Stabby Is a Saint…So Says Stabby.



Hai everybody. Hope you are all well. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have been declared Queen by PV. PV declares me queen. SEE!!!!

I don’t know where Mean is, but I am Queen of that region now. All Hail HRM Queen Kelly. YAY!!

As you all know, today was a down day in Maricopa County Court because why not! I figured I was going to be writing a blog about something else. Stabby being the altruistic um…thing  that she is, and obviously aware of my sadness over not being able to continue to point out exactly how full of shit she is, had this written just so that I could indeed continue to point out how full of shit she is.

Stabby is a saint!!

Here is what appeared on some site that is run for Stabby. Unfortunately, whoever was taking shorthand didn’t do a very good job, I decided to fix it for her. Consider it MY charitable act of the day. My corrections will appear in bold italics.

Here’s an interesting (I dunno, just put in some Einstein-y sounding word here) dichotomy: Sheriff Joe, who is a purported proponent of charity, prohibits acts of charity among the inmates in his charge.(That is actually a bald faced lie, Sheriff Joe does not allow the passing of commissary because it is usually used in payment for something like drugs or crayons, or things to hide in my wonder holes.) It’s a rule—one I recently broke. I gave food to someone(so I could grab some more press making myself look wholesome and good, bwahahahahaha I wonder which of the idiots will buy that) who was hungry. It wasn’t much(because why give away a bunch of good stuff when a little thing will do the same job,) just a snack. Of course, this doesn’t make me a saint(OMG LOL I don’t believe I am actually getting someone to write that) (not that there would be any confusion—many misguided(no they’re not, but don’t tell them) souls believe I’m the devil incarnate). Who wouldn’t spare a little food for someone who was hungry?(Well, normally I wouldn’t, but Hello.  Sympathy vote ) No brainer there.

Yet true to the adage “No good deed goes unpunished,” my random act of(using someone else to my advantage) kindness resulted in “restriction,” meaning no phone calls (except legal) and no canteen. The latter is where the crux of the irony lies. I chose( to break a rule that I was very aware was in place because rules don’t apply to me)  to give food to someone who was hungry, and for that I was punished(in the exact same way that every other prisoner is) by being made to go hungry(that is totally not true, we all know it is a human rights violation to withhold food, I just don’t like nutri-loaf. Put that in anyway, most of the idiots will believe whatever I say)—on Thanksgiving, no less. For(using another inmate to get myself some press) giving. Because my giving was in violation of a rule that at first blush seems absurd.

The rule was not created arbitrarily, however. Some inmates pass weapons or drugs. Others(and by others I mean me) use canteen as currency, offering it as payment for pills, tattoos, and other unmentionables. Almost invariably, a fight breaks out on canteen day over someone failing to pay their debt(which is yet another reason I am very happy that I pulled this off.)  You wouldn’t believe the drama that can escalate over a 75-cent bag of chips.  The rule was put in place to curtail, if only somewhat successfully, security risks such as these, not to keep hungry people hungry.  But rather than split hairs and run the risk of showing bias, (don’t tell them that a jail is not a democracy and rules are rules) it’s a blanket rule that applies equally to everyone in theory, not so much in practice. (Not really but that  makes it sound like I have been centered out for punishment without saying it).

Well, I can’t let someone(that I can use to my advantage) go hungry if I’m in a position to help. I just can’t. I don’t like feeling hungry, do you? (actually, I don’t like feeling horny and I need to eat to compensate.)  I love (taking it up the ass) food.  I’m munching on a green apple as I write this.  (Wait, maybe don’t put that because they will realize that my punishment was not in any way severe) Does this justify my breaking a rule? (Of course it doesn’t, but I’m Stabby Einstein so I can whine if I want too.) That would depend on whom you’re asking. Any officer with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), if going on the record, would tell you that breaking a rule, even one classified as “minor,” such as in this case, is never justified. Writer Martha Beck (who has nothing to do with this but the quote makes me sound all noble and shit) offers us a different perspective. In this quote, she very eloquently explains the state of my heart:

If everyone kept all the rules, we’d still be practicing cherished traditions like child marriage, slavery, and public hangings. The way humans become humane is by assessing from the heart, rather than the rule book, where the justice of a situation lies. Sometimes, (like whenever I can use it to my advantage) you have to break the rules around you in order to keep the rules within you—my emphasis.

I’m not (OMG YES I AM.  Hope everyone forgets that I was growing pot, and hurt a dog, and killed a guy in cold blood) a ruler-breaker by nature, but I sometimes go against the grain, even when it chafes. As the reality settled in that my giving in this instance would not lead to receiving (like it did when I’d say give a blowie or some good anal), as karmic law says it should, but would lead to a loss(like that time when I missed out on cinnabon,) the seeming poetic justice gave me pause. It was like anti-karma.

The Hearing Sergeant(who I would totally let finger bang me in exchange for a sharpie) came to see me about the incident two days later, just as SRT (Special Response Team) was picking me up for court. Half-jokingly, one of the officers asked me, (are you ever going to figure out that YOU don’t make the rules) “What have you learned from this situation?” I’m sure this wasn’t the answer they were expecting, (and it is totally not what I said, but it makes me sound good doesn’t it?) but the lesson was clear: “No charitable acts at Estrella.”

– Stabby Einstein.

I hope she appreciates the effort I put in to fixing a very obviously erroneous post. She should fire whoever is running that site.

In other news, Alfred E has filed motioned number eleventy billion to have the death penalty removed since her mitigation witnesses don’t want to testify in open court. Isn’t that…odd. Three people, and not one of them is willing to testify in open court. Wonder if they might be worried that someone who knows they are lying may come forward to say they are lying. Court Chatter got the scoop on one, Marc McGee. Here is the link to Court Chatter
I have seen posts by someone going by the name of Marc McGee who has been posting for over a year on Facebook. In one he said to paraphrase that Stabby already killed a guy and did Juan want to be the guy trying to kill her? He is very obviously in love with being the center of attention. Other witnesses are allegedly Matt McCartney and a former co-worker.

That is it for right now. Really Big Mean Dog peacing the fuck out.

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107 Responses to Stabby Is a Saint…So Says Stabby.

  1. Carole Miller says:

    Well bloody said as usual! 😂

  2. jackie hardie says:

    Honest to God you can’t make this shit up! One thing I thought I’d never see JA uttering is the word “Unmentionables”. Really?? What would that be in her World??? I can’t even imagine….

    So one of my favorite sayings is also “No good deed goes unpunished”. That worries me… except for the fact that I’ve never even come close to stabbing someone 29 times, slit their throat or shot them. That little detail somehow seems to get lost in Jodi’s day-to-day musings. My guess is that if someone in Jail is still hungry after feasting on a Soy-Baloney sandwich, tough shit! They ALL get exactly the same thing so don’t make it seem like their food was being withheld..Saint Whore-no-more…

    Another fabulous job Kelly! Always look forward to your blogs 😀

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Jackie. Hope you are well. She really is the gift that keeps on giving. At least to me. That little detail is totally excusable because porn. Like Travis is the only person on earth who ever looked at porn. OMG. Thank you for the kind words Jackie. I’m so glad you enjoy them. Have a great day.

  3. I’m with you all the way, and I too am disappointed that the selfie above is not the Pillsbury Dough boy! You coulda fooled me. But yes, its easy to figure out.

    She sure has delusional supporters, and her own fair share of ’15 minutes of fame wannabees’! I actually don’t care one way or the other if those 3 supporters do or don’t testify. Either way, she’s already BEEN convicted and their ‘whatever they do or don’t say’ has no bearing whatsoever in this, the SENTENCING PHASE.

    Just do as the higher court ruled and get on with this circus. They say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. In this case, it can just get over faster since the fat guy won’t sing!

    Love you, Kelly, and as usual…your blogs always make my day! You put things out in such a way that even her brain dead
    supporters can understand what’s really going on!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Judy. Right!! Would you do me a favor and post who you think it is. Thanks doll. Is there a word that means more delusional than delusional? I want to use it in a sentence. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day.

      • That fat guy has to be Marc McGee, the wannabee…..I’d just like to see some proof that Travis even knew him. A text, and email, some other friends mention that they knew him or even met him…why would Travis just walk up to some stranger at a PPL meeting and tell him, “Guess what. I just love little boys! I’m a pedophile.” (Anyway, that was some ‘big boy’ he would have said that too! Mighty big boy!)

        Well, I love little boys too. But that does not make me a pedophile! My 3 sons and 5 grandsons can tell you I’m no pedophile! (Are there women pedophiles, Kelly??)

        As for delusional, I looked in my BIG Oxford Thesaurus for another word for ‘delusional’. The only thing that comes near, to me, is delirious. Or maybe deranged or our of one’s mind. Unhinged maybe? I think any of those might just fit Dr. Dementia! Probably fits the Serial Slut too. Or her ‘followers’.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Judy. Nope, not Marc McGee. I will find the pic he posted on FB and see if I can bring it over here.

      • Onomatopoeia says:

        Hello Queen Kelly! Apparently Judy JuSt didn’t get the memo. The repulsive portly fellow in the above picture is none other than Joe Santos, AKA #RoundBoy, #RotundOne, #JabbaTheMutt, or the more affectionate #LapFeces to Sandra Webber.
        “Say it ain’t so, Joe”…. haha.
        Always love your blog. Keep on tickin’, literally!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Onormatopoeia. Hai. YAY for you!! You win the RBMD post of the day.

  4. Thanks for correcting this post. Now it’s believable. I wanted to tell you a story regarding this same post. I went to and posted how Stabby was segregated and I didn’t find it believable along with… liar..convicted murderer..etc. Well then I got my surprise (I posted as Denise) and lo and behold my post read… Stabby (JA) i love and respect you, I went without food to feed my husband ( FB profile pic has us), I am an abused woman. (Hubby knows I would use my frying pan when he slept) just saying. And how I adored IT. (Barf) ..When I went to repost what a liar they were and how they changed my post and its not legal, it went into the ozone never to be seen. I tried to write admins but got try again later or use another avenue (WTF). So my lesson for today is never post to a Stabby page or you will become an unwilling follower. As if… The other thing I learned was you just have to laugh about it..(after I screamed and complained to hubby) that is. LOL

    • Ps. So when you read post by Denise know that it is a bunch of vomit put in my mouth. Nice

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Smurfette. I’m glad I could fix it for her. I have to be a good and charitable queen. That is bullshit. I would complain. I am of course going to go and look now. And you are right, you do have to laugh. Just look at where it is coming from and laugh your ass off.

  5. karen30036 says:

    Damn …LF looks like he’s storing up food for the winter in those fuckin big ass cheeks of his, and I do believe that’s a bookmark between his chins.
    Thanks for the laughs Kelly. You make my day.

  6. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Hey Kels, had to read this before this shitty day ends. I want to Guest Blog again. I think I told you a childhood friend (female type) is doing LWOP. Stabby has NO IDEA what awaits her. MF (so many other connotations, but it’s My Friend) was notorious and HATED by COs and inmates alike. Like Stabby, she thinks she can win arguments re rules, “what is supposed to happen”. I actually visited her on a trip home last year and I felt like I was stationed Over There again. I think my big anchor tat saved me from the CO’s hating ME for knowing someone I knew as a sweet girl down the road. I feel no hypocrisy for being kind to MF and absolutely disgusted by Stabby. I have held a gun. I almost shot someone but didn’t because, even in WAR there are RULES AND LAWS AND DUE PROCESS. Kels, sorry. F-ing PTSD Day. Stabby can go up against MF. Ass kicking for sure. Sickens me that tonite I”ll have nightmares and Stabby will f-ck herself with an apple core. BWR roger-out.

    • Connie Rust says:

      I love the apple core statement. What a visual…..(pass the puke bucket please).

    • Martini13 says:

      BWR – would LOVE to hear about your friend doing LWOP!!!

      Also, thank you for your service. 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸. I’m sorry to hear about your PTSD day (had a roommate with that from his 9 years in Iraq & Afganistan and broke my heart).

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Ann, yay for my being FTW insread of WTF! Martini, you’re welcome and thanks for being a fruend to your roommate. Most don’t like to talk about PTSD issues (military and non) but knowing I’m safe, physically and emotionally makes it mostly bearable. Xxoo

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        I would too Blue. I can’t wait. You write so well.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Blue: You are welcome to guest blog whenever you want to. Don’t ever apologize to me about PTSD. I know of what you speak. OMG apple core. Ewwwwww. excuse me, I have to get the puke bucket BRB…K, THAT WAS AWESOME!

  7. renaes24 says:

    Hey Kelly! Finally got notice of this new post (was concerned as I did not receive the last one where you were asking about mug orders) I wonder if others had the same problem as a lot of the ‘usual’ who post did not on that particular post either.
    Personally, I think you should do all the posting for IT as your writing is : 1) more accurate; 2) more entertaining. Her ‘writings’ come off just a ‘flat’ as head in her ‘self-portrait’.
    Hope you are feeling well and are gearing up for more ‘bionic’ parts.
    You ARE a wonder-woman already. Heaven best watch out when you get all your stamina back. I see HELLS-A-POPPIN in your future!

    • Valerie Bachelier says:

      Scroll up to the top, to the Monthly Archives. Look in the November 2014. Click and scroll through until you find what you missed. I only found this blog a couple of months ago and have since gone through and read everything. Talk about ROFLMAO! I absolutely LOVE Kelly and this blog! Love the picture she paints!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Valerie. I posted the very last blog in the wrong spot and none of the subscribers got an email notification. It was my fault. I lost the net for a bit and was trying to post it before it went down again and hit a wrong button. Thank you so much for the kind words. I love it that I can make you laugh.

    • Mama Via says:

      I think she intentionally gave herself a flat head…it gives a fellow a place to set his beer while she’s giving a B.j.!!

  8. renaes24 says:

    PS: you have now gone from Dean of Fuckery to Judge and now to QUEEN! What’s next? GODDESS is in your future!

  9. Connie Rust says:

    Hey Kelly…please enlighten me on who exactly PV is. When I type Pig Vomit into Facebook search I get a bunch of hits…,who knew??? I can think of several ppl who match PV’s MO but don’t know who u refer to. Thanks and I hope this finds u feeling well.

    • Can’t more despicable than JA. I cannot stand that POS. Rules just never seem to apply in Jodi World. Hey JA, it’s a correctional facility, asshole. It’s not about missing a meal, you dipshit. I hope to God that Juan uses this in this phase.

      Thank hank you again fKelly, for succinctly pulling it all together and with humor and sarcasm that is unbeatable. Also so good to know that you are firmly under PV’s skin. Kind of a yucky thought at first, but then, no. I love that you tic her off.

      And this oughta make ya pee: on PV’s twitter right now “People who bully, taunt, & harass online, unprovoked, should consider that 4 every action there is an equal & opposite reaction.”

      Just like Jodi, every time she opens her mouth she shows what an utter idiot she is. Still can’t get over her epistle to Karas. Sheer idiocy!! Self imposed martyrdumb.

      Also, for those who have not hear: from Beth Karas “The defense team in Jodi Arias’s retrial are asking, again, that the death penalty be taken off the table. The Arizona Court of Appeals vacated Judge Stephens’s order closing the courtroom for the first defense witness, Jodi Arias. The defense says that Arias cannot put on a complete defense because three witnesses are refusing to testify in open court: a former boyfriend, a former co-worker, and a man who knew Travis. It sounds like Arias could be back on the stand soon.”

      Oh! That guy in the pic. J(ust) S(sux) being him, I can imagine.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Ann. It has been ruled he can’t use any of her jail shenanigans against her. True story. You have no idea how much glee it gives me. The judge absolutely can take the death penalty off the table but it would be overturned in appeals court so fast the ink would not be dry on the order to vacate. As for the three witnesses. I’m going to suggest that Nurmi try this thing called a subpoena. They are awesome for compelling testimony.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Connie. It’s Sandra Webber.

      • Exactly! subpoena! What the hell!

      • Connie Rust says:

        Thanks Kelly. Subpoena….DUH. Idiots.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Connie. Right!!!

      • Ruthanne says:

        I never read her stuff, but I wanted to check out who this Lap Feces was and I was astonished to see how many followers there were, but what scared me was that they actually BELIEVE the crap they spew. Like beyond she’s innocent, I mean that makes them nuts, but I’m reading their comments about what was happening in court, and they see the same tweets we do, but the way they interpret them is bonkers! We all see Juan showing the non expert trying to hide something and avoiding answering because he doesn’t know something, and we think “go Juan!” and they see, Bryan is putting Juan in his place and Juan is losing now. What?! Are you “watching” the same trial? I’m just in shock, so many tweets where they saw just the opposite of what was happening, so are they that delusional or that stupid? One of them even implied that white people had protesters in Ferguson to cause the riots to make black people look bad. This was not, in their minds, something that happened spontaneously, but it was a set up by the white elite, intentionally planned ahead of time. OKAY. Wow, just wow.

        I can’t wait until this is all over and she is on death row, or worst case scenario in jail for life. And when they see that there is no second chance, no appeals turnovers, she’s just gone away forever, they will all have to accept that they are idiots, and go find some other crazy murderer to rally behind. I look forward to their meltdowns on social media crying injustice. I will be popping open champagne and laughing.

  10. cbrewer4361 says:

    Kelly, you are definitely the Goddess of Sarcasm and Wit and you could leave PV and Stabby speechless. I nominate you to exterminate them both with your sarcasm saber. Comparing that ugly fatso to the Pillsbury dough boy though is an insult to cute little dough boy. I hope Stabby gets what she should have gotten a long time ago and that her supporters suffer the karma they so deserve. Anyone that supports her is lacking a functioning brain. Even animals KNOW she is fucking psycho. I hope you are feeling better!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai cbrewer: I accept your nomination. Yeah it kind of is a bit of an insult. If you are reading this Pillsbury, I’m sorry. I’m not feeling to bad, thanks for asking. Have a great day.

  11. shenson1209 says:

    I was so excited to get home and find your blog. I have been looking forward all day with all the stuff on twitter today.

    Thanks again for the humor you bring to my day!

  12. Martini13 says:

    Now that you are royalty, will you be wearing a crown with BRDs on it in place of jewels?! LOL. Also, I’d love to kick LF in the dick for saying you are ugly! What a fucking tool. xoxo🍸

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Martini: It is being made as we speak. I am going to have to stop calling him LF because everyone thinks I mean the LFJ admin and I don’t. Also, you would never be able to reach his dick due to the three feet of front fat and no doubt a really small dick.

  13. Arizona Rose says:

    Another great post, Kelly! That guy in the photo…I’m sure I’ve seen him as the ‘before’ in some sponsored internet advert for weight loss. Hmmmm. Or maybe it was an article on the dangers of too many Big Macs causing fatties’ cheeks to eat their ears.

  14. Michelle says:

    No way!!! That is clearly John Goodman!!

    LOL Thanks for the laughs!

  15. Donna Barton says:

    I just wanted to suggest another good blog that you may want to add to your list, Cathy at she is always on Jeff Gold’s spree cast. She has a lot of good info on her site. Love your blog

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Donna. It is court chatters link in my blog. I love Cathy, she is a great person and I also love Jeff Gold so it’s win win for me. Thanks for reading.

  16. sherry says:

    Awesome Post as always, and fuck Sandra Webber and Jason too, God he’s an ugly POS, ewwwwwww

  17. sherry says:

    Hope that his name is not supposed to remain Secret, too many fucking secrets anyways lol SORRY SANDRA NOT

  18. Christine says:

    Great work, congrats on your royal status. I loved your translation of Jodi’s ramblings, that everyone including Stevie Wonder could see through. But I really appreciated that translation, that was very helpful thank you. And thanks for calling out the lap feces for what he/it really is as well. That was a fantastic way to start my morning. Keep keepin’ it real girl!

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Good one, Christine!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Christine. Thank you so much. I am so honored to be bestowed the title of queen. Lap Feces is a little miffed with me. He left a very nasty message that I won’t post because he offered me body fluids. It was gross. Point is, for people that keep telling everyone how stupid and awful I am and how beneath them I am, I certainly do get to them don’t I. YAY!! Okay I have to go practice my royal wave now. Have a great day.

  19. Jen Kane says:

    Can someone tell me who PV is?? Is it that loony on LFJ site?

  20. KarlaMNL says:

    Hi kelly another wise brilliant blog PV is a HAG that has a drinking problem. Assaults people with FISH and HATES Juan Martinez and Jen from the trial diaries hmmmm still perplexed you shouldn’t be i have a theory on why she hates juan so much Me thinks shes not crazy about proscecutors given her own brushes with the law Mr fat man is her biggest and I do mean BIGGEST fan but whatever all 3 of her followers are losers themselves PV loves to play the victim just like the skankmeister loves to LIE and see how many low IQ delusional sick morons will buy what shes selling lol it really NEVER ceases to amaze me who in their right mind even believe any of her crap Even on her jodiannarias updates website its actually funny to see that out of 77 k followers theres about 5 supporters lol the rest of us go there just for a laugh lol ( i believe I’ve been blocked )given my comments are lets just say less than supportive Anyway congratulations on your new status as queen You’ve earned it love ya

    • Mama Via says:

      Karla-I’m usually too busy laughing so hard I wet my pants when I read her blather…so I never get a chance to comment on her ludicrous rantings!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Karla. Hope you are well. I agree with what you said. Thank you so much. I am hoping that I am declared supreme ruler of the universe soon. We will see. Have a great day.

  21. Adele J says:

    LOL. Kelly..nothing like just ‘nailing’ it again. Well done! Great job, your Majesty..I bow to you 🙂

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Adele. Thank you. LOL. I am a new kind of queen. You don’t have to bow. Just don’t forget to salute Florida every now and then and we will call it even. Ahahahahaha. Have a great day Adele.

  22. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Because, Kels, haha, I re-read edited Stabby’s MINI-festo just now. Listen to her smugness coming through against EVERYONE. How warped is she? She’d get a blanket party/Code Red in my old unit for acting superior to everyone! Argh!

    • Mama Via says:

      She will GET a code red after she no longer gets her 15 minutes in front if the TV cameras…SOMEONE will set her strait at Perryville!

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Mama, I want to tell you guys how prison really is…any of you who have worked at one know….she will be “popular” for her canteen account, rules be damned, if they exist. The COs will cut her ZERO slack. Just because it’s HER and they are so well trained (for the most part). More later, thanks Kels. I don’t want to be a blogger but when I can write a PSA, I feel useful.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Blue. Get writing my friend. I am exceptionally interested.

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Mi Bosslady Kels, The new laptop wants to be turned on. Maybe tonite. Is it ok if I just pick one aspect of prison, like visiting (non felon perspective) or a day in the life or common myths (my friend has no idea what an iPod is). There are just so many aspects. Thanks again. And PS, apples aren’t allowed in my house anymore. Semper ticker.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Blue: You write in whatever way you want to my friend. You are an excellent writer so whatever way you do it, I know it will be fantastic. I am very much looking forward. LMAO re apples.

    • You mean, BlueWhiteRed, that they will never let her get away with her ‘prison recycling’, or teaching them ‘Spanish’ or they won’t even join her ‘reading club’? Well, being from the Southern US states, all I can say is…Well, well, bless her heart!’ Tee Hee

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Trust a Transplanted Yankee, Judy…..she will spend most of her time in her cell. If she gets a “bunkie”, bunkie will annoy her to no end because Stabby has no status. What you will enjoy most, I hope, is when I tell you how it feels to have a bunkie enter prison AFTER Stabby…..and LEAVE for good. So much to say. It fascinates me sometimes, what I take for granted, and what a prisoner does. Polar opposutes. Bless their lil hearts! (I know that phrase!) BWR

  23. Mama Via says:

    Arias claims to have a witness that would tell the jury of a confession that Travis Alexander allegedly made to him regarding child pornography.

    I have learned the witness is Marc McGee. Marc currently lives in New Zealand. We have heard about a witness the defense has in New Zealand and now we know who it is.

    Today I interviewed someone very close to Marc McGee who also has intimate knowledge of what Marc claims about Travis and pornography. I have been asked to not reveal his name but have his permission to give all the details of our conversation.

    Marc and Travis met in the LDS singles ward in Riverside, Ca. In 2000, McGee told my source that he was at a Family Home Evening activity at Bishop Vernon Parker’s house. Later in the evening, McGee and Travis were sitting in a car in front of Bishop Parker’s house when Travis allegedly confessed to McGee that he had a problem with internet pornography. McGee did not mention child pornography at that time.

    Since 2000, Marc McGee and my source have spoken a few more times about that conversation and each time Marc’s story was just about internet porn. It wasn’t until this year, for the first time, that McGee claims Travis told him he was looking at “kiddie porn” on the internet.

    McGee doesn’t believe Arias received a fair trial. He was back in the States for a wedding this year and said he contacted the defense team and was going to Arizona to meet with them.

    There are several quotes attributed to McGee floating around social media. I have not personally confirmed they were made by him, therefore I will not print them. However, my source has known Marc for two decades and says that he loves the limelight and has always been somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. He also notes that Travis and Marc were never that close and he has always doubted the conversation ever took place in the car that day. He doesn’t believe that Travis would ever confess anything to Marc.

    Interesting, eh?

  24. Mama Via says:

    By the way…just to straighten out a misconception…misconceptions are rampant with little miss Stabbikins…”NO CANTEEN” DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT HAVE FOOD…you STILL GET YOUR 3 squares EVERY DAY…the CANTEEN is a PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT!!! Canteen has what my dad would call “ge-dunks”, chips, honey buns, twinkles, deodorant, shampoo, etc, etc. (Remember, I correspond with 3 DR inmates…and as a “gift” I put money into their canteen account for birthdays and Christmas)….folks incarcerated don’t much care for the ‘mystery meat” they are served…they HATE it!!! So most live off of whatever is in the canteen. IF the person she “helped” had REALLY been HUNGRY…it’s because she CHOSE not to eat the food she was given!! NO WAY WAS SHE “STARVING”!!!!!!! So, Stabbikins was NO SAINT…she was ‘working the program”, as usual….I’m just sayin….

  25. CarlT says:

    Didn’t the defense have to end court early one day because JA wasn’t being fed enough? Now she has enough to share with inmates that she has no contact with? Hummmmm. Yeah I believe every word of that blog.

  26. Alice Girard says:

    hi kelly omg…congrats you made it to queen….i am the self proclaimed queen of the highway and yes it is good to be queen. you will be fab at it i just know it having been one for quite some time now. i know a keeper queen when i see one and you my girl have all the right qualities. on behalf of all the other queens out there i welcome you to queendom (it’s way different than whoredom) lol. great blog again. i mean i am very rarely at a loss for words but holy shit will alfred e. ever give it up? i missed all of this a.m.’s court action but from reading FB it is just more of the same. juror q’s after lunch. dr. fibs seems to get a hair up her flue every time mr. martinez dares to ask her a q. she knows she is in court right? in my next life i am going to be a paid expert on something. they make a shit ton of dough and all they have to do is lie for whoever paid them. who in the fuck thought that up? genius if you ask me. okay kell i am back to the tweets….i will be looking forward to your take on this day in court.

    take care.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Alice, that was an amazing reply! Still laughing! BWR

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      hai Alice. Thank you so much. I am hoping eventually to be declared supreme ruler of the Universe. Dr Sexpert was do damn much that I got so mad that I could not make a blog. That has never happened to me before. I was completely enraged at this um, thing. I went back and went over everything today in a much more calm manner, dissecting the entire testimony and Juans questions and most importantly the Juror questions and I think maybe I can do it now. Have a great night.

  27. Laura hickey says:

    Kelly, I surely don’t know how you did it, but you did it again!!! ALWAYS so funny and creative and amazing!! What a gift you have!!

  28. bobbie thompson says:

    Try specious or fallacious for delusional. Great blog. Will pop in soon for a better intro.

  29. You Rock Kellie! Thanks to your blog, I can honestly, and without a doubt, say your writings have changed my outlook on life! On disability at 39, its hard to get through most days. But ea time you post, I am laughing out loud before i even get through the 2nd sentence! Your work has become my therapy, and for that, I THANK YOU! I don’t think I HAVE EVER read any funnier shit. SERIOUSLY. EVER. You have an unbelievable gift and talent, and if this Jodi trial should ever fucking end, I will still roll with you on to the next jacked up trial! Keep doing what you are doing, cause I assure you, I am not the only one who feels like this!
    BTW, I want to purchase a mug and not sure how…please feel free to add the word FUCK anywhere you like on it! And in bold 🙂


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Sarah. Thank you so much for the very kind words. I’m disabled as well and I totally understand what you are saying. You have no idea how good that makes me feel. The mug does of course contain the word fuck, because it would not be reallybigmeandog without it. As soon as I have the logistics worked out I will let you know. Thank you so much for reading.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Sarah, this bunch of folks and Kelly care. I could hear you laughing here in Hooterville! BWR

      • LOL i’m most certain you could. I have been in the hospital for a few weeks in respiratory failure, and my morning hospital ritual was/is to read her blogs! Always a good day when you are hooked to breathing machines and setting off alarms dt laughing so hard. I dont think the nurses found humor ea time they had to come running…but honestly, who can read her commentaries and not crack a smile. She makes my shitty days a little more tolerable, and for that, I will be eternally grateful!

        And for those who want to verbally attack and belittle her for freedom of speech, there IS a simple solution…STOP FUCKING READING HER BLOGS. She is merely stating THE FACTS! FACTS that are reported straight from the courtroom. This case has turned this defense team into a complete laughing stock of our nation’s judicial system. They are an embarrassment to every defense and prosecuting attorney in our country (and i’m sure outside of our great USA). They continue to bring humiliation to themselves on a daily basis, by THEIR OWN ACTIONS, not Kellie’s writings.

        So to them i say: PEACE THE FUCK OUT 🙂

  30. HarleyGirl says:

    FUCK, FUCK,FUCK! How dare J Shitty Stephens allow a witness talk to Juan like that! The jury is forgetting about Travis being slaughtered and just thinking about his sex with a know whore who loves taking it up the ass! WTF is going on. She will end up getting LWP as far as Judge Shitty Stephens goes. Those jury questions were terrible and show they are more interested in Travis sex than the murdering bitch. I hope this bitch dies and Judge Shitty can go with her! I am sorry Kelly but I am pissed. I do not see the DP happening no way and wormi will go out as some kind of fucking jero for saving the bitches life! Wormi and willy can go straight to hell with Judge Shitty Stephens and stabby.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Harley. I don’t know what the fuck is going through never a Judge Stephens head. I am thinking it is just a steady stream of white noise. Death Penalty isn’t going to happen I don’t think. I really hope I am wrong. Have a great night. Thanks for reading.

  31. HarleyGirl says:

    Kelly, I forgot to ask you about your health and I am so sorry about that. How are you? I know you are going for surgery in January, correct? I think of you every day. As far as Judge Shitty and stabby and defense team they can all go suck a dick! There is a form on the JMSP to complain about Judge shitty and I filled it out!

    • renaes24 says:

      what is the JMSP site please?

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Harley: Oh hunny that’s okay. I’m okay, just really tired all the time which is normal for this condition and I think I may have a flu coming on. Yes near the end of January. The Juan Martinez Prosecutor Support Page? I belong to that group. Granted I don’t have much time to go there, but I will go take a look. Have a great night and thank you for worrying about me.

  32. Mama Via says:

    I THOUGHT I updated y’all about my eyes…but either I didn’t, or I can’t see it…doc is giving me a choice between removing just the cataracts…or doing cataracts and cornea transplants at the same time…he says it’s about 50/50 that I’ll have to do corneas in next 10 years…probabilities for needing transplant rise with my age…I COULD live to be 70…or 95…who the fuck knows?…son says do it all now…younger is healthier for recovery…DH says “do what you think is best”…I just don’t know…eyes are bothering me…going to bed…love to all. Mama

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama: I am so sorry about your eyes. What is the rate of success with corneal transplants and the recovery time? I think you should do it if it is safe and it will alleviate your sight problems, but that is me. I just want you to be well. You are a huge part of the RBMD family and we all want the very best for you. Love you mama. Please take care. I will talk to you tomorrow.

  33. Owlie says:

    I swore I wasn’t going to get involved in Stabby’s penalty phase but here I am. The only way I can make it through is to read your blog and laugh at the dysfunction of it all! Feel better!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      OWLIE!!! I missed you owlie, where have you been. What you just said makes me feel better than any stupid pill they can shove down my throat. you guys, making you laugh, that is what I live for.

  34. Coco says:

    Hail to the Queen. I’m the one who retweeted your article and that set PV off of a rant.

  35. Nona says:

    This was one of your best!! I await your response to today’s computer discussion. I have always thought Jodi had probably done some porn shoots, maybe internet stuff etc… and I have no doubt she planted the very porn/viruses she just *knows* are in that computer. This eye-pic *expert* is counting on no one knowing much. Access can be set up from a remote location, a woman plotting would have known that!

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sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


Just another site

Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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