Since Nothing Is Pressing In The World Of Crime Today This Will Be An Update Blog Plus Some Additions To The Big Book Of Words

When it comes to this farce of a penalty phase retrial, a day off is not necessarily a bad thing – planet earth

Hai everybody.  Welcome to a Really Big Mean Dog update blog, plus we have some new entries to the Big Book of Words.  YAY!!

I find it highly amusing that it always seems to be the “experts” and the lawyers and those more Einstein-y than us that come up with all these new and awesome words.

For those of you that may have missed my blog last night, Charles Manson has applied for a marriage license.  I read something about this months ago but of course Charlie being a complete nut bag denied the whole thing saying it was just another groupie and alluding to the fact that he was just using her for whatever she could put in his commissary.  The woman goes by Star and she is a couple of fries short of a happy meal.  Rolling Stone did an article in 2013 which I read and kept a copy of.  You can see it here.  It is an interesting read and I recommend it if you are interested in Manson at all, or in the very special type of fruit loop that he continues to draw in.

We had quite the lively discussion going in the comments about the whole pedophile thing and how sickening it is that the Alexander family is being put through all of this yet again.  I stated my opinion in last nights blog, but that begs another question or 14.  Even if (and I want to emphatically stress that I do not in any way whatsoever believe that Travis had any sexual proclivities towards children) this was the case that he fantasized about young girls, does a fantasy, even one that is that sick warrant death if it is a fantasy?  I will tell you all a secret about me. I used to fantasize almost daily about killing my ex. How I would do it, how I would try and cover it up, what weapons I would use, the fact that the first thing I would do was stab him directly in the junk and then shove a heated curling iron up his ass, whether or not I could feed him to the dogs. It got pretty intense. All of those things were illegal, but they were just fantasies. Should I have been thrown in prison for thinking those things? Should I have been killed because of them? You cannot be put on trial for crimes that you might commit. While we are on the subject of being put on trial; the trial is over and Stabby was convicted of first degree aggravated murder. This is supposed to just be the penalty phase retrial so why is Alfred E being allowed to deliver his case in chief all over again? Why has nobody put a stop to this? This is supposed to be about mitigation only. Not that there is any, but why is this being allowed to continue.

Ross drove me to my test today again and I was saying that I wished there was a way I could pay him back for all the kindness. He reminded me of something. When I first bought this place, maybe my third year here, fall was setting in, Ross had a bunch of things that needed to be done and he broke a hip falling off of a tractor. He has sons but they work far away and it was hard for them to get down unless it was the weekend. Ross would not hear of a little tiny girl coming to do the stuff that needed done, so one night I had this idea. I would sneak down to his farm after 11pm and I would put up hay, or pile wood, stuff like that every night for a week before he caught me out. I wasn’t scared down there. I love Ross’ farm. The barn is warm, he’s got good equipment and there was no way I was going to leave an old man hanging with none of the stuff that absolutely had to be done undone because he had an unfortunate accident. I had just finished putting around 200 bails of hay into the loft and when I dropped down there he was on a pair of crutches with his wife beside him holding hot cider and cookies. She had tears running down her face. Ross looked stern, like he was mad at me for a minute, but then he stepped forward and just shook my hand. I smiled and took a cookie and around a mouthful of it I said “see, I told you I was a farm girl born and bred.” He laughed and apologized for doubting me because of my gender and size and told me he would never forget it. He healed up and got the rest of his stuff done before winter set in but he said he would have never done it without me. I shook it off then. That is just how we do around here Ross I said to him and he nodded agreeably. So today when I said I didn’t know how I could pay him back he said he figured he still owed me a full hay mow and enough wood stacked to get through the winter. Brought tears to my eyes he did. It means that nobody owes anybody anything. We are neighbors and we just do for each other because that is how we roll out here.

The dogs are doing great. Even Bruno, the most damaged dog possibly on the planet because of the asshole that almost killed me is turning into a different dog. I still would not consider him safe around people, but he is now safe around the other dogs and today he even played with peanut. Little tiny peanut who he could crush like a walnut with one bite was played with so gently that I was moved by it. The only thing that Bruno loves or trusts is me and I guess he has decided that if I love the little mop dog than he can safely love her too. I can still hear the vet telling me that he was so mentally unstable he needed to be put down and me getting downright angry and explaining the things that had been done to Bruno and that it was not his fault that he was the way he was and there was no way I would ever do that to him. He told me that if he ever got loose someone would be killed, so I told him that I would be extra careful. Bruno has gotten loose. As long as he doesn’t feel that I am being threatened or that there are strangers on his property, he couldn’t care less about other people. They don’t exist to him. Today he laid down on the floor and let peanut maul at him and his little stumpy tail never stopped going sixty miles an hour. He was said when peanut got bored. He and Mya and Happy and Panzer are all one big happy pack. The other dogs do not challenge him for the alpha spot, and even if they did he would use his size to drive them down and make them submit before he ever used his teeth. That dog has come a million miles. If he can do it, so can I.

Taco spent most of the time the dogs were playing walking across my keyboard, which is his favorite thing to do. I don’t know if it is the clicks that amuse him or the way the buttons sink and come back up, but that guinea pig would spend the entire day running back and forth across the keys if I would let him. He makes happy little chirpy noises and does it for hours. Back and forth and back and forth. It is hilarious to watch, and more hilarious to watch kitty friend watching Taco play on the keyboard. Kitty friend and Taco seem to have an agreement of some kind because they also have nothing but love for one another. They will sometimes cuddle up together and go to sleep.

Our resident expert on the stand for stabbykins Dr. Sexpert has been kind enough to give us a couple of offerings for the big book of words. Apparently I was mistaken and Jizz is not just jizz. It is jizzle. JIZZLE. Seriously. The expert on sexual kink also had no idea what a fuck buddy is, so to help her out I am adding that to the book of words. And just so you all know, anybody that texts after 11pm is totally a perv so stop it all you pervs out there. Just stop.

Finally, I wanted to thank you all for your words and thoughts of support while I deal with whatever is going on with my heart. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that so many people care about what happens to me. From someone who spent their entire life with nobody, it is an awfully comforting feeling. And to those of you who have donated to the blog a HUGE thank you. Thank you for appreciating the time and effort and research that I put into my writings.

That is it for tonight kids. Everybody have a great night and wish me luck tomorrow. Tomorrow is a very important day.
RBMD peacing the fuck out.
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38 Responses to Since Nothing Is Pressing In The World Of Crime Today This Will Be An Update Blog Plus Some Additions To The Big Book Of Words

  1. Mama Via says:

    Miss K, you are an amazing person…we will all be with you in spirit tomorrow…no matter WHAT happens, we are all here for you…you aren’t alone…a “membership” always reflects it’s “leader”…and there are a lot of really fine people who post comments to your bling…I’m honored to be loved by you all and have your concern…

    You are in our prayers, honey! Everything will be alright…I promise…no mountain is too high for all of us together…

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hia Mama: Things went pretty okay today. I have been kind of downplaying the severity of the problem because I didn’t want everyone freaking out. They were talking about putting me on a heart transplant list. So, I DO NOT need a heart transplant as of right now. They have to replace a couple of valves and do some procedure to stimulate the electrical impulses in my heart which I know sounds kind of scary but my heart doc says if everything goes okay I am going to live a very long life. A heavily medicated one (which is a whole other problem but one bridge at a time) but He think’s I am going to be okay once the valve replacements are done. I was told to come home and pack a bag for the hospital and the call could come anywhere from tomorrow to sometime in January. I have to not exert myself and remain tranquil, but unless something happens and I need to go to the hospital that is the best timeline they can give me. There are a lot of downsides to socialized medicine.

      • Mama Via says:

        MamaPollyanna says that “this could have been a lot worse!” You’ll be adding another bionic part! You just may get to six million dollars after all!! You know we will all be ok while you are on “vacation” getting new parts! Christine B can keep us entertained…Blue, White & Red (did I get those messed up?) can act as Sergeant at Arms, and I’ll volunteer as assistant to the assistants assistant Dean of Fuckery! And you KNOW that little miss Stabbiekins trial will still be plodding along…most of all…don’t let the bullshit work on you, ok? Of course, we are ALL worried about our Fearless Leader…but, I think that’s normal! I’m excited that at least it doesn’t call for a transplant…because it would be hard to replace a heart of GOLD!! You know I’m here if you need me…make sure you have my email…in case you need it later, ok? Lots of love!

      • So good to hear from you and that no transplant is needed now and that you are relieved to hear this. We are, too. Take it easy, chilllax with your furry family and know that we hold you in our hearts. We got heart for you!

  2. Kelly, I’m glad you have your doggies and guinea pigs and whatever other little animals that keep you company. If you have surgery, I feel confident that your neighbor will make sure they are cared for while you are gone. I am alone now, too, and trying hard to learn how to be a widow. My husband had been my friend and companion for 55 years and one month. If I include the year we dated, then that would be 56 years. He was the love of my life and I’ve had to learn how to carry in heavy grocery bags and get one of my sons to come and replace overhead light bulbs and just do much that he always did, so I wouldn’t have to.

    I was suddenly thrust into a world of couples and I’m not a couple any more. Its an adjustment, for sure. So I am glad you have your furry friends. I’m also glad the surgeon has said he can fix your heart problems, too.

    Thank you for updating us, and please know that I am still praying for you to get fixed easy, fast, and with no complications. I promise I am praying, Kelly.

    • Mama Via says:

      Oh, Judy…I’m so sorry for your loss…my uncle passed and left my auntie in the same situation…I know the sorrow she carries,,,I will keep you in my prayers,

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Judy> I love my animals friends. I am going to have to have surgery, but it is not as bad as they thought. They were talking about putting me on a heart transplant list which is why I was being so closed mouthed about the whole thing, I didn’t want everyone to worry. Now it looks like they just have to replace a couple of valves, do some procedure to help with the electrical impulses in my heart and I will be good as new. I am the most relieve RBMD that every walked the planet today. I am going to have to take a huge amount of pills for the rest of my life but I don’t care. I am going to live, I am going to be able to continue to write and I get to keep my heart. I am a very grateful person today. Im so sorry about your husband. It must be awful to just suddenly be one instead of two. I can’t even imagine. I’m glad that you have sons that will help you when you need it. It sounds to me like your husband loved you very much. Please continue to keep me in your thoughts. While this is fixable, it is going to be a long painful recovery according to my doctor, whom I love because he does not bullshit ever. He tells the truth about everything and that quality in a person I hold in very high regard. The important thing here is that they can and will fix it and I will be okay. Thank you for your prayers and for reading. I honestly think this blog and all of you are what has been keeping me going. I believe it with my whole heart.

  3. tammy says:

    Precious Kelly, Got a dumb question, is there anyway we can send a card or mail to you_ even an electric card???? I would love that! We are still praying for you and want only the best for you. I have been reading your blog for years, it has never hit me like it has the last few months. I allways rolled in the floor laughing or crying but its so different to me now, I feel like I really know and love ya. Take care of yourself and the blog it keeps us going. I’ll drink coffee tonite for ya lol Good luck with your tests tomorrow. We’ll be waiting to hear your all better!!!!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tammy. I sent you my address last night, so if you didn’t get it please let me know. I got the best news that I could have today under the circumstances and I am so grateful. Instead of the heart transplant they were talking about I only have to have a couple of valves replaced and some other procedure to help with the electrical impulses in my heart. I will have to take medication for the rest of my life, but I get to continue to have a life and I was wondering if that was going to be for a while. I am sorry I kept you all in the dark, I just didn’t want everyone to worry until we knew for sure one way or the other. Thank you so much. I really believe it is you all and this blog that has kept me going. With my whole heart I believe that.

      • tammy says:

        Oh Kelly such good news we were so very worried about you, we will all be on our knees till you recover and are back on your feet again! Wished I live close I would be there for you, I would take care of you like a baby lol You could just lay there and be pretty… Got the address Thank you so much, I’ll take good care of it for you…See you tonite if you write if not you rest,and we we’ll look at all the other stuff you’ve wrote. Bye Honey!

  4. Sending you prayers and hoping you get well soon!! And thank you for not letting the vet put your dog down. You have a big heart, it’s in the right place. You’re awesome!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Starshine; Things went about as good today as they could have. I am going to need surgery, but the heart transplant that was a definite possibility is off of the table. A need a few valves replaced and some other procedure to help with the electrical impulses in my heart and medication for the rest of my life, but I should have a long one according to my cardiologist. Yay!! Thank you so much for your concern and for continuing to read. I really give all the credit for my continuing to breathe to all of you and this blog. I believe it has kept me alive.

  5. Thanks for the update! Another very sweet piece.

    Jizzle. Lolololololololololololololololololol! So funny.

    I hope that nothing too terribly intrusive has to be done to your body. We are all of course with you daily in our thoughts. We can’t help it!

    I also would like to send you a card. If you are okay with it, can you email me your address?

    And oh how I hope Jimmy is wrong. Damn that judge!

  6. Owlie says:

    I so enjoy how you weave your personal stories into your blog. I think that is why so many feel a connection to you. You are a no bullshit, shoot from the hip kind of person. I can relate to that. But it’s your metaphors and descriptions that are absolutely killer. And thanks to the fauxpert, I now have no reason to look up the word “jizzle”. I think I’ll stick to the slang version of the word. HA! Be well my friend.

  7. Christine says:

    Another awesome article, thank you so much for sharing a little piece of you with us every day. And also thank you for the shoutout, you rock! I’d love to know what I made you question. i have so many questions myself after this week lol

  8. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Kels, semper ad meliora because you deserve that. BTW, I think all you gals are aces. The BWR Family.

  9. Tests and no coffee. Ay yi yi. Will be thinking of you and your awesome heart tomorrow.

  10. Connie Rust says:

    Kelly…hope the tests are not too bad for u. I’ll be thinking of u. I also live with just 2 dogs. Willie is a beagle/dachshund mix who is just a goof that loves everybody. Then there’s Oscar, a standard dachshund who I rescued without knowing his past. He came to me a little timid but made up quick enough. He and Willie hit it off right away. What I didn’t know was that he would bite everyone who approached him. Seriously…everyone who came to my house got nabbed by Oscar. That was 2 yrs ago and he is a different dog now. He will still bite but only when if someone approaches him. As long as new people just ignore him he will make up very quickly. Once he becomes your friend you can’t get rid of him. He still won’t accept other dogs with the exception of my sister’s mini dachshund…and that’s only because she’s meaner than he is lol. Oscar has his own facebook and writes about his and Willie’s escapades. Send him a friend request if u’d like to read what he’s up to. It’s under Oscar Rust and he has quite a following lol.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Connie: Everything went pretty okay today. I have been purposely quiet about exactly what was going on with me because it was very frightening but now that I have these results I can safely say that I do not need a heart transplant which is what they were talking about. I need to have two valves replaced and a procedure to help with the electrical impulses in my heart. I have to take a shit ton of medication for the rest of my life, but I get to have a life and that was something that I was not sure about even a week ago. I thank all of you for your prayers and good thoughts and for your concern. I truly credit this blog and this little family we seem to have formed with giving me the strength to keep going even when I didn’t feel like it. I am going to live a very long time and I am going to write this blog until they put me onto the pyre. I love and thank you all.

      • Connie Rust says:

        Oh I’m so glad things are not as bad as u thought. Having a couple valves replaced is not hat big a deal these days with all the medical advancement in the past few years. Please keep us posted on the timing. I’m not familiar with socialized medicine so I don’t know how that all works. I’m sure I speak for all of us in wishing u a very speedy recovery! Please take care of yourself and do what the doc says. Kiss your puppies, et all for me! Oh and I’m sure even if u don’t have surgery till January the Stabby farce of a trial will be waiting for u. Dr. Sexpert will likely still be on the stand….sigh.

  11. Alice Girard says:

    dear kelly i hope all is going well for you today with the tests and what not…i am thinking of you and sending all good vibes….and i am a child of the 60’s so the vibes are the really good ones. i too am happy you ignored the vet’s advice. i just lost my little charlie in august and am still reeling from his unexpected death. he was only sick 2 days and he was gone. my heart is absolutely broken…i miss him more than i can say. enough sad. tomorrow back to stabby and what do you know it’s thursday and court is dark on friday. sigh. i will be looking forward to your next post but take it easy and write when you can.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<———good vibes comin' to ya.

    • Connie Rust says:

      Alice…so sorry for your loss of Charlie. I know all too well how that feels. I hope you have found another one to love. I lost my dear tikka back in 09 and I still miss her. 2 days after I lost her my Willie came into my life. He really helped me thru a very rough time and I do believe Tikka had something to do with that. I love my boys and can’t imagine life without them. Even when I’m only gone 10 mins they act like they haven’t seen me in months. There’s just nothing like that greeting when I come in the door. They just love me no matter what!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Alice: Things went as well as they possibly could have. I will put up a blog tonight now that I know for sure that it is not as bad as they originally thought. I do NOT need a heart transplant which is what they were talking about, I just need a couple of valves replaced and some other procedure and medications for the rest of what is going to be a very long life. Thank you so much for your kind words and concern. It means a lot to me.

  12. Tyla says:

    I am so glad you don’t need the heart transplant and I will say a prayer for you every night for a speedy safe valve replacements. Like I had mentioned before I haven’t known you very long but in the short time that I have gotten to know you I feel like you’re a dear friend, a friend I have come to care very much for. You have a heart of gold Kelly, it shows in your blog, your comments to other and how you talk about your animals. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and take good care of yourself …. you mean a lot to us.

    PS – I too hope to hell Jimmy is WRONG – I can’t handle another trial with this piece of shit, I may end up in the hospital bed beside you if that should happen!!

  13. karen30036 says:

    Prayers going up for you Kelly.

  14. Deb says:

    I’m thrilled that you “only need a couple of valves replaced” and probably a pacemaker…I will keep you in my daily prayers now & forever…and I send you uber-positive thoughts & energy, every time I read here – which is 2-3 x’s a day! You know you have so many supporters who will take turns keeping your home fires burning, so to speak ;-). No one will ever make me laugh quite the way you do…but your friends are all super writers…so I know you can take the time you need to mend.

    You have given us all quite a valuable gift here; so accept whatever we send your way, knowing it is given with an open heart. I would also like to have your address, so I can send you a little something special from time to time.

    Keep well and peace the fuck out, my dear girl ❤

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Deb. First thing I asked was if I could blog from the hospital. Bwhahahahaha and yes, yes I can. Don’t know if I will feel like it, I may have to turn the admin reins over to somebody for a week and they can decide what to post. I expect full participation from everyone if I have to be down. I agree there is not a poor writer among us so I expect great things while I am down. I fully accept the love and friendship you have all offered me. I am actually rolling in it. Who would have thought the crazy little agoraphobe would have friends. Now for you RBMD peacing the fuck out.

  15. Arizona Rose says:

    Ha!!! Here I am being so deviant, posting after 11pm!! I hope I never appear in court and have this Mrs. Hyde side of me brought up (forget about the trimmed cooch that immediately casts me as having some kind of inclination toward pedophilia)!

    The possibility of a third Stabby trial is too terrible to contemplate and I hope it never comes to pass. I don’t know how much more of the defense team’s lies and shenanigans any normal, thinking, sane, and honest person can tolerate. I feel so bad for the Alexanders having to live their lives in a continual time loop, and to hear their brother’s killer lie about him again and again. The way the killer’s defence team distorts their so-called evidence to fit in with their client’s lies is sickening, it really is.

    Kelly, I’m so relieved to hear that a heart transplant isn’t needed. After all, your doctor would be extremely hard pressed to find another heart of gold to replace yours!

    Sending you every good vibe, thought, and prayer and a virtual hand to hold yours when you go for surgery.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Rose: you perv, posting after 11. I thought we talked about this. I hope this is one of those really, really rare (like really the guy is a fucking machine trial attorney) instances where he is wrong. He says he could be because it’s American law, but he don’t think so. He also says that the hearing date for the motion to dismiss the death penalty does not bode well for our side, but then he decided to be funny so he told me to figure out why. Thank god for Skype and Pervy lawyers that will talk after 11. I promise Rose there is NOBODY that is more relieved than I am. I told him I wanted the platinum upgrade if they had to do it. Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers. As you can see, I’m feeling much better today. lol

      • Arizona Rose says:

        I guess if Nurmi gets the DP off the table, he will think he has succeeded. Ironic that he passes himself off as being anti DP, but has no problems defending somene who is guilty of premeditating and administering the the most cruel death penalty to Travis.

        Kelly, I’m so glad to see you’re feeling better. Even when you write about sombre matters, you never lose your wonderful sense of humor. You are a real tonic! Looking forward to your next blog, but do please do take good care of that ticker of yours!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Rose: If he gets the DP off the table he has succeeded. My lawyer Jimmy says and I quote because he said I could “The law is as much about theatre as it is about right and wrong. You can have all the evidence in the world, but if they audience (meaning the Jury) does not like the show, they are going to vote against whichever actor they disliked the most. That and it is hard enough to get twelve people to agree on lunch, never mind whether or not to take the life of a person and carry that with them for the rest of their life. Some people can do it. You (meaning me) could do it, it’s just in you that desire for justice at the highest form it can go. I could do it. Some people cannot handle that burden and unfortunately it is almost an impossibility to weed every one of those out of a jury.” Thanks Jimmy I will repost that in a blog later. I’m pretty damn glad too. I was really scared that it was alzeimers(however the fuck you spell that) because I am having such a hard time finding words, but it is lack of oxygen to my brain that is doing it. This is just a blip and I will be fine. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Comments are the thing that let me know I am doing my job well.

  16. Mama Via says:

    Has anyone heard from the Dean of Fuckery today???

  17. Deb says:

    Hey, Mama…she replied to me and Arizona Rose this a.m. – but nothing since. (see above 😉 )

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4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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