The Never Ending Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Re-Trial I Think There Are Antibiotics For That Edition

Computer experts should really learn some stuff about computers -Arizona

So sorry about last night everyone.  Apparently whatever they shot me up with at the cardiac center yesterday did not sit well with me and I ended up feeling quite ill.  My Cardiologist is supposed to have the results today and I will know more.

I have been getting the most fascinating emails lately.  It seems that the more ridiculous this farce of a penalty phase retrial becomes; the more desperate becomes the Stabbyites in their desire for me to shut the fuck up.  For example, I one stating that my love of four letter words makes me semi-literate, I got one saying I have no idea what I am talking about, I got one saying I am a flat out idiot.  There are 7 or 8 more which I am going to post in a special I got Stabby’s goat edition.  Oh, and YAY me.

Something happened at yesterdays court part whatever when it appeared that not a Judge Stephens decided she would like to retake the title of sometimes Judge Stephens and put the braked on the I’m Stabby Einstein bitch of course I get my way train.  She denied Alfred E. Nurmi’s motion to remove the cameras from the court room because we might all be reading lips you know.  He filed that motion after we all got to see Cha Cha chewing her cud while everybody was up at the sidebar.   Next, maybe sometimes Judge Stephens told Nurms she wasn’t aware he had made another motion for anything especially anything concerning porn files being deleted from a hard drive.  And then she may or may not have rolled her eyes right into the back of her head.   She then told him to get a fucking witness on the stand.  OK, so as of right now she is back to sometimes Judge Stephens.  Of course whiney pants boohoo’d that he needed at least a two or three day hearing preferably at golden coral to argue the matter and then just for good measure said his next witness was the “computer expert” and they wouldn’t be ready till the 21st of never.  Sometimes Judge Stephens wasn’t having it FOR ONCE and told him to put a witness on the stand NOW.

Nurmi continued to whine, claiming his “computer  expert” had found  the porn files on Travis’ Computer. Then he accused the police and the prosecutor and probably the entire Mormon population of erasing them so Travis wouldn’t look bad.

Someone removed Juans muzzle and he effectively shredded nurmi’s accusations along with an attack dummy shaped like Stabby before he could be darted and quietly led back to his seat.

Remember that virus I told you all about the other night?  Well, guess what?  It was that virus that I told you all about the other night.
He also mentioned that the computer was accessed six days after Travis was murdered. Gee, I wonder by whom?  The day in June when Nurmi claims that the police deleted the files, would be a time when  the computer was in the possession of Stabby’s’ prior defense team. They were the ones who insisted on looking at it, no doubt because Stabby had made sure there was porn on there.   Juan was in the room with them at the time.
Alfred E was so stunned that he actually started to stutter and I actually started to howl uncontrollably because that right there is KARMA with a capital K.  Nurmi of course immediately threw the other defense team under the bus and cried ineffective council yet again.  He also tried to blame the prosecution anyway because why the fuck not.

Judge Stephens was not the one so she told Nurmi she would hear all about it at a later date. Then she said get a witness, get one now or there were going to be issues far more pressing than deleted porn.  Nurmi kicked at the ground, called her a mean old lady under his breath and called Clinical Psychologist, Dr. L.C. Miccio-Fonseca.  She is apparently an expert in Sex disorders.  Sounds like we are probably all going to need an adult before this testimony is over.

The majority of her bought and paid for testimony was about emails between Travis and Chris and Sky Hughes. (Just as an aside, how does anybody know what anyone really means via text? There is no inflection, no body language, it is a sterile written word.) It was just the same stupid email from the trial where Stabby got COVICTED OF FIRST DEGREE AGRAVATED MURDER and was fairly boring.  The only interesting thing is that both the paid for expert and Nurmi kept referring to Travis and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I pity this bitch when Juan gets up to cross examine because he is still pretty pissed about the whole prosecutorial misconduct thing.

Again guys, so sorry about last night.  This was the very first thing I did when I got up.

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46 Responses to The Never Ending Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Re-Trial I Think There Are Antibiotics For That Edition

  1. renaes24 says:

    Well, Good Morning. Hope you are feeling better !
    I, too, was shocked that JSS was finally acting like a real judge! Perhaps she has been looking at comments on-line including those in the legal community in Arizona. Will she keep it up? Ahhh, we will see.
    As to this new ‘expert witness’ : “Specialist in Weird Sex Practices”, so to speak, she seems less ‘out-there’ than ALV. However, Nurmi should tread carefully. He is already turning people off with his constant referral of Travis as “T-Dog’ (does that mean Juan can refer to Jodi as ‘J-Hole or J-Hoe’?)
    Also, it seems Nurmi was never smart enough to learn that ‘less can be more’. I think he has made his point with this witness. Best to stop now. The longer he drags this out, the bigger/wider hole for Juan to drive a truck thru. This was one (of many) of the problems with Alyce. I had hoped that Nurmi had learned when he effectively cross-examined Det Flores this time around.
    As for the motion for sanctions re: the computer porn….You nailed it Kellly. About the only thing you missed was that the former defense team was the one that ‘re-activated’ the virus…..something that when pointed out was a pure Karma moment! (You might want to talk to your in-house psychic about that).

  2. kathy says:

    Well since you are semi-literate, and you so luv the word fuck (do you know what the initials stand for?) if you do than you are only semi-literate and if you don’t you are semi-illiterate. Anyway, since I am stupid…I found this totally amusing that her the non expert of emails initials are MF.

  3. jackie hardie says:

    Kelly, First let me say that your dedication to your devout readers is commendable. We all love your humor and the clarity you bring to an otherwise horrific situation. But what is really important is that you take care of yourself FIRST!! I can’t stress that enough….

    You were right on the money with your computer experts analysis of what went down with the viruses. I found it quite the coincidence that all of the porn attacks were proceeded by Travis’ text “You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me” followed by his demise. One can only wonder who sent him the links to click on? I’m certain that JM will bring that to the Jury’s attention…

    There were many Tweets yesterday to disparage the Hughe’s communications with Arias and I’m looking forward to Juan redeeming their reputations. They were sucked in to a miserable situation based on her lies, but that’s what she does…

    JSS grew some balls over the past few days and it is greatly appreciated. I’m sure that the last place the Jury wants to be is spending the Holidays with the 3-hole wonder. Just my opinion..

    Get some rest today and blog when you feel better 🙂

    • My Real Name says:

      Chris has been restating this on FB: For the record:

      Chris Hughes has said the entire email exchange was based on #JodiArias lying to him about what happened.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        I know that Chris and Sky got sucked in due to lies. I feel so badly for them. So badly. I wish there was something more I could do than just send them a letter of support from us.

  4. Mama Via says:

    Take care of yourself Little Sister…well done, as always!

  5. I hope your tests turn out well and that you’re feeling better!

  6. Debbie says:

    EXCELLENT as always! Hope you get good results and/or they figure out how to get you all fixed up soon!!

  7. Ruthanne says:

    No apologies, your health comes first. Great post though. Thank you. And don’t over do it today!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Ruthanne: Thank you so much. I promised my doctor I wouldn’t overdo anything and I intend to keep it so no worries.

  8. HarleyGirl says:

    Dear Kelly, I had that same test and I went right to the treadmill off and on throughout the test. I am sorry you got sick. I really pray you are okay.
    You put a smile on my face and I literally laugh so hard I cry! I am a recluse and I look forward to your blog everyday.
    Now, I was quite disappointed today because you only used FUCK once today. Please go back to using FUCK and stabbys’ friends can suck a dick! You didn’t even Peace the Fuck Out! I love
    those words because they make me spit my diet coke all over the place! Sorry for the long post so I will peace the fuck out now!!!

    P.S. who gives a fuck what the stabby lovers say as they are ignorant and if you add up their IQs maybe the collective bunch will have an IQ of 50! Once again, they can all suck a dick!
    Thank you for being you.

    • Deb says:


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Harley: I’m okay as far as the treadmill went. I just had an angina attack or something while I was doing it and since if I stopped I was going to have to come back and do it again I made them let me continue. I ended up getting them in trouble so I felt bad, but I finished the damn test. I felt sick because I think I had a reaction to the nuclear stuff because I felt really physically ill last night. Much better today. I apologize for my lack of fucks, it was because I was sick not because I have a fuck to give about what anybody has to say about my language. They absolutely can suck a dick. Or a flounder, whatever floats their particular boat.

      • My Real Name says:

        Well, we love ya and hope it gets easier for you soon. And you are SO funny! And always nailing it! I am letting out belly laughs as we speak.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        MRN: I love you guys right back and I hope it gets easier for me soon too. It gets to be a little much sometimes. I am so glad I can make you laugh. That makes me happy.

  9. HarleyGirl says:

    Looks like the ho is going to be at Club Joes’ again this year and we will be stuck with another redition of Oh 3- ho- wonder night. Bitch ruined my favorite Christmas song! So Hodi another tofu turkey for you! Damn I was hoping for Perrysville so we might hear she got shanked 29 times and her throat slit! Well maybe this fuckin trial will be over in 2018 and she will be on her way to hell!

    • Deb says:

      Doubly hysterical!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Harley again. Sheriff Joes house of indefinite incarceration is indeed going to have another glorious rendition of I’m a holey fright, or however that goes. Perryville is going to be good times all around for Stabby if she gets there before the bitch dies of old age. I give her 15 minutes in gen pop before someone takes a run at her.

  10. Owlie says:

    i hope you feel better this morning. as always, right on point, with that dash of semi illiterate humor. HAHAHA FUCK ‘EM!

    • renaes24 says:

      Or…..Joke ’em if they can’t take a Fuck!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Owlie: I am feeling better today thanks so much for the concern. It means a lot to me. Thanks for reading my semi illiterate humor. The can all eat a dick. Wait till you see this shit when I put that particular blog up, you will die laughing.

      • Owlie says:

        i went back to the beginning of your blog. from last trial. omgod some of the stuff i had forgotten about. funny how as time goes by, your comments go up. i’m glad you feel better today.

  11. jeannie says:

    Girl, you have been put through the wringer and I hope you feel much better soon. In the meantime keep up the good work. It thrills me to see her supporters get so bent out of shape. As far as the threat of lip reading, that dumb woman knew the cameras were on her and loved the limelight because looked straight at the camera more than once. As far as Wurmi is concerned he was jealous that she stole his spotlight.

    • Deb says:

      Jeannie, I was thinking the exact, same thing!!!! I absolutely love, love, love that our dear Prof. Kelly yanks their chains until their necks jerk back with a force strong enough to choke them for a short time!!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Jeannie: I been put through the wringer so many damn times there out to be one named after me. It makes my heart hit all the high notes the madder they get. Lets me know I’m doing my job. Of course she knew, it was on purpose and all part of the plan to have the trial go her way. Silly Stabby, her and her Einstein like brain need to have a talk. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you are continuing to enjoy my semi illiterate sense of humor.

  12. jackie moore says:

    Hope all is ok with your heart 💖 you are a very talented writer .you should really write a book . Thanks for all the news

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Jackie. Well, things are things with my heart. I will tell you guys all about it when I write the blog. I will be fine I’m sure. I am writing a book. Two actually. One about my life and one about Zombies. Thanks so much for reading.

  13. tammy says:

    I to hope you are feeling much better and your tests find you doing wonderful many prayers for you, as soon as I can get off the floor from laughing I want to sent you some money. YOU are priceless!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tammy. Thank you for reading. I’m doing. I’ll tell everybody about the tests probably tonight in the blog. I am so glad I can make you laugh. That makes me happy.

  14. Mrsmojojojo says:

    Love this blog. I am a permanent and loyal fan. My prayers for your good health and quick recovery. Someone here posted a comment about Perryville which calls to mind my interpretation of justice for Stabby which is…. There has to be at least 1 inmate at Perryville that hates that bitch as much as I do so I hope that if she gets LWOP, one of the girls at Perryville break both of her hands and knock out a few of her teeth. Think about it…No more art (if you want to call it that) No more Stabby injecting herself into lives of the Alexanders and the rest of us. I’d love to see her banged up a bit at the very least. Hit her where she lives I say.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mrsmojojojo: Thank you so much for the kind words. That would make such an awesome Christmas gift for the inhabitants of earth in general wouldn’t it?

  15. karen30036 says:

    Rest and get better Kelly …

  16. Jodi J. says:

    Kelly, I hope you’re feeling better and get well SOON! In other news, have you ever noticed that Stabby’s fan club can’t spell for shit? Or even put a logical sentence together?

    • Mama Via says:

      Jodi J–Yes, I’ve noticed that a “certain crowd” is not only unable to spell, but it appears that they’ve never been taught that the “red underlined” words indicate a spelling error! (So, it’s ignored! They don’t seem to be very detail oriented or logical, either!) Obviously never had a gramma like mine, who gave us MANY “words to live by”….one thing gramma used to tell me that “when you point a finger at someone, there are three of your fingers pointing back at you…” So, I’ve found it interesting that the most hateful comments come from Stabbies Fan Club…and they always call those who don’t agree with THEM, “haters”…they call Miss K illiterate, and abuse her because of her use of “4 letter words”…yet, most of them can’t spell anything LARGER than a 4-letter-word…they don’t know the difference between there, they’re and their…(and misspell THIER)..or your, you’re and yore….OMG…I shouldn’t have gotten started!

      Hoping you are feeling better, Miss K!!!! Love ya!!

    • My Real Name says:

      Yup! Too funny!

  17. Anne Wyatt says:

    Fucking brilliant as per them all !

  18. Connie Rust says:

    Kelly…I hope by now u r feeling better and I hope they get u fixed up soon. I know what’s like to have a bad reaction to some shit u’ve been injected with. I was in bed for 2 days once just from the contrast dye used with an MRI….sucks. As for the Stabbyites…pay no attention. They have the collective IQ of my shoe size and u can’t argue with an idiot. I personally think Alfred E is pretending this is a do over and he’s litigating (I use that word loosely) the way he should have in the guilt phase but the skank wouldn’t let him (look where that got her hahahaha.). Up until today I thought he was doing a pretty fair job (which really ragged my @ss). I think he blew it today. He must have slept thru the part of public speaking 101 where it says to make your point 3 times and stop. I also think he’s talking to that big mouth jury foreman from last time and that’s why he’s playing up the emotional abuse thing. Maybe if he’d gone for murder 2 the first time we wouldn’t be here….although I’m real glad he didn’t! One ? I have…can JM call the Hughes’ as rebuttal witnesses to clear up all that shit in the emails and texts? I thought 1 or both of them were impeached the last time and couldn’t be called. Did I dream that? A lot of people are speculating that the state will put them on the stand. As for the virus thing….the only thing funnier than JM’s response to that motion is your blog. I had pop coming out my nose for hours…..
    Feel better….

  19. Arizona Rose says:

    If Nurmi was genuinely worried about the public being able to read lips, he would never have thrown Stabby’s crotch shots up for everyone to see. Eww. As for his allegation that the prosecutor and/or the police deleted so-called ‘porn’ files on Travis’s hard drive, he should stop believing the crap ‘what if’ conspiracy theories that Stabby’s fans send him, and start taking a few basic lessons in computers.

    I love your blog, you really make me laugh out loud. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well…hope you’re feeling better.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      hai Rose: EXACTLY. Of course who wants to read the story those lips have to tell….ewww I just threw up a little. Thank you so much for reading and for laughing. The laughter that I give you all is like medicine to me. I’ sure I will be better soon. Thank you for the concern.

  20. icmcumn says:

    I don’t care if he wanted to fuck his dog, has nothing to do with HOEdy being a murderer. Planning, slashing, and shooting a man calls for the death penalty. I wish I could be the one sending the juice to her too.

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