Pigs and Jurors and Bashara. Oh My!!!

I’m very nice.  Until I’m not. -Arizona

Hai kids.  It’s me, your intrepid reporter Kelly.  Tonight I am not only reporting on the Stabby shenanigans as well as Bob Bashara,  but also the shenanigans going on in twitter land because I have once again become the picture hanging on the dartboard in the PV clubhouse.

So, let’s start with my day.  I had to go back to the doctor today because my eye has become grossly infected.  Infected enough that my doctor did an actual double take when he saw it.  He poked, which hurt, he prodded, which hurt more, and he rolled up my extremely swollen eyelid which almost got him a kick in the nuts.  My entire eye socket is swimming in puss apparently and I am blind in the eye because of the pressure on my optic nerve.  He ordered me antibiotics, huge ones and then informed me that I also need antibiotic drops but of course disability doesn’t pay for those because who cares if I go blind, so he didn’t bother writing that script.  He looked to see if he had any samples but he didn’t.   So, here’s hoping that the antibiotics work.

A soldier in my country was shot and killed for no apparent reason.  He was the soldier entrusted with guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier.  His job was to explain about the monument and answer questions from tour groups.  He was killed for absolutely no reason.  I don’t care if that was what he chose to do.  He was on home soil where war has not been declared.   There is a theory that this is ISIS payback for us sending 6 bombers to join the attempt to eradicate this terrorist organization. Ottawa was pretty much on complete lockdown and our PM was moved to safety. So far a pretty shitty day, but not the worst day ever.

I came home and talked to my twitter peeps for a while and started researching for tonight’s blog and got a heads up that I should check out some dudes twitter because he was saying some pretty shitty things about me.  So I did, and I wish I didn’t.  Of course he is a PV lover and apparently a Stabby lover since PV is telling the truth about Stabby and she is a MUCH better writer than I am.  Then he started talking about how I needed to see a plastic surgeon because I look like I fell on a hand grenade and then enquired if Really Big Mean Dog was because I was a really fat miserable bitch.  I of course told my friends who summarily went insane, which was not my intent, I was just upset and wanted to tell someone.  I reported and blocked and hopefully that new piece of shit will be gone by tomorrow.  Not gonna lie to you, it hurt me terribly to read those things. But then I got thinking that you guys don’t really have a shit to give about what I look like on the outside so from me to Pig Vomit; eat a Dick.  Preferably one riddled with syphilis.  your day is coming very soon and the whole world is going know who you are.

Speaking of pigs, today in Stabby land things got almost interesting for a second. Here are the Bombshells, spoiler (not really) of the day. Stabby has a boyfriend. He has so far not been named, but he has been in court and he visits her in jail all the time. Remember you read it here a few blogs ago when I said some Stabby groupie would marry her and never have sex again.

We lost another Juror and it is all Beth Karas’ fault. During the first break, she was doing an on camera segment outside of the courthouse. She realized that a juror was standing nearby but figured she couldn’t hear shit so she carried on. Karas said that when she came back into the courthouse, the dumbass juror approached her and asked if she was Nancy Grace.   Karas answered that she used to work with Grace and then reported the idiot to the court. So, we have another fame whore wanna be, and goddamn they seem to be coming out of the fucking wood don’t they, except this one doesn’t know the difference between Nancy Grace and Beth Karas. Probably hoping to get a job on HLN. Beth Karas totally did the right thing, and as an officer of the court (she is still a member of the bar) she was actually compelled to do so. My guess, another stealth juror who could later throw the trial by saying they’d heard the interview yada yada mistrial. Sometimes Judge Sherry reiterated her admonition to stay the fuck away from televisions and newspapers and social media, because yeah, that’s totally going to happen.

As far as the actual trial itself, it is pretty much the abridged version of the first trial. Dr. Kevin Horn, pathologist/underwear model was on the stand and we went through each and every one of Travis’ wounds again. That poor, poor man. I hate Stabby a little bit more each and every time I hear penetrating stab wound, incised wound, defensive wound. How he must have fought to live. How terrified do you think he was? And somehow, I can hear her laughing at his terror, telling him that if she couldn’t have him than nobody ever would. I don’t know why I think that, but I really do.

The fact that back in 2009 Flores said the order of wounds was different was brought up. It was also brought up that these were Flores own thoughts on the sequence of events and
that the medical examiner had never told him that. Horn confirmed that he had never told him that.

Jenny from the cell block got up and took a pretty good run at Dr. Horn. She couldn’t shake him, but she did win the talent portion of the competition. Dr. Horn was firm on his wound infliction timeline. He was stabbed a billion times (at least that’s what it felt like), she slit his throat and then just for the fuck of it she shot him in the head. I think the idea of multiple weapons was so she could claim multiple intruders if it came down to it and she did.

Stabby was also caught making fuck me eyes at on of the male Jurors by Henri DelRey, one of the reporters in the courtroom. Remember kids, all you need is one.

Now, on to the sick twist that is Bob Bashara:
Today, Mark O’Riordan, with the U.S. Secret Service, told jurors about his Jan. 27, 2012, interview of Bashara. During that interview he admitted that he had had an affair 8 years earlier but claimed to not be banging some bondage bitch prior to his wife being killed. Then he pulled out the “I am a rotary club president therefore I am above reproach” card.

The witness of the day prize went to Janet Leehmann. She told the court that Bashara was a big fat liar because he was in Oregon banging her (literally and figuratively) two weeks before his wife was murdered. They met on which is exactly what it sounds like and I’m not going to see for myself. He asked her to consider relocating to Grosse Pointe from Oregon and told her that his Daddy was a big time judge which is no doubt why he figured he could kill his wife and not really worry about it. Bashara, who Leehmann referred to as Master Bob told her that he and Rachel Gillett, the longtime mistress he totally wasn’t having an affair with, were looking for a third person to join them at Shirley’s house of pain and pleasure.

For Christmas, Bashara got her a $25 gift card to the Olive Garden with some of his wife’s money since he didn’t have any, and a leather string to wear on her wrist as a symbol of his ownership of her. “You are to wear it on your left wrist and not wear it around your neck until I’m there to put it there myself,” he wrote her.

She got a message saying she would soon feel his strength and passion. (excuse me I need the puke bucket again) Leehmann thought she was getting into some light bondage and instead what she got into was a beating that left her marked up for over 3 months because of course Bashara is one of those sick fucks that can’t get it up unless he’s beating on a woman.

After his wife just turned up dead to his complete and utter shock, he told Leehmann that they should not be in contact for a while which was cool with her, she figured she could just quietly peace the fuck out, but then the sicko called her and said he wanted her to hid his other mistress in Oregon with her. She took a pass, called the cops and got a restraining order. Smart girl.

Bashara’s trial continues tomorrow and because it is so much more interesting than Stabby 2.0 I will be covering it as well.

That is all for tonight kids. This is Really Big Mean Dog peacing the fuck out. Have a great night.

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27 Responses to Pigs and Jurors and Bashara. Oh My!!!

  1. First, great blog as always.
    Second, I really hope your eye gets better with the antibiotics. I’m on disability and know how that goes with prescriptions etc. It sucks. (Maybe you need to do a blog on disability?)
    Third, I did need to say something (I felt) because I’m a submissive in the BDSM lifestyle. People have serious misconceptions about what the BDSM lifestyle is all about. It’s only when someone beats the hell out of someone and ends up in court and someone throws out the letters “BDSM” that people assume that’s what the lifestyle is….abuse. When in fact it’s just the opposite. I’ve been in this lifestyle since I’m 15 years old (yep, I started young) and a TRUE BDSM relationship is the most loving, intimate relationship I’ve ever had the pleasure to be in. There are sickos in any relationship, but BDSM is SO misunderstood because they hear the letters BDSM from a trial once every few years and everyone gets all bent out of shape and ASSUMES that beating the hell out of someone and abusing them is what BDSM is all about. In FACT, the three basic tenets of BDSM are “Safe, Sane, Consensual”. There’s way too much to go into in a little message here, but trust me, what you hear represented in court rooms and see once in a blue moon in trials is NOT what BDSM is about. It makes me sick when people misrepresent it, but then, it’s usually by people who have no idea what it’s really about and people who aren’t in the lifestyle.
    I understand that people don’t really know about it, but it shouldn’t be put down. I equate it with the gay community (hear me out here). What I mean is….that before people understood what “gay” meant and accepted gay people and learned that nothing was going to happen to them if they supported a gay person, they used to beat them up and bash them and put them down. Bottom line is, don’t bash anything you don’t know about (I’m not referring specifically to you, but the “universal you”). People need to learn about things before putting others down.
    I’m off my soap box. I just wanted to try to get people to understand that the BDSM lifestyle does NOT condone abuse of any sort.
    I’ll shut up and go away now.
    Again,I hope your eye gets better soon! I look forward to your blogs!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Star. I actually read up on it once the Bashara case started because I don’t like to go into anything uniformed. It was not my intention to portray BDSM as an abhorrent act and I certainly hope I have not. Bashara is actually an anomaly in the world from what I can gather and I certainly do not pretend to be an expert. He beat that woman to the point of hospitalization injury. That is not loving, that is vicious. She asked that he stop and he did not. She didn’t want to testify because she was concerned about the black eye it would give the BDSM lifestyle. I have always always believed that what goes on between consenting adults is just that, but when it is no longer that and turns into what this is it is wrong and needs to be exposed. I am sorry if you were offended as that was sincerely not my intent and thank you for explaining better than I ever could what a true BDSM relationship is. Thank you for your concern about my eye. I certainly hope it gets better too. I am very afraid of losing my sight. Also, I think that you were very brave to put that out there for all of us. Thank you!!

      • Thanks, I hope your eye’s doing better now.
        I totally agree with you about Bashara, not he wasn’t loving and that wasn’t what BDSM is about. I just wanted to attempt to inform (in my own humble way) the general public that BDSM isn’t what they hear or see in courtrooms. Again, Safe, Sane & Consensual.
        Thanks again and take care! Love your blogs, read them every night!

    • Mama Via says:

      Well done, starshine! In my (somewhat limited) experience, 99% of the males who CALL themselves “master” “lord” “sir”, etc., are nothing but misogynistic assholes! THAT being said, “Master” status is GIVEN, it is EARNED not TAKEN or ASSUMED; and anyone not understanding that the “submissive” is the one “in control” doesn’t understand BDSM. Submission is a GIFT given, an act of relinquishing “control”. Dominance is only held by the “top” at the WILL of the “bottom”. I truly wish the life-style were named “D/S (Dominance/Submission) with consensual roleplay” but I’d be fighting the masses! (Did you notice how CONSENSUAL is spelled? “Con” = “with” and sensual! I always thought that the word was interesting…) ANYWAY… That ACT of giving someone else complete control is VERY liberating! ASSUMING a “sub” is with a “Dom” who WANTS to take the time to find out how to get the “bottom” into “sub-space”, this style of “loving” is more intimate and trusting than one could imagine! The LAST thing a Dom is, is SELFISH! D/s REQUIRES that the folks involved express their deepest, darkest desires FREELY…and without fear, for only being without fear can you truly “submit”. Have I confused the class yet? For most subs, the act of being restrained assists in putting them into the mindset of submitting…and the “discipline” must be applied judiciously, by a Dom that is UNDER CONTROL, not by a prick getting off to beating a woman. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! The goal is to apply “just enough” to press the sub’s “limits” WITHOUT exceeding the boundary. This can ONLY be done by a Dom who is in control of himself, in reality, the DOM is the one who is “disiplined”! Ha! I made a PUNNY! (You would be AMAZED at how many men in positions of authority, men of social standing, men who control millions of dollars and millions of people’s lives pay BIG BUCKS to “submit” to a Dominas control for an hour or two!!!). D/s is NOT about getting the crap beat out of you…there are no bruises, cuts, contusions…no hospitalizations…but a truly LOVING relationship that includes role-playing which is agreed to prior to the “session”. Oops! There’s the bell…class dismissed!

      • Bravo Mama Via! Since that book Shades of Grey came out, every man and his brother thinks that if they “demand” that a woman get on her knees and do whatever for him, he has the right to call himself Master or Dom or whatever (Lord High Muckety Muck on High). There are SO many men now on the internet claiming to be Doms and Masters and 99.9% of them don’t know the meaning of the word. It truly takes years to understand the true meaning of the lifestyle and honestly it has little to do with sex or beatings.
        You seem to have a great idea…I’m assuming you’re in the lifestyle yourself (I hope I didn’t blow your cover if you are, lol).
        I think it really is up to those of us in the lifestyle to attempt to educate people as best we can to the true meaning of it.

      • Mama Via says:

        Haha! Good guess…but…up until 2005 I was in So.Cal, lots of Alt.clubs there! When I was working in my post-grad thesis in Abnormal Psych, I had a TG roommate who was living an, and I spent over 6 months interviewing him/her as s/he went thru the transition. S/he introduced me to MANY interesting people, a professional Domina, several of her clients, other TGs who were in various stages of change, and a boatload of wannabe-doms, players and fakers which were a dime a dozen prior to 50 Shades (folks my age blame “The Story of O”) In a different thread, I questioned whether it is the “instant information society” we live in that makes us more aware of the crazies in our world, or if there is just more craziness than there once was? (I just can’t envision Ozzie & Harriet decked out in leather “play clothes!”) Humans “push boundaries”, both bad and good…from climbers attempting Everest and K-2 to the freshman attempting to drink that keg by himself, we constantly look for something to ramp up our endorphins, Jack up the dopamine or push our orgasms to unknown heights. I discovered, in my studies, that whatever folks do in a safe, sane and consensual manner is perfectly within the bounds if “normal” psychology. It only becomes “abnormal” when the bounds of safe, sane and consensual are broken, or the acts become pathological, or injurious to ones daily life and interferes with one’s ability to support him/herself. Interestingly, it COULD be argued that TA & Hodi were role-playing, and she “submitted” willingly to the acts she NOW describes as “abusive”! We have only HER side of the story…and she is a PROVEN liar! (The “little Red Riding Hood” scenario led me to suspect that they were experimenting with role-play as an integral part of expressing their sexuality…take care, StarShine!

  2. BlueWhiteRed says:

    I get all my care, pkus the thanks if a COUNTRY for free, 24/7. I am so grateful for you, and my scars are covered by clothes and facade. We are decent people who help anyone, especially a Veteran, in need. Welk, Kelly may not have worn a uniform, picked up arms, stood a watch, but she’s as deserving as anyone who has. We owe Canada. On 9/11, those international flights diverted, for DAYS, where? Canada. For CPL Cirillo, rest easy, Soldier. We have the watch. Je me souviens. (We remember).

    Blue I love you, and I am touched, but I can’t let this one stand. It is just not who I am. I thank you so much for your intentions, actually I am quite speechless that you would do such a selfless thing, but why should I be, it’s you so even that is not sufficient. Thank you so much, but I will figure it out. There are nurses and stuff on this board and maybe they can hook my up with some samples or something. You are a wonderful caring friend and I thank you, but this just is not my nature my friend. Thank you again right from the bottom of my heart.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Kels, I knew it stood a 50-50 chance, and I absolutely defer to you, of course. No problem, and I apologize/apologise for any discomfort I caused you. I was trained by my Pop and military to step up and take care of all. Semper Fidelis.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        you caused me zero discomfort my friend, no worries and your pop and the military taught you right.

  3. renaes24 says:

    Kelly, What are the eyedrops that your doc wanted for you? I ask because, as a nurse, I can (sometimes) get drug samples and ‘gimmies’ from the drug reps. Just DM me either thru email or facebook and let me see what can be done. Might work; might not, but it is worth a shot.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I’ll find out renae, he didn’t even say, he just said there was no way I could afford them and he didn’t have any samples. I’ll call him this morning. Thanks a ton for checking.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      There you go, renaes24! Wherever you are, have a great day. Thanks for offering Kelly an option. I owe all medical professionals, so please accept my respect and gratitude.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Renae, my docs not in till 1 but his nurse said he would call me back. Thanks for the offer I appreciate it.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      renae the eyedrops are called celoxan.

  4. Mama Via says:

    Miss K..doggone it! I thought you guys up there had socialized medicine and free drugs! Am I not understanding how things work? You amaze me, me friend…and I hope your eyeball is all better real soon! Now, keep your finger out of it! I love ya kiddo!

  5. Limey says:

    Ask the doc if there is a generic, or Google it. The docs sometimes forget this, or are unaware that generics of a particular drug exists. It cost me an arm and a leg for mine till I found out about them myself.
    Huge blessings for sharing your gift of writing, wit and wisdom. x

  6. Mama Via says:

    Just a few more thoughts here…cuz I’m too damed lazy to write my own dammed blog, Florida. I haven’t done a FORMAL survey, but I’m beginning to think that there aren’t many women who at one point or another, HAVENT felt “pressed” to “give up their virtue” to get or keep a job, or on a date, told “put out or get out”…and, in general, I believe WOMEN are MUCH harder in their judgements on other WOMEN than MEN are. That being said…who among you hasn’t been told by over-protective parents “act like a slut, you’ll be treated like a slut!”? I have been thinking all day that this jury, so top-heavy (no pun intended) with WOMEN is going to spell disaster for hoHoHodi! Women don’t LIKE sluts. Many of us have had to go out of our way to be seen as intelligent women and NOT a pair of legs or a set of ta-TAs by every slime bucket at work! In the middle of summer, we wear turtleneck sweaters, we wear sports bras that minimize our God Given gifts, smashing them uncomfortably into cow patties because we feel raped (visually) by every man from the boss to the janitor! We get peeved at the 19 year old tweeker who answers the phone because she “throws herself at every man who walks in the door” ..and I SWEAR, if I have to tell her one more time to STOP PUTTING LIPSTICK ON AT YOUR DESK, I’m going to scream! Girl, out your knees together, and give me 8 hours of work, and take your sex home, where it should be, NOT IN MY COPY ROOM! SHEESH! As I was SAYING…EVEN MamaVia, flower child and aging hippie, knows BS when she hears it…and if HoHoHodi ends up with 12 women..they will all agree that she deserves the DP…Hodi was reluctant to disclose where her “donations” went to…and I’ll tell you why, that bitch is devious! She MADE the donation ONLY for mitigation’s sake…I believe she TRIED to do so without revealing it came from HER, for fear it would be rejected…AND the LAST thing ANY charity wanted was to be associated with Hodi! Did she REALLY believe that she would be able to HIDE that info from Juan? Dont you think that JUAN just MIGHT call the charity to the stand…and nicely ask “are you happy to accept cash from Hodi? Someone ATTEMPTING TO USE YOUR CHARITY for her own edification? (I couldn’t help that one, I swear!). Now, I love you guys, you know I do…but, even my “beloved” son thinks with his penis sometimes…women don’t. (Well, I COULD cite an exception, but that is a different blog, entirely…I’ll tell you the story of Soup and Salad and their baby, Crackers (or is it croutons?) some other day! But, bottom line…every one of us knows what it’s like to TRULY be abused, to truly BE a sexual/physical/emotional abuse survivor…to have survived a gang rape, a date rape, or even the rape by a spouse that is angry and/or frustrated…we DONT have ‘a fog”…we may gave “disassociated” and mentally removed ourselves from our bodies, and watched the event from high up in the corner of the room…we may have recurring nightmares in which the entire event replays and we wake up screaming…all wet with sweat, and sometimes our own pee…or we have worked so hard to forget the BAD events that we don’t remember the good ones EITHER…because brains either remember EVERYTHING or nothing…you can’t say “oh, I will only forget _____, but I’ll remember ____…when your brain shuts down a memory, it shuts down ALL memories. And one OTHER thing…my step brother began molesting me when I was 5…I kept that locked inside me for 50 years…not once, NOT EVEN ONCE did I feel the need to go chasing after him, I didn’t sleep under his Christmas tree, I didn’t sneak into his house by using the doggie door…I may have always known what state he lived in, because I was afraid…the physical distance gave me comfort of a sort…and I will tell you one other thing..,when I found out he died…I celebrated, it was like a HUGE weight was lifted from my soul. I never called him beloved, I never said he was a “wonderful human being”…because he wasn’t …he was a child molester…and I’m glad that he is dead, that he won’t ever hurt another little girl, he won’t ever hurt another woman by molesting HER little girl. He was a thug, a con, a liar, a sneak, a thief, a narcissist, a “mentally ill” man with sociopathic tendencies. He had no conscious, no scruples, no God, and he died with no friends, no family…and the one and only person who remembers his life has nothing good to say about him. This is my step brother, given the choice of telling the truth or a lie, the lie always won…in a tight spot, never take responsibility, find someone else to blame, let someone else endure the consequences…and then, laugh at the “idiot” they “outsmart”…in my step brothers 60 years of life, he never got thru high school, that was for “losers”…so was getting a job and being there on time…why “work” for a living when you can LIVE off someone else who IS working for a living? “LOSERS!! All of them LOOSERS!!” He would cry! And then, he’d get arrested, and tell a sob story about nhow his mom was a single parent (that didn’t happen in the late 40’s) and that he had to go to boarding school…and he’d get yet “another chance”…(because back THEN, no computers were around to tell the TRUTH!!). OMG…I’ve gone into “rant mode”…something set me off! I hope this jury is not so easily bamboozled…but, I WILL say one last thing…no matter WHAT the verdict,she won’t be out if prison in MY lifetime. She is a convicted murderess! And the ONE. Person that she will never get away from is herself…wherever she goes, every mirror will reflect a murderer..,no matter HOW she dies, she won’t be remembered as someone who made the world better.,,she will be remembered for cutting short a life that had so much potential, she will be remembered by that photograph…not of her “pretty” (ha!) face…but by her shaved Who-Who…as she should be.

  7. Mama Via says:

    Sorry miss Kelly…I got on a rant…

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