The Oscar Pusstorius Pity Party Continues-And We Are All Still Invited

October 14, 2014

Could someone please bring me a bucket-South Africa

Hai everybody.  Tis me, your fearless reporter coming to you live from South Africa by proxy- as opposed to say HONG KONG, because I watch the news.  Before we get to part two of the never ending mitigation phase for poor, poor Oscar Pusstorius, we need to talk about something.  It is important so please bear with your intrepid reporter/law professor and dean of fuckery/publisher/finder of facts some people would like to remain really, really hidden.  No wonder I am such a tired RBMD.

I know that you all are dying for part two of my expose’ of people who shall for right now remain nameless because I refuse to give them anymore column space than is necessary.  It will come.  I have to have the documentation and credible confirmation from my sources before I print it.  I will not, not for any reason sink to the level that certain “other” people do when they put things to print.  My integrity means way too much to me and I know that you all understand.  I may joke, and try and make horrific situations a little more tolerable, but everything I write is based in truth.  I will not ever change that because I like to hope it is part of the reason that you read my blog.

Now, enough of this nonsense, let us get on with the Oscar Pusstorius Pity Party part 2. As an aside we can expect a week of this horseshit before we find out how hard of a spanking Pusstorius gets.

Mi’lady brought the proceedings to order and the pity train once again pulled out of the station. First, the burning question that everyone wants to know. The emo goth skunk thing is a witness for Pusstorius named Annette Vergeer. We will get to her in a moment/or not.

Peet van Zyl, pusstorius manager and second person at the pity party was back up on the stand and turned into sushi by a still foaming at the mouth prosecutor Gerri Nel. Van Zyl went on about Pusstorius’ charity work and Mr. Nel barked out about how charity work is more about image than it is about any type of altruism when you do it for the whole world to see. There is some validity to that argument. Those jumping up and down saying look at me every time they do something nice are obviously in it for themselves, exposure for themselves etc, much more than they are in it just to help the less fortunate because they can.

The last witness for the defense was the aforementioned emo/goth skunk, Annette Vergeer. Emo/goth/skunk Vergeer was the second defense witness to recommend that poor, poor, devastated, life’s a burden now pusstorius get house arrest and do some anger management and some community service. She seems to be under the impression that Pusstorius is vulnerable and they are ill equipped to deal with disabled inmates. Really said the 88 other disabled convicts currently housed in South African Prisons? Does that mean we can get house arrest too? The emo Skunk went on to say that Oscar would be vulnerable to rape and extortion to avoid rape if incarcerated. Awwww. You kill a person in cold blood and bad things can happen to you in prison. That is so, so sad.  South African corrections services took umbrage to what the emo skunk had to say and immediately released the following tweet. Because now, just like everybody poops, everybody tweets. Correctional services dept says its “noted with concern inaccurate serious allegations that sought to cast doubt” re SA prisons

On cross, Gerri Nel immediately went on the attack, and unfortunately there isn’t anybody there to calm him down with good boy treats. Turns out that The emo skunk is being paid (just like every other defense witness probably) to testify for poor, poor Oscar. No numbers were brought up so I’m just going with a whole shit ton.

A few other strange and somewhat disturbing things that came out during todays pity party were that A) the Steenkamps have been receiving the equivalent of $600 us per month from Oscar for the past 18 months. This was confirmed by the Steenkamps lawyer. They say they needed the money at the time to live (which of course begs the question, were they living off of Reeva?) but are now prepared to give it back. It also came out that Oscar offered a lump sum payout to them of $35000 US. Thirty five thousand. That is apparently what Reeva’s life was worth to Oscar. The SteenKamps turned that down and it was also brought forth that there will be no civil suit. They don’t want any blood money from poor, poor Oscar. This whole thing bothers me on several levels. I’m still shaking my head. Goddamn murder money. It’s becoming a viable business apparently.

The emo skunk is still under cross when court reconvenes at whatever O’clock Pretoria time later on. Can’t wait. After that Nell is bringing out his witnesses to refute the defenses mitigation claims. This may take another two or three days and then Oscar can get his I shot my girlfriend and all I got was house arrest T-shirt and we can all go home.

That’s it for tonight my lovelies. I hope you all have a great evening, and I will see you all again tomorrow.

Really Big Mean Dog peacing the fuck out.

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It’s the Oscar Pusstorias Pity Party Part 1 and We All Got Invited

October 14, 2014

Somebody please just shoot me through a bathroom door-South Africa

Hai Kids.  Because I love you ( and totally not because I have no life to speak of) I stayed awake to watch part 1 of about 375 of the Oscar Pusstorias Mitigation Phase before sentencing.  If things continue on like they did last night, bitch is gonna die of natural causes before we ever get through the end of the mitigation phase.

A funny thing happened on the way to Pretoria.  Some trial coverer type person threw up a picture of a bunch of tents and shit lining the street and swore it was people camped out for the Pusstorias thing.  The funny part?  The picture was of HongKong.  Way to use that degree in criminal Science there trial coverer type person.  Oh and she jacked it off my favorite Lawyers twitter feed.  I think I might even have a screen cap of it somewhere………hmmm, BRB.

queen sharee reporting

I tried to tell her it was Hong Kong, but she just blocked me and left it on her page anyway.  That’s kind of misleading don’t you think?

Mi’Lady of course was in attendance.  She looked bored.  I think she’s pretty much over the whole thing.

Oscar was putting on a really good show of looking all contrite and shit.  And you know what.  He probably does feel really bad.  For himself of course, he doesn’t have shit to give about anything except how this effects him in my opinion.

To recap, Pusstorias was found not guilty of first degree murder but guilty of culpable homicide.  Please refer to the class on Scaredy Catatonia as a defense.   Culpable homicide in South Africa is equivalent to manslaughter around our neck of the woods.

There is no minimum term for culpable homicide and my money is on him being told he was a very bad boy and to never shoot someone to death again.  He will then be sent to his room without supper and grounded for a week.  Bookmakers in Pretoria however, are taking action on between 5 and 10 years.

First up for the Defense was Dr.  Lore Hartzenberg.   Dr Hartzenberg has a “therapeutic support” to Pusstorius during the trial, she told  the court. She said she did not intend to become involved in the trial, but that she decided after writing a report for the court on Pistorius’s condition that she should give evidence.  Just let me translate that for you.  ” I wasn’t going to testify for the defense because I don’t really believe much of what I am saying, but they shoved a shit ton of money in my face and who the fuck is going to say no to that? ”    That is what it sounded like to me anyway.

She said that Oscar was very emotional, his crying and pacing and shaking often disrupted their sessions.  Dude, I would be crying and pacing and shaking if I just flushed about a bajillion dollars worth of endorsements down the shitter too.   She actually made statements like poor Mr. Pusstorias and mentioned that she had held him while he cried.  Ummmm, I think Oscar might need an adult because I’m pretty sure that shit right there might be crossing the patient therapist line just maybe a little bit.  Just sayin’.

She said that what we have left is a broken man who has lost everything.  BARF.  sorry had to throw up a little.  If looks could have killed a bitch at that particular moment, Dr. Hot for Oscar would be dead because Reeva’s mom was shooting fire out of her eyes.  I was waiting for the good Dr. to spontaneously combust.

Mr. Nell the prosecutor was up next and he was pretty hot about the whole thing.  I don’t know if he’s mad because a perfectly good case went down in flames or because of all the bullshit spewing forth from this woman who in my opinion has hot pants for Pusstorias.

Nell grilled her like a fucking cheese sandwich and she sounded less then convinced of anything she was saying.  She did not come off as a very good witness.  More like a groupie trying to help out her idol.

He got her to admit that they had not discussed past girlfriends or his relationships with them, or his reputed new girlfriend (who is obviously nuts or from another planet) and that she did not read Judge Masipa’s findings.  He kind of made her look like an idiot.   As an aside, I like Lawyer Nell.  He reminds me of Juan.

Then Mi’lady took a 5 to 55 minute break and we came back.

Nell then got the good Dr. to admit she had been in court for the entire trial and had cried along with poor, poor Oscar when he had had to remove his prosthetics for the court re enactment.  It did not end well for the Dr.  She came off looking pretty bad.

Next up on the defense hit parade was Joel Maringa. Maringa is a social worker for South Africa’s Department of Correctional Services.   He thinks Pusstorias should be held under house arrest and be mandated to attend anger management, abstain from drugs and alcohol and not own firearms.  So basically probation if you live in Canada.  Probation for killing a woman.  Wow.  Ya know, maybe I could convince my ex that there are fantastic diamond mining opportunities in SA and he could move there.  And maybe get shot through a bathroom door or something.  Am I famous enough to use the Scaredy Catatonia defense?  Things to ponder.

Dude actually said with a straight face that he thinks house arrest and 16 hours of community service a month would be a suitable punishment.  Then he may or may not have had his new servant wheel a wheel barrow full of American dollars out to his new rolls Royce.

This would be the part of the program where Nells completely lost his shit.  First they sparred about what Mi’Lady’s ruling actually said. Then Nells mentioned that house arrest and anger management was maybe just a little tiny bit SHOCKINGLY INNAPROPRIATE.  Dude was pissed.  OMG I actually thought he might cross the room and throttle the man.  Which would have at least added some entertainment value.  I’m almost certain Mi’Lady dozed off at one point.

Then Roux called Pusstorias’ manager and we got more of the poor, poor Oscar routine.  It was so sad all the bad things that have happened to Oscar.  Reeva who?  Oh yeah, that chick he shot.  Anyway, poor Oscar is a giving, caring affable person who does charity work and has lost all of his endorsements ( that came up like a billion times and who cares, he’s still breathing in and out so shut the fuck up) Oh an he had a race with an Arabian race horse in Qatar just for shits and giggles and he won.  I don’t know why that is important, but hey they brought it up.  I guess it’s kinda like being able to grow hair.

Oscars manager then had a mini pity party for himself because his star attraction hasn’t approached him to rekindle their working relationship.  No murder money for you asshole.

Court adjourned for the day (thank you jesus) with Nell foaming at the mouth much like some other pit-bull we all know and love.

Can’t wait Spoiler(yes I can) for the next installment of poor Oscar Pusstorias and how sad and terrible all of this is for him.

I gotta peace the fuck out, this is making me kind of sick.

Later lovelies

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