The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Re-Trial- Welcome to North Korea Edition

We suddenly have ZERO complaints about our justice system – Anywhere that is NOT Arizona

Hai kids. It is me, Stabby hater to the Nth degree, Law Professor and Dean of Fuckery, blogger extraordinaire and resident sarcasm expert Kelly.  Hope everyone is well.  There was no blog yesterday because as we all know, Stabby had a day off and Bashara, who I was going to cover picked the day before to lose his shit and then pass out cold so he’s probably in Psych till Monday.

Court reconvened today in the never ending Stabby trial.  Sometimes Judge Stephens began the day with a 10 minute recess because why the fuck not at this point.  The only reason she said December 12th was because of all the fucking sidebars and recesses.  Court would be done in three weeks otherwise.

After the recess we of course went right to a three minute sidebar before the Jury even came in because that is how every normal court should work. srfoesathoshnf269wyu. Sorry, banged my eahd off of the keyboard  I think the “Judge” has hot pants for Nurmi.  He spends more time in front of her than he does trying to get the CONVICTED MURDERESS something less than death.

Travis’ sister Tanisha, who has been there every day of both trials was present and looking very much like she was going to vomit or pass out.  She was a color that only those who have suffered a horrific tragedy ever are.  That color that is not quite white and not quite grey.  She was carrying papers and everybody realized at about the exact same moment that she was going to read a victim impact statement. It was at this point that I realized this was not going to be one of my normal blogs.

For the very first time since this re-trial started I was grateful that I was not watching this live.  I was suddenly grateful for the buffer that an emotionless tweet can bring, and I was sick for my brethren in the courtroom who had the terrible task of conveying this information to us.  Please everyone give a big thank you to Dave Erickson, Jenn Wood, Jeff Gold, David Lohr and everyone else who has been supplying us with tweets throughout this mess because the price they pay is high.  Not as high by a mile as those that have lived it, but high enough.

Stabby for the first time looked nervous to which I say GOOD.  SWEAT YOU EVIL BITCH!!  She knows that the victim impact statements are going to carry a lot of weight and since they are edited so that things like “I want this bitch to die, preferably by 27 stab wounds” are not heard by the Jury she already knows what they say.  Unfortunately things like this are not allowed in victim impact statements.  It is the exact same in Canada.  I know, I’ve written one for myself.

Tanisha says she is going to do her best to speak for her family, but just a few words in she is already fighting hard against the inevitable tears. Because the fifty billion tears she has already shed have not lessoned her pain, not by a longshot.  The woman standing at the podium right now is a broken human being.

She says she feels fortunate to be blessed with such a wonderful brother.  Sadly at 34 she is now four years older than her older brother will ever be.  He was her best friend growing up, the one who comforted them all in times of crisis and when he died there was no one to comfort them.   She tells how she has been diagnosed with PTSD.  The real PTSD not the fake I need to get out of a murder conviction kind.

She tells how the family has fallen apart since his death, how she cannot get the images of her brother dead, grey and rotting out of her mind. She says she feels guilty now when she has fun, how she alienated her husband and how she lost her faith in God.  It would be here where most of the gallery and a good portion of the Jury gave up even trying to remain emotionless and collectively cried for this family’s pain and loss.

Tanisha’s voice was alive with agony as she described making her brothers funeral arrangements with her Grandmother.  Even Stabby was crying now, really crying not that fake bullshit from before.  She was feeling something.  She may be crying for herself, she may actually be reacting to this woman’s pain, but the tears are real this time.

Tanisha is crying and at a near shriek telling the Jury how she has been forced to relive this over and over.  She just wants to be able to close her eyes and see Travis her brother but she can’t.  Every time she sees Travis it is the dead, grey, decaying and thrown away body crumpled in that shower stall.  Tanisha is done.  She did this one last thing for her brother through her own pain and she did it very well.  Even with the buffer of twitter I found myself crying for the horror that  Stabby has visited upon this family.   And for what?  The wound to her ego was so great that she had to make sure that if she couldn’t have him nobody could have him!!

Tanisha Alexander This is what Stabby does to people.

Steven was up next.  He looks more gaunt then he did during the last trial the pain in his face was very evident.  You could hear a tremble in his voice even more this time and there is just a deep sadness about him.  Here is a link to the last trial so you can hear the victim impact statement in its entirely if you feel so inclined.

Some of the Jurors began to cry once again as Steven read his victim impact statement although not as many as during Tanisha. Jenny from the Cell Block is now obscuring the media view of Stabby. I don’t know if this is tactical or accidental but I am going with column A. After the victim impact statements the sometimes Judge called a 15 minute recess which was desperately needed. The entire REMAINING Alexander family left the court in complete devastation.

Because the Stabbyites are such caring feeling things here is a sample of what they were saying after the Alexander siblings gave their victim impact statements.
the compassion of the Stabbyites. Lets see now.  We feel pain and sadness for the loss that this family has suffered.  They worship a lying, conniving, convicted murderess and say things like this of their obvious pain still after all this time.  Yup, we are totally the haters here.  We should all be ashamed and immediately beg Stabby Fucking Einstein for forgiveness.  If every man that ever called me a bad name was dead we wouldn’t have an overpopulation problem.  Where do all these FREAKS come from?  WHERE?  do they ship them in from some island somewhere?  Island of the fucking idiots?  Island of the brain dead?

Of course because nothing in Stabbyland is ever the way it is supposed to be a sidebar is called again while the Jury is not present. That sidebar is over, the Jury has reconvened and we are immediately taken to another sidebar. This one is never ending. Because of course it is.

The sidebar ended and the media and gallery were kicked from the courtroom. WTF???? We came to find out after a long wait that the defense wanted the mitigation witness to testify under fake names and seal. The sometimes Judge has allowed this farce and the super sekrit witness was allowed on the stand. The media held out for the rest of the day in case anything else happened but the day ended with the Jury leaving looking tired but unemotional and the super sekrit witness remaining unidentified.

For what it is worth; my guess is it was Satan herself on the stand today. Why? Because if there are no witnesses and she is testifying under seal, she can say pretty much with impunity whatever she wants without the backlash of last time. For all we know she could be admitting to everything and begging for forgiveness…….. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG I just put pop through my nose. Yeah, stabby is going to admit that she did something wrong and ask for forgiveness. Zombies will walk the earth before that ever happens.

Of course the media has concerns for things like the constitution, you know that thing that COURTS are supposed to uphold and their lawyers immediately began filing motions. There probably isn’t a lawyer in AZ that is not getting rich off of this trial. This is more serious than money though. This is some Judge that has very obviously gone off of her medication pissing all over your constitution. Is she secretly related to Stabby? Is she secretly from another country? Not mine, we don’t do media blackouts in Canada.
Here is a statement from Mark Casey: Statement from 12 News VP & Station Manager Mark Casey on appealing judge’s ruling closing courtroom:“I am very concerned with this court’s many decisions to conduct secret proceedings. We respect Ms. Arias’ right to a fair trial but do not believe banning the public and the media is constitutional or necessary. We should not become a state or nation of secret courts.”

This tweet today pretty much summed it up. It has been used with permission PV so you don’t have to rush and tell Dave it is here. “This must be a helluva witness if they can command an entire courtroom to be cleared” – Dave Erickson. Journalist, Producer, Social Commentator.

Here is a thought.  Maybe the court could put the Christmas decorations up early and the media could hide behind the Christmas tree.  Or perhaps the court could install a doggie door for the media to crawl through.  It’s totally not breaking any law as long as you go through the doggie door.

I get it now why so much time was allotted for the re-trial. It was for motions to be argued. It has nothing to do with the length of the actual trial. Sometimes Judge Stephens just got demoted to Never Judge Stephens. I swear to you all that this is the most fucked up trial I have every seen. She is going to appeal, it IS going to be granted, and everybody is going to have to do this ALL OVER AGAIN. All because of this Judge. Stabby is probably laughing maniacally back in her cell because she is obviously still pulling all the strings in this trial and she knows it and Judge Stephens better start downloading the paperwork for her unemployment papers because she should be losing her job any time now.

Since Court is dark tomorrow I am dragging in the in-house Psychic for some Halloween readings on Stabby and the Funky Bunch.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!!

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26 Responses to The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Re-Trial- Welcome to North Korea Edition

  1. I cannot believe the influence that this murderer has over this courtroom and trial. I have never in my life seen anything like it. Judge Stephens is a completely joke. I live in Maricopa County (Mesa) and I will definitely NOT be voting judge Stephens back in. I hope that if that murdering, lying, manipulating, narcissist gets off with anything but the DP that TA’s family appeals and appeals. I also hope thy can sue that judge or have her brought up on charges or something because this is simply a travesty. I just can’t even believe that this judge is doing what she’s doing. Someone needs to declare her incompetent and get her the fuck off the bench. She’s not fit to preside over a DP case.

  2. renaes24 says:

    While I know it would require restarting jury selection all over again, AND re-doing this punishment phase, I sincerely believe a higher court should be contacted to ‘pull’ this case from this ‘non-Judge’.
    This should be done as an emergency measure.
    We don’t do secret trials in this country……well, at least not of ‘regular’ criminal ones. (911 brought in some crazy shit but I don’t see Jodi in Guantanamo).
    I am also disappointed with the media there. Sure, they asked for attorneys (who showed up and were ignored) and they made the correct statements afterwards (which you cite above), but the could have filed for and emergency hearing on this matter and as far as I can see, they did not.
    There were hints that the ‘super-secret witness’ was to be Stabby herself, She came back into court wearing a jacket she did not have on earlier in the proceedings (the better to hide her ‘zap belt’) and Nurmi requested that her family also be removed from the courtroom (so mama didn’t have to listen to the Bitch toss mama overboard).
    Someone pointed out that rape victims + molested children have to testify in open court but somehow the Northern California ALREADY CONVICTED YETI gets to testify in secret? Not even people who rat on the mob got such treatment !
    I hope that the people of Arizona, who have already paid more than $2.5M for this farce, remember this when this ‘non-judge’ comes up for re-election. I hope people contribute to put up billboards REMINDING the people of AZ. of her trashing of the courts and the constitution because it is sure going to cost those taxpayers at LEAST another $2.5M to re-do the whole case on the sure-to-be-granted appeals.

  3. Lmn says:

    Mystery witness was bishop from Mormon church.

  4. My Real Name says:

    Yeah, to both who have commented before me; this is some seriously fucked up shit. I have gone from 3 or 4 months ago of “This judge knows what she is doing” to, “What the actual fuck??” It is true that this witness insisted that they would not testify unless the court room was cleared. What ever the case this witness made, it was enough for the judge to cave in.

    And renaes, here is something from a Travis support page regarding media today. Apparently motions were filed.

    The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial
    3 hours ago
    Media statements re appeal filed today:

    “I am very concerned with this court’s many decisions to conduct secret proceedings. We respect Ms. Arias’ right to a fair trial but do not believe banning the public and the media is constitutional or necessary. We should not become a state or nation of secret courts.”

    ~ Mark Casey, 12News

    “Courts are public institutions. The manner in which justice is administered does not have any private aspects.” 1966 case inv AZCentral

    “Our appeal has been filed. We’re saying Judge Stephens violated the first amendment and calling for name of witness, video and transcript.”

    From our motion:

    “… Instead, the trial court apparently held a secret hearing to discuss testimony by the witness and later announced in open court that the proceeding would be closed because the anonymous Defense witness refused to testify in open court. Simply put, the Court’s on-the-record findings are insufficient to justify closure here. Moreover, the trial court’s public rationale for closure defies logic and common sense. Indeed, Defendant has access to compulsory process to compel a witness to testify. Accordingly, closure of the proceedings is wholly contrary to settled First Amendment law.”

    ~ William Pitts, 12News

    [In light of the recent motions filed by media, the trial could continue but the anonymous testimony would stop until the motions are heard. Initial motion to be filed with Judge Stephens.

    • renaes24 says:

      Unfortunately, if the initial motion is flied with Judge Stephens, the testimony will be over before anything goes ‘further up the food chain’. Little Miss Sherry (I now refuse to label her a judge) already ruled on the spot and any motions that are filed she will probably ‘take under advisement’ and we all know how that works!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Renae: I agree with what you said, but the media will immediately appeal probably under emergency so it should be heard fast.

  5. Connie Rust says:

    Last week I bought a doggie door for my 2 dogs. I returned it tonight.

    This whole clusterfuck just amazes me!

  6. Connie Rust says:

    ” A subpoena /səˈpiːnə/ (also subpœna) is a writ issued by a government agency, most often a court, that has the authority to compel testimony by a witness or production of evidence under a penalty for failure.” The words ‘penalty for failure’ being the operative words. While I have never seen a subpeona from the state of AZ I can’t imagine it asks nicely if the recipient would like to appear….but only if they want to….and in secret if they want. This isn’t a star chamber for Pete’s sake! Sometimes I’m ashamed to say I live in this country! Heck even M’Lady didn’t clear the Pretoria courtroom for those cheesy witnesses that didn’t want to be on camera. I think a dangerous precedent is being set here.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Connie. Mi’Lady says she is deeply concerned with the goings on in this North Korean American Courtroom

  7. Mama Via says:

    I so totally agree with all of you! This is a travesty of justice! Simple Sherry has a BAD case of Cranial Rectumitis! At LEAST the most important witnesses were able hear WHATEVER witness testified in that courtroom today…the Alexander Family! My heart bleeds for all that they have endured…and CONTINUE to endure! Many of us here (that read Miss K’s blog) have been victimized; we’ve survived (real) child abuse, (real) domestic violence and been (truly) sexually brutalized…we are able to understand the emptiness and heart ache…we UNDERSTAND pain…emotional pain is like physical pain in that it’s subjective…and impossible to quantify…but, the pain and anguish that the Alexander family has faced is unimaginable…I pray for them…I can only express myself thru my own experiences….and even at that, mere words are inadequate to express the depth and range of emotions I felt when I learned that the monster who molested me when I was 5, 6 and 7 was DEAD! I don’t know HOW he died, just that he is DEAD…and that’s all that matters…it took him 55 years to get around to it…but, again, so what? He’s dead and I’m not! Score one forTeam Survivor! So, to you,my friends and to the Alexander Family…Gramma says “The best revenge is to live life to its fullest!” “You cannot change yesterday, only today!” It IS important to “survive”…but don’t forget to “thrive”. When my 20 year old sister was killed in an auto accident, I was crushed…I wallowed in my sorrow for too long…but one day I promised her that I would live my life for HER too…to have a life so full of EVERYTHING, that it would be enough experiences for BOTH of us…and I’ve taken DOUBLE everything…double happiness, double heartache…admittedly, there are still times that I wish I could tell her this or that…I still celebrate her birthday…but, remember this about love..”You cannot hurt more than you love.” Like a pendulum with a wide sweep, the depths of loss, of sorrow cannot exceed the heights of happiness, the fullness of your heart. Face the darkest days with hope in your heart, knowing that the dark didn’t come to STAY…”it came to PASS”…tomorrow will bring something different. When you fail to THRIVE, when you fail to live your days to the fullest..the Darker Forces win…don’t allow the Jodi Arias’, the child molesters, child abusers, wife beaters (etc,) “win”…don’t allow those Darker Forces, no matter which one shadows your door, steal your life…don’t let them have more than they “deserve”…don’t let them steal your life or your hope. Believe in Tomorrow, Live Today.

  8. Deb says:

    All comments made today on this blog are praiseworthy…Kelly, you inspire every one of us to speak out against injustice – yet remain compassionate. Kudos to you all!

  9. Owlie says:

    Thank you for keeping me from blowing a gasket with your christmas decoration commentary. I’ve followed trials starting when Court TV first started. This is the most insane cluster fuck I have ever witnessed or read about. Never Judge is a complete disgrace.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Owlie: This is the biggest travesty of a trial I have ever witnessed. Don’t blow a gasket. Not good for you.

  10. Christine says:

    So beautifully done, Kelly. Way to go. You have paid such a beautiful tribute to so many in this, very well done. I know how difficult it is to do, so also a special kudos for the way you acknowledged the press in this. Having covered a national funeral last week I can empathize with you in this story, and with so many other reporters. Anyone that thinks we do this for sensationalism or ratings, or that thinks we have a sick enjoyment of tweeting things like “open sobbing” is….off the normal curve. It’s a very difficult and draining task, and one of the reasons I myself have been a little unplugged for a couple of days. This is a beautiful and brave report on how difficult these stories are for all of us. My heart and my prayers go out to the Alexander family after this week. Thank you so much for all of your work!!

    • Mama Via says:

      Kudos to both of you! I have a lot of admiration and respect for you both! Love and hugs from MamaVia!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Christine. Thank you and exactly why I made mention. It is difficult even from here. I was crying just from the tweets after Tanisha testified. I could not have covered the funeral on top of all this; it is emotionally just too much. I’m sorry you had to do it, but thank you for doing it. Yours and mine both. My heart absolutely breaks for this family.

  11. My Real Name says:

    Auntie Sue is upset that the Alexanders have not apologize for what Travis did to Jodi (her words). I have a screen shot of this. How do I post photos?

    And another amazing blog Kelly.

    • eversnark says:

      I’ve seen it. She’s got to be trying to wind people up with that offensive post. Try not to respond.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I saw it, it will be in a later blog and I have no clue about pics in the comments. Thank you so much

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