bad forgery charges.

4. I want Dr. Geffner brought up on charges of impersonating a live human being

5. I want Jenny from the Cell Block brought up on drug charges for obviously being stoned in the courtroom

6. I want Cha Cha Delarosa brought up on gross negligence charges for her fashion choices.

7. I want Lisa Schillings brought up on charges for breach of contract since we never got our ice cream party in Vegas

8. I want Aunt of Stabby brought up on charges for just being a piece of shit human being

9 I want Sandra Webber charged with attempting to impersonate a journalist as well as animal cruelty for assaulting a fish.

10. I want that jury foreman from the first Jury held on contempt charges for jury tampering and being a stealth juror.

I will also be filing a motion to have Arizona renamed State of King Juan the First.

I will be filing appropriate motions at whatever o’clock.


Lets talk about todays fuckery for a moment.  Stabby waived her right to be in court today, but then in true Stabby form showed up in court.  Late.  Because if you are Queen of the Universe you get to sleep in.  Stabby is looking a little less, chipper than normal.  I think the fact that so many people were so very vocal about thinking she needs to be dead, right now, today, can we just wheel the gurney in now might be weighing on her just a little bit.  I want the bitch to get the death penalty for obvious reasons, but also because a large part of me wants to see that “trust” broken out for appeals.  I can’t believe I just said that and didn’t immediately burst out laughing.  We all know that is NEVER going to happen.  That murder money is staying right where it is.  If she needs appeals I’ll give 3 to 1 Auntie Sue moves to Bolivia.

The potential Jury pool has now been whittled down to 169.  169 potentials out of 400.  That is not good just in case you were wondering.  Challenges for cause will see that number easily go down to around 60 and then there are the peremptory challenges.  Not a huge margin for error with this number.

Other than that, not much else happened in court today.  It was pretty fucking boring actually.

Now, lets talk about everyone’s least favorite fish abuser, stalker extraordinaire, psycho-sauce lunatic pig vomit just for a second.  I caught her forgetting to switch between her 150 different twitter identities the other night.  Not a big deal really because we all know she does this.  Comments on her own blog as different people, talks to herself on twitter etc.  The thing is, this detective Flores wife thing came up and I’m betting that detective Flores’ wifes account on twitter is just another of the twitter handles that good old journalist stalking PV has invented.  It makes perfect sense.  It would help Stabby who she is very obviously determined to be friends to the end with and it would discredit Detective Flores and peripherally Juan, who she allegedly wants to bone till the cows come home.  ALLEGEDLY.  Since Juan wouldn’t touch that with someone else’s dick, it is probably eating at her a little.  YOU MAD P?  to quote something I saw on twitter somewhere.

Our very own homegrown lunatic Luka Magnotta’s trial has started and this guy is pure unadulterated Psychopath.  Fascinating to study, but really should have been killed at birth.  This is the fucktard that was on youtube a couple three years ago killing kittens.  He also really likes fire.  And dismembering people.  He’s a fruitloop.  And he’s all ours.  Well, technically Quebec’s but still.


That is it for tonight my lovelies.  C U tomorrow.

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