A Letter To The Alexander Family and To Chris and Sky Hughes

November 5, 2014

It’s about time somebody said it for all of us.

Dear Alexander Family and Chris and Skye Hughes

I wanted to tell you for ALL of us, over 4000 all told on this blog that we all feel exactly the same way.  We see the travesty taking place in that Maricopa County Courtroom.  We see the travesty that this family is allowed to say with what seems like blanket immunity whatever it is that they wish.  We see them trying to do further damage to a man that we might not have known personally, but a man who we do know through his writings, his good works, his friends and you, his family.

We know what the truth is about Travis.  We know that all those things that living evil said were not true.  We realize that he was a man, simply a man conflicted by the teachings of his religion and his earthly desires.  We also know his inherent goodness, and his love for his family and for Napoleon and for his friends. We all know his generosity of spirit.   Nobody can ever take that away, no matter how hard someone may try and malign his memory.  They cannot because those memories you all have, they are real.  That was real.  His love and his kindness and his spark were all real things.

We have watched with a mixture of pride and awe the way you have conducted yourselves through out this seemingly never ending nightmare.   You have conducted yourselves with so much grace and dignity.

Please just know that we all of us know how very hard this is for all of you.  How it feels like it is never, ever going to end.  Try and hang on to the fact that all things end and this will as well.

I understand PTSD, we are old friends.  I hope Tanisha and Stephen that you are seeing a therapist and I hope that you talk to each other because who understands what the other is going through better than the other one who has it.

I had four brothers.  Had.  Four suicides which I am aware is not anywhere near the horror and pain of this horrific murder, but I get the desire, hell the obsession to create a legacy for that person.  Once you get some distance on this trial, things well start to normalize.

Tanisha.  Once this trial is over, I promise you that those pictures you have in your head, they will begin to fade.  They will.  I know that you don’t believe me, and why should you, you don’t even know me.  I know because one of my brothers shot himself in the mouth with a shotgun.  I saw that every time I closed my eyes for a very long time.  Then one night I closed my eyes and I just saw my brother.  I haven’t seen that other image except for a couple of times since.

In the event that it does not get the death penalty, know that her life is going to be hell for a very, very long time.  I know if I had a choice between being locked in a cage for the rest of my life or just dying, I’d be trying really hard to convince the Jurors that I didn’t have a single redeeming quality.  I don’t think it gets that jail and prison are two entirely different things.  It is going to have a miserable pathetic existence, away from the spotlight, away from those crazy people who follow her, away from everything that matters to her.  Or it will receive the DP and we will all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Travis was such a special human being that an entire planet is grieving with you, is enraged with you, cries for you, hurts for your entire family and for ourselves a little because this special special man is someone none of us are ever going to have the chance to cross paths with.

We all want Justice for Travis and my god we all want peace for you.  We are, all of us so desperately sorry for the loss of someone so loved.

Chris and Sky:  I am so very sorry for the attacks you have come under on twitter by those fools who have sipped from the Kool-Aid and refuse to acknowledge that the thing they are worshipping is a cold blooded, evil murderer.  Please know that most people are inherently good and kind and empathetic.  Most people are thrilled that you have written a book about Travis.  I know that I look very forward to reading it.

We are sorry for the loss of your best friend and the pain that has caused you.  We are sorry that you got dragged into this and your names were maligned as well.

All of you, whether you know or not, you have an entire army of people behind you ready to jump to the defense of your brother and your friend whenever it becomes necessary.  Travis’ story made all of us want to be a little better, a little kinder, a little more giving.  That is the gift he left us when he left this earth.  His legacy will live on forever.  The evil that killed him will soon enough fade into obscurity and maybe everyone can move on with their lives.

We are sorry, we are outraged, we are heartbroken.  We all wish you nothing but the peace that you so badly deserve.

All of our Love

The Really Big Mean Dog Blog Family

The Really Big Mean Dog School of Law-Definitions Of Terms, What To Do When A Ruling Doesn’t Go Your Way.

November 5, 2014

Not a Judge Stephens Better Take a Pizza Delivery Safety Course – Arizona

Hello Students. Welcome Back. Please stand and face Florida for the singing of the class anthem. Thank you.

Deb, please take your seat. What do you mean, I want you to graduate so I can get rid of you? Is that a knife in your backpack? Of course you are my favorite student in the history of ever. Okay, how about this. You can fail the bar, and you will just have to come back to class again. Yes, that way you wouldn’t be dumped. No Deb, a mouth hug is NOT necessary. Thank you anyway. Silly, can you PUHLEASE once again remove all sharp instrument from and around Deb. Thank you.

Please take out your tablets and as always I must caution you that this may count for all, some or none of your mark.

Your Professor and Dean of Fuckery has been on the internet in the last few days. It is a scary place. Once again my hallowed legal terms are being thrown about cyberspace willy nilly with no clue as to what these terms actually mean. This makes your Professor sad. In an attempt to make myself less sad and for the edification of everyone, here are some more terms to add to your legal vocabulary.

Impeach. to accuse (a public official) before an appropriate tribunal of misconduct in office.  Ex:  Dear appropriate tribunal. The not a judge just pissed all over our constitution.
Chiefly Law. to challenge the credibility of: impeach a witness.
to call in question; cast an imputation upon:

Sealing Order: Please pay particular attention to this one, it’s important.
A Court order that restricts access to or disclosure of any record or document filed in a proceeding. Also known as an order of confidentiality or secrecy order.

The public has a general right to observe Court proceedings which includes the right to view and make copies of records within the Court file. Some Court files are sealed as of right simply because of the nature of the proceedings. For example, many jurisdictions will seal from public access:

Court records of family and divorce files;  NOPE
Court files which involve children such as child protection proceedings; and NOPE
Court files involving the criminal prosecution of a minor. NOPE
Generally, a Court reserves the right to seal files and prohibit public view or copying thereof for extraordinary circumstances. The will involve weighing the public’s right of access against the likelihood of substantial prejudice to a litigant or their right to a fair trial.

One typical example in the adult plaintiff for sexual abuse perpetrated when she or he was a minor. Ding Ding Ding!!!  Hmmm. Didn’t some blogger somewhere say she figured Stabby was now saying she was molested as a child? I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

Mitigating Factors: Otherwise known as the most useless term in the legal dictionary. Any fact or circumstance that lessens the severity or culpability of a criminal act. Mitigating factors include an ability for the criminal to reform, mental retardation, an addiction to illegal substances or alcohol that may have contributed to the criminal behavior, and past good deeds, among many others. Recognition of particular mitigating factors varies by jurisdiction. Please take note class that there is no mention of being able to grow hair, being able to read, being able to speak Spanish, or being able to trace actual artworks. I don’t see anything about hating garbage either.

Mitigation: the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.

Hippocampus: The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is involved in memory forming, organizing, and storing. hippocampus

Hippocamping:hippo  Please note that there IS a difference class.  I realize that it is subtle, but it is there!!


Now on to the bigger topic of this evenings class.  What to do when you don’t have a ruling go your way.  Generally speaking class, Judges are not supposed to have a shit to give as to whether a defendant wins or loses their case.  Unfortunately, much like informing a Jury to stay away from the media this is very rarely the case.  You can generally get a general feel who the Judge is siding with.   When it leaves general feel and lands on blatant bias you may have a not a Judge on your hands. If your not a Judge happens to be on your particular side then YAY!! Here are two easy ways to tell if you have a not a Judge. You ask for fifty billion sidebars and the not a judge says sure come on up. You ask for ridiculous motions and they are granted to the shock of everyone in the history of ever. Unfortunately, this may lull some of you into a false sense of security. Remember, when your not a judge makes rulings that are so egregious that the grade 7 class at Mesa Middle School goes WTF, your not a Judge may have crossed the line. In the event that this occurs do not be shocked or hell even remotely surprised when either the opposing side or a third party with a dog in the fight files motions at a higher court level. Don’t be shocked, but for gods sake ACT shocked. If you don’t you could end up giving up your not a Judge and nobody wants that. Do they? Now, in the event that you are challenged by the other side do NOT panic. Simply present your case and in the likely event that the higher court actually understands things like oh I don’t know, the law, your motion will be stayed or quashed. A stay is bad, but not the end of the world. You can work around it. Simply go back to your not a Judge and throw a small hissy fit. They will of course look concerned that the higher court issued a stay or quash because only you and your opponent realize that he judges prejudices are coming into play. the not a Judge is ALWAYS clueless. Patiently explain the way you understood the previous rulings, tell them if you can’t have the court run your way you are not prepared to continue, cross your arms, purse your lips and pout. The not a Judge should immediately bend to your will. While you are at it tell the not a Judge you need extra time, about another month would be good. If your opponent turns a shade of purple and has to be led from the courthouse by a dog wrangler and a vet with a dart gun, you have indeed presented compelling arguments to your not a Judge. Expect them to immediately cancel court for whatever highness you are representing. They will drag the Jurors down to court at their earliest inconvenience just to tell them that since you are all butthurt court will be reconvened in a week or so. The not a Judge will then strongly admonish them to avoid all media. We all know how that works right young lawyers. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Take the week the not a Judge has cancelled court for to think up a hundred thousand new ways to fuck with opposing council once you come back. If you are good, you can stall the trial for infinity and nobody has to worry about pesky details like the DP.

Please study the video link below and tell me whether or not you think this is a not a Judge and your reasons for your beliefs.

That’s it for tonight class. Have a lovely evening.

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