Updates On a Few Different Trials- Bashara-Dunn-Pistorius

“Murder is like potato chips: you can’t stop with just one.” Stephen King -Planet Earth

Hai Lovelies.  Thank you all for your kind words in the comments section from my last blog.  They made me feel wonderful.  I am doing about the same today except my left eye his swollen completely closed. Other than that, status quo remains the same.

There has been a lot of movement in the land of murder today, and since nothing is going on with Stabby because it is Friday, I thought I would bring you all up to speed on a couple or three more prominent trials in the news right now.  It’s a veritable parade of death and depravity, which of course is business as usual on this lovely enlightened planet of ours.

First up, Bob Bashara:

Bob Bashara is on trial for hiring a mentally ill man for $2000 to kill his wife Jane Bashara.  She was found dead of strangulation in the back of her Mercedes.  Bashara then got so worried about what Joe might say, being that he was mentally disabled, he started a campaign to discredit him almost immediately. Bob Bashara also thinks he is a super genius.  Just like Wyle E. Coyote.   The reason he had his wife killed instead of divorcing her?  Divorcing her would be like having to throw away money.  Jane Bashara was the one making all the money that allowed Mr. Sexual deviant to afford his completely fucked up lifestyle.

The police investigation of Jane Bashara’s death was a joint effort conducted  by the Grosse Pointe Park police and the Detroit Police.  In late January of 2012 David Hiller, police chief of Grosse Pointe said Bob Bashara was a person of interest in the investigation.

Bob Bashara was head of the Rotary Club, a deacon at the Episcopal church, and a booster of the local country club, a scion of power in the community of Grosse Pointe Park.

And a freak.

On January 27, 2012, Grosse Pointe Park Police Chief David Hiller announced that Bob Bashara was “a person of interest’ in the investigation.  Like so many Einstein-y murderers before him, the idiot figured he could talk his way out of it.  He was asked to take a lie detector test and of course he assumed he could beat it.   The moron took a lie detector test and failed with flying colors, which was part of the reason he was arrested.  A couple of days later the police announced that they were pretty sure that Jane was killed in her house and then moved to the car.

In February, Joe Gentz was freaking out to the point where he walked into the police station and flat out confessed that he had helped dispose of Jane’s body.   He told the police that Bob had paid him 2000 dollars to do it and yes indeed, 2000 was found in Joe’s bank account where before there had been zero dollars in his bank account.  Bob also threw in an old Cadillac to sweeten the pot.  Gotta love that murder money.

Joe was sentenced after he pled guilty to second degree murder and subsequently had a hit put out on him that needed to be carried out before he could testify against Mr. Bashara.  Mr. Einstein-y I guess thought this would go unnoticed by the authorities but, it did not and he was sentenced to 8 years for trying to take out Mr Gentz.

Much like Stabby, Bob Bashara is a sexual deviant who was into sadomasochism and all kinds of freaky weird shit that did not involve his wife.  He maintained a sex dungeon in the basement of some pit called the Hard Luck Lounge, oddly enough located in a building owned by, guess who, Bob Bashara.  On February 4th, after Joe had already given up the ghost, Bashara commented that “I did not kill my wife, I had nothing to do with this.”  That would be the point where the mistress fell out of the closet with some of the other skeletons.  Apparently that particular closet was pretty full.  Along with the mistress in the skeleton closet out came  a double life filled with sexual trysts with several paramours, a full-time girlfriend, and an online identity as Master Bob, a dominator in the world of BDSM.  Jane Bashara, prior to her death,  told her friends that her husband was addicted to pornography and was plagued by erectile dysfunction. My guess is that Bashara couldn’t get it up unless he was beating on someone as foreplay which speaks volumes about Mr. Bashara. Several witnesses in pre-trial hearings have stated that part of his repertoire was breath-play or choking as it is more widely known. He flat out denies this. Once again, all the witnesses are lying and he’s telling the truth.

The mistress, Rachel Rene Gillet, was under the impression that Bashara had been divorced or separated for a minimum of 8 months and she is plenty pissed that she got played. Can’t wait for her testimony day.

Michael Dunn: Dunn sentencing was today. Michael Dunn is that idiot from Florida that killed an SUV while firing at some African American teens (which we all know are fair game in Florida). The judge fed him his ass in just under 7 minutes today. The Judge seems to think that our society has lost it’s moral compass to which I say “no, ya think?” He also went off on the stand your ground law and how many idiots think that gives you an open invitation to re-enact the shoot out at the OK corral. Then he said some ridiculous thing about how well the Florida justice system works and I put half a can of pepsi through my nose thinking of Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman. Some crazy dude then tried to make a motion and was escorted gently from the courtroom while he yelled about how the judge was breaking the law. Then the Judge dropped the BOMB. He sentenced Dunn to consecutive sentences. Nobody wants consecutive sentences. EVER. He got life plus about 105 years. Damn son, people take the killing of an SUV much more seriously than say the killing of an unarmed African American teen.

Pusstorius. The Pusstorius pity party continues in all of its long, drawn out for ever and ever and ever glory. We apparently might actually find out how long Oscar has to be locked in his house on Tuesday.

Have a great night my lovelies. I will be back on Monday. I have to take a day off I’m sorry. The doctor said to try and take it easy and I am doing the exact opposite of that and I have to stop. I’m sorry. Promise I will see you all Monday.


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17 Responses to Updates On a Few Different Trials- Bashara-Dunn-Pistorius

  1. shenson1209 says:

    Great Kelly! Please follow the doctor’s advice and be nice to yourself. Rest!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Your blog is Awesome. I read everyday. I’m pretty new to it though. I like that you check to make sure your writing a blog. H ave you ever thought about writing a book on these murderers? Get some rest, I hope you. Start feeling better soon. ☺

    • Nicole says:

      What I ment to say was I like that you check facts.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Nicole. Thank you for reading. There are something like 86 posts now so you can read for a long time. I appreciate that you noticed that I fact check what I write about. Thank you. I have considered and am still considering it.

  3. Mama Via says:

    It AMAZES me that a little 6 inch piece of flesh can make such idiots of some people!! For Pete’s sake, take that thing in hand for 2-3 minutes, relieve the pressure on your brain, then go back into the kitchen and help your wife make dinner! “Master Bob!” my Granny’s canary! If a man can’t “master” that little thing in his trousers, how does he expect to “master” a complicated thing like role play with a WOMAN! Good grief! Put him in the same cell as Hodi and let them argue about which one is “the top”!! Take care, miss k!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Via: I will never understand how a man can be led around by his dick, like his body is on a leash being dragged by his dick. I like the idea about putting them in a cell together and I’d give even money on who wins that one lol.

      • Slammy says:

        Instead of the tail wagging the dog, it is the dick wagging the man. Actually, he isn’t really a man though.

        I haven’t had much computer time in the last 2 weeks and had a shit ton to catch up on this morning. Thanks for all of the smart, witty and slightly off commentary, Miss K! Please take care of yourself and get better. This is one site that actually shows there are many great people out there. The outpouring of love and kindness to you warms my heart.You are an amazingly stong and beautiful soul.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Slammy, I wondered where you had got to? The people on this site are some of the kindest people I have ever known. Thank you.

  4. My Real Name says:

    Thank you and rest.

  5. Deb says:

    Even though I look forward to your daily blogs, I want you to know I’ll be fine until you’re well enough to write some more hilarious updates on the numerous murderous creeps in the news. Now, doesn’t that make you feel a lot better?! 😉 Feel better ❤

  6. sandymetter says:

    Awesome update Kelly! Thank you and get some rest this weekend☺

  7. essem58 says:

    Take care of yourself Kelly! Writing with one eye closed must be tiring. Bugger now I’ve got another trial to catch up on, Bashara, didn’t know about that one. I missed the sentencing in Dunn, one I did watch, so gotta find that now. I’m learning so much on your blog Kelly, not the least of the Twitter War going on

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Essem. It’s kind of a pain because of the depth perception but other than that, I have adjusted pretty rapidly. I hope this goes away soon though. Yeah do catch up on Bashara because that shit is just starting and dude is a perv, for real. The dunn sentencing was awesome just because the judge really did feed him his ass, it’s on youtube on croakerqueens channel. Thanks for the kind words, I’m really happy that you are enjoying my blog.

  8. essem58 says:

    Yep I understand about depth perception. I had a brain tumour that affected some cranial nerves and my right eye has limited movement. I usually close my right eye to get single vision when necessary. I’ve learned to adapt and I even play tennis still, but that pesky depth perception makes it all the more difficult to hit even one of the two balls I see 😜. I’ve been following CQ on YouTube so went straight there for Dunn and Dusted. Really like that Judge Healey. Who was that old man wanting to make an oral argument? Anywho, take care and rest the head, it’s the only one you’ve got 😜😜😜😜

    • essem58 says:

      Ah see, with my one eye closed I missed the “reply” and went straight to a new comment. 😱

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