The Saga of The Never Ending Trial Continues -The Arizona One, Not The South African One

Christ on a Cracker it is never going to end – Arizona

Hai Kids. It has been a fairly eventful last couple of days. As some of you know, I took a little wipe out the other night and broke my big toe and busted my head pretty good. Since over the years I have become accustomed to all manner of injury I did not think it was that big of a deal. I knew immediately that my big toe was broken which is a non starter. As long as the bone isn’t sticking out they can’t do anything except offer you their condolences and send you packing. Over the course of the time with my ex-abuser I have had several head injuries, both bleeding and non bleeding so a little blood didn’t bother me much either. When it didn’t eventually stop I simply glued it closed and carried on with my day. I looked in the mirror this morning (something I rarely do because I am somewhat scarred up and I don’t like the reflection I see) and discovered two black eyes which told me that I had hit my head much harder than I thought. I obviously bounced my brain if I did that kind of damage. I called tele-health (it’s a thing in Canada where you can talk to a nurse practitioner and they tell you whether you need to go to emergency or not) and of course the nice nurse told me to go right now, don’t drive, call and ambulance and go. I asked the man at the end of the road to take me instead which he did. Ross is the only other person on our road and we help each other out like that. He is close to 90, but an old farmer and he could pass for early 70’s easily both because he still looks young and he still has all of his faculties about him. He was concerned and drove me. He even waited to drive me home. Thank you Ross. They did a CT scan I think that’s what it is called and I have a subdural hematoma (a bruised brain) concussion etc. No skull fracture, but the doctor said that was more due to me having a head like a rock than anything else. He was funny and put me mostly at ease, no small feat. He told me I was foolish not to come when I did it which I knew, told me I had done a nice job of gluing my scalp back together, joked about counting all the suture needles before I left and told me my head was going to hurt for the next little while. He then gave me instructions on what to do for the next few weeks. No exertion, no driving, basically rest till my noodle feels better. I look pretty bad, but I’m okay. Ross said he would come and check on me everyday which was so sweet, but that is how it is when you live with almost nobody around.

Do you know that it is probably easier to get hold of weaponized anthrax then it is to get pain pills in Ontario. I have them because I have permanent damage from the asshole who did all those wonderful things to me, but if I hadn’t had them already, I wouldn’t be getting any. The doctor said that almost nobody will prescribe any kind of opiate now because they are a drug dealers wet dream apparently. And they go for pretty big money from what he told me. That is a whole other blog, but one I think I am going to write at some point because quite frankly I am intrigued.

So, on to todays tale of Stabby and the Funky Bunch.

Todays fuckery began with everybody waiting on Stabby. She rolled into court in stripes and shackles which of course sent everyone into a tailspin about the jury. No way they would swear a jury with her dressed like that. This of course led to speculation that if a jury wasn’t being seated than that must mean Sometimes Judge Sherry had ruled in favor of Alfred E. Nurmi’s motion to take the DP off the table. Isn’t the internet fun? Jesus wept I’m telling ya. The jury will not be sworn until Tuesday October 21 which sent Nurmi into another spin about not having enough time with the hard drive, because six years has definitely not been enough time to look at all the evidence that could ever possibly be presented. Sometimes I can only shake my head. He wanted a delay. Denied.

Bickering of course broke out between Alfred E. Nurmi and our Pit-bull maybe because the vet with the tranquilizer gun was absent, perhaps because Nurms just wanted to press his luck, but in either event, he categorized Juan as “Snarky” about a dozen times. I would liken it less to snarkiness and more to being sick of dealing with idiots, but in either event Juan got pissed off at being called snarky and motioned that the defense be made to stop calling him snarky. Motion was granted and I put pop through my nose.

Then of course because the laws and courtroom proceedings in the States are so transparent, the whole rest of the mess was requested to be heard behind closed doors and everyone was kicked out for the remainder of the day. They were arguing the removal of the DP motion, or at least beginning to. It was held over to Monday the 20th, so barring something insane happening like sometimes Judge Stephens completely losing her mind and granting it, we should have a sworn Jury by Tuesday.

Expect 70 or 80 more motions sometime between now and Monday because I am sure there are motions that Nurmi has not thought of yet that he can still file to try and stall the inevitable a little bit longer.

A bit of trial trivia. The most litigious person in the United States is Jonathan Lee Riches who has filed 2600 separate lawsuits and named pretty much everyone but god (and he seems to be leaving the door open for that) in them. Alfred E. Nurmi may or may not be in close contention for most motions filed in a single criminal case. Citation is needed.

That’s it. I’m tired and my head hurts. Sorry it’s not more of an update, but as with all things Stabby, it is what it is.

Have a great night everyone.

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42 Responses to The Saga of The Never Ending Trial Continues -The Arizona One, Not The South African One

  1. sandymetter says:

    Feel better Kelly. Xo

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Sandy. So sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I am truly a mess my lovely. My left eye isn’t just black now it’s swollen completely closed. last time I looked like this, dinner was 10 minutes late on the table. Thanks for the well wishes, I am trying my best to relax. The teen who walks my dogs when my agoraphobia and anxiety is really bad came last night and offered to come Saturday and tidy my house. He is a sweet child, his mom went through something similar to me. I told him I could not afford to pay him on top of the dogs and the sweetheart said he would do it for free just because he likes me. How sweet is that.

      • sillyhaha71 says:

        Ms. Kelly. Feel better! I’m so glad that you have such wonderful neighbors. What a blessing.

        So, I’m a psychologist. Concussions are serious, serious business. Did your doc tell you to take a break from writing/reading? Depending on the severity of the concussion, he might have. If he did, please follow that instruction. Honest. Writing is demanding on the noodle. The brain has to rest to heal. I would miss anything you couldn’t write, but follow doc’s orders.

        I’m taking my Ms. Bossypants off now.

        Are courts this fucked up in Canada? I know y’all are smarter than we Yankees about the DP (and just about everything else). But do major trials get this fucked up?

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Silly. The doctor told me a bunch of things but since I have a concussion I forget what he said ROFLMAO. The courts here are fucked up, but differently. We don’t have the transparency that you all (supposedly) have so nobody really knows. The Bernardo/holmoka thing was certainly the fuck up to end all fuck ups from beginning to end, but other than that no not really.

  2. Sorry about your noggin, I hope you feel better soon!! (As a former victim of abuse I can relate only no pain meds for this girl). Great writing as always, thanks for the recap (as always also).

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Star. Thank you sweetie and I am sooooo very sorry that you are yet another victim of abuse. I am a mess today. When I went to the hospital I just had black eyes and the aforementioned scalp lac and broken toe. Today my left eye is swollen completely closed. I must say I haven’t looked like this since my “ex” got arrested. Very disconcerting indeed. Thank you for continuing to read. I will be writing as often as possible, head permitting. My thoughts are a little scrambled which the doctor assures me is completely normal, I am finding it difficult to piece together coherent sentences without a struggle right at the moment. My writer side says just fight through it, but my really messed up anxiety riddled side says go curl up in a ball in bed until it passes. Have a great Friday star. Sorry it took so long to comment.

      • sillyhaha71 says:

        I just commented above about resting your noodle.

        Don’t let my comment stress you out. ‘K?

        My Ms. Bossypants pants are back on.

        Stop writing immediately. Your brain must heal. You’re going to need your brilliant noodle for years to come.

        NO Twitter either. It moves much too fast for anyone, and tweeting is really demanding on the noodle.

        I don’t want you to stop writing or tweeting. I’m selfish, and enjoy everything you write and tweet. But I want you well, Ms. Kelly. You lived a life that required that you keep going even with the worst kinds of injuries. But you don’t live that life anymore.

        Please rest. And please don’t get anxious about what I wrote. These are standard concussion instructions. Honest. You’ll be fine. But please, let your fantabulous noodle rest.

        Much love and concern,
        Ms. Silly Bossypants

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Silly. I promise other than answering these, the computer is off for the day. Even I know when I have had enough and today is that day.

  3. My Real Name says:

    Sorry to hear! Get better soon.

    Thx for the update.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai MRN: Thank you. You are welcome, I am sorry there was not more to report. I am working hard on “other” things behind the scenes as well so there is that. I will get better as fast as I can I promise.

  4. Deb says:

    Anch’io sono una capa tosta!!! Translated: I’m a hard head,too!!! (My mother used to call me that) I bashed/bent my steering wheel with my face, fractured my nose & put it on the other side of my head, my forehead had ridges & I looked like a Neanderthal woman for about 3 months…had two black eyes…and had to have my nose re-broken/reset after it healed…but I didn’t have a concussion, though. Good, old, Italian hard head…that’s me; and apparently you have one too! 😉

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Deb: the stories I could tell. I like that, love Italian, just the cadence of it. I certainly do have a hard head. I have managed through everything I have been through to only have ever sustained two skull fractures. Lots of concussions but only busted my head bone twice. The doctor thought it was quite funny. Thanks for hanging in, I’m sorry it wasn’t much of an update. Please bear with me, I will continue to work but as you know, I have things going on behind the scenes as well.

  5. Martini13 says:

    I’ve never even seen a picture of you but for the record, I think you’re beautiful! I was sad when I read how you feel about seeing your reflection – I understand it and know I can’t make you see what I see but you should know there are many, many people that admire you, respect you & think you are lovely #insideandout !! Hope your head and toe heal soon 😉 xo

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Matini. I briefly posted a pic of myself on twitter about two weeks ago. Of course PV and her fucktards immediately found it and proceeded to say the most vile things. I got comments here too from them that I simply deleted. How I look hurts me. One of the first things someone said after some particularly bad damage was “omg Kelly, he’s ruined your face” Those words have stuck with me to this day and it hurts me. I know how the cuts burned like hot ice when they were being cut into my face. I know how much it hurt when my skin split from the force of a punch. I don’t need sick assholes to point out that I look like someone put my face through a paper shredder. I was there. I have most of the mirrors in my house actually covered up so that I don’t accidentally catch a glimpse of myself in them. Thank you for seeing the inside of me where maybe I am still beautiful. I never cared about my looks before all this happened and it’s not like I make small children run screaming or anything, it’s just some weird psychological thing. Thank you so much for what you said, it makes a difference whether you know it or not. The way I look at it, it takes a special kind of sick fuck to make fun of someone’s scars.

      • sillyhaha71 says:

        Oh god. Who bullies people for their scars?

        What the Fuck is wrong with people?

        I’m so very sorry, Kelly.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Sick fucks with nothing better to do. I’m over it. I know who I am inside and that’s what matters to me.

      • Martini13 says:

        I HATE PEOPLE!! I’d like to cunt punch each and every one of those vile assholes!!
        I can relate to how incredibly I sensitive and fucked up people are. I’ve been battling with skin cancer since 2004 and am chalked full of scars. At one point I did topical chemo on my face – I had one person tell me I looked like a smashed watermelon, another asked me why I’d leave my house looking like raw hamburger and one woman approached me at the grocery trying to pimp out her lawyer I should sue for the worlds worst chemical peel!!
        The ppl I work with are great, but having to take the elevators at work, ppl would always stare, make rude comments, not touch buttons after me, etc. Society as a whole is just a bunch of insensitive and ignorant fucktard as who find pleasure in other people’s pain & never bother to think about anyone’s feelings or ask what their story is and if they are ok, etc. The words & actions of PV and the trolls who think stabby is beautiful are fucked up beyond words!! Guess they are too dumb to realize that looks fade and when a person has nothing on the inside they won’t be pretty for long! They are also the type that go out a get a puppy bc it’s cute but as soon as it gets bigger they don’t want it anymore – I DETEST those kinds of people!!
        I am a firm believer in the #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder and in my minds eye you are as lovely as ever!! I don’t need a photo to realize that! And if bet my bottom dollar you have a lot of followers you don’t even know about bc they aren’t confident enough to post – by continuing to stay strong & hold your head up high you let them know they aren’t alone & encourage many people everyday to be strong too! Thanks for ALL you do while using your incredible gift of gab!! Xoxo

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Martini: I have this saying. I hate morning people, and mornings, and people. I used to actually believe that too because the world is mostly shit. But then I started this blog and I found out that there is a lot of NOT shit too. I’m not going to lie, those comments hurt me but I’m over it. You guys don’t care if I have scars or don’t, you care about what is on the inside and how can I not love myself when so many other people feel that way about me. Thank you for always having my back and for saying that. Not just because you said it, but because I know that you mean it. It means the world to me that I can make you all even as close to as happy as you make me.

  6. Joan Soap says:

    Feel better soon, Kelly. Please try and remember that our physical appearance as we see ourselves is not always what others see. I see you as a beautiful, bright, witty, talented, and absolutely fabulous woman who has survived more than most ever will encounter, and yet you still manage to shine on and light up so many lives with your very entertaining sense of humor and blog.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Joan. Thank you so much for that. PV and her minions said some truly despicable things to me about the scars on my face and it hurt me. I like the person you see. I like her a lot. I’m going to hang on to that and try and disregard the things that very obviously sick and jealous people have to say about some scars on my face.

      • Mama Via says:

        I have to remind MYself sometimes to “consider the source”…you cannot put any “value” into something that was said only to hurt you! Water off a ducks back! Only THEY put much credibility into their statements…and they are delusional! UN-FUK ’email, I say! (That’s an old Swedish curse to cause instant flaccidity during their next tete a tete!)

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Via: Always consider the source. That was part of the conversation I had with myself. I like your Swedish curse and I am going to use it often. Thank you for that and for making me smile.

  7. geribouwman says:

    I am so glad you got checked Kelly. Didn’t mean to sound harsh on Twitter but whatever it takes to get you to do the right thing and get looked at. And no matter what you look like you are beautiful. You not only have a hard head but a very strong heart. And you are loved. What more can a person ask for. And of course, another great blog.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Geri. You didn’t sound harsh, you sounded like someone who cares about me wanting to make sure I was okay. I am starting to really believe that Geri, that people love me, and think I am a good person with a good heart and that maters way more than some stupid scars on my face. I love you guys back. Thank you for continuing to read.

  8. shenson1209 says:

    Thanks Kelly. Hope your head feels better soon.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Shenson. Thank you for reading and for the well wishes. I have a head like a rock so sayeth the doctor so I guess I will be okay.

  9. Tina says:

    Sorry to hear about your accident, hang in there, I know you will you are one tough cookie! BTW, I would much rather have your sense of humor, intellect and talents than looks any day (not that I have looks) Thanks again for the updates, and I hope you heal up good as new real soon with minimal pain! Much love BEAUTIFUL! =)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tina: Thank you sweetie. I am a tank. Thank you for saying that. Mostly I don’t let it get to me, but I made a mistake and put a pic of myself up on twitter briefly a while ago (one where I didn’t think you could see the scars vey easily) and SW and her minions jumped all over it. THey made a bunch of comments here which I deleted( something I don’t normally do, but they were very hurtful and I should have to tolerate that on my own page) and it has been bothering me. I will be good as new in no time and in the interim I will continue to blog as well as working on that “other thing”. Thank you for being such a nice person and for continuing to read.

  10. Mama Via says:

    Little Sister K…gramma always says “beauty is skin deep” (and ugly goes all the way to the bone!) I’ve been where you’ve tread…and I know that you sometimes feel that it is too much to bear…all I can do is to assure you that better times are ahead. Never stop believing in tomorrow, never stop believing in yourself! You aren’t as alone as you sometimes feel…we are your friends…not because you are physically beautiful…we don’t know if we’ve seen your photo or not…but because you are talented, and funny, and thoughtful and witty…do NOT give “that man” any more power over you, little sister! He has already taken MORE of you than he ever deserved! You are stronger than you believe you are…after all, you are free (physically) of the abuser now…and you have us, your friends to love you and encourage you as you evict him from your memories. We all send big. (But gentle) hugs to you…

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      HaiVia: Always makes me so happy to see you commenting on here. Yup, sometimes I do feel that way, but then I remember that there are a LOT of people who come here because I make them laugh and feel better about all the shitty things that happen in the world. They come because they like what I have to say and that is way more important to me than what a few vicious people have to say about some scars on my face. I am free and I am alive and that is alive and I have all of you and those are the things that matter. Thank you for reading and being my friend.

      • Mama Via says:

        Just between you & me…I wanted to commit suicide when I was SIX because I was being molested…AND every day it lived in fear that I would receive yet another beating, or I would spend the day hungry again. I came to believe that men only loved me if they abused me in one way or another, I believed I was ugly, and stupid, and that I would never “amount to much”. As an adult, I associated those bruises, cuts, contusions and hating myself as being “loved”. He would beat me, I’d cry, and then have sex. When I told my dad “he’s beating me” my dad said “what’d ya do to deserve it?” When I was gang raped, he said it was my fault for dressing the way I did (1967)…he didn’t even call the police… I’m not telling you this to get pity…I don’t want PITY! You don’t either, I know. But, you needed that info to truly understand THIS…at 57, I married the man of my DAY dream, not my nightmares! I live in a little house in the burbs…he never raises his voice (let alone his hand), if I don’t get the house cleaned, or vacuumed, so what? If I don’t feel good, he just accepts it, he offers to do whatever I need. He gives me “space” to be myself, yet is “always there” if I need him. I adore my DH…every day with him is a gift. When someone else might have “given in”…I kept believing in tomorrow…I learned to believe in myself…and I learned that although I don’t look like Sofia Lauren, I don’t look like Olive Oyl, either! IAM smart, funny, intelligent…and MY attitude is “why should I care about YOUR opinion of MY life? YOU don’t PAY MY bills! So, FUK OFF!! Only I must look at myself in the mirror everyday, only I must accept the consequences of MY actions. If you take only one thing from my story, take HOPE…believe in yourself, believe in the power of tomorrow. The Good Book says “and it came to pass”…it didn’t come to STAY…IT PASSES! You’ve been through much worse than this. You will be fine. If ye have faith as a grain if mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible to you. Sending love, caring concern, strength and hugs your way…

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai via: Oh mama I can so relate. you are very lucky you have a man that understands and supports the things you have been through. I do have hope, something I have not had in a very long time. I can make all of your days a little bit brighter, and maybe that is the reason I was put on earth, the reason I lived. Thank you so much.

      • Mama Via says:

        Oh, Miss K…you touch lives that you aren’t even aware of! We all do…the best each of us can hope to do, is to make the world a better place…to give of ourselves…while at the same time not being a floor mat for others to walk on! My ex DIL loves me when she’s manipulating my kindness, yet I’m the C-word who is going to burn in hell when I call her out for her numerous lies (she’s Hodi, Jr!). Martini13 said it right…”you let them know they aren’t alone & encourage many people everyday to be strong too!” You teach them to laugh at the silliness of the world. All of us here, that post little notes of encouragement for you…do so to help keep you strong…for all of us! My one question is…where do these crazier-than-thou people get authority to “send us to hell to burn for eternity”? Who died and left THEM in charge? Who told them it was okay to send copies of blogs to our school system? When did we not have the right to speak up for ourselves, to protect the weak, and call a liar a liar, an abuser an abuser, a rapist a rapist and a murderer a killer? Does anyone other than me see the hatred thrown about by a certain group, who, if you dare disagree, calmly calls YOU the “hater”? To them, I have only one question…regardless of who did what to whom…since when, is a NAKED, WET man, running AWAY from you (proven by stabs in the BACK)…since when do you need to “defend yourself from someone RUNNING AWAY????? Those of us who have TRULY been beaten, or raped while someone had a knife to our throat, or had our arms, feet and wrists encased in plaster, and we, who wear the scars on our faces AND hearts…KNOW that any “abuse” Hodi received was some part in a role play…NOT ONE OF US, after ESCAPING an abuser, would WILLINGLY sneak back into the abusers life! That HOdi was FULLY DRESSED, not wet or in the shower…she had SHOES ON…yet, she did not RUN AWAY…she attacked him from behind…that’s NOT SELF DEFENSE!!! Ok, mamas done ranting…for a little while… Big soft hugs, Miss K…from mama

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Mama: These people, they are the same ones who believe that Charles Manson was framed and that bigfoot exists. We can’t put any credibility into anything they say or do. I have had a very long talk with myself about how I let them get to me and I came to the conclusion that they don’t get to take up any space in my head unless I allow it. So I evicted them. The evidence against Stabby is overwhelming, up to and including the premeditation that there is no room for doubt. And you are correct, express the opinion that you do not agree with their insane version of events and you are a hater. Well, I would rather be a rationally thinking Hater than some person of questionable mental acuity that believes these insane rumors. Of course anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic violence knows that Stabby is lying her ass off; and what’s new? Every time she opens her mouth another lie comes jumping on out. That is however the thing that makes me so angry. You and I both know how difficult it is even in this day and age to have someone convicted of Domestic Violence. Even with documentation and witnesses. Every time someone lies about it, it makes it that much more difficult for the next one to make it out alive. That makes me crazy. Thanks for the words of support and love Via, they mean a lot to me and I’m sure to the people who read but don’t comment. You are an awesome woman and a strong, brave survivor.
        Much love my sister.

      • Mama Via says:

        You make me LAUGH!! That’s a wonderful gift to give! As for the hating finger pointing haters, Gramma says “yes, you CAN get my goat…but you can’t KEEP IT!!!” Gramma also believes in karma…I’m thinking that if you keep nothing but cows in the acreage of your life…the only thing you will ever harvest is a lot if manure! In other words…if you are someone that can’t very trusted to TELL the truth, the only friends you’ll ever have will be liars. But…IF I remember correctly, (you is supposed to be restin yore brains and eyes)..and not worrying about lying liars and the lies they tell! One last note…while some may look and only see “scars”…others, like me, look and see “experiences”…that you may have a story to tell me that I can learn from…or something that we share. I once bought my gramma a “new” bible…one that was “pretty” cuz hers had pencil marks, and crayon marks (from any one of 36 Grandkids) She “saved” the pretty one for “later” and continued to use the old beat up one. I asked her “why?” She said the old beat up one was more “loved”…(I confess, I colored in the pictures in Luke). She said that the marks and colored places reminded her that Jesus loved her…and so did her Grandkids! So, maybe like me, all your “dog ear-ed corners, and torn pages are signs of a good life…perhaps sad at times…but like gramas old bible, well loved. (Have you ever tried to have a DEEP conversation with a 17 year old who never had any bad experiences? You and I are MUCH MORE interesting! Now…get some REST! Love and hugs!

  11. Kathy Lynn says:

    Feel better soon Kelly!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Kathy. Thank you. I will, I am a tank. Nothing can keep me down for very long. Thanks for reading.

  12. Cinny Martiney says:

    Sorry about your injuries. I said I thought JA was a Witch because I broke my toe right after I started my Twitter account and sent them a nasty tweet. #olebluetoe

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Cinny. Welcome to the comments section of my blog. I’m really glad you like the blog. JA is a witch, but not just because of that. She is evil incarnate and she is right where she needs to be. Only thing left is to have her removed from those of us that breathe and that would be justice.

  13. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Kels, (hope you don’t mind, you just seem like you’re Kels to me), so wishing your hadn’t literally gone Semper Ad Meliora, remember, it’s to BETTER things! One thing about my wife, she was one of the first women I was intimate with post surgeries and she put her hand on an ugly part of me and said, “That is always going to be MINE.” And it isn’t to convey here, but man that just hit my heart, WHAMMO. So, I hope you can Semper Mel to someone really good and decent.

    Maybe I’m silky, but “Sometimes” Judge Sherry is a really funny name. I like her. I know she tiptoes, but c’mon, she EYEROLLED ALV!

    Neil Diamond is singin’ on Tonite Show and this Diamond-on-True Crime lyric hit me: She walked in, striped and a-shackled. And I, I a-cackled.

    Semper Mel.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai BlueWhiteRed: My brothers all used to call me that, I find it very comforting so no, I don’t mind. Your wife sounds like a wonderful woman, and you are lucky you have her. I hope so too someday maybe. I love “sometimes Judge Sherry. I laughed when I was writing it because it’s true. She does get points for the most epic eyeroll in the history of ever. I missed Neil Diamond singing, now I’m pissed, but I would have howled at those lyrics. I’m all good, much better frame of mind today. Have a good weekend.

  14. BlueWhiteRed says:

    OMG, the typos, above. Calling Dr Freud.

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