Stabby Updates And Some Thoughts on What Has Transpired In Canada Over The Last Two Days.

I wear combats, not fatigues and I work for a “lef-tenant”, not a “loo-tenant.”

I drive an Iltis, not a Jeep or a Humvee and the weapon I carry for my protection is a C7, not an M16.

I observe from, or take cover in, a trench and not a foxhole.

I don’t just speak English or French, nor am I bilingual. I can speak many languages.

Although I am trained to fight in a war, I don’t cause them.

When I am not deployed on a mission of peace, I travel all over my country; fighting forest fires, battling floods, rescuing lost souls or repairing damages caused by an ice storm.

I try not to take sides and believe in treating all humanity equally.

I don’t just go on patrols; I also clear landmines to make the area safe for everyone.

In my off-duty hours while deployed, I occupy myself by rebuilding schools or playgrounds and, I teach children in a war-torn country about peace and harmony.

I am my country’s best ambassador and I am respected the world over for what I do best.

I carry my country’s flag shamelessly and hold my head up high wherever I go.

I am….A Proud Canadian Soldier.
Author Unknown.

Hai everyone. It is your favorite blogger extraordinaire, Kelly “Really Big Mean Dog” or as I seem to be known is certain circles on twitter, “that fucking bitch that will not shut the fuck up.” I’m rather partial to the second one but it’s too long.

I have decided that for the duration of the Stabby PENALTY PHASE RE-TRIAL we are going to implement a palette cleanser of sorts: Sick Fuck Saturday. This will be where we will pick a trial from the past and I will tear it up much like my dog likes to tear up shoes….and chairs….and other assorted stuff. It should be fun and serve as a reminder that the criminal world does not revolve solely around Stabby Einstein. I was going to do it tonight, but I do have a couple of Stabby updates that are relevant and I want to talk about Cpl. Cirillo for a bit, as well as how Canada fits into wars and stuff. I think That Sick Fuck Saturday should be pretty fun and also interactive as I am encouraging you all to not only choose some old cases to talk about, but also if you feel so inclined, to send me a write up on a trial of your choice and if it’s good, I will post it and you will be the guest blogger of the Weekend. There will not always be a guest blogger, and if you send something and it does not get picked you have to promise to not be hurt. I also do not expect that your writings have to follow my particular style of using the word fuck in all of its forms. That is just the way I talk so don’t think that I expect you to follow suite, although you certainly can if you want to. My only expectation is that it be factual, and well written. I hope some of you at least will take advantage of this because I think it would be fun.

Our Nations Capital and Canada in general is still reeling from events that unfolded at the Canadian War Memorial and Parliament Wednesday. The terror in Ottawa started at just before 10 am, when witnesses stated that a man dressed entirely in black drove up to the National War Memorial in a purple Toyota that was devoid of license plates. He left the engine running and charged Cpl. Cirillo who was standing guard. The shooter hit Cirillo twice at point-blank range with a shotgun. The honor guard fell to the ground and the gunman appeared to raise his arms triumphantly.

The shooter then invaded the Centre Block, which is the main building of the Parliamentary complex. He shot off several more rounds, all of it captured by camera’s that were there because parliament was in session. The building was put into lockdown with our Prime Minister trapped inside. The PM attempted to exit but was convinced he was safer in the legislative chamber and he was hidden inside of a closet in case the chamber was breached. Legislators acted quickly, stacking tables and chairs in front of doors, and quickly turning flag staffs into spears. They were prepared to attempt to impale anyone who breached the chamber in an attempt to protect the Prime Minister. Kyle Seeback, a member of parliament managed to tweet that they were safe and locked in an office seconds before the police chasing the gunman unleashed a shit ton of bullets. It was a barrage of epic proportion. Terrified civilians scurried down scaffolding which was erected due to ongoing renovations.

John McKay, a member of Parliament actually thought that it was dynamite going off from the construction. It never crossed his mind that it was gunshots inside what should be one of the most secure facilities in Canada.

The lunatics rampage came to a sudden end when he crossed paths with our Sergeant-at-arms for the house of Commons, Kevin Vickers. Ironically, Vickers post is largely symbolic. So much so that he presides over his post wearing green robes, white gloves and a tall imperial hat while carrying a scepter. Want to know what else Kevin Vickers carries? A gun. One he is very, very adept at using. Vickers, 58, just whipped out the gun and blasted the attacker according to the justice minister and other officials who were present. Two other people were injured with nonlife-threatening wounds. Police with assault rifles and flak jackets continued to search the area for hours after Vickers took control of the situation because he really is just boss that way.

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was just 24 years old and a member of the ceremonial honor guard for the tomb of the unknown soldier. He often interacted with the public, answering questions from tourists about the tomb, and parliament and any general questions that anyone had. He was described by some of the tourists he had spoken with as well spoken, polite, very proud of his post, happy to explain the origins of the tomb, and extremely proud to be Canadian. Cpl. Cirillo had a five year old son who he was raising as a single dad, and two dogs who were photographed looking what can only be described as bereft, like they were aware that their owner had fallen. The photograph of those dogs is haunting. It never ceases to strike me how in tune to their owners, dogs of soldiers seem to be. He was born and raised in Hamilton and it was there that he was taken today. I watched with mixed emotions as the motorcade made it’s way from Ottawa to Hamilton. Mixed because I am saddened by this pointless death, enraged that a soldier on his home soil was killed with no declaration of war, and proud of the way we as a country helped see our fallen Soldier home. Entire highways saw vehicles pulled to the side with occupants out of their cars saluting as the motorcade made its way past them. People came from all over Ontario and even from other provinces to help see the Soldier home. It was one of those moments that made me remember why I am so proud to call myself Canadian.

The shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was of course a recent convert to Islam. There is speculation that the death of Cpl. Cirillo and the attack on Parliament were in retaliation for Canada sending some of our bombers to help with the efforts to eradicate ISIS. This hasn’t been confirmed, but it is as good a theory as any.

I know that most of you, Canadian and American as well as my readers from across the globe have someone who has served your respective countries at one time or another. My father was in the Royal Navy during WWII. All three of my Uncles on my mothers side were privates during WWII. My Grand Da was a fighter pilot during WW1. The thing about that is, when you are at war, actively fighting in a war, you expect that there will be casualties. Death is a given. To shoot a soldier at a ceremonial post, one which anyone who does any research would know means that his weapon does not have any live rounds is the act of a coward. Yet more acts of cowardice from a cowardly extremist group.

Canada’s roll during wars has often been as peacekeepers, as aid givers, as the ones who try and maintain some neutrality. Don’t for a second think that makes Canada weak. When Canada is actively engaged in war, like WWI an WWII we fight like warriors. We have the exact same mentality as our neighbors and friends, the United States. We have their back and they have our back. It makes us collectively the most war savvy continent on the planet. We will back the United States plays if we are asked to do so, and we hope that if it were ever to come to it that the feeling is mutual.

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, we are sorry you were taken so young from us for what amounts to no reason. There is no reasoning with mad men. I salute the soldier, the father, the son, and the Canadian that died while on duty at our War Memorial Wednesday October 22, 2014.

Now on to the Anal wart on the ass of the world, Stabby.

We all know that sometimes Judge Sherry Stephens lost control of this trial a long time ago. Like on about day one of the original trial. It seems that every time I think that she can’t possibly do anything more stupid than the thing she did before she takes it as a challenge and goes ahead and does something more stupid. It is this writers humble opinion that she has no business being a judge, and apparently I am not the only one that thinks that way. Several retired Judges, ex prosecutors and ex defense attorneys have come out publicly to chastise the Judge. I know there is the argument that she is trying to limit reversible error, but I am telling you all kids, that ship sailed a long time ago. The list of errors that sometimes Judge Stephens has made is way to long for me to write the whole thing out, but I will cover the big ones.

Since it is entirely in her prevue, Judge Stephens should have prohibited Jodi Arias from doing any interviews while the trial was ongoing and especially during deliberations. You can instruct a jury to avoid media and such till you are blue in the face, odds of that actually happening are very slim, no matter what anyone thinks. Humans are curious things, it is just our nature. Please don’t go there with the first amendment. I know you want too, but when the right to speak is likely to undermine the fairness of a difficult criminal trial it goes out the window. That and the judge would have been totally legally within her rights to do so. I do not to this second understand why she chose not to do that.

Sometimes Judge Stephens like I said lost control of the courtroom almost immediately. Her permissiveness in allowing the defense to drag out the case with ridiculous and incessant objections, the sidebars that inevitably went with them whenever the defense felt like it, which was all the time which was all just a ruse to drag out the case was transparent to everyone but Judge Stephens. Losing control of the courtroom undermines the very process that you have taken an oath to uphold and protect.

Judge Stephens forgot to read a portion of the jury instructions to the jury during the penalty phase of the trial. I swear to god I am not making this shit up. A sitting judge in one of the biggest trials in the history of ever completely left out part of the jury instructions. Jury instructions are kind of important. Just sayin’, although in this case with the train wreck the trial had already become, it probably didn’t make much of a difference.

The blackout of televised re-trial of the penalty phase. If anything screams, “dude I fucked up and now I must try and unring the bell” this would be the thing. Unfortunately, all she has done is given Stabbykins another thing to appeal on. I wasn’t given a fair trial because it was televised. Even the judge knows she made an error because she decided not to televise the re-trial. That is going to be on the list along with ineffective council because Nurmi was allowed to state on the record that he does not like his client. While it was funny, it was also either very calculated, or just Nurmi’s I have had enough of this shit moment. Either way Stephens should have immediately told the jury to disregard the comment.

Now the coup de gras: Sometimes Judge Stephens has granted motions in limine regarding smuggling of contraband, lack of remorse, requests to change council and threats against trial participants. What this means is that Juan Martinez may not present any facts regarding Stabby having things like that pinwheel picture that she sold for more money for the “Stabby is going for ALL the murder money” fund or any other things that ChaCha may or may not have smuggled into or out of the prison, he can’t present any evidence that Stabby does not have a shit to give that she killed Travis three times over and that her sudden altruism is simply to try and save her ass. He cannot talk about the fact that she threatened to have Juan Martinez “Stabbied” if she got the DP, and he cannot bring up the fact that she has tried to get rid of Nurmi, Nurmi has tried to get rid of her, or that she has and then has not represented herself on two separate occasions. So she has basically tied Juan’s hands behind his back, put a blindfold on him and told him to try and pin the tail on the Donkey. It is a completely ridiculous ruling. I almost get the not bringing up that she threatened to kill Martinez because that is basically she said, she said although testimony has been found to be credible, but not allowing him to bring up the smuggling which basically tells the jury she could give a flying fuck about jail or its rules and that she can very easily bend people to her will and not to allow him to bring up her lack of remorse make me want to throttle the sometimes Judge.

I asked once and I will ask again. In Arizona, you all have to go to law school and pass the bar and actually practice law before you all can become a seated Judge right?

So, that’s it for tonight my lovelies. Don’t forget Sick Fuck Saturday is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

Have a great night everyone, Really Big Mean Dog peacing the fuck out.

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27 Responses to Stabby Updates And Some Thoughts on What Has Transpired In Canada Over The Last Two Days.

  1. sandymetter says:

    Great job Kelly. Brilliant blog and so heartfelt💖. Thank you!

  2. I read that about Judge Stephens today, I couldn’t believe it. I wish there was a way that JM could contest it or appeal or something. It’s simply not right.
    I happen to live in Mesa, Arizona and I will NOT be voting Judge Stephens back in. You can bet your life on that.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Star. Unfortunately, too little, too late in my opinion. There has to be some judicial body that oversees these things?

  3. Nicole says:

    I just had a long reply typed to you. It was long for me. I don’t remember what I wrote. Unfortunately I have memory issues, seriously. My phone decided to be a fuck up and completely shut down on me. Great Blog, I am sending your fallen soldier and his family prayers. It will be nice and a breath of fresh air to read about other trials and get away from the anal loving stabby. 💖 as always thanks for sharing with us. How is your eye?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Nicole: I’m sorry about your phone. I don’t have one I can’t say I’ve ever had it happen. I think the eye is getting better. I can make out light an dark out of it now.

  4. Bonita Neill says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I have never before commented on social media, but tonight I felt compelled to speak. I am heartsick at the latest minute entry from the Superior Court of Maricopa County re: the granting of Nurmi’s 59 page Motion.Heartsick! It feels like a Sanction against the State,a Sanction from which Mr Martinez may not recover. Unlike Judge Perry in the Anthony case, JSS does not provide her reasons for the ruling hence we are left to speculate. I witnessed the Anthony trial in person in Orlando and I know first hand how motions are handled and reasons are given. Judge Perry was the smartest person in Courtroom 23 and we all knew it, but he had the wisdom to share his reasoning for every decision with those of us less cerebral than he.

    You are right in saying that the Court “has blindfolded Mr Martinez, tied his hands behind his back and then asked him to pin the tail on the donkey”. While I feel strongly that the defendant deserves the death penalty I no longer feel that the State can achieve it and for that reason I am heartsick.
    I always thought that the Anthony trial was lost in jury selection when a wounded soul, who sat on a bench all day watching the world go by was allowed to serve, even after having said that ” she was unable to judge someone” .
    I was convinced that Anthony would walk even though my colleagues disagreed with me. Sadly I was right. I pray that I am not right this time because IMO Nurmi is gunning for Life and hoping for a successful appeal that will reduce the charge to Manslaughter and the defendant will once again troll among us.


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Bonita. Welcome to the comment section of the program. That is what concerns me with the sometimes judge. She doesn’t give reasons for anything. Everything is under some kind of cloak and dagger seal. I was like you, I knew the Anthony case was lost but that did not temper my rage when it was actually so. And now she’s pregnant. I wonder when that kid will come up missing?

  5. Mama Via says:

    I “thought” I had commented, too…but my old age must be kicking in…I served in the USAF back when “girls were still girls” (Vietnam Era)…I wore a skirt and heels to work, 7:30-4-30, M-F…compared to my DH, who was flying above Vietnam, putting his life in harm’s way everyday, at all hours of night and day, as HE and his CREW protected the REAL soldiers, down on the ground…my contribution is laughable. My DH says “not true” it takes a whole army of ants doing their job to make an ant hill”…still, one less typist wouldn’t have won or lost the war (but I guess SOMEONE needs to schedule R&R!) The men & women who serve in any military, are the least selfish of our citizens. My Navy dad spent more time AWAY from home than AT home (and yet, I didn’t kill any of my ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands, in SPITE of several of them NEEDING killin!); my son, like me, grew up with a dad that was gone on temporary duty assignments constantly (and, because he was in Europe with his dad during the 80s, cannot give blood, because he “may” have been exposed to “mad cow” disease!); my DH, now an attorney, and so far away (in miles and years) still has bad dreams about Russian MIGS, sure, he received the DCF, but that doesn’t keep you from dreaming!) Kids in military families somehow grow up without a parent half the time, are moved from pillar to post every year or three, have no sense of “home”, yet are still called “military BRATS”…most of us are more disciplined and responsible than a non-military kid. Why? Our military parent expects “home” to be like “work”!! I can’t tell you how many times I endured a “white glove inspection” of my “quarters”! “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place!” My “Chief” (Dad) would bellow! “Yes, SIR!” And “No Sir” were answers…”Yep” might earn you “Restriction to Quarters!” for an indeterminate period! “Theres the wrong way and the MILITARY way!” Daddy was a stickler for organization! “Speak when spoken to!” At least I didn’t have to salute! WHY was he like that? I didn’t realize it at the time, but in the 60’s, if your kid screwed up at school, the principal would call the base commander…and you already know, poop runs down hill! My dad was NOT going to be called on the carpet for something I did! To be honest, I don’t know WHAT my dad would have done to me if I had been involved in some Fuckery…I was too afraid of the consequences to find out! Discretion is the better part of valor! So, in addition to having the utmost respect for any person in uniform, I have respect for their families who serve with them! While I am on that topic…one last thing…My heart aches for Cpl Carillo…even more so for his little boy, and his family. Cpl. Carillo was a “casualty of war” just as the soldiers of WWI, WWII, and all the other wars on conflicts. My DH and I are living long lives, and it physically pains my heart that a soldier, a man, a father of only 24 years dies in the line of duty. How can this be right, when a young man, so vibrant and full of life, full of potential…is killed for no reason at all! We Americans grieve with you Canada, for the loss of your nation’s son. Very much like siblings, the USA and Canada tend to forget that the other is there…we get so wrapped up in our own issues…but when a tragedy like this occurs, we are reminded “what affects one, affects the other”.. Your nation, your people and the Carillo family are in our prayers.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama: very well said. And as for your comments on our Soldier, I thank you. What you said is correct. We are like siblings and what effects one does effect the other. Thank you, and please keep the Carillo family in your prayers during this terrible time.

  6. Karen says:

    Firstly, thank you for speaking about our latest fallen soldier. we must all stand together at times like these. RIP Nathan.
    I love how you have dubbed the wayward Judge Sometimes Judge Stevens. That says it all right there. This latest turn of events makes me see that the jury will likely not impose the DP because they will see JA as the traumatized mentally ill girl who Travis mistreated. They will not see the pyschopath inside. As you know we don’t have the DP here in Canada but this is what Travis’ family is asking for and as we know her crime warrants the time. It makes me see that instead this Judge will give her live and dare I say with the chance of parole. Oh I do hope I am wrong. My husband told me ” don’t follow the trial anymore, you know you’ll get p offed” well, my love, you don’t know the half of it. You have spoken for us Kelly, love your blogs.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Karen: I couldn’t not say something about a moment of madness. If she gets the death penalty I will fry up and eat a cactus. Thank you for the comments and for reading.

  7. Tyla says:

    First and most importantly I want to send my prayers to Cpl. Carillo’s family and friends. I was so sadden to hear what happened to him, it breaks my heart that his son will grow up without his daddy, and for what reason…..there is no reason this young man was taken from his son. God be with Cpl. Carillo’s family as they continue to be in my prayers. R.I.P Cpl. Carillo

    Great blog Kelly, I always enjoy reading what you have to say. As far as the Arias circus trial – what can I say that you haven’t voiced yourself! This trial is out of control and the only person that is suppose to keep it in control doesn’t know how to be firm, doesn’t know how to be a leader …. as all judges are suppose to be! I SMFH almost every day due to what she allows and dis-allows in this trial. I pray every day that Travis’ family get’s their due justice in the end.

    Again great blog Kelly, keep them coming

    (hope your eye is better)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tyla. There is no reason in madness. Thank you for reading. Yup it is a runaway train at this point and all we can do is watch the crash. Travis’ family are not going to see justice unfortunately.

  8. Mama Via says:

    One more note…the “I don’t like my client” thing is a CALCULATED PLOY! Case in point: Great Scott Peterson’s trial, HIS slime ball, er I mean attorney, said (paraphrase)”oh, yes, he is a cad! He is a…But he isn’t a murderer.” In other words “I hate him too!” My (attorney) husband says “when you are faced with overwhelming evidence that your client is socially unacceptable, make it part of your argument! Bring the dirt out before the prosecution does.” I’m not sure whether Numbnuts is the WORST attorney in the world and just makes mistakes, or the BEST attorney in the world by causing reversible error. Surely, he learned in Lawyering 101 that it doesn’t LOOK GOOD to the jury for you to sit like a Heffalump in your chair, looking like some sort of pedophile escaped from the local asylum! Juries, like us folks here on the outside, are VERY observant! All the jury can base their opinion on is what they SEE…Numbnutz picking his nose, Wilmont asking if the witness asked (deceased) Travis a question, Judge Sometimes rolling her eyes, and HoHoHodis chair set so low that her chin was resting on the table! And…the ONE thing that we all HATE is for someone to think that we are so stupid that we can be MANIPULATED!! WHERE IS JUDGE PERRY when you need him?

    Now, for Mama’s deepest, darkest secret…I write to three men on death row. One in Florida (incarcerated 20 years) one in Ohio (9 years) and one in Mississippi (1 year). I have read EVERY scrap of paper available on these crimes (names and crimes are not relevant to this discussion), these boys, for the most part do not understand the internet, let alone the info available…AND Mama asks no questions about their crime. (They believe Mama doesn’t KNOW anything about the case, except for what THEY tell her!) You MIGHT be amazed (and then again, maybe not) that these three men are ALL INNOCENT! They’ve all been WRONGLY convicted, set up by the SYSTEM, railroaded by underhanded Prosecution!!! (It’s AMAZING how many INNOCENT men are on death row!) One even wants Mama to give him $3000 to have DNA testing which will PROVE his INNOCENCE! (“Oh, honey, how Mama WISHES she could help, but with pharmacy prices and gas prices both going up, Social Security barely covers Mama’s bills…but, there’s an extra $10 in your commissary, so buy yourself a nice dinner this month!) GENERALLY, these fellows (once moved a step away from the crime they were convicted of…) seem to be “nice guys”…all three committed an act which resulted in a death(s) in circumstances that were highly emotionally charged. I think, perhaps, that IF any of them had taken a “time out” and let the PASSION dissipate, none of them would be where they are today. In other words, they weren’t gang bangers or drug dealers…but they didn’t…and they are all (in mama’s opinion) guiltier than HELL! But, from THEIR point if view, they deserve a second or third trial…and they SEE themselves as innocent because “innocent until proven guilty” and, due to what THEY see as “reversible error” they aren’t PROVEN guilty. Follow the reasoning? None of them “show remorse” because they don’t have anything to be remorseful FOR!

    I am a woman who has great compassion for others…and, honestly, if it weren’t for my Gramma…who knows what I COULD have been? Without my strict, God-fearing, Midwestern upbringing….those of you who have read my comments for a long time know that my “egg-donor” (thankfully) ran away from home…and has spent her entire adult life on the fringe of organized crime, selling her body to any cowboy who could pay the price. Not a high class call girl, a low-life, uneducated whore. (she once offered to “find me a job that paid better”…no thanks, I’d rather sit in a chair and be called “accountant” than lie in the back of a truck and be called a whore!) so…I DO feel COMPASSION for these men…do they belong on death row? I don’t know…and thankfully, I wasn’t on their juries!

    It’s “common decency” to have compassion for even those who’ve committed crimes against the community. So, I write each of them once a month, send a few stamps, send a birthday card, Christmas card or a word of encouragement. Sometimes I will put $10-20 into their fund. It is the Justice System’s responsibility to administer punishment, not mine… the old west, you were tried, convicted and punished…not forced to sit in Solitary for 20 years, waiting to be hung! It was put onto my heart to give these three men a kind word occasionally, to ease their need for human communication. These men aren’t Hodi, with legions donating thousands of dollars…they are no body…abandoned to the darkness of Death Row…

    When my life is over, and I answer for my actions…I can say that despite my own sins, I tried to help my fellow man in some small way…and, maybe I can stand on my compassion as a mitigating factor…and save me from “the depths of hell” which my DIL has condemned me to!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama: You never ever cease to amaze.

      • Mama Via says:

        I feel the same way about YOU my friend! I DO SO WISH that I had as much talent in my whole body that YOU seem to have in just one of your (nice, not naughty) typing fingers! Your logic, humor and determination make you a very special person…it does not surprise me in the least the you have more than survived, you have THRIVED despite life challenges. Well done my friend. Wear your “THRIVOR” shirt with pride!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Thank you mama.

  9. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Kels, your words made me cry. I want you to write my obituary.

  10. BlueWhiteRed says:

    That’s my intention, too. Semper Fi, Cpl Carillo. I saw you go home on the Highway of Heroes. Absolutely deserved. O Canada. Our friend and neighbor/neighbour true.

  11. lacey says:

    Kelly, beautifully written tribute..s for JSS she needs to be removrd Is there any superior judge that can do that?

  12. Owlie says:

    My heart was so broken over the Canadian Soldier. It’s sad that all Law Enforcement seems to be a target these days.
    I think Sick Fuck Saturday is an awesome idea!! Check out Tom Capano in Delaware. That was a twisted mess.

  13. LindaNewYork says:

    God bless Cpl. Nathan Cirillo