The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-trial – The “I Fought The Law And The Law Won” Edition

What Constitution?-Arizona

Hai everybody. So sorry about Saturday. I had an emergency with one of my dogs and I didn’t have time to write a blog. It remains half done and I remain trying to get the smell of skunk out of my house, my nose and my dogs fur. Someone recommended Oxy-clean and I am almost ready to go there. Since court is dark tomorrow I might finish it up and post it tomorrow. Either that or The Really Big Mean Dog School of Law is going to have an emergency class. I won’t know till I know.

Over the weekend Aunt Stabby had some very nasty things to say about the Alexanders. I will NOT post that horseshit here. In a nutshell, Stabby good, Travis bad, someone owes the Arias family an apology. From me to you Aunt Stabby. EAT A DICK!!

Today in Stabby land the jury was sent packing till 1:15 so that an emergency hearing on the motion to quash not a judge Stephens ruling could be heard at appellate court. The appellate court Judges were looking less than thrilled to even be hearing this nonsense, and on an emergency basis pfffffft. This has a snowballs chance in hell of surviving appellate court. Speaking of less than thrilled, Media Attorney Bodney looks absolutely disgusted that he has to go before an appellate court to get this crap overturned.

I have no idea why but this was stuck in my head as everyone made their way into appellate court so…….here.

I suppose it’s David Bodneys fault. He just seems so….determined that he has had enough of not a Judge Stephens and her horseshit. As soon as I got a look at him on TV it started playing on loop in my head. Juan, Bodney and the taxpayers of the not so great State of Arizona vs Stabby, Alfred E Nurmi and not a Judge Stephens.

David Bodney was up first and I was right. He was very focused and quite annoyed. You could hear it in his voice and see it in his demeanor. He gesticulated while he made his case. He took about 8 minutes on direct saying “dudes, dudette, this is pretty much fucked because we have this thing called a constitution which says you can’t do this, there is not case law anywhere saying you can do this, therefore not a judge Stephens can’t do this.”

Bodney is a smart man. He pulled Nurmi’s argument out from under him before Nurms ever spoke, which of course wouldn’t stop Nurmi from speaking. He figured out just like I did that Nurmi was planning on having all the witnesses testify under seal and he addressed it before Nurmi did and argued very, very effectively against it. He pretty much fucked Nurmi without the benefit of KY.

Juan got up, smirked, told the appellate Judges that he objected to a stay of proceedings because the Alexanders deserve closure and sat down. He figured Bodney had this. Juan was mellow, like three ludes deep mellow. Apparently the vet was at court today.

Well, well, welly, well, well. Looks like Mr Bodney and I were right. Nurmi is trying to leave wiggle room to have the entire defense testimony under seal. WOW!! Just when I think bitch cannot possibly think up anything else to try and stall the proceedings, she goes and outstabbys herself.

He’s bitching about tweeting, about reporters running out and reporting on it. He said he gets death threats to which I said “NO, DUH!” One of the Judges said the exact same thing when he said and I quote “Isn’t the threat of intimidation always existing then?” He then looked at Alfred E. like the bottom bitch he secretly is and rolled his eyes hard enough that I expected to see them leave his head and bounce jauntily across the courtroom.

Bodney was up again and proceeded to take down Nurmi so very well that the little pit-bull looked proud. He told the Judges that Nurmi is conflating (combining into a composite whole) not a Judge Stephens rulings and he is correct.

Quote of the day goes to Bodney for this. “if people cannot see what is going on, faith in the justice system is threatened.” Think about that statement. I am Canadian. We have a justice system that we are pretty proud of. Even we do not arbitrarily close court except in very exceptional circumstances. Paul and Karla Bernardo come to mind. Media was NOT banned as I have seen people post on other sites that post my blog, there was a publication ban on what was in the tapes to preserve the victims dignity because it was so fucking horrible. Even that was only until the trial was over. Media was in the courtroom AT ALL TIMES. I was in the courtroom. Christie Blatchford of the Toronto Sun and I had lunch twice. The gallery was not allowed to view the videotaped evidence because it showed the torture and rape of two children. Only the Jury and the Lawyers and Judge saw them. Audio was played in court and that was enough to send members of the gallery running from the courtroom. I counted 27. That is how bad, how horrifically bad this was. I wept against a perfect stranger who wept against me it was so bad. At no time during that trial, which is one of the worst cases in Canadian history was the court closed to reporters OR the public. The American Justice system is supposed to be better than ours. Americans say it all the time. I see it coming off the rails more and more every day. It pisses me off. America is supposed to have the most transparent Justice system in the world and a LOT of the rest of the world looks to America. Know who is looking at America right now and saying see, we were right? Russia. North Korea. Places where democracy is just some beautiful unattainable dream. What not a Judge Stephens has done is a travesty. I am pretty sure the appellate court feels exactly the same way judging by what I am hearing. So now we wait.

Everybody trekked back over to regular court. And we waited, and we waited and we waited. Then we got a ruling. The appellate division issued a stay of the order sealing the testimony of witnesses. Everyone now stand, face Arizona and salute the appellate court. Thanks. Interesting thing, a stay is not a decision. Basically what a stay says is that there is enough merit in the motion that the appellate judges have to look into it. It means that the proceedings will continue without seal until the appellate court renders a decision. They did this because it was either stay the proceedings, which is not fair to the Alexander family or stay the order which effectively shuts not a Judge Stephens and the defense down without having to take the time to render a decision. A decision on this might not even be issued by the time the trial is over, so this was very important.

Juan and Detective Flores laughed and laughed all the way out of the courthouse, Jenny hit the bong hard, Nurmi once again had that FML look planted squarely on face and not a Judge Stephens was absolutely flabbergasted that the appellate court thought she might have made an error. Stabby had that I will cut a bitch look back on her face since the appellate court basically told her to get stuffed.

Court was cancelled for tomorrow so that they could figure out how the fuck to move the trial forward.

So, we already know it was Stabby on the stand. I expect now she is going to pull a complete hissy fit and say she will refuse to allow herself to be cross examined. She can do that, they cannot force her to speak. What they will likely do in this event is strike all the testimony (which I hate), the STATE can request a mistrial which Juan probably won’t, or she can be held in contempt and the Jury can be told she has refused to comply with the court. I like that one, gives you a really good idea of what Stabby is. Unfortunately, here is yet another appealable issue.

here is a link to Mr Bodney and company seeking relief through the appellate court. Sorry I can’t embed it, it has been disabled.

Because the entire Stabby family is determined to get that murder money, mom of Stabby AND dad of Stabby put this little bit of shit up on the internet today.  I honestly thought at least dad of Stabby was horrified at what his precious stabbykins had done.  I was mistaken.  I thought his avoidance of the trial had to do with his horror at what his daughter had done.  I was wrong.   I suggest something to vomit in while you watch.  The Pretoria puke bucket is being used at the moment.  Sorry.

I just CAN’T with these people. Aunt of Stabby wants an apology and Mom and Dad of Stabby would like your cash please because being related to Stabby is like humping on a money printing machine. This takes capitalism to a whole other level doesn’t it? Christ on a Cracker. Murder is becoming huge business in Arizona. Someone please drop some Ebola, or Anthrax or maybe just a small nuclear weapon on these people. I hate this entire fucking bloodline.

Everybody have a great night. RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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43 Responses to The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Re-trial – The “I Fought The Law And The Law Won” Edition

  1. Eversnark says:

    Great blog, as usual.
    Mom and dad there look like hostages. There is something deeply odd about this video. Be sure to donate to the new family site and not that other possible thief/fraud site. With this and Aunt Stabby’s posts, it’s almost like they are fishing for “hater” comments so that they can prove that the the Internet wants them each to choke on a chicken bone and therefore Stabby should have her secret trial.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Snark. Thank you. I thought the same thing, that it was just……off. I would agree except comments were disabled on their video. Thanks for reading.

      • eversnark says:

        Thanks for writing!

        Interesting comments are disabled now. They weren’t when I first saw the video. There were a few there then. They were not horrible, but they were definitely not in support.

  2. Carolyn Brewer says:

    Great blog! For your dogs, go to the tore and get severa bottles of tomaato juice. Bathe your dogs iin it. Takes the skunk smell out, promise!

  3. most excellent blog my dear! BTW, my husband was a chemist. He said to use hydrogen peroxide to get skunk off a dog or cat. It won’t hurt them. But you have to be careful using it on things, as it can kinda bleach out fabrics. It’s cheap and easy to use, totally gets the skunk smell out. We’ve done it.

  4. achmelvichcastle says:

    great blog today. BTW, use hydrogen peroxide to get skunk smell off your dog. It really works.

  5. My Real Name says:

    K. This has got to be the most fucked up family. Ever.

    I’m not gonna watch the mom & pop vid. I am guessing it is puke worthy. And, can you say “perfect timing?” Unbelievable.

    And as for witnesses getting death threats, 3 words. David Lee Simpson. Hell fucking lo? WTS Stabby fans? This guy is going on trial for shit sakes.

    I left my house this morning 97% sure that the higher court would go with the public’s right to know. So that made me very happy to learn in this train wreck of a trial.

    What’s Stephens going to do once this is over? Do you think McDonald’s will accept her application? Popey’s? Greeter at Wal Mart?

    My heart is with the Alexander family like never before, with the previous JSS ruling, JoHo’s endless manipulation, Aunt Sue’s bitching about apologies and now this fam video. So much more bullshit in such a short amount of time. How does Travis’s fam make it through each and every day? How does anyone who has experienced similar tragedy and injustice?

    And Kelly, you continue to be an inspiration with these blogs. You are a great writer with a style that seems at once hilarious and moving. I love looking forward to your stuff. You should get a book published. Have you already?

    Get better and thank you!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai MRN. I would concur. I knew it wouldn’t stand, you all are rabid about the constitution, my concern is the possible mistrial or appealable issues this has created. And it HAS created more appealable issues.
      My heart breaks for the Alexander family. Tanisha looks like she is only holding on by a thread now, so I do not know.
      Thank you for reading. No, not yet but I am working on it.

      • My Real Name says:

        Agreed, Kelly. Spent the morning going over in my head the concerns you stated here. And so much sorrow.

  6. OMG that whole fucking family is out of their minds! “Justice” for Jodi?? What the hell does she deserve justice for when she hacked up a man and then shot him in the head and dragged his dead carcass across his house and lied about it all and it was all premeditated? Are they all out of their fucking minds? And that hideous picture of stabby at the end of that video? I swear I was looking for the Pretorius bucket myself. That’s absolutely sickening and disgusting. When they said they’re going to “appeal her wrongful conviction” I couldn’t believe it. “Wrongful conviction”??? Seriously? Every damning piece of factual evidence and photos and she admitted to killing him and they’re calling it a “wrongful conviction”? Whatever this family is on I hope no one else gets a hold of because they’re totally fucking delusional. Now I know how stabby is in her own little fantasyland, apparently it’s genetic.

    I have to say you’r blog, as always is fantastic, wonderful play by play and descriptions, thank you for explaining all and keeping us updated. You are always right on.

    I can’t imagine what the Alexander family is feeling through all of this. I have to say those people should be sainted (I’m not at all religious) for not trying to kill stabby and her family themselves. I can not imagine the anger, rage, frustration, horror and shock that this poor family is feeling. It’s bad enough that Travis Alexander was murdered in a horrific way but for them to have to endure the antics of the defense team and this pathetic excuse for a judge is just beyond comprehension. I can’t even imagine what they feel. I’m outraged at it all and I’m not even a family member.

    I truly don’t understand how this judge hasn’t been disbarred or how the prosecution hasn’t brought some kind of charges against her (can they do that?) or something. She’s completely incompetent to handle this trial.

    I guess tomorrow will be another surprise as to what they’re going to do with this super double secret ruling and then Wednesday with that super double secret witness or whatever. I can’t even follow this trial anymore, it’s just too absurd. I seriously don’t think there’s any trial in the history of mankind that’s been this long, this absurd and this pathetic.

    Pass the bucket….

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Star. Here is the bucket. you’re welcome. Judges in the states are voted in, so I don’t think anything can happen until the next election except she can be rehomed to a different court maybe? Dunno gonna have to go look. I have never had this come up before. Well, at least that answers my own question about what I am writing tonight. This trial is a travesty. I am looking forward to the back end of it.

  7. Jodi J. says:

    I kind of felt sorry for the dad…until I saw that video.

  8. Mama Via says:

    Good gravy, Miss Agnes! I was SO hoping, in my naïve little brain, that there existed only one set of parents in the world, when faced with the truth about their kids, they couldn’t see the forest fir the trees! Son called me about 20 years ago…said “Mom, I need an attorney!…” Turned out, he fell asleep while on guard duty (a big no-no!). “Son, stand up, and be a man. You don’t need an attorney! That will only make things worse. Stand up and say “you are right, I shouldn’t have done that! It won’t happen again, Sir!” Don’t make excuses, they know you worked a 18 hour day. It is part of the test, separating those who can cut it from those that can’t. You will gain more respect from them, and respect yourself more too, if you just stand up and say “I was wrong”…and he did. Years later, he said “That was the best advice you ever gave me, Mom! It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but it was the “right thing” to do!” Instead of a dishonorable discharge, he lost two weeks pay. He gained respect for being a man, who even under pressure, didn’t make excuses, he told the TRUTH…he learned his lesson…at only 18…
    In another family I know, one of the boys is gay (not the fun kind of gay, the Emo kind) (and that’s okay, I don’t have an issue with that) he also applies for credit cards in his parents names, then spends till the card stops working… (yea, so?)….he steals mail and packages from his neighbors (not for any other reason than to “fuck with them”)… He’s 36 now…and his parents STILL ask him about when he’s going to bring a girlfriend home…they STILL believe that when he has a “friend over to spend the night” that those boys are “working on computers”…and it was a “mistake” that the credit card company made, they got confused about him using his folks name as a “reference”…and issued the card wrong (and then THEY paid off the card for him! And didn’t press charges!)..oh, and by the way… yes, he still lives at home…ALL their kids STILL live at home…none of them WORK! Those parents are SO FRUSTRATING! When her DIL had a baby and she decided that she would “quit her job so she could babysit her grandbaby”…after all, the kids would PAY her $500 a week in CASH!!! She was VERY PEEVED with me because I said “don’t count on it! Those kids won’t pay you a dime! You will be babysitting for FREE till he starts school!” Well, of course, I was a liar! That “baby” is SEVEN now…and Gramma is busy “homeschooling” him…and, no…she’s never received a dime…or a thank you…just excuses as to why they can’t pay…and why they don’t get up before noon to go look for work…those children have her convinced that she was such a bad parent, that all their problems are HER fault…like Hodi’s parents…they make excuses,,,(did anyone else notice how mama Arias verbally stumbled over “wrongly convicted”?) LF these kids out as much effort into finding a job and working as they do into finding excuses, we would have four less people on welfare! Thank Dog, I’m the kind of mom who raised a child who is responsible! Who feels guilt when he tells a fib…I’m the mean kind of mom who wants my child to learn to be responsible and accept the consequences for his actions. This entire “donate to jodi fund” is just another way to live on someone else’s hard work! And it appears that there are fewer and fewer WORKERS each year!

  9. karen30036 says:

    I’m with you Kelly, the whole blood line … I’m thinking of grandma and her wheelchair prop in court, and the footage of her later that day walking normally, unassisted, and not so much as a walker or cane. Fuckin people and their fucked up shit.
    I was especially pleased to see Alfred E. slapped down for his whining about being threatened for asking certain questions during trial …. wah wah wah poor Alfred E ….having to endure what every lawyer must when defending an unpopular and obviously guilty client. He must be an advocate for his client, however, is it necessary to lie and be a total prick (re: telling the Hughes’ the letters are 100% proven to be authentic, or taking a statement in an e-mail out of context to “prove” Travis was ‘abusive”, or attempt to humiliate Deanna with his outrageous sex questions)?
    Yes, the Arias bloodline are the herpes of society … the gift that keeps on giving. Oh, and Aunt Sandy?.You and your sister look like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in that courtroom. Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself. No apologies …. and you have yourself a nice day mmmkay?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Karen. Yup I forgot about Gramma Stabby and the miracle at Maricopa County Court. I was happy and mad. Trial number 3 is just on the horizon, your law professor promises.

    • Mama Via says:

      Karen…I recommend that the Alexander Family apologize (when HELL freezes over) immediately after Travis is returned to them, living and breathing…and only after the Arias family apologizes for raising a psychopathic killer! Not only did their “dear innocent daughter” kill Travis THREE times over…but THEN left him to ROT in his own shower! Self defense my big lily white a$$!! Stabs in HIS BACK, his hands, his scalp and his FEET!!! (And she has a hurt finger! Boo-hoo!) the ONLY times Hodi told the truth was when she said “Travis was screaming for help” and “I deserve the death penalty!” I PITY anyone dumb enough to give these people money!!! The only reason I can imagine mom & dad are online begging for money is because the donations are starting to dry up…I mean, there are only so many residents in the fictional state of AbALamA…good job, well done!

  10. Connie Rust says:

    Kelly….have u tried tomato juice for the skunk smell? I live in the country and have the king of varmit dogs. Tomato juice covers a multitude of sins lol.

  11. Christ on a cracker. While Stabby is in court most likely testifying how dad sexually abused her… and mom physically abused her… (all made up in the mind of stabbykins) mom and dad beg for money on the internet. Dad looks sick (probably praying for death) and mom looks like a 2 bit hooker with her dollar store eye goop… I agree with Kelly… someone please drop some ebola on the entire bloodline.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Barbara. That is my theory. Daddy diddled me when I was a little girl and I’m just too embarrassed to talk about it in front of strangers. *Grabs the puke bucket*…ahem. Yup this whole bloodline needs to be removed. Also, did anyone beside me notice where Stabby got her stunning good looks from? She looks just like her dad, but with long hair. If you put her hair on his head you WOULD have STabby. Ewwwww.

  12. I’ve heard that about tomato juice too!! Thanks for GREAT Blog sweetie! I turned video off 1/2 way through as I had NO puke bucket! Geezus this is sick, disgusting & pathetic! I hate them too with all of my being!! UGH!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Happy!!! Welcome to the comment section of mah blog. You are so welcome. I hate them all. ALL OF THEM!!

  13. Deb says:

    Dear Prof. RBMD…I love this blog! ❤ Mama and Karen, your comments were so damn good, I read them twice!!!

  14. Mama Via says:

    There are moments when my normally “bleeding heart liberalism” steps aside…and I start thinking about starting a petition to REQUIRE anyone thinking of breeding to pass a battery of genetic/psychological/physiological tests PRIOR to adding yet ANOTHER sociopath to our population….the poster child(ren) would be Stabbykins, et al! (Starting with “I was cured by Numbnutz” Granny!) follow a sociopath home and what do you find? An entire CAVE- ful of them! Speaking of which….back in the olden days…if you REALLY wanted a man…you just “oopsie” got preggers…you didn’t up and fukkin KILL him three times over…you just made the rest of his LIFE MISERABLE! What’s the matter with this family? Didn’t mama teach her ANYTHING? Obviously didn’t wear out that wooden spoon!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mama: Funny isn’t it, we have to license dogs, we need to take a test to drive a car, but anybody with working bits can have a kid. I don’t believe that Stabbykins ever saw a wooden spoon.

  15. Renee says:

    I’m a horsetrainer, and have dogs that regularly wrestle with skunks. My vet gave me this recipe that works better than anything else I’ve tried. Baking soda, peroxide and dawn dishwashing liquid. I used a box of soda, the whole bottle of peroxide and a squirt of dawn. totally soak dog in this let it sit about 15 min and rinse. Good luck!

    I’m just astonished at this trial. It’s like we went down the rabbit hole and are having a tea party with the Mad Hatter. I feel so sorry for Travis’s family. They must feel like they are in a different universe when they are in AZ. I bet they never come back to that state again after all of this.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Renee: Thank you. I just can’t believe how this trial is progressing. Thanks for reading.

  16. Renee says:

    Oh, and I couldn’t believe the “wrongful conviction” that came out of her parent’s mouths. I understand supporting your child, being there for them, but I don’t understand condoning and excusing premeditated murder. That family has issues!

  17. Renee says:

    I left a comment about getting rid of dog skunk smell, but I don’t think it went through. My vet gave me this recipe and it works well. It’s simply peroxide, baking soda and dawn dishwashing liquid. I use a box of baking soda, a bottle of peroxide and a squirt of Dawn. Put this all over dog let it sit for 30 min and rinse.

    This trial is unbelievable. I feel like I’ve gone down the rabbit hole and am having tea with the Mad Hatter. The poor Alexander’s have to be feeling like they are in an alternate universe where everything right is wrong and everything black is white. I hope they recover.

  18. karen30036 says:

    Kelly, I;m told the Dawn dishsoap works really well … Renee may be right with her recipe. I;ll keep that in mind …thanks Renee!

  19. Owlie says:

    They probably wanted the parents to leave the courtroom because they all knew she was going to lie her head off. I realize now where she got her fucked up genes from. I honestly don’t think Travis had a clue what he was up against and had no way of knowing how to deal with such a twisted shit of a thing. Why can’t the evil thing just die already. Have a heart attack or something. Give the Alexanders some peace because she will NEVER leave them alone. Always look forward to your blog. It gives lightness in the darkness of all of this bullshit.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I agree Owlie. Travis didn’t have a clue. She will die. She is going to be the first person in history to die while still having a penalty phase ongoing. I figure she will drop of natural causes in court about 40 years from now.

  20. Mama Via says:

    I can’t help but comment one more time…and again, a parable…briefly, for those that haven’t read my comments before, when I was 2, my egg-donor left my sister & I in a hot little trailer, not caring if we died or not, I was bounced from family member to family member for a while, ending up with my saintly Gramma,,I was molested from ages 5-7, I watched my stepmother die while we ate dinner when I was 12, i was gang raped just before I turned 23, my dad, sister & her son were killed in an auto accident when I was 22, I married a wife beater when I was 22…and the list goes on and on…the most “traumatic” thing my son’s mother in law endured is that she was adopted by a rich family…another friend of mine has been in therapy for years because his dad didn’t buy him a pumpkin when he was 12, he had to share one with his brother…I don’t doubt that these things aren’t earth shattering to the person who lived them…maybe If all I had to deal with was being adopted by a wealthy family,Nu’s be devastated too…(how I wish that was the worst of my problems!!) but THEY won’t ever understand what I’ve endured,,,and I’ll never understand why something I see as so “trivial’. As being adopted could affect them so much,..our pain is subjective….aunt Stabby will never understand the Alexander family, and the Stabbyites can never understand the Alexander’s… We can only see the world colored by our own experiences…I wish I could remember what gramma used to say about walking a mile in another Indians moccasins! I hope the Stabbykins crew will one day find a way to understand the Alexander family, and stop the hurt they are inflicting….

  21. JeannieT says:

    FINALLY, somebody is telling it like it is. You described Nurmi perfectly, made it clear that Stabby and her Slugs are pure trash.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai. Welcome to the comment section. Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed it and hope you continue to read.

  22. Ruthanne says:

    Sorry about the skunk situation, hope your furry bestie is doing okay. If the smell is still an issue, try what a friend of mine recently used when it happened to her baby: blue dawn, baking soda and peroxide. All safe even combined, and she said it worked like magic! Good luck! And love your blog! Hilarious every time! As soon as I have some money I would love to donate to make sure you can keep being hilarious. Thank you!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Ruthanne: I think I finally have the skunk thing under control thank you. YAY!! I’m so glad you enjoy reading what I write. Thank you for reading.

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