The Torrid Tale of Foxy Knoxy

November 10, 2014

Sure, kill whoever you want.  Just as long as it’s not on American soil.  We got your back.  – America

Hai kids and welcome to yet another one of my ramblings on things that I find vaguely annoying.  Actually, where this particular chick is concerned it is a little more than vaguely.  Before we get to todays tale of sex, murder and depravity let me tell you about my day.

I have been having some heart problems.  Nothing that I thought was major, every once in a while it feels like Lars Ulrich has taken up residence in my chest and is in the middle of the drum solo of a lifetime.  I assumed it was just anxiety attacks. I wore a holter monitor for a week and hadn’t heard back.   It happened again when I was at the doctor about my eye and he immediately scheduled every goddamn heart test known to man.  Todays adventure was a nuclear stress test.  No biggie really except that I have a pathological fear of needles.  I got there, the informed me I was being injected with stuff and once they brought out the needle out went the lights.  Anyway the did the test thing and now I have to go back Wednesday for an actual get on a treadmill and jog stress test.  Can’t wait.  I am going to need to grow taller to contain the fucking anxiety I am experiencing at this moment.

There are going to be pictures in this post. Crime scene pictures. There is nothing too graphic and I will not post pictures of Meredith’s body out of respect for her family. They are however somewhat bloody. They are important to the story or I would exclude them, so please consider this a trigger warning.

So, Amanda Knox. Foxy Knoxy. Knox the Fox.  Sounds like an espionage movie doesn’t it?  Amanda Knox was born on July 9th 1987 in Seattle Washington.  Her parents were Edda Mellas and Curt Knox. She had two younger sisters Deanna and Ashley. Their parents divorced when she was a toddler.

Knox grew up in a perfectly vanilla middle class neighborhood.  She was a soccer player of some skill and it was her athletic prowess that allegedly earned her the name Foxy Knoxy.  She graduated high school in the middle of the pact and headed off to college.

In university she went a little wild as most young adults do.  She threw loud parties, she got into trouble and she posted a bunch of crap of youtube that would come back to haunt her later.  Most telling, she wrote a story about two brothers who rape and kill a woman.  Of course there are those who will say sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ( I just don’t happen to be one of those people and I believe that good ole’ foxy already had sexual debasement on her mind. )

She decided to move to Perugia Italy to further her linguistic studies and that ladies and gents is when everything went directly to hell.

They say that crazy attracts crazy and I hold that statement dear to my heart.  Amanda, who was into the drugs, booze and free love movement (and there is nothing wrong with that as long as everyone plays safe) met a guy by the name of Harry Potter
rafaele Solecito I mean Raffaele Sollecito. Apparently Amanda was not the only sick twist at the party as this picture shows. solecito nutbag This is Sollecito  dressed like this because why the fuck not. His outfit portrays a cleaver murderer complete with his own clean up products for later.

And here is a picture of Amanda with a machine gun. The caption read “the Nazi Inside” I seriously cannot make this stuff up. knox the nazi inside

Amanda and Raffaele met at a concert in a park and had been dating for exactly one week when Meredith Kercher met her untimely and horrific demise.  The story that Amada and Harry, I mean Raff told was that they had been at his apartment all night smoking weed and watching shit on the computer.  Amanda headed back to her flat the next day and to her complete shock, (SHOCK I TELL YOU) poor Meredith was dead as can be.  There were several problems with this story that surfaced once the police had gone over the crime scene a little bit and started to talk to the local inhabitants.

First, it turned out that the break in was totally staged.  And badly.  Merediths room was completely ransacked although nothing was missing, and the broken glass from the breaking was laying directly on top of all the stuff that had been tossed around the room.  Had it been an actual break in, these things would have been in the opposite order.  Glass on the floor and ransacked stuff on top of the broken glass

crimescene photo 4

The police shoed everyone outside so that they could continue with their investigation.

While the CSU was inside trying to piece together exactly what had happened this was going on outside. knox at crime scene 4 knox crime scene. Poor Amanda, so broken up about her very good friends death.  I can barely stand her pain.

It was then that they noticed that the apartment had been completely sanitized.  Amanda had been in the flat for two months yet there was only one single finger print of hers recovered from any surface in the house.  There were no finger prints anywhere.  A blood trail had been cleaned up using bleach and was only brought out using luminol.  Unfortunately the bleach destroyed the DNA but the luminol  proved that the body had been moved.   Next they police discovered six very small drops of blood.  mixed blood.  It would turn out to be a mixture of Merediths and Amanda’s.  Weird right?  Amanda tried to explain it away saying she had her period.  So according to her, her menstrual blood jumped onto the faucet where Meredith who was bleeding at the same time because why not got her blood mixed in there that way.  There was a footprint recovered on the bathmat using luminol that was a perfect match to Raffaele.  Then, the coup de grace or more appropriately poo de grace.  Someone had taken a dump in one of the bathrooms and forgotten to flush.  Enter Rudy Guede.

Rudy Guede was a small time drug dealer who hung around the college because that was kind of his bread and butter.  Whoever had the unfortunate task of analyzing the poo discovered that it belonged to Mr Guede, who of course had a record and his DNA was on file.

Amanda and Sollecito were taken in for questioning.  Amanda continued to show the depth of her anguish at the loss of her dear dear friend by doing things like cartwheels inside the police station, snuggling up with Harry Potter, and bitching about the amount of time she was there.

The Italian police were way on to Amanda and Company.  They just wanted to know why.  Much like other psychopaths we know, Amanda’s first line of defense was “I wasn’t there.”  That went on for several hours.  When she realized that “I wasn’t there was not going to cut it, she decided that she was there, and she heard Merediths blood curdling screams as she died.  Of course then she had to blame somebody not named Amanda.  She picked her boss.  He languished in jail for 14 days with a murder charge hanging over his head until an absolutely airtight alibi was confirmed by the police and he was released.  He was somewhat less than amused.  He said he thought Amanda had thrown his name out there because he was black and a black man committing the crime was much more believable.  She eventually recanted that statement saying that the police had harangued her into implicating anybody.

Guede quietly pled guilty to the rape of Meredith, but he swore he had nothing to do with the murder. Since his semen was found inside her it was a fairly safe bet.  He got sixteen years for his part in this horrific event.

The trial of Knox and Sollecito was a media event in Perugia and of course in the US since it was a US citizen charged with murder.  The case was hardly airtight.  The evidence had been contaminated, evidence had been lost, it was pretty much an evidentiary nightmare.  But DNA, and most importantly the DNA on the knife that delivered the fatal blow was both present and the DNA was conclusive.  Merediths on the blade and Amanda’s on the handle.  Other interesting little tidbits that came out; during the night of the murder for the first time since she had arrived in Perugia,  Amanda turned her phone off as did Sollecito at exactly the same time.  They turned them back on the next day at the same time as well.  Amanda was waiting outside of a store at quarter of 8 in the morning and once inside she bought cleaning supplies including a lot of bleach.  The shop owner remembered her and identified her in court.

They were both convicted, but Italy has a three tiered system so there was an automatic appeal.  They were both acquitted during the appeal.  During the appeal more forensic evidence was being compiled.  Once acquitted Knox was on the first goddamn plane going to anywhere that was not Italy.  She got out just in time.  She was re indicted to which she said neener neener from her house in Seattle while Sollecito was forced to turn over his passport and wait. They were re tried, her in absentia for a third time.  They were once again convicted.  Amanda told every one how she was framed because she didn’t act the way people thought she should once she was done laughing her ass off at the fact that Perugia could eat a dick as far as she was concerned.  Of course, like everybody else that murders someone it was time to get that money bitch, so she wrote a book “waiting to be heard” which I refused to buy.  There are several excellent books on the crime that she doesn’t get any money for so if you want to read about it, buy one of those.  She also did the obligatory press tour and as of this writing a person convicted of murder has become a reporter.  In America.  Where you supposedly do things like put murderers in prison.

She will never  be extradited, so she is free and clear.  Sollecito not so much.

As for the victim, her name was Meredith Kercher.  She was just starting out in life and she died because three sick fucks decided that they didn’t like that she refused to play some twisted sex game with them. Or so the story goes.

This is Meredith Kercher.Meredith Kercher May her God bless her and keep her close to his breast.

That’s it for tonight lovelies, have a great evening.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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