The Stabby Penalty Phase Retrial-The Never Ending Side-Bar Edition.

Good thing I kept the Pretoria puke bucket-Arizona

Hai kids. Hope everyone is well.

In Ontario today we laid Cpl. Cirillo to rest. Christine Beswick covered the funeral and will have an article up tomorrow. She is linked in the Blogroll if you are interested in reading it.

The Goodman verdict came in today. He was the super rich dude that was convicted of vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter and then was granted a new trial. He got reconvicted today for the same things. DUI manslaughter and Vehicular homicide. Hope he gets more than the 16 years he got the first time around.

Today is the day we have all been dreading. It is a good thing I kept the puke bucket because I thought we all might need it. Today is the day we are going to get to see naked Stabby and get to listen to the vomit inducing illegally recorded phone sex tape. You’re welcome.

Court opened with an immediate sidebar because why not. If Alfred E. Nurmi isn’t going to win the world record for the most motions ever, he is damn well going to win for the most side-bars in a criminal trial ever. He’s no quitter!!

Her royal Highness Stabbykins was dressed in royal blue I’m sure just to piss off the Alexander family. Her glasses are still present. Expect to see them on E-bay the day after the trial is over. Cha Cha showed up in hot salmon today because if you reek like a fish you might as well dress like one I guess.

Alfred E. Went back to the defense table and he and Stabby had a deep and meaningful discussion about how much he hates her right now. Jenny From the Cell Block acted as referee.

Sometimes Judge Stephens gave an admonition to the gallery not to react to the phone sex tape when it is played. Only Travis’ brother was in the courtroom at this time. Then his sisters came back in.

Alfred E. got up and began his cross examination of Detective Flores. He hammered and hammered and hammered about who’s theory it was that the gunshot came first. He asked Flores how old Stabby was when she committed the crime and if she had a prior criminal record. Flores asked if he wanted her age in human or dog years. Human I guess so he said 27 and no she did not have a criminal record. He asked if Flores about the shell casing that was found and then started with the shower photo’s.

He showed one of Travis with his back turned to the camera and decides to just make a supposition and says if she wanted to kill him she could have done it then. Juan immediately objects; speculation and is sustained. Alfred E. was not to be deterred today though. He was animated enough that he almost appeared to be awake at times. He asked why the two Ninja’s were not looked into and Flores answered because all roads led to the three holed wonder. Nurmi was VERY lively this time around.

Next we got Jumbotron meat flaps. Aren’t ya glad I brought the puke bucket. Because the Jurors have not yet been tortured enough, the next pic was Jumbotron Stabby wonder hole number 2. Nurmi asked if it looked like Travis didn’t want to be there. Flores said no. Point being made by Nurmi is that this is not a man afraid of a stalker. He was banging the bitch, taking pictures of her naked, and spending time with her.

There was a 10 minute recess and then the phone sex-tape was on. Travis’ sisters left once again. The bailiff was polite enough to pass out barf-bags just in case the Pretoria puke bucket was being used by the gallery.

To summarize the sex tape, close your eyes, picture Stabby and her overused floppy cooch, a boomerang dick and then step on a cats tail. That pretty much sums it up.

Some interesting things that I noticed though. He obviously did not know he was being recorded. Travis says on the tape that he doesn’t like Spiderman or superman when they begin talking about superheroes so it’s pretty obvious he didn’t send the underwear. Most importantly, he NEVER said he loved her, not in 40 some odd minutes. Actually as soon as he was done yanking it, he started yawning and it was like “OK hooker, I’m done, I’d like to peace the fuck out now.”

The Stabby FREAKS have been coming out of the woodwork trying to make their aging very badly queen look better, and doing a really bad job at it.
See!!! stabby photoshop stabby photoshop 2 Bwahahahahahaha.

After lunch Alfred E. began the slander portion of the program. He went after Flores with a renewed gusto. He wanted to know if Travis was using his own free will when he said he wanted to stick his dick in her ass. He then started to go after Travis’ faith at which point Juan got a little pissy. He objected, there was a sidebar and Nurmi came back and qualified Flores as an LDS expert. He has been a member of the faith for decades apparently. He wanted to know if people believed Travis was a virgin. Flores said they did. Next question was does the law of chastity allow Travis to shoot Jizz on Stabby’s face. Juan Objected. Nurmi is trying to get the point across that Travis was a hypocrite and unfortunately I think he succeeded.

Juan got up and sadly for the first time he had to do damage control. Juan asked if slitting someone’s throat is condoned by Mormon teachings. Did Travis ever say he loved her. Flores said not that he was aware of. He asked if sex was the same as love. Flores said no. Does not following the law of chastity mean he deserved to have his throat slit? Of course not. Juan asked if there was any indication she was forced to pose for photos? Flores said none. He asked if Flores ever uncovered anything that said she was a nut bag. Not in his opinion. Then it got a little weird. Juan asked Flores if he believed she had parents. Alfred E. Objected. He asked Flores if he ever had sex with Nurmi? WTF and EWWWWW. Objection. Did you have sex with Stabby Einstein. WTF and BARF aaand I fucking object. I don’t need that mental picture thank you. He then asked if Flores disbelieved everything she told him and he said no.

Nurmi was back up and he asked Flores if he was writing a book. A couple of times. Flores was offended. I wonder who could have put an idea like that into Nurmi’s head? *cough*PIGVOMIT*cough* He asked Flores if he had a mind reading certificate to which he answered no, but he heard about some blogger with an in house psychic. He said that he could not then know what she was thinking when she was in Selinas to which he answered no and Baby Jesus answered my prayer and ended re-cross.

The State rested underlying evidence and mitigation starts on Thursday.

All in all it was NOT a good day for the prosecution. I think that the DP may be off the table kids. Alfred E. did a good job today. I give credit where it is due and he did a good job of confusing the Jury and taking down the States case today.

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16 Responses to The Stabby Penalty Phase Retrial-The Never Ending Side-Bar Edition.

  1. Lola says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but we don’t know yet that the jury is believing Alfred E. Nurmi. I am still hopeful that they will do the right thing. And thanks, Kelly, for all you do and for making us laugh!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Lola: you are right, we don’t know that for sure. I am hoping that Juan can reel it back in, but I’m not holding my breath. You’re welcome. Thanks for reading.

  2. HarleyGirl says:

    Hi Kelly, I think you logo should be a pitbull with lipstick…that would be hilarious!!!

  3. renaes24 says:

    Today was so pathetic that I gave up following mid-way through. Big question in my mind was how Flores was ‘qualified’ to be an ‘expert’ on the Mormon religion. As far as I know, he is not a Theologian. While I have been a Catholic all my life, I would not presume to be an expert in its dogma. Did the judge make a huge mistake here? Unfortunately, if she did, it is to the prosecutions detriment and therefore not something that the defense would appeal.
    I guess the only hope is that the jury is so disgusted by the carnage and shocked by the photos that they discount all the dogmatic nonsense……well, one can hope!
    Speaking of errors……I have to wonder why Juan didn’t ask Flores (during re-direct) if he was certain the penis picture was Travis. There is much talk that it is in fact Darryl’s member. Perhaps Juan knows something on that which prevented the question…….
    As for the DP? I agree, it doesn’t look good. However, much as the whore deserves it, I think it was a long shot to begin with.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Renae: I know. Even I get sick of it. I wondered that too. He’s not a Theologian or even a Bishop so no clue and I think you are right and Juan errored. Actually Juan had a pretty crappy couple of days. The consensus is that the Jury seems more confused than any other thing. I agree with you. Our best chance was with the first Jury, so I think it is going to be LWOP. It fucking better be or Arizona is going to riot.

  4. OMG, Kelly, I fucking love you and your posts; I can’t believe it took me so long to find your blog. The last two weeks have been spent reading up on them, and I can say that they just get better with age. I’m not so worried at this point in the trial, Nurmi can say what he wants about mental illness; I’m pretty sure that Juan has an ace up his sleeve to counteract that. How the fuck can they justify coming up with 3 different stories, and end with mental illness, when they could have claimed insanity in the first place, if that were the case. I just don’t see it happening. In my mind, anybody with mental illness couldn’t have premeditated this the way that stabby did. Just my thoughts. Carry on, Kelly, nobody do it like you do 🙂

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Debra, welcome to our little slice of insanity. Thanks very much. Well, I don’t think that they are going for insanity per se, I think they are just trying to muddy the waters enough for one juror to hang. That is all they need. Thanks for reading.

  5. Connie Rust says:

    I was convinced by lunch time today that the state’s case was over. That sex tape has always been Alfred E’s ace in the hole (no pun intended), and he used it effectively today. I really really really hope I’m wrong and the jury shoves a needle up those 3 holes. I guess the fat lady hasn’t sung just yet. Either way I don’t see the DP sticking. Sometimes JSS pretty much handed the appeal to the defense when she threw the cameras out of the courtroom.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Connie: Might not have been intended but I immediately went there. I hope we are both right. I’ve been saying that since she did it about the appeal. Maybe it’s a Christmas present.

    • Connie Rust says:

      Oh yes I can see it now…..”by the judge’s own admission my client didn’t get a fair trial because of the media.” I’m not sure why That judge is still on the bench. Seems like the state should have borrowed a motion from the defense to have her replaced. I think I read somewhere this is her first DP case. I sure hope it’s also her last! She’s not fit for traffic court!

  6. pinkpumps25 says:

    Great stuff yet again. Thank you Kelly.

  7. karen30036 says:

    Jumbotron meat flaps … I busted a neck vein. I came for my Kelly fix and she delivered!

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