The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Retrial-The Suffering In Silence Edition

I know I have said it before but; AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!-Arizona

Hai everybody. Been a minute hasn’t it? I have emailed Jim Blackburn about 6 times now and he keeps promising me as soon as he can get to it he will and I don’t want to keep bugging him so I guess we will wait on the Jeffrey(the hippies did it)McDonald story.

Sorry about last night, windstorm was crazy and I had no power for just about ever. I did get the generator out long enough to leave a post here but I don’t know if everybody saw it. So, yeah no power, no blog. The only downside to living in the middle of buttfuck nowhere is you are hooped when stuff like that happens. Oh and just as an aside, generators are heavy as fuck.

I have a question for all y’all in the states? WTF are they putting in your water and shit? Holy. I did not have the internet last night because we had a huge wind storm and it knocked the power out. I get up this morning and Ferguson is on fire. Jesus Christ people. You know what? I get that people are angry, and frustrated, and probably filled with rage. What I don’t get; trashing stores that are owned by members of the community, lighting cop cars on fire that y’all get to pay for out of your tax money, and fighting against people that have BULLETS and shit. I watched for about 2 minutes and turned it off. What does this accomplish exactly? It is not going to bring that boy back and it sure as shit isn’t going to make the police less likely to shoot the next one and that whether or not you like it is just a fact. And for all us white folks out there. I think it’s nice and all you are showing solidarity, I truly do. But damn, don’t pretend like you understand what is going through your African American friends/neighbors/spouses soul, because unless somebody owned a member of your family and once that was over you were treated like you were livestock you just don’t. No matter how much you sympathize, you cannot, will not, EVER, understand the rage. It is like being non-Jewish and saying you understand what the Holocaust survivors went through. It is a patently ridiculous statement.

So Stabby. We started the day waiting for sometimes Judge Stephens and watching Nurmi google Alfred E. Nurmi and his reaction to what popped up. Either that or surfing twitter to check on those damn Jurors who might be using social media.

Sometimes Judge Stephens eventually showed up, Great Nana Dr. Sexpert was back on the stand and Juan, well Juan was about as mad as he has ever been. Three darts, and a half a box of good boy treats later, he was almost calm enough to get up and start cross examining. Almost.

He leaped up with a snarl and went immediately for Dr. Sexperts Jugular area. He started by asking about sexual practices and Stabby shaving the gaping opening to hell. He wanted to know if the fact that she went bald as a cue-ball was important to her? Great Nana Dr. Sexpert, who you will totally see before this is over has no bias what so ever (OMGLOLROFLMAO) said yes. Juan was on fucking fire. He wanted to know if what she was saying was that Stabby baring the curtains had to do with Travis. Great Nana Dr. Sexpert definitely seemed to be insinuating that but when confronted with the question head on said she didn’t know how Stabby groomed herself (BRB gotta find the Pretoria puke bucket) prior to this. Juan was determined to run this “expert” to ground today. Why didn’t you ask if she did this before? Are u saying this practice is so unique to Stabby and Travis that this was worth considering? She said that that wasn’t what she was saying but it totally was. The pitbull asked her if she did consider this though and she had to answer yes. Holy shit getting a straight answer out of this chick is like getting a bong out of Jenny From the Cell Blocks hands. FUCK!! And with that we were welcomed to sidebar number one of the day. Nurms is NOT amused.

Back from the sidebar, Great Nana Dr. Sexpert threw on her tri-focals and started to read a document while bitching about having to read said document, say it with me now, CONTEMPERANEOUSLY. She felt pressure to read the entire document to which I say, um aren’t things like the oh, I don’t know, DETAILS of the document kind of important? The pit bull said he was just trying to refresh her memory which I though was genius because it intimated that Great Nana Dr. Sexpert may have a memory problem. Hint, she doesn’t she just never read the fucking file unless the paragraph started “Stabby Said.” She went over the document and Juan said it was Matt that wanted to break up with Stabby and moved to get away from her. Great Nana isn’t having anyone dissing her Stabby and says she understood it that Matt cheated and they broke up. Juan then wanted to know if it maybe wasn’t just a little aggressive of Stabby to drive to confront Bianca, the chick that Matt was banging by this time. Dr. Sexpert actually kept a straight face while she said “nope, nuh uh, this is how every normal person acts.” Juan then said Stabby wasn’t suffering in silence at that time, was she? Great Nana Dr. Sexpert says this was a different relationship than Travis, which doesn’t really answer the question. Just sayin. She says she suffered in silence only with Travis. The pitbull was still on full roar and dart number 4 was deployed. The sarcasm dripping from his fangs he said “So you’re saying this suffering in silence skipped over Bobby, skipped over Matt, skipped over Darryl & landed right on Travis? Dr. Sexpert says she wouldn’t use the term skip over. (If she gets Juan to define something, I’m out!) Juan gave the expert a refresher course on the trials and tribulations of Stabby and her live ex-boyfriends aaaaaaaand sidebar number 2. We came back and the pitbull asked if she was refreshed as to the break ups. She said it described them but she doesn’t recall. Juan gently tells Great Nana Dr. Sexpert that she testified to specifics and she said “I don’t recall.” Juan got that quizzical look that all great dogs get when they are trying to figure something out and gently reminded her that she said it involved the computer. She said “I don’t recall.” Juan suddenly knew what was happening. That damn fog had rolled back in. He tested his theory. Isn’t it true Darryl tried to break up with Stabby and she’d have none of that? She said “I don’t recall he’d have none of it.” I’m starting to wonder if Great Nana Dr. Sexpert has dementia setting in. Either that or she watched all six seasons of OZ as a refresher course on how to testify. (HBO show from the late 90’s-early 2000’s. Google it.) Dr. Sexpert also could not recall when Stabby and Travis started to date, or her moving to seaside.

Juan got bored and moved on to more suffering in silence. He wanted to know if Stabby was suffering in silence when she went through Travis’ phone. Dr. Sexpert said no, that the suffering in silence came after. (BARF!) Someone remind me to send Mi’lady a Christmas card for sending me the puke bucket. Juan said that even when Stabby suspected that he was seeing other women she stayed in the relationship because she wanted to go on trips. Dr. Sexpert says that she kept that information to herself for a while. He brought up the balloon festival trip and Nurms suddenly woke the fuck up and brought up sidebar number 3.

And we were back and then back to the sidebar for number 4. Back again and Juan brought up the fact that they only dated for several months. Juan says that within two weeks of the break-up she moved from California to Arizona and the totally not biased at all Dr. Sexpert said “well, it’s not like they lived in the same ward or community.” Jesus if MY eyes rolled any harder they would be bouncing jauntily across the fucking room. The pitbull asks if that is pretty assertive? Dr. Sexpert counters that they had an ongoing sexual relationship. Well that isn’t suffering in silence is it? the pitbull roared.

Juan asked about Stabby playing peek a boo while Travis was making out with a woman. The still TOTALLY objective Dr. Sexpert said “well, she needed her social security card to which I say, What?” Juan asked the good ole’ Dr. Sexpert if peeping in someones windows is suffering in silence? Anyone see a theme here? Juan asked, “she won’t leave him alone will she?” Dr. Sexpert at least conceded that maybe Stabby was a little intrusive.

There was a 15 minute break and next we got to talked about being closeted and nope it’s not what you think. Apparently, the relationship that no longer existed and was just banging because like I have said a billion times, if some chick is throwing it around the guy is going to grab it, was “closeted.” It was closeted because Travis didn’t take out a half page add in the local paper that he was butt banging Stabby. when it was brought up that Stabby wasn’t running around telling the whole world she was banging Travis that was apparently different somehow because why the fuck not.

Stabby was looking kind of forlorn after lunch, but not Juan. Juan was looking…like the tranquilizer was wearing off. You are required to be informed and objective when you review materials but in this case you haven’t been objective, RIGHT? Dr. Sexpert said she used data points to keep it objective.

Next up was a chat log between Stabby and Travis which Great Nana Dr. Sexpert called a five hour rant. It was 2hrs and 10sec and Juan was all over her like she was a porterhouse steak. “You wanted to make this seem like Travis was out of control didn’t you?” snarled the mighty pitbull. “You were wrong on the time weren’t you? You went ahead and made a wrong statement to the jury.” Juan was in full attack mode now and Flores calmly put the attack suit on just in case he had to pole catch the ranting pit. 5 hours sure seems more impactful doesn’t it? He roared. And you also said the chat log was 16 pages when it was only twelve. You are supposed to be accurate right? Great Nana Dr. Sexpert said yes but the chat was formatted where it could be 16 pages to which once again I say WHAT? It is 12 pages or it is 16. It cannot be both.

We moved on to Dan Freeman and his sister and the trip they all took together. Juan said Travis wasn’t hiding her from his friends right? They went on trips together and when they got in an argument and Travis said something Stabby came right back didn’t she? That is not suffering in silence RIGHT? Juan then pointed out that Great Nana Dr. Sexpert said she had made an assessment of Travis to which she said no, it was more of an observation. The pitbull of course refused to back the fuck up and said “you made an assessment, a diagnosis out of this. Just what you said you aren’t doing right?” Next we got to define Assessment and I was about to quit this bitch like I said, but Juan was done and I figured I might as well see how much Nurmi did damage control for a bit. During that time we got another run down of Dr. Sexperts CV, the fact that sex sells and we shouldn’t be distracted and that she felt the state was insinuating that she was unethical and they mischaracterized her testimony. HINT No he didn’t. He didn’t insinuate a damn thing. He made it crystal fucking clear that is what he thought.

We are now recessed until December 2 2014. #giftfrombabyjesus

There you have it my lovelies you are now up to date on the never ending trial. RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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49 Responses to The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Retrial-The Suffering In Silence Edition

  1. achmelvichcastle says:

    Delightful! Love it!

  2. Alice Girard says:

    hi kelly….another great blog..dr. fibs is quite a piece of work is she not? i just realized that she is from CA. so then it must be that there is NOT ONE expert in the entire state of AZ who is willing to put their career on the line for stabs..poor dr. dick i can’t even find him online anymore although i admit that the search i did was cursory at best. sorry to hear about your power lines taking a shit. i mean if you are Amish it’s okay but if you are a lover of creature comforts (i am a big fan) it sucks. ever notice how when the power is out that every time you walk in a room you flip that switch. fuck. i always start getting real paranoid about the food in the fridge and OMG i ain’t got no fucking internet or tv. fuck it just shoot me now ‘cuz i don’t wanna live like this. i am a tad dramatic at times but since my hubs and i only speak if it’s necessary (it rarely is) i got to get me some “mental stimulation” and without the internet well what the hell am i supposed to do? go out and look for convo? i don’t think so. well i was going to wish you a happy thanksgiving but then i realized that y’all canadians already had yours…..i will hold off on the other holiday greeting because,fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk it isn’t even t-day yet and they are making me nutz with xmas shit.

    take care.

    • Deb says:

      Alice…you are funny to the nth power…I really enjoyed reading this comment ❤

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Alice. YAY!!!! OMG Gollum is just a spectacular fucking expert witness. Yup you are exactly right would be my guess. I am also not a fan of sitting in the dark alone with my thoughts. I scare me lol. I swear the Christmas shit in my small town was in the store before Halloween this year. #truestory

  3. jackie hardie says:

    Hey Kelly, glad to see you’ve weathered the storm. It sucks when the power goes out and you find yourself going all Abe Lincoln mode. I’ll read a good book by candle light…. I say to myself!! Have you ever tried to even read anything by candle light?? No Bueno. And… having a Generator presents it’s own set of problems. Usually 3 outlets on it but having to choose between your Blow dryer, Toaster, Christmas lights, Coffee maker or Computer can be exasperating. Trust me,I know….

    Juan has been handling his biz in a way that makes us proud and eases the pain of this never-ending nightmare. Fighting the good fight is what he does best and I’m praying for the Alexander family to be brave for just a bit longer. Let us all give thanks that this will be the LAST Thanksgiving we will ever have to spend with the whore again. Soon she will be irrelevant, her worst nightmare, never to be seen again.

    Wishing all a blessed Holiday and see you back here next week.

    • Deb says:

      Jackie, I’m praying right along with you…and you have a blessed holiday as well! 🙂

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Jackie. Me too. I hate, hate, hate blackouts. I plugged in an extension cord and plugged in my router and my laptop. Juan was definitely the one yesterday. I would not ever, ever want to be cross examined by that man. Oh, we will probably be around before then. You know I can’t shut the fuck up for 6 whole days.
      Have a great thanksgiving.

    • Jodi J. says:

      ‘The gaping opening to hell’ I love your way with words! lol Another great article.

  4. renaes24 says:

    Great one as always Kelly.
    Windstorm was quite the howler. Probably louder than Stabby’s (totally faked) orgasm. We never lost power here but taking the dog out for ‘business’ was a real chore.
    Old Doc ‘dried up and clueless’ contradicted herself so many times I thought I would roll up and die. She would call black white and 4 questions later say the opposite while exclaiming she never said (or did not recall) the first statement. (I suggest she go directly from the courtroom to a Neurologist because it sounds like some really weird form of Alzheimer’s disease ) She even came within inches of self-admission of practicing without a (AZ) license. (To be fair, she was calling it semantics but damn if Juan didn’t bring out some ethics guidelines which showed that ever HER choice of wording was against Ethics)
    In another location in Stabby-ville, the COA was to give their decision today. (Written, no oral arguments) and it will be interesting to see how little miss ‘I wish I had a turkey baster’ will take hearing the news that she probably has to either continue testifying in a full courtroom or have all her (only preliminary, I am sure) testimony tossed out. (With her diarrhea of the mouth, she probably only got to her first trip to a Starbucks sometime in 1998)
    As for Fergueson, I am only surprised that it took so long to get out of hand. Everything and Every decision that the town/state has made has been the WRONG one. What did they expect when they announce at about noon that the Grand Jury had made a decision and then said they would reveal it at 9PM..EXCUSE ME? You are waiting until after dark to do this? In my opinion, they were almost setting it up to happen.
    Since I can still recall (all too vividly) the Watts riots as well as Newark (NJ) and other cities in the 60’s and lived thru the LA riots after Rodney King, the whole thing was just flashback time. (Nothing to see here….just carry on). Currently, there are demonstrations going on in a lot of major cities in the US. Almost all of them are peaceful. There was even a demonstration today in front of the Consulate in Toronto but I have not heard how it went.
    Have a good nite…………….

    • Deb says:

      renaes…it brought back memories for me too (riots in the ’60’s)! And, for the best part… “Dr. dried up and clueless” was the quintessential name for this dumb fuck!!! ❤

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Renae: YAY!!!! That wind was NUTS! My house is kind of in the middle of a forest and I have never been that worried about a tree ever. As far as I’ve heard nothing got too out of hand in Toronto, a couple of arrests but nothing major.

  5. GREAT trial wrap up and thanks SO much for commenting on Ferguson. I live in the states and as a social justice activist, I do understand the anger that moves so many to react with such anger. And I really cannot thank you enough for understanding in a way that moved you to write this: “And for all us white folks out there. I think it’s nice and all you are showing solidarity, I truly do. But damn, don’t pretend like you understand what is going through your African American friends/neighbors/spouses soul, because unless somebody owned a member of your family and once that was over you were treated like you were livestock you just don’t. No matter how much you sympathize, you cannot, will not, EVER, understand the rage. It is like being non-Jewish and saying you understand what the Holocaust survivors went through. It is a patently ridiculous statement.”

    Juan was on fire, today and all of past sentencing court days of course. The Bad Dr. is a wretched hag of a hired gun who, if left alone for long enough, could destroy any withering credibility she has left all on her own, let alone the damage that Juan can obliterate with his Little Bag of Facts.

    And hey all, someone on Facebook, most likely Webbitch and her trolls, keep trying to set up a page called Travis Childseeker to portray Travis as a pedophile. Here is the link. If it is still up, please report it. Hope it’s okay to post her.

    Nite Kelly. Much love to you!

    • Deb says:

      Ann, thanks for the heads up…these crazy trolls have no moral compass…they even have a hard time finding their shaved anus’…without a nerdmi road map!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Ann: YAY!! That Travis childseeker thing was gone when I went but who fucking knows. Christ on a cracker these people are fucking nuts.

  6. Pasha says:

    “hat she felt the state was insinuating that she was unethical and they mischaracterized her testimony. HINT No he didn’t. He didn’t insinuate a damn thing. He made it crystal fucking clear that is what he thought.”

    LOL that was my thought reading the tweets too. Juan doesn’t insinuate a damn thing. If he thinks it, he straight out says it. Dr Sexpert was made a fool out of yesterday and again today. Loved it. Squirmy Nurmi will need to pull a holiday miracle out of his ass in order to rehabilitate her credibility.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Pasha: Yup he does, it is what I love about him. Nurmi straight up doesn’t have the skills. Have a great TG.

  7. Laura hickey says:

    I save your blog till just before I hit the sack, hoping it will lift my spirits, give me some laughs, fill my mind’s eye with the vision of Juan in his full and glorious pit bull (i think pit bulls are cute) mode (the tranq gun, Flores’ attack suit — tooo toooo funny!) and/or help quell the anxiety of worrying about if my cat will still be alive when I wake up (she’s old and very ill, my poor sweetie). Well, guess what? I got all of these except the last one (still awake, duh, and no way can i stop worrying about her) from tonight’s blog! Thank you Kelly!! You are an amazing, amazing writer. I’m sorry about the power outage/glad it’s back, and I hear ya about Ferguson. It’s such a sad and scary situation. Night! Or morning I guess!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Laura: I’m so sorry about your cat. I know how important pets are and how hard it is when one is dying. I’m glad that in some small way I could help you feel better. Makes my day actually. Morning.

    • Alice Girard says:

      so sorry to hear about your cat Laura….i lost my little charlie (dog) in august….it was totally unexpected. i feel for you for sure. i am still heartbroken. my house just isn’t the same. and as i write this my very old cat is on the chair next to me. her health is starting to fail. i am hoping she will make it to spring. please take good care. (((hugs))) for later if you need them.

      • Laura hickey says:

        Thank you Alice — that was very sweet. I agree — it’s never the same after they go to the rainbow bridge, but I comfort myself knowing I gave them lots of love and a good life. Thanks again!

  8. Donna says:

    Hi Kelly…you hit the nail right on the head! After Juan finished up with her yesterday, all that was left for her to do is tuck her tail in shame. I never thought I would hear anything worse than ALV’s biased bullshit, but this fruitcake is much worse, imo. She had a little boohoo session after Juan got thru with her, didn’t she? Too bad, I say…she’s done. No one on that jury can possibly take this dinosaur seriously. Where does Nurms get these so-called “experts” from? I loved it when Juan busted her on the whole assessment/diagnosis shit. Wish I could be there to watch him in action…he has to be the most passionate prosecutor ever.

    Sorry about your power outage. I hate it when that happens…I would have never made it thru the pre-electricity times, fo sho! Lol

    I anxiously await your next blog. Until then, take care and be safe.


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Donna: There wasn’t enough left of her to tuck anything when he was done. Even via tweet that was just brutal. Shit happens but I for real hate, hate, hate blackouts. They suck. Have a great day.

  9. karen30036 says:

    Yes, I too live in Bumfuck, but not in the middle, more. on the outside where CON Ed isn’t too worried about my little complaints.
    Just my opinion about Ferguson, I’m pretty sure when I say this, that the issue is more about the lethal aggression of police these days rather than the race of the people they are killing. I agree it’s fucked up to burn down your own neighborhood.
    On to Stabby …The tweets are not doing it for me. I don’t have a Twitter account and read through a link from JusticeForTravisAlexander blog which has several tweeters such as Wild About Trial, Trial Diaries, etc …I’m pissed that cuntface Stabby is in front of any camera she can find, and suddenly wants media banned …and poof! she’s granted her wish. Alfred E.? don’t get me started. Did he lose some of that blubber for ambulance chasing in his future? He really is a sick and twisted pile of shit. I can only imagine the rage the Alexander family is feeling on a daily basis. I’m sure many of you recall Fred Goldmans breaking point during the the OJ trial, where he couldn’t take anymore and took it outside to the waiting media? His raw grief and outrage for the world to see? You have to give this family credit for holding it together. My heart goes out to them.
    Kelly, as usual, great blog, great writing, and thank you, thank you, thank you for the laughs … I hope all is well and you’re taking care.
    To my fellow blog mates here in the states … have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Deb says:

      karen…great comment…I like to laugh when other people see how the duhfense is perceived by the majority of the world population (read, anyone with a working brain cell)!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Karen: Con Ed can suck a dick too then. The tweets are driving my nuts. Thank whatever your particular deity of choice is that I have this crazy ass imagination. If you saw me in front of my computer you would definitely think I was off my meds, because the things I write, I see them in my head and it is sooooooo funny. I do remember Fred Goldmans breaking point. One of the biggest travesties of justice until Casey Anthony came along. Still in the top five for sure. My heart breaks for them. Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great holiday.

  10. Mama Via says:

    Another well done blog, dear Miss K! I wanna be a sexpert when u grow up, and earn the big bucks for blowing hot air!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mama: How you doin’? you okay? Thank you so much. I want to be a sometimes Judge. I may give myself a promotion. LOL. Have a great Holiday Mama. See you soon.

  11. Arizona Rose says:

    Thank you, Kelly, for another great, informative, and side-splitting post. Who needs live coverage of the trial when you make it come alive for us… and without the annoying side bars and objections!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Rose: YAY!!!! I really hope I do. Does the fact that I actually see this shit in my head concern anyone? OMG I laugh so hard watching the most innocuous shit sometimes people would think I am insane. Happy Thanksgiving. See you soon.

      • renaes24 says:

        Kelly, we all have ‘squirrels’ (or something) in our heads. Mine happen to be ‘bush-babys’. I frequently let them run free.! Want to take a vaca to the ‘Hamster Hotel” (France). Google it. You can play on a wheel, eat pellets. fresh cedar chips in the bathrooms etc. Want to come along?

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Renae: Hell yes. Save me a seat.

      • renaes24 says:

        Always room for one more… you prefer window, aisle or broom?

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Renae: Broom obviously…Just ask Jo Ann. she commented around here somewhere.

      • Arizona Rose says:

        Nope, not at all. Your talent and sense of humor are incredible….love it! Happy thanksgiving to you too!!

  12. Deb says:

    Kelly, you may/may not (but I think you are), be the greatest journalist of court cases in our time…is that redundant if I already used the word contemporaneous-ly in the same sentence?! Never mind…you have managed to reduce the goings on of the past two days in court to the synopsis above ❤ !!! Dr. 'Riddle Me This' sexpert (my knick-name for senility's poster-person) has made herself the personification of every "bought & paid for" professional witness who ever dis-graced the witness stand in America!!!! And…you managed to do this without electricity…wrestling with a generator…and not – by any means – feeling your best. You are my idol ❤ ❤ !!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Deb: Just because of her my next blog for the trial may be : if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it’s probably a rhinoceros edition. Fucking bitch is crazy or something. Has to be. Another career killed during the Stabby trial. Christ on a Cracker. Makes you kind of wonder about these people as professionals doesn’t it?

      • renaes24 says:

        First 3 letters of professional is PRO. so the opposite is CONfessionals. Seems that is what Stabby is trying to sneak in

  13. Tyla says:

    Wishing everyone a wonderful safe Thanksgiving – and Kelly I’m wishing you all the power you can handle and never having to deal with the “dark thoughts” as I too scare myself when I’m in the dark to long.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tyla. Thank you. I will take all the power I can handle. I would not have made a very good pioneer. I am a slave to hydro. Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Mama Via says:

    How to know if you are just a Piece of ASS…

    1) does he call you at the last minute? Or make plans in advance?
    There will always be “last minute” dates…but a constant stream of calling you at 7 to go out at 8 or 9 means his OTHER plans fell through, and you are a back up plan!
    2) does he call BETWEEN dates? (Just to hear your voice! Of see how your day was?). Be careful if he is “too busy” to call occasionally during the week! If you are important, he will “make time” for you!
    3) does he ONLY call late at night (or during work hours)?
    The guy who only calls late at night is seeking “phone sex”…the one who ONLY calls during work hours is married!
    4) does he send you home (or leave) right after sex? BIG red flag! He has what he wants, he’s going home, back to his life, and you are excluded!
    5) does he make future plans with you, or vague & ambiguous?
    Similar to #1…but not making plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4th, etc, usually means he isn’t that interested in you as a GIRLFRIEND! (No! DO NOT sneak through the doggie door and hide underneath the tree, you ARE NOT the “present” he wanted!
    6) does he talk about you, and how you FEEL, or talk about sex?
    If he can’t talk about how you feel, or what you think…he is either after ONLY SEX, or he is selfish! Quit wasting your time, dump him!
    7) does he communicate using ONLY text messages?
    He is probably hiding that he’s even talking to you to his REAL girlfriend (or WIFE)…if he has time to text, he has time to call!
    8) does he “disappear” for days at a time?
    He’s been “busy with work” or “too tired”…if he really cares, he will at LEAST call…no one works 24/7!
    9) is he “booked” most weekends?
    He’s married…or gas a girlfriend!
    10) does he introduce you to his friends and family? Does he say “my girlfriend” or “friend”?
    Not introducing you to his friend & family is a BIG RED FLAG! I accidentally ran into a boyfriends sister…and when I “defended” him to her…she said “I feel sorry for you…you don’t know ANYTHING about him! You need to RUN!” OMG, how RIGHT She was! I wish I had taken her advice…if a family member says you are dating an axe murderer…believe them!
    11) has he ever said “no strings attached” or “I just need a friend”?
    LISTEN to what the say…don’t believe for a minute that you can “make” him change his mind! RUN!
    12) does he say “you look great tonight!” Or “you look SO F**KABLE!”? If he can’t say something non-sexual…
    13) are “dates” out and about? (The movies, grabbing a burger or dinner, etc) or are “dates” at HOME, always ending in bed? Self explanatory!
    14) Does he LIKE you (for things OTHER than sexual)? Actually ASK him “what do you like about me? “What do you “love” about me?” “You have a great ass and you give great blow jobs!” Is a man looking for sex…if he says “you are intelligent, kind and humorous” you have a keeper!

  15. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Kels, always a wordsmith with visuals……best recaps and visuals…sorry about the outage…..

  16. HarleyGirl says:

    sorry Kelly, I posted under my Youtube name which is HarleyJules but I am still HarleyGirl so I will fix it. Meanwhile, Please take care of yourself and I don’t know if I missed it but when is your surgery? I have been praying for you but I would like to send extra loving and healing prayers on your surgery day. Please know you are special and loved by so many people. You always make my day. All Hail the Dean Of Fuckery!!!!!!!

    Everybody, for a good laugh go to youtube and type in BGT Kelly Fox
    You will laugh you ass off.
    Kelly, as always great blog. Everybody have a great Thanksgiving!
    Take Good Care Of Yourselves

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Harley. That’s okay. End of January 26th unless I get a cancellation day before then. Thank you so much, that makes me feel great. Have a great weekend.

  17. HarleyGirl says:

    Sorry Kelly, used youtube name instead of HarleyGirl. Could not use HarleyGirl on youtube because some fucker already use it……bitch should take my name because I am one of a kind!!!!!

  18. Mama Via says:

    HahA, HarleyGirl!! Loved “kiss my ass, baby! I ain’t gonna take your shit no mo!”

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