Unfortunately, There Is No Cure For Stupid

And the stupid just keeps on comin’-Arizona

Hai kids.  As you can guess by the title of today’s little ditty, I may or may not be somewhat annoyed at some of the shit that has been flying around the internet.  The truckload of freshly fermenting pig shit that is the crap going around about Stabby and how she is fucking innocent.  Just for the record, right now this second lets just get one simple little FACT straight.  You know just for everyone’s edification.  Stabby viciously murdered Travis Alexander.  She was not fighting for her life, you don’t stab someone in the back when they are attacking you from the front.  Spent casings do NOT get kicked around in pools of blood without leaving a trail of blood from where it started to where it ended.  You do not almost cut off the head of someone who is to the point where they are crawling on their hands and knees if you are in an altercation you want to get away from, you run in the fucking opposite direction. You can sprinkle any kind of magical pixie dust on that shit that you want, hell you can dip it in pop-tart frosting; it is NOT going to change the fact that Stabby is a cold blooded, pre-meditated murderess. Yeah, I said it, she totally pre-meditated that shit and for you stabbyites who stalk my site and send me all those ever so charming emails, suck on that.

Now, because they are all butthurt for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that Stabby’s good old mitigation specialist/dance instructor is having a good long look taken at her and exactly what she has been up to during this whole shit show. Miss mitigation2014 is in it up to her asshole. The only real question is what her cut is? Anyway, because they have nothing else left to bitch about, the Kool-Aid drinking troglodytes have decided that dragging Chris Hughes back into this with theories that the reflection in Travis’ eye is now Mormon undergarments is a truly brilliant idea. Because Chris Hughes hasn’t been through enough. And Travis’ family hasn’t been through enough. The friends that found his crumpled up rotting corpse have not been through enough. You think they don’t see that in their nightmares every night? I promise you that they do. Not only did the psychopathic bitch kill Travis, she killed his grandmother, and she destroyed 20 other lives at a bare minimum. Those are just the people that were especially close to Travis, not included are his casual friends. Nobody talks about how many people the man who overcame insurmountable odds to become something that was special and good and kind could have helped. They talk about how this is all a Mormon conspiracy and Stabby is totally innocent. Instead of talking about how she “innocently” almost decapitated a man, they talk about how she has been railroaded by an entire laundry list of people who all came together because the simply could not handle the fabulousness of Stabby fucking Einstein. Talk about how she stalked him, and peeped into his windows and slashed his tires and threatened any woman in his life and they deflect with the fact that he said a few unkind words to her in an email. Words that were no doubt in my mind wholly deserved. Mention that Stabby was nothing but a whore who used her body to try and elevate her station in life and we are slut shaming her. She is, was, and always will be a slut of epic scale. I agree that woman have every much right to use men for sex as men do to use women for sex, I draw the line at using your sexuality to get whatever it is that you want. That doesn’t just make you a slut, it makes you a prostitute. You are trading sex for money or prestige or a higher station in life therefore you are a prostitute. I don’t want to hear about how it is done everyday. If a prostitute doesn’t get paid she does not in the normal course of business cut some dudes head off.

Chris and Skye Hughes were Travis’ best friends on earth. The stabbyites say terrible things about Chris Hughes that I will not repeat here because I have followed Chris Hughes on Twitter and he seems to be all about love, redemption and forgiveness. Now, that could be just for show, but I don’t think it is and seriously, how often have I been wrong that you all can think of? They are writing a book about Travis, and who better to do so? Of course Satan’s minions are all over that. Not because they think their queen may be portrayed in a bad light, not because they think that the Hughes are part of the conspiracy. They are angry and screaming about son of sam laws all of a sudden because the Hughes are going to make money off of said book. This is very telling because it means that most of the idiots that follow the psychopath have absolutely zero understanding of what this law is, and it also tells me they are concerned that anybody other than Stabby make any money off of this horrible murder. I was going to say tragedy, but that would imply accident and this was about as pre-meditated as it gets. As for the Hughes making money, I say good. I hope they make money by the dump truck full. I hope a brinks truck has to be backed up to their house once a week to drop off the money. It’s all good for Stabby to make money off of her traced crap, it’s okay to make money from the sale of props from the first trial and it’s okay to collect money for an “appeals fund” that anyone with more than four functioning brain cells knows is going to be used for anything but appeals. She has a private investigator. Remember when she said the money would be for appeals, PI’s anything to help prove her innocence? I do. I also can confirm that the State of Arizona is paying for the private detective that she is using right now. Why is that? Ask one of her majesties minions and they will tell you that either Stabby never said that (but she did and of course I have a screen cap of it) or that the money won’t be used until the appeals process kicks in. I really hope that the IRS is taking a nice long hard look at this whole irrevocable trust. I have sent them a letter, but have not heard back yet. I first let them know that this was happening although I am sure they are aware, and I had a list of questions I asked for clarification on. It was a large list and included several loopholes that I was concerned with and asked if they had any way to change them. I can’t wait for their reply.

Then there was the whole dust-up about the motion to quash the death penalty being a closed hearing. I have to tell you, I have a bit of a problem with that myself. The American justice system is supposed in theory at least to be transparent. It is not. With this trial it seems to become less and less transparent all the time. The reason for the closed hearing however was because certain “evidence” that was deemed inadmissible during the first trial was part of the motion. How do I know this? I know this because I know how to read and I know how to do research. Two things that seem to be woefully lacking on the Stabby loon side of the fence. The item in question had to do with the forged letters that Stabby tried to have introduced into her trial. They were not introduced because they were forgeries. Another thing that the Stabbyites are having kittens about. Our least favorite stalker extraordinaire PV seems to think since there were no originals they could not be proven to be forged. I have an answer for PV and I hope she reads it and actually hears what I am saying. Do you not find it odd that there were copies of what would have been extremely devastating letters and that the originals were destroyed. If these were electronic letters and I can only assume, but since that was how they seemed to communicate I am going to go with that, then there would be a copy on Travis’ hard drive. Of course PV is going to say he erased it. My answer to that is, nothing, not anything not ever is really truly erased on a computer. You can make it go away, but it can be recovered. Nothing ever was because there was nothing to recover. The same reason there was no child porn, or even nice normal regular porn, or anything of that nature. These things were the last grasp at the straw of a very desperate woman. When even the National Enquirer will not print it and my god they have printed things that would make a rational persons hair stand on end, then we can all rest assured that I am correct. I understand that you and logic are not very well acquainted PV, but at least try glancing it’s way once in a while. Fuck me sideways, you are a stupid woman sometimes.

Now to the poor frightened mitigation witnesses that wouldn’t testified because they were so, so scared to do so. Let’s start with Patty “I never met a drug I didn’t like” Womack. Womack is/ or was at the time of mitigation, eating government cheese. Nothing wrong with that. People fall on hard times and that is what the government safety net is for. Want to know what isn’t ok? Selling pictures of your oh so good friend Stabby to HLN to several thousand dollars and then not telling the government so that it can be deducted from your check. That murder money was hers fair and square right? So when she was brought up as a possible mitigation witness, Juan did what Juan does and actually did his job. He looked into Womacks history, found out how much she got for the pictures and that she was a drug user and informed her that if she took the stand he was going to bring up said murder money and her drug use. She retained a lawyer who advised her not to take the stand. If she is taking it now, it is because someone on Stabby’s team has paid the government back to welfare the money she would have had taken from her check and she has perhaps been to rehab although I cannot confirm that at this time. We may be seeing her as a mitigation witness.

Matt McCarney. Once again, when his name was put on the mitigation list, Juan did his due diligence and informed McCartney that his perjury during pre-trial hearings were going to be brought up and charges were going to be likely forthcoming so of course he bailed.

Stabby’s entire family- Lets see, they all gave videotaped interviews during the interrogation stages of this whole thing and nobody had anything very flattering to say. Getting on the stand and suddenly saying what a wonderful joy to behold Stabby was would have immediately brought perjury charges forth. Perjury is not a joke and Juan Martinez is not the one. Believe me, you do not want to be in his way when he gets a bug up his ass, and he definitely has one for this trial.

Last but not least by a long shot, let’s take a moment and talk about the odds and ends. The most disgusting thing I read about this trial was when Stabby said she never wanted to go to trial and tried to “settle” with the prosecution. Settle, like she was dealing with a traffic ticket. She wanted to do man 2 with a guaranteed 10 year sentence. It was therefore, the prosecutors fault and the families fault that they had to sit through all the bullshit that she made up about Travis and couldn’t say a word. The Alexader family have to be some of the most stoic people I have ever seen. Travis would have been so proud.

Alyce LaViolette- I hold a special hatred for Alyce LaViolette and most of you know why. For those that don’t I won’t get into it right now, but I know there is a very special place in hell for Alyce LaViolette. Anyone who would sell their soul for 15 min of fame and the hopes of parlaying their testimony into a book is nothing more than the gaping asshole on Stabby that we spent oh so much time hearing about. It would be so much better for me if I could believe that maybe Stabby just was so good that she fooled Alyce. I just flat out don’t believe it. I believe she did it for the money and fame period. Karma is a bitch though because my sources tell me that things have not been great for Alyce since her time on the stand at the Stabby Einstein trial.

Kirk Nurmi: Dig that because it will probably be the last time I refer to him by his given name. I have been giving Nurmi a lot of thought. Kirk worked at the public defenders office when this case first came up. They are overworked and very seriously underpaid for what they have to do there. they also do not have a choice of whether they do or do not take a client. If you are the next lawyer up, whatever case comes in it is yours, no matter how bad of a case it is, or how guilty you know your client to be or how much of a pain in the ass they turn into. Mr. Nurmi has been trying to get away from Stabby almost since inception as her council of record. That speaks volumes. He knows she is lying, he knows that to allow her to do some of the things she wanted to do would be knowingly suborning perjury which can lead to disbarment, he knows she is a psychopath and he has still tried to offer the best defense that he could. He has worked hard for an ungrateful, hateful, spiteful bitch because that was his job. I dislike his style as an attorney, I dislike the way he seemed to be enjoying some of the more salacious parts of the testimony, I hate the way he seemed to be mocking the prosecution at times, but I feel very, very bad for Kirk Nurmi. I know he is going to be glad when this trial is over and I hope that he never has another one like it. One of these is enough.

Sometimes Judge Stephens. I started out liking Judge Stephens alright. I thought she was giving the defense a little too much latitude sometimes, but she seemed fairly no nonsense and I always appreciate that in a Judge. I loved when she rolled her eyes, I loved when you could tell she was not buying the big bag of horseshit that Stabby was selling. I loved that she knew it was obvious and she didn’t care. Then all the sealed this and sealed that and ex-parte motions and media blackouts started and I lost whatever respect I had for the sometimes Judge. There is a ton of appealable issues in this trial. In my opinion, blacking out the media after allowing it during the first trial is like holding up a giant sign saying I fucked up and you didn’t get a fair trial. Extreme stupidity in my opinion.

There are your Stabby Updates for the evening my lovelies. The real fun and games should hopefully begin tomorrow.


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35 Responses to Unfortunately, There Is No Cure For Stupid

  1. bigmeannurse says:

    Terrible, terrible,terrible! LOL! Peoples heads have rolled and been duly stomped on! A truely fitting expose of misdeeds and miscreants! Great, terrific, stupendous job Kelly! You have out done yourself on the eve of the next apocalypse!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Bigmeannurse: Damn I love that name. It is truly right up there with really big mean dog. Thank you so much for the kind words. That one was nothing but pure unadulterated rage. I was so pissed off when I wrote that so I’m glad it came out ok.

  2. As always, excellent writing and recap. I’m interested in that other trial that you mentioned. I think that other woman is guilty as sin of injecting him with heroin.
    I can’t wait for the circus to begin tomorrow. As someone who lives between where TA and JA lived, I have a big interest in this case. It’s too close to home, literally.
    Keep on writing, you’re awesome.
    P.S. I hope your head’s feeling better.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Star: Thank you so much. Did you read Christine’s ariticle? It was a very good synopsis and I’m thinking about it. I kind of have my hands full with Bashara and Stabby here but all things are possible. Thanks for continuing to read. My head still pretty much sucks, but I’m working through the pain. I am somehow compelled to do this.

  3. My Real Name says:

    Another outstanding article rbmn. And word has it that both sides have agreed to live stream opening. We shall see.

    Hope you are doing well.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai MRN: Wish I had seen this last night. I’m sorry but no, I knew there would be no way in hell that Nurmi would agree to it and I was correct. I’m doing. My heads still pretty fucked up, but I”m working through the pain. Have a great day. Look for stabby updates tonight.

  4. renaes24 says:

    Kelly, I also have to say you have outdone yourself. This just may have been your best yet.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai renae. Thank you so much. I was really pretty angry when I wrote that so I’m glad it came out okay.

  5. Jodi J. says:

    This was a thoroughly enjoyable article in the “slap that bitch and her followers HARD” kind of way. Loved it!

  6. Arizona Rose says:

    Another excellent post, Kelly.

    About the book the Hughes intend writing…I think it’s great that Travis has someone in his corner like Chris. Someone who, like a brother, will stand up for him and honor him in print and tell the truth about what a great guy Travis really was. Not only will it honor him, but it will negate the filthy lies linked to Travis’s name by his scheming, lying, psychopath killer who, when her “no jury will ever convict me because I’m innocent” acting career didn’t work out, then resorted to all means foul to escape her M1 conviction. No one knows what Chris intends doing with the proceeds from the book sales, but I for one don’t care what it is, nor do I care if he makes a ton of money from the book. The more, the better is what I say; however I do not for a nanosecond believe making money is Chris’s motive in writing it.

    I can’t wait for Stabby to be locked up forever in solitary, not only to be finally rid of her, but also to see the end of her equally nasty, vicious, conniving idiot supporters and their crazy ass conspiracy theories.

    • Deb says:

      Arizona Rose, I so totally agree with everything you said – especially that last paragraph! ❤

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Rose: Thank you. I totally agree about the book. No nobody does know what they plan on doing with the proceeds, but like I said I hope they have to back a truck up once a week full of money for them. As for motive, I don’t know what his motives are either but I don’t have a shit to give if it is just money. I don’t think Stabby is going away any time soon. I really don’t sadly. I think she is going to ride the appeal pony till it dies of exhaustion.

      • Mama Via says:

        Oh, yes…JUAN way or another, little miss Stabbiekins will be in our lives until LONG after I am dead and buried! If she gets anything but DP, she will be appealing the conviction based on having K.Numbnuts as an attorney, ineffective counsel…if she gets the DP, the next 20-30 years with appeal after appeal, taxing the residents of Arizona. (Oh, Lordy, I am PUNNY today!) I’m starting to think that my ability to see any humor in that human Hairball is beginning to wear thin…UNfuck her I say!

  7. Mama Via says:

    Miss K, you’ve done it again…I laugh so hard, I get tears running down my legs! (Note to self: ALWAYS go t-tee before reading RBMD!!) I’m surprised Stabby didn’t try “REALLY, Mr. Juanderful, T-Dawg BACKED into my knife 27 times!” I think the reason this trial intrigues us is because of the things Little Miss Stabbiekins, Artiste Extraordinaire en Casa de Los Arpios is able to say with a straight fukkin face! (She reminds my of my son, at three, trying to convince me that it was Cookie Monster, not he, who “et dem kookies, Mama!”, as the crumbs and chocolate clung to his chin! And I would have laughed, but it’s imperative that Mama teach her little Cookie Monster the value of truth and the appropriate time for Fractured Fairy Tales!) Speaking of living in FantasyLand…did you see the “self-portrait” that Hodi traced? Two thoughts hit me immediately! First, she truly captured the flat, reptilian, unblinking stare Hodi exhibits, when, of course, she isn’t poking herself in the eye with her disgusting middle finger to try to get herself to produce “tears! (Broken or not, that finger needs to be soaked in Clorox, who knows WHERE that thing has been! And it has “fukked-off” so many people, it has a standing PRN order at the pharmacy for the appropriate antibiotic!). Secondly, she must have traced her photo on her prison ID card, because she drew the top of her head FLAT! She couldn’t even “imagine” that her head is pointed, NOT FLAT! Or maybe she wanted to portray herself as the “perfect woman”–one that’s three feet tall and has a flat head so a fella has a place to rest his beer!! Humph! Flat Head! Indeed!! If you haven’t seen it, it’s actually pretty funny…her tracing is so bad that it accurately represents her! Very cold and one dimensional…just like Hodi…it takes REAL talent to do THAT!

    All kidding aside…I hope you are feeling better…body and soul!! Sending gentle hugs your way! Hugs to all!

    • Deb says:

      Mama Via – talk about laughing out loud and having damp drawers…these comments are spot-on hysterical!!! Good job ❤

      • Mama Via says:

        THANKFULLY, Miss K doesn’t mind me posting…or at least hasn’t told me to “shut the fuck up and peace out, please!” (I had one blogger actually tell me that because my comments were getting more comments than her blog did,,,and it hurt her little feel-bads!) no, Miss K loves me in spite of all that…she’s just happy folks are laughing and not into fukking drama queen KRAP!! I’m glad I’m not the only one with wet panties around here!!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Mama, you rock on girl. I told you, I luv u much. Everyone is welcome to comment here, even if it is something they feel I might not agree with. I love debate, I love that you all talk to each other. I do not disallow comments, with the exception of the ones I received regarding the scars on my face and anything disparaging my blog because of the content. It’s my blog, I am not a Stabby supporter and I won’t tolerate idiocy on my page. I don’t plaster crap on their pages and expect the same courtesy. Just know that I will never moderate any comments other than for those reasons.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      OMG you made me laugh because I almost wrote a blog once on stabby’s alternate theories of how travis died and that was one of them. That is hilarious that you thought of it too. I saw the picture and loved the flat head. It appears in one of my blogs somewhere. Still not feeling great but playing through the pain. Hugs back. Take care

  8. essem58 says:

    Kelly, tell us what you really think!!! OMG do those mutants not understand this is the PENALTY retrial, innocence is not up for discussion, the murderous slut admitted she killed him, her story after story after story just didn’t wash with the jury of her peers. Bitching about the State not “dealing on her terms” is outrageous. MAYBE a deal could have been considered if IT had owned up in the first place instead of lying through her top hole. Hoping hell freezes (over after JA gets there) and we see some live feed tomorrow. I hope this link works, it’s my absolute favourite Miss Tabularasa YouTube vid called “Super Juan”. It reminds me of the bullfighter entering the ring. Watch out JA you and your brain defunct minions are no match for the Bullfighter Juan. Oh Shit!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Essem. Yeah, I was kind of pissed off when I wrote that so I’m glad it came out alright. No live feed, there was no way nurmi was going to go for that. Stabby is fucked. which normally would make her happy, but this might be really, really fucked which is probably not nearly as HAWT.

      • Mama Via says:

        HAWT! HUMPHTHHHHH!!! OMG, I’m getting old and acting like my dad! Don’t you just visualize her handwriting including little hearts over the “I”s??? That female just pets my fur backward!! “Poor Hodi, got PTSD! (from Ninjas who didn’t exist)” and her mommie was “mean to her” didn’t give her “love & support while she was growing up”! BFD! MY egg donor abandoned my sister & I in a hot little trailer with no food & water with no care as to whether we lived or died! And my sister almost DID die! It took folks two weeks to figure out that a 2year old was “baby-sitting” her 3 month old sister “until daddy comes home”…and HE was on a battleship in the middle of the ocean…even MORE amazing, *I* managed not to murder ANY of the people who pissed me off…including a number of ex-husbands!!!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Via: You know what, I said the exact same thing. Two violent alcoholic parents plus mommies heroin habit, left home by the time I was 14 but still managed to get a full time night job, got to school during the day and rent an apartment, identified the bodies of all four of my siblings because they could not handle the things that had happened and all committed suicide, suffered through a marriage to a man who tried very hard to kill me, got out and did it all without managing to kill a single solitary person. Amazing isn’t it.

      • Mama Via says:

        Ok, so, sadly, you get to join Megan and I in the “cork in the middle of the ocean club”…you will be happy to hear that you’ve already “paid your dues” for entry…but, as you know, “dues are high”…the only true benefit to being a member of same club is that when someone says “yes, I know what you mean” you know they aren’t fibbing…we also have a full buffet of gentle hugs, understanding nods and a special tray of laughing at the sublimely ridiculous! The buffet is open whenever your eyes are…temporary meetings are held daily at RBMD as needed and appropriate. Welcome! We wish you had experienced something different in your youth, but since none of us did, our goal is to support one another in the future! There’s the closet, there, where we keep the Big Girl Panties in case of emergency! Sending hugs and love…Mama,

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Unfortunately mama, it is a very large club.

  9. RMoser says:

    great read! I believe she is 100% guilty of first degree murder. I don’t have to believe it. She was found guilty of premeditated murder. All jurors agreed it was premeditated. But, I do believe she shot him first IN the shower to minimize cleanup. I think the first shot wasn’t a direct hit. We know this by the path of the bullet. I believe she tried to pull off a second shot and the gun jammed. Oh Lord, panic time! He’s getting up! What do I do? She ran down to the kitchen to find a good sharp knife. While she’s downstairs, Travis gets out of the shower and makes it to the sink to survey the damage. When JACK gets back, she starts stabbing him in the back. Of course he tries to fight her off, but I’m sure he’s blinded in his left eye at the very least of the bullet damage. The fight ends at the end of the hallway with her cutting his throat. Not slicing or slitting….cutting. Gosh, almost sawing.

    Now, I know many will disagree with me, and that’s cool. We all have our theories. I don’t dare say mine is right over someone else’s. We can all disagree on the serquence of events. I agree with everyone that this was a deliberate and hateful crime. She should no less than the rest of her life on death row.
    I was like everyone else thinking she shot him last. I had been studying all the facts and theories of everyone and found Gray Hughes on YouTube. He had an awesome video showing how he thought the gunshot was first. After much reading of the police report and autopsy report and looking at the photos, I came up with my conclusion.
    Let me say again, I’m definitely not a CSI or PI or any crime professional. I respect everyone’s theories and may even eventually change my mind again.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is we will never know the real truth because the guilty bitch doesn’t have an ounce of truth in her.
    Keep up the great work on your blog! Can’t wait to read more!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai RMoser: Thank you so much. I love that people have different theories. I just have a problem with that casing being in a pool of blood if she shot him first. The casing would have hit the floor before the blood did. And it would have left a void, which it didn’t. Thanks for reading.

  10. Deb says:

    What a great summation argument against all the rabid stupidity that spouts daily from the mouths and runs on continuously from the keyboards of this dumb, fucked-up, bitch’s asshole supporters. Kelly, keep on exposing the lies – they put it all out there and it’s free fodder for the prosecution to use against any so-called mitigating factors. Keep being the needle in their arm – the thorn in their side!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Deb: Thank you so much. I will be the thorn in this particular side till I can’t write any longer. Idiots. I cannot stomach idiots.

  11. Christine says:

    Another fantastic read by Kelly, thank you so much for that! Your perspective and levity are always so appreciated. Thank so much for sharing my work on the Alix Tichelman story. I’m definitely keeping an eye on it and will keep you posted, this is a really intriguing story. Awesome job here though, Kelly, as usual!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Christine. Thanks for reading. Such a huge compliment for a reporter of your caliber to comment. Definitely keep us posted on that one, there is some interest here so I may end up covering it as well.

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