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December 22, 2014

Did anyone get the plate number off of whatever ran me over-somewhere on earth

Hai everybody. Well, let’s just all agree that I never do that ever again mmmmmkay? Seriously. You hear about drug interactions but you just assume the doctor in charge maybe checked the eleventy five pages of fucking medications you were already on. Your Judge/Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/ Queen of the Region of Mean could have killed her damn self. Fuck me. Mad? Yup!! But it seems to be at least sorted now and I don’t feel like I’m slowly drowning anymore and my head has cleared so. HAI!!!

Before I post today I want to REALLY thank Blue and Paul for having my back, but Blue, thanks for the concern, and for keeping everybody posted and mostly for the Skype check ins to make sure I was okay. I’m hella tough but that scared me just a little bit.

So, on with the show. Today we have another Guest blog from Paul Sanders. It’s a day or so late, but it’s worth the wait I promise.

The Jodi Arias Retrial: A Juror’s Perspective

DAY 19


A diamond would not be valuable were it easily discovered. The Defense Team handed one to Juan Martinez. It was wrapped in coal and hidden from sight. It was subtle and became the jewel that the Jury will take with them on their time off until next year.

It would be the fourth day of testimony from Dr. Geffner, the trial experienced Psychologist. It is also the eleventh day in a row of hearing psychological testimony. It has become two Doctors who have said almost the same thing but with different affectations. It can get tiring but Jennifer Willmott kept a good pace today by constantly presenting new documents for the Jury to see. This was a continuation of yesterday’s timeline of the life of Arias and Travis Alexander seen mostly from Arias’ eyes through the continual presentation of pages from her journals.

Simultaneously, Jennifer Willmott would query the Doctor on a timeline he created based, again, on mostly Arias’ journal. It was lightly seasoned with some loose corroboration and a touch of nastily worded e-mails. Much of this had been visited through the testimony of Dr. Fonseca.

It is the note takers that I watch on the Jury since the rest of the Jurors carry stoic faces that reveal nothing of what they may think. I see particularly five note takers. I take notes as I did as a Juror on the capital murder case of Marissa DeVault in the premeditated murder of her husband. Our second of three verdicts reached qualified DeVault for the death penalty. We had fourteen days of Psychological testimony throughout the three phases. My book, “Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale” (available on Amazon.com) is the story of this recent and similar trial.

The note taker on a Jury, once started, realizes that he or she has to be quick with the pen. They want to make sure that nothing is missed because he or she never knows what is going to become critically important. The note taker learns to write in outlines instead of paragraphs. They find that dates and times are important and they focus on writing exhibit numbers down and what the exhibit refers to. At the time, they don’t realize how important the writing down exhibit numbers is.

The Jury will not get transcripts of the trial in the deliberation room once they are reduced to twelve members. They will, however, have access to all the evidence including that of the previous first and second phases. When the Jury deliberated in the first two phases, the evidence was in the Jury room, at least the pictures and documents. They could always request additional items. The third phase is different because the evidence must be requested by the Jury and requested by Exhibit numbers.

It is from one of the note takers where the eventual Jury Foreperson will arise.

Throughout the morning, Jennifer Willmott rotated between the showing of Dr. Geffner’s objective timeline and the writings of Arias directly from her hard bound diary. Her writings were careful written and accented by rounded letters. The penmanship was deliberate. It was written with particular care to the styling of the letters and their grace and flow. It was something the Jury would see all day. I think the Defense Team was trying to humanizer her. Days and dates abounded for the note taking Juror even though much of the testimony was tired, worn and redundant.

The Jury was dismissed for lunch and Judge Stevens stayed the Court. We were given a treat that the Jury missed.

Juan Martinez stood up and took a few steps in front of the Prosecution table, facing Dr. Geffner. He wore a gray suit with yellow shirt and a spotted design gold tie.

“Did you interview Travis Alexander?” Mr. Martinez pointedly asked.

Dr. Geffner nervously laughed. “Well, no,” he said. “I couldn’t do that.”

“Did you speak with Mr. Alexander?” Juan asked as he took a step forward.

“That’s kind of ridiculous,” he answered. “He was already gone.”

Juan Martinez stood his ground as he stared at the Doctor. “Did you use the word ‘Manipulative’ in regards to Travis Alexander?”

The Dr. answered and there was the slightest undertone of nervousness. “No. I don’t remember saying that.”

“Aren’t you labeling his conduct by using the word, ’Manipulative’?” he asked, obviously ignoring the Doctor’s memory loss of testimony he had just given minutes before the Jury was dismissed.

“It could be interpreted that way,” he relented with a shrug of his shoulders.

Willmott stood up in her deep aqua colored business skirt suit. “This is discovery and not a cross-examination!” she said vehemently.

“Go on,” Judge Stevens motioned to Juan. Jennifer Willmott remained standing, waiting to pounce.

Juan Martinez did not look at her. He looked at the Judge before he continued his cross examination. He opened his arms with his palms opened and slightly turned outward, looking at the Doctor. “Is saying a ‘Manipulative’ relationship a diagnosis?”

Dr. Geffner looked toward the Judge and saw no help being offered. He looked back at Juan Martinez as if he understood his semantics mistake. “I was looking at all the information. So, no. It’s a general behavior I may have perceived. It is not a diagnosis.”

Juan Martinez did not thank him. He turned on his heel and went back to the Prosecution table while Jennifer Willmott glared at him.

Judge Stevens recessed the Court for lunch. It was really an early Christmas gift from the friendly Doctor seeing Juan take a sample of his eventual prey. Dr. Geffner collapsed like a house of playing cards. His confidence seemed weak and his laugh was nervous with an artificial hollowness. It was going to be a bloodbath.

The Defense spent the return from lunch and the rest of the afternoon presenting a line by line repetition of Jodi’s journal entries. The Jury was fed hours of it while it was interchanged with the kind Doctor’s objective timeline. There may have been those who tired of hearing Arias’ words but they worked not to show it in his or her faces.

The Jury heard of trivialities in Arias’ life and the drama she produced. They saw some of the harsh words of Travis and it reminded them that they still did not know what made him so angry with her on May 26, 2008. Certainly, I think the idea was to present her as a victimized angel but something else happened. The date of this Gmail is also the last communication they knew of between Arias and Travis Alexander.

That was until Jennifer Willmott’s started presenting communications after May 26, 2008. It had my interest and that of the Jury. They still want to know what happened. They will recreate the murder in spite of a decision being reached by another Jury. They need to know themselves because it is natural instinct. It will be an easier path in the Jury room to put it back together. The timeline and her Journals are the closest we get to his death thus far in the retrial phase. Just because the lawyers and the prior verdicts say premeditation existed will not stop them from looking to answer the questions they never got to see in the first phase.

As they sit in the Jury box, they are trying to answer in their minds why the Defendant in the chair, and the words they have heard read aloud, could have done such a horrific act. They become detectives, especially the note takers.

“So, Doctor,” Jennifer Willmott began, “we are reading from her journal of June 1, 2008.”

“Yes,” the Doctor agrees as he reads the projector screen while she reads aloud. It is the same large screen that is in front of the Jury. I notice that Juror # 17 is looking forward toward the screen and I can tell he is writing down quotes just as I am.

“Anyway, after San Diego, I’ll drive to Utah,” Willmott reads from Arias’ journal, written only three days prior to the brutal killing of Travis Alexander. “I’m not sure what we’ll be doing there. It will be nice to get to know Ryan (Burns). I think cuddling is definitely on the list. After some dinner. Maybe after a nap.”

I notice something. It is something about the writing. It was the handwriting. We had seen the bulk of what amounted to two days of seeing her hand written journals. They had always seemed the musings of a teenager of sorts with their care in being written with round and flowing cursive letters. It was something you no longer noticed because you hand seen so much of it.

This journal entry was different. It felt different and its penmanship seemed rushed. There did not seem to be the particular care normally taken in the hand writing. It is speculation and it will be dismissed as speculative that it is different from the rest of her hand writings.

Willmott continued reading Arias’ words, “I mentioned my road trip to Travis. He didn’t sound all that thrilled to me. As far as I know, he knows nothing of Ryan. I asked Zion not to mention it to him so I wouldn’t have to explain anything or hurt him further. It would only be a repeat of our last blowup,” Jodi finishes writing.

“Tell me, what does this mean to you, Doctor?” Willmott asked.

The Doctor rambled on about Jodi moving on in her life but she cannot escape the cycle of abuse. She sees new beginnings while he is exercising control…

I had just finished taking notes of her journal on the screen of June 30, 2008. I stopped writing to ease a cramp in my hand and as I was doing that, my eyes happened to fix on Juror # 17. My Juror acumen from my experience as a Juror kicked in.

He stands about six foot, two inches. He has a shaved head and a long handlebar mustache that runs down the side of his jawline. The mustache is always impeccably trimmed. It takes away from looking at his cleanly shaven head. His shirts are always pressed and he always looks comfortable in his position. He is a note taker but does not work hard at every single detail by writing as furiously as I might. He seems to write when important issues are presented. He flies under the radar but I feel confidence in his walk without being over bearing.

The Doctor was talking but most of the note takers had stopped taking notes. Juror # 17 had his head cradled in his hand. He was looking downward and writing. I could tell he wasn’t listening to the Doctor. He would look up occasionally his look was distant and pensive. It was something I think few would notice unless you have sat in the Jury box.

One can write anything they would like in their Juror- issued folders with legal pads inside. The words in these notebooks are the property of the State and remain in the Jury room for the duration of the trial. Eventually, when the verdict is finally reached, each Juror book is destroyed by the State.

The note taker will sometimes write thoughts that he or she will want to bring up later in the Jury room.

I could tell with his thoughtful looks into space that he was working something out and then writing it on his Juror pad. I saw him flip back a couple pages and then return to writing.

It took one journal entry by Jodi Arias to render the prior two days of testimony as useless. He was putting pieces together. He was looking at dates. I was doing the same thing. It was beginning to dawn on him that the journal entry from June 1, 2008 was manufactured for people who might look at it the future and the future was here.

The letter was staged. There was no trip to San Diego planned. It was a lie. The Journal had impeached itself in the craftily placed words of Arias. The entirety of the journal would be dismissed in deliberations.

The Defense Team wanted to humanize Jodi Arias in the presentation of her journals but instead revealed a killer of the utmost evil.

This is the mitigation and aggravation phase. The Doctor spent four days on the stand and the bulk of this past two days fell into the Prosecution’s hands as the Journal entry gave rise to premeditation instead of mitigation. The Jury will have a Dry Erase board to work with when they get back to the deliberation room at some point. They will draw a line down the center making two columns with one for aggravation and one for mitigation.

Premeditation will go into the aggravation column among many other factors the Jury will see at the start of the New Year. They will see the Cross Examination of Dr. Geffner. They will eventually see Dr. DeMarte when Juan Martinez presents his side of the case.

We may or may not see Jodi Arias on the witness stand but we will eventually see her make her “Statement of Allocution”, as is her right, to the Jury.

We will not see her take ownership of this brutal murder nor will we not see the remorse she needs to show if she wants to stay out of the death chamber.

We close out the year in the Jodi Arias Retrial with hope and not just because of my speculative musings on what a Juror is thinking. It, however, is becoming clearer by the day that there are no mitigation factors.

This Jury will find Justice for Travis Alexander and his family. But, first, Juan Martinez will present the sword as Lady Justice watches…

I wish the family the most blessed of a Christmas Holiday and hope the New Year finally brings them some resolution and the Justice they so richly deserve…

I wish all of you, my Dear Readers, a rich and warm Holiday Season with great Hope and personal growth in 2015. I am humbled by the great amount of support as we collectively search for Justice for Travis…

“Every good relationship that develops as a result of this Trial is the manifestation of the Spirit of Travis Alexander.”

Justice 4 Travis Alexander…

Justice for Dale…

Paul A. Sanders, Jr.
The 13th Juror @The13thJurorMD (Twitter)

From me to all of you, thanks for sticking around on this sometimes very weird ride, thanks for the concern and the friendship and most of all for making me feel like I have a family. I hope you all have the best Holiday. I know it’s going to be my best ever. I will be around, but I’m really trying to follow orders and rest. Since the trial is on hiatus, I’m kind of leaving things in the very capable hands of Blue and Paul and if I feel like writing I will write. I promise you all I WILL be here for 2015 and many years to come.

Thank you for a great 2014. I’m thinking about you all.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!


Life Without Parole – A Different Story – 4 (Guest Blog By BWR)

December 21, 2014

Kansas v. Dana Chandler

First of all, Kelly is under the weather, so until further notice, Paul (@the 13JurorMD) and I (@realBWR) will be attempting to prevent you guys from going into withdrawal. I know I speak for Paul when I say that Kelly has a special gift I don’t have, and want her to know that, this Christmas, she has given me more meaningful gifts of life than I imagined a year ago. Kelly, I am praying for you and that you feel comforted by the worldwide family you now have. We are separated only by physical distance so the emotional distance is nonexistent. We all only want you to be up to writing this blog when you can. Semper Ad Meliora (“Always Towards Good Things.”)

This doesn’t exactly count as Sick F-ck Saturday. I was at my Son #1 High School holiday concert and, during intermissions/changes of choirs, got to thinking about what to write next. If you’ll forgive me, I’d like to write about 2 cases very similar to Stabby’s. Some of you may have heard of it via local coverage, “Snapped” or the like. One thing I daresay you haven’t heard is the aftermath. And that is, ultimately what I want to “sting” at the end. No peeking, stay with me to the end!

I would like to start with Dana Chandler first. Dana Chandler was a Colorado divorced woman in her 40’s. She had a teenage daughter, Hailey, and a Son, Justin. The ex-husband, Mike Cisco, moved to Kansas. He, unfortunately, clashed with daughter Hailey, which went unresolved at the time of his death. He met and fell in love with a woman named Karla Harkness after the tumultuous divorce was finalized. He was awarded sole custody of both minor children.

Dana, hearing of their marriage plans (sound familiar), became enraged. Her 2 children, now of adult age, didn’t think twice of their mother’s weekend plans. The evidence shows:
– She filled gas cans necessary to leave Colorado to Kansas and exit without a trace.
– She shut off her cell phone, making her untraceable.
– She told authorities she went camping in the Rocky Mountains, although the entrance had surveillance cameras recording front and back license plates. Hers were not recorded.
– Her landline went unanswered.
– The TV program 48 Hours hired 2 retired NYPD Homicide detectives, who strongly suspected Dana.

The crime:
Mike and Karen went gambling the night of July 6, 2001. Enraged with jealously over the impending wedding, Dana drove from Colorado (sound familiar?) and hid in their Topeka, Kansas bedroom closet drinking several bottles of wine. She was a chain-smoker, and went outside to repeatedly to smoke and discard the butts. Finally, she heard them come home. She hid in the master bedroom closet. Once asleep, she came out of the closet and shot them both 10-12 times. She left the wine bottles in the closet and the butts outside.

In light of not being detected by by the Ranger Station at the Rocky Mountain entrance, something of note was: there were rampant wildfires present when she should have been. Yet, she never mentioned them. Her daughter Hailey, convinced her mother was culpable, tape recorded their calls, to no avail. The case went cold.

10 years later, Dana moved near her sister in Oklahoma. A new District Attorney (DA) was sworn in at Topeka, KS. He was convinced Dana was responsible. They went over every piece of her story and the limited evidence. The lack of her mention of the wildfires, her explanation of the gas cans for “a helpless couple” and, filling them up when her trip was complete were one thing. The fact that she traveled from Topeka to Denver not in the linear, horizontally logistical manner, but literally in a square method, added to her lack of credibility. Ironically, one leg straight north from Topeka went over a body of water, which gave her ample opportunity to discard the gun, bloody clothes. She was out of phone range for approximately 24 hours. Sound Familiar x 3?

10 years almost to the day later, on July 25, 2011, she was arrested in Oklahoma (living with her sister) later was convicted and sentenced to, according to Her Honor – Judge Nancy Parrish, according to the Topeka Journal, to the maximum of 50 years, consecutive for each murder.

Why this case? I *honestly* think Stabby got her Eistein-y idea about going off the radar from Dana’s caper.

Edit note: Can you imagine if she had left a palm print in the closet?!

Next I will write about a similar, “If I can’t you, no other female will…..”

Guest Blog Day 18 The 13th Juror.

December 20, 2014

I feel shitty, oh so shitty…

Hai guys.  Sorry I just sort of fell off the map.  I’ve not been feeling well and mostly been sleeping. Mostly.  Since I am not feeling great Blue and Paul are taking the wheel for the next few days.

Posting Day 18 of the 13th Juror first today and Blue will be coming at you this afternoon with something completely different (yet fascinatingly familiar) and then Day 19 of the 13th Juror will appear tomorrow.

So without further fanfare  I present Mr. Paul Sanders.  My friend and one hell of a writer.  The 13th Juror.

The Jodi Arias Retrial: A Juror’s Perspective

DAY 18


I am not sure that anyone on the Jury was thrilled to see Dr. Robert Geffner on the witness stand as they filed into their seats. We were moving into his third day of Psychological testimony. The Jury has learned that he has testified in over three hundred trials as a twenty five year experienced Psychologist who also has opened many clinics throughout the country.

Dr. Geffner was dressed conservatively in a dark blue suit with a white shirt complimented with a gray tie. Jennifer Willmott handled his questioning who was sharply dressed in a medium dark blue business skirt suit wearing black stockings and black high heels. The view of her shoulder length hair from the back shows it to be perfect in form and shape. Every hair is in line and she carries herself confident in appearance and in questioning.

“Doctor,” Jennifer Willmott started. “We ended yesterday talking about the childhood of Jodi Arias.”

“Yes,” he offered, turning in his chair to look at the Jury, “she came from an abusive family and left when she was eighteen.”

“Thank you, Doctor. I would like to move on and talk about some of the experiences she had after she left home. Are you familiar with her first boyfriend, Bobby Juarez?” Willmott asked.

“Certainly,” he answered with a chuckle. He had a habit of making small laughs throughout his testimony the prior two days. This was the first time it really started to seem annoying. He may have done this out of being a nervous expression or maybe it was done as a way to bond with the Jury. This, however, being his third day, there was a failure by all to see the humorous inflections as a good thing.

The family of Travis Alexander sits in the front two rows every day and in their same seats. Samantha sits on the end of the front row and she carries a small book and takes notes periodically throughout testimony. They are a close group and I feel great empathy for them.

The Jury feels empathy for them especially in knowing that the Defendant has been convicted of first degree murder. The Jury feels an enhanced sense of empathy given that the Defendant is Death Penalty qualified in the cruel and heinous nature in the crime. This empathy is unspoken but it is there. I do not think the family of Travis Alexander enjoys these minor attempts at lightheartedness and neither does the Jury.

The law says that the Jury may not feel empathy or sympathy for the Defendant in rendering their decision.

I speak as a former Juror of the Marissa DeVault Trial in the brutal killing of Dale Harrell. The trial began in January of 2014 and recently concluded in June. We felt this same empathy for the family and conveyed it as great respect for the family of the victim. We may not have used it in the Jury room but it was there, deep inside, a great sadness in the senseless loss of life and the unending pain that the family would endure the rest of their lives despite our reaching a decision to give the Defendant life in prison without the possibility of parole. I speak of the DeVault Trial in much the same way I construct the daily Juror Perspective on the Jodi Arias Trial in my book, “Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale,” (available on Amazon.com).

We did not consider feelings of sympathy or empathy for the killer, Marissa DeVault.

Dr. Geffner turned toward the Jury, “Bobby Juarez was an abusive relationship for Miss Arias at eighteen years old. This set up a pattern in her later boyfriends. I believe, or evidently,” he said correcting himself with a laugh, “I heard he was a big guy.”

“Where did you get this information?” Willmott asked.

“I look at Jodi’s journals and I got this from her brother from his interview.”

“Very good,” Willmott said. She walked over to a projector screen and put up a picture of Arias with Bobby Juarez. The picture came onto the screens throughout the Courtroom.

The picture was of Bobby and Arias on the floor with Bobby’s arm wrapped around her. He was shirtless and somewhat muscular. One could see a “six-pack” on his stomach. They both looked young and Arias so much so that she was almost unrecognizable as one had to struggle to match her features as she looks in the present sitting in the Defendant’s chair. Bobby and Arias were both smiling playfully in the scene from seventeen years prior.

The picture displayed showed that Bobby Juarez looked the same size as Arias even though the Doctor had just said he was a “big guy”. The Jury notices little inconsistencies like that and they usually end of in the pile of discarded witness testimony once it reaches the deliberation room. One or two inconsistencies in testimony and a few objective interpretations will easy dispose of a witness. I noticed five Jurors taking notes.

“How was there relationship abusive in your opinion, Doctor? Can you give us an example?” Willmott continued.

“Certainly,” he answered affably. “There was an incident when they broke up that is corroborated by Jodi’s bother. Bobby Juarez was heavily into martial arts. He was also into control and power. One night, he hit and choked her, twisted her wrist and put her on the floor. When her brother found out, they went to his house because he wanted to scare Mr. Juarez. Well, when Bobby opened the door, he flipped the tables because he was wielding some sort of Samurai sword and they ran away.”

Jennifer Wilmott walks over to the projection machine. One can see her dark blue sparkled fingernail polish as she centers the “Abuse Wheel of Power and Control” document that we had seen the day prior on the projector.

“And how does this apply to this document?” Willmott asked.

“Again,” he said turning again to the Jury, “this is a prime example of what her future was going to be like with her relationships. She falls into situations where the men in her life exercise great power and control of her. She really is a victim as demonstrated by the chart with physical and sexual abuse. It is a cycle with her and Bobby Juarez. It was the first abusive relationship after coming from an abusive family.”

“Very good, Doctor,” Willmott responded cordially. She slides the document off the screen and the Courtroom is introduced to a picture of Arias and Matt McCartney. The Jury looks at the screen stoically.

The picture shows Matt wearing a white sweater with his arm wrapped around Arias in a posed picture. It looks like the two of them are in front of an aquarium with a large maroon Scallop shell framing them in the background. Matt looks kind and Arias looks much more familiar in relation to her present looks.

“Can you tell us your expert opinion about this boyfriend?” Willmott asks.

“This is another abusive boyfriend,” he answers readily. “In this case it wasn’t physically abusive but it was emotionally abusive. He had been cheating on her and she found out. This was very hard on her psychological make-up. It caused her to distrust people, diminished her self-esteem and was damaging because she had not planned on the relationship to end in that manner. She had to look for answers.”

“Did there come an occasion where she went to see Bianca, the girl he was having an affair with behind Jodi’s back?” Willmott asked.

“Yes,” he said. “She drove to see her, it might have been a somewhat long drive and there are some conflicting stories on what was discussed.”

“Did she go up to confront her?” Jennifer Willmott queried.”

“I wouldn’t say it was a s much a confrontation as it was a validation. She couldn’t understand what happened in their two year relationship. As I understand it, she cried a lot when Matt went to Crater Lake. He had started this relationship while Jodi was living with him and Jodi needed to clear her mind. So, she went to Crater lake to see Bianca and, from what her brother verifies, it was not a nasty confrontation by any means,” he explained.

Jennifer Willmott turns around, away from the Doctor and walks to the defense table, picks up a document, places it on the projector screen and her shiny blue fingernails straighten it out. Her fingers look small.

“Do you know what this is, Doctor?”

“It’s the results of an interview with the boyfriend, Matt McCartney.”

“Can you discuss the importance of these answers?” she asked.

Dr. Geffner turns to the Jury while Jennifer Willmott uses a cursor to direct the Jury’s attention toward the statements he was speaking on.

The Doctor relayed the answers on the screen saying that Jodi was very affectionate and kind. She was not clingy or needy and the boyfriend and girlfriend had discussed marriage at some point. The attention was directed toward Jodi always having her “moods” which was a sign of early stages of chronic depression. He further explained that Matt had said she would take things the wrong way and cry a lot. He felt she sobbed excessively and she was very emotional.

“Did Matt McCartney think she may have had some issues about that?” Willmott asked.

“Yes,” Dr. Geffner answered with a little laugh. “He was not a Psychiatrist or trained in my field and he felt that she was bipolar. This did not show up in any of the tests but now that I think about it, there could be signs of being bipolar,” he offered.

“Why do you think that?”

“She had severe emotional shifts. She also had some spending issues which is characteristic of being bipolar and these were some pretty bad habits causing her financial problems. This is one manifestation of a complicated condition,” he said. He leaned forward toward the Jury. “She was not manipulative and she did not appear angry by any means after they broke up. She had self-esteem and depression issues which might lead an average person to think it was bipolar. She had identity issues as anyone might have after the collapse of a two year relationship.”

“Did she have a relationship after Mr. McCartney?”

“She did,” he answered. “She met Darryl Brewer a short time after she moved to Big Sur. She was twenty-two while he was forty two and he had a young son. They had a long relationship. There were no signs of abuse or aggressiveness. He was a catering manager for a restaurant she had applied at and they started a relationship very quickly. I believe they broke up in 2006 when he met Travis Alexander.”

Jennifer Willmott put a picture of Darryl and Arias with his son in his arms taken on a sunny and windy day. She looked a lot as she does in the present except that her hair was long and she did not wear glasses. It looked like an All-American family picture of happiness and contentment.

“What do you think important about this relationship,” Willmott asked.

“Objection!” Juan Martinez said. “Calls for speculation.”

“Sustained,” Judge Stevens said calmly.

Juan Martinez had as many objections sustained as he had them over-ruled throughout the three days. I would watch him as he sat in his chair leaning forward with his elbows on the prosecution table with his chin resting in his thumbs. He would look at the screens and sometimes he would quickly jot notes on his legal pad. He was not obtrusive by any means but one felt he was being patient as well as having command at the same time. I expect that the wheels never stopped turning in his head.

Jennifer Willmott recovered quickly without looking toward the Prosecution table. “Based on the interview results of Darryl Brewer,” she emphasized, “What do you make of this relationship in your professional opinion?”

“There are some things that Darryl said that are consistent with what Matt McCartney said,” he explained to the Jury. “For instance, he said that she showed signs of being bipolar. He saw a lot of mood swings and the signs of depression that we have spoken of in her prior relationship. It really made me think twice about a bipolar condition.”

“Was there anything else of importance in your opinion?”

The Doctor, never being short of words, went on and on about the damage Jodi had suffered in her prior relationships and she was looking for something greater. He felt she had limitations in that Darryl wanted no more children and she was looking for children in her future. Darryl could not provide that. She met Travis Alexander and this changed her life.

At one point in the early afternoon, Jennifer Willmott had the typewritten results of the Darryl interview on the projection screens throughout the Courtroom. I mentioned in an earlier Perspective that Jurors not only listen to what is said, they always read beyond what the Defense may draw their attention to. They are continually searching for answers and more information.

The answer to one question did not go past the Jury. Its causal link was obvious but unintended. Jennifer Willmott was very good at removing documents quickly after hearing testimony on a subject whereas Kirk Nurmi had a habit of leaving documents on the projection screens for an extended amount of time. This piece of information was exposed subtly.

I looked at the Jury and I saw them reading documents in their entirety while they were on the large screen in front of them. I saw Judge Stevens doing the same thing while Dr. Geffner spoke.

One answer read:

“When they moved to the desert, they weren’t used to the heat. He (Darryl) started keeping a five gallon gas can in the back of the car in case of running out of it and often took a few gas cans on trips.”

The Jury did not miss this and it was not mentioned by the Defense even though it was on the screen for all to see. Its qualification and reason for having gas cans did not make sense. But, even more so, it brought attention to the gas cans. I don’t think the Defense wants to talk about gas cans. I think the Jury wants to know what gas cans have to do with moving to Arizona.

We spent the rest of the afternoon painstakingly beginning the process of going through a day by day and moment by moment timeline of the relationship of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. The ill-fated meeting was in September of 2006. The met for the first time at the Rainforest Café of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This timeline would continue into Day 19 of the Trial. The Jury would be excused for the day after an extra hour of testimony.

The gas can mention was a seed in the Jury’s head.

Juries love evidence that they can touch see and feel. They also like dates and times.

Somebody on the Jury is trying to remember when she bought the gas cans…

Every good relationship that develops as a result of this Trial is the manifestation of the Spirit of Travis Alexander.”

Justice 4 Travis Alexander…

Justice for Dale…

Paul A. Sanders, Jr.

The 13th Juror @The13thJurorMD (Twitter)

The Stabby Arias Penalty Phase Retrial – The Dr. Geffner is an Asshat Edition

December 17, 2014

Hai Kids.  You know, it’s nice to be nice once in a while and try and stretch out an olive branch and all that happy peace on earth good will towards men stuff.  I do however feel rather remiss as your law professor/Dean of fuckery/Queen of Mean/ possible supreme ruler of the universe.  You will have to forgive me.  It is a lot of hats that I wear and I get them all confused sometimes.  You know, like how some people get confused that they are still 21 and gorgeous.  Like that.  Now, my palace is just a run down old farm house in the middle of nowhere and I don’t pretend that it isn’t.  I owe back taxes on it but you know what?  When I was still normal I worked hard, I bought it at the age of 19 all by myself and I paid it off all by myself.   It’s old, and it need a makeover badly, but the dogs and cat at least keep it from becoming a rat haven so there is that.  I do have a complete law library (my lawyer is constantly shipping me cartons of law books) in hopes that even now I might somehow be able to fulfill what he considers to be my destiny.  I also study science so I can be all Einstein-y and shit, and I bet I can write an amicus brief better than Jenny from the Cell Block.  When I am not busy doing that I have taken up a new hobby.  I am now making tinfoil hats to send to each and every one of the stabby/mormonmafia/skateboardninjafrapuccinogang/juan Martinez is a bad man because he wins/ conspiracy theorists.  We can read their thoughts because planetary alignment or radio waves or because I have a contract of indentured servitude with my in house psychic who the fuck knows.

Here in  a nutshell is what I know.  I will type slowly in hopes that the fucktards that still think stabby is going to magically be freed in the next 8 days might get it.

1. Stabby, your patron saint of debauchery(look it up stabbyites I don’t have time to spoon feed you this) has been CONVICTED OF FIRST DEGREE PREMEDITATED MURDER.

2.Stabby is eligible for the death penalty. Now nurms can write motions till he gets carpal tunnel syndrome and that is NOT going to change the fact that she is DP eligible. And if you think that you aren’t starting to piss off the jury with all these stall tactics then you sir are an idiot.

3.Stabby is a fucking liar. How do we know? Her mouth is moving. I bet she lies about what she has for breakfast. We certainly know she lies about being starved to death by good ole sheriff Joe. How’s that lawsuit coming Stabby? Just wondering.

4.Stabby is what I like to call a weasel. Have you ever seen a weasel. Vicious little things. Kind of like ferrets but with rabies and their period all at the same time. Weasels will go into a chicken coop and they will kill a bird and eat it. Then just for the fuck of it they will kill every other bird in the coop. I guess so there aren’t any witnesses. Kinda like tossing a camera in the washing machine. A weasel would do that.

5.Stabby thinks that the whole entire world is dumber than her (and that ladies and gents says a lot). We have I wasn’t there, and then two American ninjas did it and then not only did the ninjas do it but as luck would have it the gun misfired and the one with the knife forgot how to use it and I grabbed my purse and ran. Because a purse at that point would be so important. Then, I killed Travis in self defense. Because he said mean things to me and I didn’t like it. He called me a fucking whore. Because you were a fucking whore. I’m a fucking blonde. Deb is my fucking star student. Mama is a fucking great story teller. You see where I am going with this? It all means NOTHING.

6.Now she has her brother in on the action. He has signed a statement that was read into the record that Stabby mom did indeed beat not just stabby but now both of them with a wooden spoon and Dad of stabby had paddles with their names emblazoned on them (but those never got used). It is AMAZING how the story is evolving to suit her new idea of mitigation.

7.Speaking of mitigation. When are we going to see some. you don’t get to claim the PTSD you (doubtfully have) that you got from killing a guy. Mommy hit you with a spoon. Poor muffin. My dad shot me and I didn’t kill anybody.

8.Geffner is a wash. He has pretty much completely swung his entire testimony and it’s a damn shame the jury isn’t going to find that out till after. He did however make that fairly large goof and call Stabbykins a psychopath. That would be one of the only truthful statements of the “paid experts” thus far.

9.Juan is going to turn him into steak tartar. JUST. LIKE. LAST. TIME.

10.Alfred E. is gonna go to the supreme court. Bless his heart. He probably had the motion already written so he could get it in in time for Christmas bonus dividends as Christine Beswick said.

11.I am sick of the eleventybillion tweets a day that Stabby is innocent

12.I am completely pissed off at the ones saying Travis deserved it because he hurt poor muffins feelings.

13.Porngate turned into nothinggate just like I said it would. Unless you are PV. In that case Juan bad, prosecutorial misconduct blah, fucking blah.

14.I will be very happy when Stabby is stuck in a shu somewhere awaiting her ultimate punishment, whatever that may be.

15.There is no way in hell that LWP is even a remote possibility. LWOP is the very best that she is going to do.

16.Walmart never loses anything EVER.

17.This trial is likely to drag out well into the middle of 2015 and if Nurmi really goes to the supreme court (and he will) maybe longer.

18.That could present us with a mistrial and that would probably be the best thing all the way around. Stabby gets LWOP and goes away and we all get to start ragging on some other trial.

There, that feels better. I feel like my old self again.

A very good friend of mine told me today “meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup.”     I say fuck dragons.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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Nurmi Baby – a Guest Blog By Bobbie Thompson

December 17, 2014

Hai everbody.  Your law professor/dean of fuckery is feeling quite unwell and Bobbie sent me this rather brilliant guest blog to be sung to the tune of Santa Baby.  I myself may or may not write a blog tonight, depends on if a nap and several Tylenol make me feel any better.

Nurmi baby,slip a ninja under the tree for me;
Been an awful bad girl, Nurmi baby,
So hurry to my jail cell tonight.
Nurmi baby, a 54″ dildo,too, light blue;
I’ll wait up for you dear, Nurmi baby,
So hurry to my jail cell tonight.
Think of all the dicks I’ve missed;
While I’ve been locked away, I’m pissed;
Next year I could be just as bad… If you’d check off my christmas list.
Nurmi baby, I want Juan shot, and really, that’s not a lot;
Been a devil all year, Nurmi baby,
So hurry to my jail cell tonight.
Nurmi honey, one little thing I really need…
To secede… from Estrella jail, Nurmi baby,
So hurry to my jail cell tonight.
Nurmi cutie, fill my stocking with suspects;
Put your neck on the line, Nurmi cutie,
And hurry to my jail cell tonight.
Come and trim my skanky bush with some some diamonds from Tiffany’s;
I really don’t believe in you,
But you bet-ter believe in me.
Nurmi baby, forgot to mention…my conviction…
Were just lies and contradictions,
So hurry to my jail cell tonight.
Hurry tonight!
Thank you Bobbie for that brilliant rendition.  Perhaps Stabby can perform it at inmate idol this year.
RBMD peacing the fuck out (at least for now)

A Plea For Peace On Earth…Or At Least On Twitter

December 16, 2014


Hai everyone. Welcome to tonight’s blog. Tonight is going to be a little different.

Because I am now Queen I have certain new obligations that it would be very wrong of me to ignore. It has been pointed out to me that this trial in particular seems to have turned us all into a bunch of raving lunatics. I’m paraphrasing of course, but that does not make it any less true. There are two definitive camps; the Stabbyites who we all think are completely off of their meds, and the Travisites (that would be us). Now I am a card carrying Travisite and I make no bones about it. The problem I have with some Travisites although none that are here that I am aware of are that they seem to have canonized Travis Alexander post mortem. People do not like to speak ill of the dead (well except for me, there I several dead people I speak ill of all of the time and it makes me happy to do so because they were dicks) but that is me. The problem with this is that Travis was no saint.

Your Queen is about to impart some things that may offend some of you and for that I am truly sorry. I care very much for all of you and it hurts me that I may say something to offend. Unfortunately, these are things that need to be said.

Travis Alexander was a man who brought himself up from nothing. He worked hard, he was kind to the poor, he was a good friend, and he was a good doggy dad. He was also someone who treated women badly (and I don’t mean that in the way Stabby keeps saying) he was what I like to call a heart predator. He was that guy in high school who would pursue you and pursue you until you finally capitulated and said yeah okay I’ll go out with you and at that point he would completely lose interest because he had accomplished his aim of making you look. He liked to make woman fall for him and then he would get tired of them and because he was so good natured he would keep many of them as friends, but he would move on to the next conquest. He, like Stabby, was also a liar. Maybe not lies of consequence to anyone but him, but he was a liar none the less. Just like a lot of other people. Do you remember the mortification on his families face when the whole world got to hear that not only was he not the 30 year old virgin that he purported himself to be, but the amount of kink that he was into? I certainly do. They died a little that day, not because of the embarrassment, but because he had been lying to them too. He lied to his friends by pretending to still be temple worthy (remember Deanna Reids testimony about how he would carry a gym bag with his temple clothes so it would look like he had been to temple?) I do. He lied to the women he was dating about how many of them he was dating at one time. He lied about his financials, he put on a good show, but he was struggling financially. Travis was a player, just like most other men (and women) on the planet are. He was just a normal man. Like any other normal man. Not a Saint, not better than anyone else, not perfect. Just a normal man with normal faults.

The problem with all of this is that the Stabbyites are saying he was Satan incarnate and we are saying he was the second coming of Christ. Both sides are wrong.

Stabby is going to be sentenced on the evidence pure and simple. She has already been convicted, something a lot of people seem to forget. There is a huge trail of stalking behavior, and I believe that the emotional abuse did happen and absolutely went both ways. I think she is just as guilty of that as he is. I don’t think that is a mitigating factor however. If somebody saying mean things to you was a mitigating factor for murder, ¾ of the planet would be dead.

The point of all of this is I have watched rational, kind, nice people devolve into foaming at the mouth people who are saying and doing things that are so against their nature it defies my understanding and I am as guilty of that as anyone. There is a huge chasm between being a smart ass and saying smart assed things and saying evil, mean terrible things to people.

As some of you know I reached out to Joe Santos to try and talk in a civil manner about the things he said to me as well as the things I said to him. We have been speaking about the whole thing via DM and email and I have discovered that Joe Santos is not the devil anymore than I am, he is just on the other side of the fence about the trial. We have been able to speak civilly on the subject, and while we have different opinions we have both decided that we don’t need to act like a pair of asses to get our points across.

I asked if he would be willing to put his two cents in on this because he is one of the people that we have all been so rabid about, me especially.  He said some terrible things to and about me. I did exactly the same thing to him which makes me part of the problem.  He agreed and his words are well thought out and heartfelt.

These are Joe’s words, the only change was to the spelling of my name because there is no additional E in it.

Good evening. Thank you for giving me a few moments of time on your blog, Kelly.

As many of you may know, not too long ago Kelly and I use to fight like cats and dogs… We still have different opinions regarding the Jodi Arias trial, vastly different! We basically back different horses…But, recently, we have gotten to know each other better via private DM’s and are now on actual speaking terms. And, we are now civil to each other. I realized it was wrong of me to be disrespectful to a lady, especially one more mature than I am. I know some of you are wondering, but isn’t Joe an old large man? Well, no, that picture isn’t me. Just a bad joke Janet played on me. Besides, that man looks TOO happy to be me… Who knows if I keep drinking so many frozen Latte’s I might be that guy in a few years but, for now, I’m me.

But, anyway, we want to address civility. This case has been unprecedented in as far as the emotions involved… Therefore, civility has been thrown out the window by many. We are ALL guilty.. No, wait maybe 1% never “Snapped” as George Barwood would say… @kirawylok, The pretty girl from Chicago has never Snapped I think, unless I missed it. But, most of us have. Face it. I’m sure if I flew a drone over the home of the lady who told me to go f*ck myself this morning on Twitter and asked me if my green card is still valid,(just to interject, this happened, I saw the tweet) I bet I would see her helping an old lady cross the street…But, once she logs on to Twitter…. Look out!!! Completely different person.

Anyway, this won’t reach everyone t, as Rodney King said during the Los Angeles riots: Couldn’t we all just get along?… Impossible… But, let’s try to be civil. It is the Season…. Happy Hanukah.

The point of this entire post I guess is that I am tired of all the fighting. I don’t mean the little barbs tossed back and forth, or the smartassed and oh so funny comments that come forth from both sides of the fence, I mean the down and dirty I’m going to get you, I’m going to post all of your personal information on the internet, I’m going to hunt you down and kill you bullshit that goes on. You all matter to me and I have seen so many of you hurt from the other side, which of course leads me to the logical conclusion that if we have been hurt, there have been casualties on the other side as well. It’s Christmas time. Time for peace on earth and love your fellow man and all that stuff that should be everyday, not just this time of the year, but I will take what I can get. But can we at least attempt a ceasefire for the immediate future.

Thanks for reading. Your regularly scheduled programming will return shortly.
RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Retrial- Garbage In Garbage Out Edition (thank you Jeffrey Gold)

December 16, 2014


If I lose this post again I’m just not fucking posting it- Arizona

Hai everybody. So, I just wrote and lost this blog. TWICE. We are having brown outs and for whatever reason my computer is not saving anygoddamnthing at the moment. I am not amused. But, I am dedicated if nothing else so I will try this one more time.

I have to give Nurmi some credit because he has pulled off a brilliant tactical move. He won’t say whether Stabby will or won’t continue to testify until he hears from the COA so Juan can’t make a motion to have her testimony stricken if she decides not to testify. And he did it just before he brought out the defenses next idiot for Hire Dr. Gefner. Otherwise known as the human ventriloquist dummy. Dr. Geffner of water spilling fame from the first trial. So whatever she said is still in the Jury’s minds, can’t be stricken and now we have some paid doofus to further pound whatever it was into their heads.

Jenny From the Cell Block is up on Direct and we are once again going through the entire life and times of Dr. Geffner. For those of you who missed the first time around, this is what happened: Harpo, who dis man is, Arizona

If foghorn Leghorn and General Custer had a kid, it would be the dude on the let’s try and make all these nice people think these are not the droids they are looking for sur-rebuttal train. Aerosmith was present for a scathing rendition of “Train Kept Rollin’ which had the entire gallery on its feet. The vet waited patiently as Conductor Stephens kept the minions shoveling coal and the train picked up speed. Jenny from the Cell Block took a stab (yes, I said it and it stays) at something new today. Boring the jury into submission just so they could get the hell out of there. We spent an entire day talking about the Foghorn leghorn Jedi Masters credentials. Where he went to school, how long he went to school, who he banged at school, how many bong hits he took at school, his favorite cafeteria food at school. The fact that he NEVER talked about Stabby, or read a police report only came up when he stared straight into the gallery and did that Jedi thing with his hands and said “None of those facts are relevant” The only time we were actually sure he was alive was when he got onto the subject of Janeen DeMarte and her Diagnosis of BPD. With a totally straight face he told Jenny from the cell block that he’s right, Janeen is wrong neener neener. It was a breathtaking display of testimony.

Alfred E. Nurmi spent a good deal of the day looking like he paid the vet to shoot a dart into his ass and Stabby stared at the jury like the death eater that she secretly is. All we need now is he who shall not be named, Harry Potter and a wand dual and the circle of life will be complete.

Jenny from the Cell Block is going to lose points in the beauty part of the pageant of the insane due to the ever growing bald spot on her head. Good thing she has all that poise and charm or she’d be out already.

Geffner actually managed to keep a straight face as he told the jury he determined Stabby didn’t lie or distort her answers on Dr. Demarte’s psychological tests. He also said the tests did not indicate an aggressive, hostile, or violent personality, but rather a crushed flower in the throes of PTSD. The sympathy vote missed the whole thing as she snored through the testimony.

Geffner decided court would be a great place to practice his standup routine. This expert witness with eighthundredmillion years worth of experience couldn’t operate the touch screen computer and managed to spill water all over himself, the witness stand, the floor, the vet and conductor Stephens a couple of times.

The highlight of the entire routine however was when Geffner, who has a familiarity with brains, you know like I have a familiarity with nuclear fusion, was asked to use his zero experience with autopsies to refute Medical Examiner Horne’s testimony about the gunshot coming last. The psychologist/standup comedian testified that in his inexperienced and totally untrained opinion, Travis could have turned into a zombie and totally continued to walk and stuff. Then he took another bong hit and braced while the dog handler put the attack suit on him before they turned Juan loose.

Somebody had some extra raw steak at lunch because a completely foaming at the mouth Juan fairly leapt out of his chair and charged the obviously terrified Geffner. He immediately crushed his non-existent credibility by informing the gallery that dudes testimony had been tossed as having absolutely no merit at several other trials where he’d been a witness. Mortimer Snerd just smiled and giggled in what seemed to be an attempt to keep the obviously rabid pit-bull at bay.

Juan then to the surprise of absolutely no one anywhere, proceeded to lay the smack down of all smack downs on the ventriloquist dummy sitting on the stand about Mortimers absolutely no validity, uniformed thoughts on Travis’ gunshot wound. The smell of brimstone started to permeate the air and we all wondered for a moment if Jenny would be called back from whence she came due to her stunning FAIL at ever calling this witness.

That was last time. Time has to be better right. He’s had practice now. He knows what to do. You would think that but no it was pretty much exactly the same.  Juan has already had to have two darts put into him because he got the illustrious Psychologist’s notes from the university of Malingering (thank you Stabby’s Pencil) for fun and profit at just past 11pm last night.  Geffner the human ventriloquist dummy is expected to be on the stand all week (oh goody) and Juan needs at least two days to interview him.  This time around Mortimer Snerd isn’t just going to talk about his interviews with Stabbykins he is also going to talk about every other experts interview with her which doesn’t sound quite right to me. Remind me to check on that.  He already has the Dr. Samuels I love you Stabbykins look on his face so she has obviously been communing with Satan again.  Since she doesn’t have a soul maybe she just traded him for some anal and a blowie?

Going over the MMPI2 that diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder and instead of arguing this time he is likely to agree, because agreeing means she has a mental problem and somebody on the Jury might go for that.

Stabby apparently reported lots of symptoms of trauma probably largely in part to things like killing a guy and then telling a bunch of bullshit that nobody believed and then being incarcerated. I’d be a little traumatized too.

The Jedi Master is now going over Stabby’s rather high score on Stabby being a psychopath. Bet they didn’t pay him to say that shit.  I got 5 that says that was said accidentally.  She also has major sexual issues to which the entire planet collectively said “No. Really?”

Since pretty much every time Stabby opens her mouth it is either self serving or an outright lie I would say most of what Geffner has to say is useless because if he hasn’t noticed she LIES.

He actually called the PTSD that she has from butchering a man a mitigating factor.  I shit you not he really honest to god said that.  He has however so far managed to not spill anything on himself so he is at least doing better that way.  Just as an aside the Jury isn’t taking any notes on the Psych testimony so whatever her super secret testimony was, it looks like they don’t really give a shit.

Mortimer Snerd admitted on the record that nobody knows what the fuck is going on in that psychotic little head of hers, it’s all just a guess.  ON THE RECORD.

That is it for today kids, but just think we have a whole week of this to look forward too.  Juan shredded him last time, I hope he brought the attack suit.

Have a great night. RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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Just a Sunday Blog

December 14, 2014

Hai everybody, tis me, your law professor/dean of fuckery/queen of mean and hopefully if things pan out supreme ruler of the universe at some point LOL. It has been a very quiet day in RBMD land. Quiet but nice. I hung out with my dogs and I refrained from doing the housework that I so badly want to do because I am trying to follow the orders of my cardiologist as much as I can. I know I slip every now and then, but I really am trying. I find I spend a lot of time just staring at my Christmas tree, because it fills me full of peace and I have no idea why. I didn’t think I would recognize peace if it bit me right on the ass, but I do and I like it.

The dogs are all well. They have been having an earmite problem, and the vet will not prescribe without seeing them and of course that is not an option at the moment so I did a ton of research and found a product called otoguard. I didn’t need a prescription for it and after only two applications there is not an itchy ear in the whole dog family. I even treated the cat and taco because those little fuckers seem to like all animals. Mya the French Mastiff had them the worst and her relief is absolute. Poor baby. They have gone from red and inflamed and driving her mad itchy to completely fine with just two applications. The prescription stuff that I was going to get would have been 75$ per two dogs and the stuff I got that has the exact same stuff just slightly lower pyrethrine percentage was $20 with enough to treat all the dogs for a month. And yes I did do an ear scraping and check under my microscope to make sure it was mites before I applied it. I was once upon a time a science geek so I have my own little lab set up here.

I did go out and get some more diesel today for the oil tank. Thank you again to all of you who have donated. Even if I can only do it 40 litres at a time, it is keeping me from freezing to death, so thank you to everyone who has donated to our blog. It is our blog. I could not imagine it without all of you. The comments are as fun as the blog is any day. I love reading what you all have to say, and if I don’t get back at you right away it is because I am having one of my moments and I am simply to tired to type. I will always do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

I wanted to thank my friend BlueWhiteRed for so selflessly picking up the slack for me on the days I have been to unwell to blog. They seem to be coming more often and I am going to be very happy to get his heart bullshit sorted. I also have a surprise. Because blogging everyday is time consuming and hard when you put the research into it, Paul Saunders better known as the 13th Juror has agreed to help Blue out so that nobody gets overwhelmed or bogged down. I know that you all love Blue’s series on LWOP but I know you will equally love Paul. It bears saying again as well that if any of you want to take a crack at a guest blog by all means. I’m specifically looking at you Mama, Renae and Deb. I know you would make excellent guest bloggers. I am not in any way suggesting that anyone else wouldn’t, I just know that a lot of you are shy. I hope you feel comfortable enough here that Blue is inundated with requests for a slot. Once I am off for my new parts, if you feel of a mind just let Blue know and they will take care of having it published.

The last order of business for this evening. I owe someone an apology and I pay what I owe. Joe Santos made a comment about me that upset me. I looked at the comment, not the reason that he made it. He made it in defense of his friend and no matter how you feel about that particular friend, it is what any good friend would have done. Yes the comment was in bad taste. So was what I did. So Joe, if you see this, I am sorry for the way that I acted. I didn’t think, I just reacted. I know that you all think I was justified in what I said and did, but I myself do not and it is me that has to be able to live with myself at the end of the day. On this one thing I feel that I was wrong.

That is it for tonight my lovelies. I am calling an early night because once again I am exhausted for no reason what so ever, but my body is telling me to try and rest and I am going to pay attention for once.

I hope that you all have a great night and we will see what tomorrow brings as far as the adventures of Stabbyland go.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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Signs That You Might Be a Mitigation Specialist

December 13, 2014

Still laughing my ass of that cougarliscious is on the record..for EVER! Arizona

Hai Kids.

Anyway since Grammaliscious got called out ON THE RECORD it made me think about how to know if someone is a mitigation specialist. chacha cougar friend If this dude doesn’t know then we are all fucked.  So, because I am a helpful law professor/dean of fuckery/ Queen of the region of mean I made a list.

If you think that discussing court matters on social media is a good idea- you might be a mitigation specialist
If you like to call people who don’t agree with you names like retard-you might be a mitigation specialist
If your English is so bad that you cannot properly form a sentence-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you smuggle things for fun and profit-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you like to pretend that your grandson is your boyfriend-you might be a mitigation specialist
If 1980 called and asked for its clothes back-you might be a mitigation specialist
If for the life of you, you cannot figure out how to spell cougarluscious (which is not a word) -you might be a mitigation specialist
If you believe that you actually are all that and a bag of chips-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you get busted smuggling things out of prison to put up for sale-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you offer two for one lap dances while wearing your naked pole dancing santa suitnaked pole dancing santa chacha   -you may be a mitigation specialist
If you think that PV is a really good person to be feeding information to-you may be a mitigation specialist
If you spend a lot of times NOT trying to find mitigating factors for your guilty client-you may be a mitigation specialist
If strange men often offer you money in back alleys -you may be a mitigation specialist
If you are being investigated for how deep into the murder money pie your hand is-you may be a mitigation specialist
If it has been put on record for all time that you, a professional person leaks information under the name cougarluscious you are an idiot and you may also be a mitigation specialist
If you may be looking for a job at hot topic so you can get the employee discount once you don’t have your job anymore-you may be a mitigation specialist
If you can work a pole and smuggle a cellphone contemporaneously- you may be a mitigation specialist

I hope you have all found this list helpful in discerning if you are indeed dealing with a mitigation specialist

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Porngate Part 3- alt Title Willmott is a Tool.

December 11, 2014

Alt Alt title, Nurmi is also a tool-Arizona

Hai kids.  Welcome to the never ending porngate escandolo.  I’m so sick of all of this I considered writing it in a different language just to liven things up, but I don’t know who all can read Gaelic so I figured I’d just go with good old English.

It is freezing up in this bitch.  We got snow, like 8 to 10 inches of snow.  Your queen hates, hates, hates snow.  So, make it stop.

Okay so the mugs are now ordered.  I don’t have to pay the printer till they are gone so I figured I’d go ahead and get them because they are cool.  We had to make a color change because you can’t screen purple for some fucked up reason that I’m not even going to go into but this is what they look like now.  really big mean dog school color logo for black coffee cups. Hope you like them.

Since poor old Joe Santos or is it Santa, hard to tell with that wiggly jiggly thing that IS the look is so butthurt about my donate button I though being that it is Christmas I would help out his number one finger bang wet dream so I present the Stabby Gallery stabby artThere ya go, now if people want to they can purchase one of the above lovely portraits.  All funds of course going to the irrevocable trust for that super duper appeals attorney. (NOT A THING!)

Before I get started on todays fuckery I’d just like to send a very special shout out to the whole goddamn Stabbyite camp.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!

So, there was a shit ton of computery type stuff that nobody that is not a computer forensics expert ever needs to know and because I don’t feel like typing out a bunch of mumbo jumbo that maybe three of us will actually understand (and by us I certainly don’t mean me, I was totally fucking lost at hash value) I figured Jenny was calling her dealer but turns out I was totally wrong.  I will just skip to the part where it got very interesting.  So hope you are here right now PV.  Sincerely.  Our main dog wrangler was on the stand for the first bit and Willmott the tool tried to go after him.  This is the guy that has to deal with a raging pitbull on a daily basis to Jenny from the Cell Block was nothing.  The tool wants to know if Flores saw Juan on the computer and Flores says nuh uh, nope, he was off to the side taking notes.  The tool then asked if Stabby mentioned anything about naked pictures or porn on the computer to which Flores answered that nope he didn’t think so.  Willmott then says that he, Flores didn’t do anything to stop the defense from turning the computer on?  Flores gave the obvious answer that he is not allowed to interfere with the defense looking at evidence.  Getting absolutely nowhere Jenny moved on to a video camera that was collected. It was not broken but the door had to be forced opened to get the tape.  And then Jenny who very obviously graduated Suma Cum Laud said the following “But you never contacted defense to see if they wanted to view it?”  Now, I don’ t know about you all, but as a law professor and Dean of Fuckery it is my understanding that it is not the prosecutions job to tell the defense what or how to view evidence.  Just sayin’  And so did Juan.  He was up like he had a spring loaded ass and said to Flores “is it your job to tell the defense how to view evidence? To which Flores said “No duh”. A ten minute recess was then called so Jenny could curl into the fetal position and lick her wounds.

After the recess Juan was up and called Perry Smith.  Perry Smith is a computer god.  He works in computer forensics at the Mesa PD but dude is known all over the place by geeks everywhere.  Basically he says he needs the drive that big numpti is working with and for some reason that he won’t give, he is refusing to up it.  His dad died is his latest excuse for why it has not been produced.  Now pay attention because here is where things get very very interesting in a really good way if your name isn’t Stabby fucking Einstein. An incinerator folder was found in the recycle bin.  A folder that could not have existed on the original hard drive BECAUSE IT DID NOT EXIST at that time.  Willmott the tool is objecting like her life depends on it. Or somebody’s.  Sometimes Judge Stephens however seems to be seeing the light and is NOT THE  ONE today.  She basically told Jenny to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.  Someone actually went into the computer and attempted to delete the incinerator program manually. ON OCTOBER 22 2014 AT 10:16 PM TO BE EXACT.

Jenny is back up and because she has not made enough of an ass of herself for one day she takes a run at probably one of the most prominent computer handlers on the planet.  This should be fun…for us.  Here was her big question because I’m just not typing them all out, they are mostly moot and just time wasters.  Jenny asked  If someone from Mesa PD turned on computer does that violate policy? Perry said yes BUT it doesn’t include defense turning it on. She asked a couple more things that really didn’t matter, she has obviously clued in that she is in waaaay over her head and Juan who may or may not be on fire is back up for re-direct.

The pitbull who was quite literally foaming at the mouth (and I would be too. Prosecutorial misconduct my ass.)(And eat a dick PV for spreading that rumor around)said you were asked about Mesa PD guidelines. Does it address defense attorney’s and their right to look at computers? Perry said no it did not.   You found the incinerator on the working copy correct? Perry said yes. So, couldn’t it be tampering by having this incinerator program on there? Absolutely answered Perry.

After Lunch Jenny decided she wanted to call a surprise witness because why the fuck not at this point.  Juan objected saying they hadn’t been interviewed but he seemed like he really didn’t give a shit one way or the other.  Gilbert McReynolds who is some kind of investigator is on the stand. His big moment was saying he saw Flores turn on one of the computers. Then Juan was up.  McReynolds admitted that he never saw Juan touch a computer.  Now lets get to the good stuff.

Nurmi threw the biggest tantrum of the trial this far. He said that according to Juan LaViolette has problems with the truth, Jodi has problems with the truth and maybe she was telling the truth. And then Juan got up and completely lost his fucking mind.

You say there are all these leaks made by the state? Lets talk about the Mitigation Specialist for a moment mmmmkay. This Mitigation Specialist that goes by cougarlicious has leaked info to Michael Kiefer and others constantly through out this case. ( I swear I peed a little that cougarlicious is in the record until the end of time.) You are insane enough to blame the state and Sheriff Joes Homey Don’t Play That House of Indefinite Incarceration for her giving an interview? How is that a state action. Maybe the defendant should say no. The accusation of the Sheriff office harassing ChaCha and Stabby has already been settled. (he is talking about when the smuggling dance instructing perpetually thinking she’s 20 stabby’s best mule got kicked for a couple of days) In conclusion, I am asking that you see that the defense couldn’t defend a parking violation and throw this whole mess right the fuck up out of the bitch. And with that the mighty pitbull caught a goodboy treat in mid air and headed back to the prosecution table.

Nurmi got up and asked the court to look at the facts and then Jenny started poking him in the back and making slicing motions across her neck so he said some other stuff. He brought up some case that has absolutely shit to do with good old Stabby and said do we wait 23 years for her to be exonerated. Um, he was in court when she said she did it right? Like I didn’t hallucinate that or anything did I? Then he actually asked for the case to be dismissed and court was called till Monday.

That is it for tonight kids. RBMD laughing my fucking ass off.

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