The Wheels on Whatever Go Round and Round

October 18, 2014

Yes, I know I said I wasn’t blogging today, but I have a concussion so I forgot-somewhere around here

Oh hai there. Before you get mad Silly, I know I said I wasn’t doing a regular blog today. This is NOT a regular blog so it doesn’t count. I love semantics, do you guys love semantics?

Apparently the twitter wars are escalating. Now, I meant what I said about ceasing fire and holding the line, and you my fine soldiers have for the most part adhered to the ceasefire. I thank you. Turns out I was right too, because the silence is driving it that shall not be named slowly more insane than it already is.

Now accounts are getting hacked. My friend Janet had her account hacked. For most people this was cause for alarm, but for me, all I could see were visions of millions of people hunched over their keyboards or iphones or tablets, frantically deleting all of their DM’s in case they got hacked. That mental picture cracked me up so badly I had to walk away just in case I did my head any more damage. It’s funny because A) it’s probably true and B) nobody knows what side is doing the hacking or if it has anything what-so-ever to do with the twitter wars. I’m sorry but it is hysterical. Again, to those I didn’t say it to on twitter, I’m sorry you got hacked. It has happened to me before, but it was just some idiot that wanted to put up adds for cheap knock off watches on my feed so no biggy. My ex brother in law told me the best way to prevent Hacking is to use at least 2 numbers, 1 uppercase letter and 2 symbols in your password. The pentagon could not get into my password at this point. Since I mentioned weaponized anthrax the other day I’m sure they have been trying. So just to speed things along, it was a joke pentagon guys, it was a statement on how hard it is to get prescription narcotics in Canada as opposed to the above mentioned anthrax.

Since I promised Silly no regular blog today I have had to become creative. So I am going to tell you a bunch of totally random stuff that has no bearing on anything other than I find it interesting.

My super sekrit crush is on twitter and he follows me back.

I blame Charlie Sheen every time something bad happens on twitter but he has yet to comment as to whether or not it is actually his fault.

I have liked Norman Reedus since “Six Ways To Sunday” and it was just a lucky fluke that I watched the walking dead and he was in it. I got someone to take my copy of Boondock saints to Comic con for me and get him to sign it. The person I asked to take it was so star struck that when Norman asked his name, instead of saying it’s for Kelly he said his name and now the kids name is forever adorned on my copy of the Boondock Saints. Sometimes agoraphobia sucks so bad. That would be one of those times.

My psychiatrist has suggested getting one of my dogs certified as a comfort animal so I can take them with me if I need to go somewhere. It’s like any disability dog, exempt from no dog rules so I am told. I have heard that most places won’t allow dogs though unless they are obviously a dog for the blind so I don’t think I will do it.

I haven’t been in a restaurant in almost 6 years. The last time I was in one, I got a glass of beer smashed over my head for complaining about always having to go so I could drive because I don’t drink. The place was full and nobody said a word or called the police.

I had a fish named fluffy but he died. he was a purple beta. I would like to get a fish tank and some fish. Pretty fish like guppies and stuff. I find them very soothing. My psychiatrist has a fish tank and I like to watch the fish.

I have a guinea pig named Taco and he helps we write blogs sometimes. you can’t understand anything he writes, but he doesn’t have opposable thumbs so I fix it for him. He likes to hang out on my keyboard.

I have a pig named Albert. A real live big pink pig. He was on his way to get turned into bacon and he got out of the truck somehow. I found him near the corner of my property and enticed him home with donuts. I have had him ever since. He seems much happier not being bacon.

I love pop-tarts. My favorites are cherry and strawberry and they have to have frosting. Actually until the other day I had no idea they didn’t come without frosting. Why anybody would want a pop-tart without frosting is just beyond my comprehension. They don’t have Cherry pop tarts in Canada.

I hate peanut butter. So, so wrong.

I only own two pairs of shoes. That apparently makes me “Not a girl.” I have never seen the point of billions of pairs of shoes. I also can’t wear high heels because of damage to my feet and legs so maybe that’s why.

I own every single season of all the law and orders. Criminal Intent was my favorite because Vincent D’onofrio was completely believable as a major case detective. SVU was my least favorite but I needed them so I had the whole set.

I still have the stuffed bear my first boyfriend bought me.

I almost never watch TV, but I like the noise in the background. I do watch hockey, football, the walking dead and American Horror Story.

The dogs have ripped holes in every single dish towel that I own. Apparently they are great for tug of war.

They are looking at me right now like they know I just told on them.

I love video games. They are my second favorite thing to do ever. This obviously being my first favorite thing. I got custody of my systems and games when the ex got arrested. I have never met a game I didn’t like except for Role Playing Games and Massive Multiplayer online games. Other than that, I love them all. Especially horror games. The evil within just came out and it looks soooooo awesome. If any of you game, maybe you can let me borrow it sometime?

While I seldom watch television, I kept custody of my movie collection and I like to watch those sometimes. I like horror movies and true crime movies the best. I have a VHS copy of fatal vision, the movie about Jeffrey MacDonald the green beret that killed his pregnant wife and kids. I also have the VHS of small sacrifices, the Diane Downs movie. I have loved true crime since I was a kid.

And there you have it. A bunch of totally random facts about yours truly. Not a normal blog. Just sayin’

Love you guys
See you tomorrow.

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