Could This Get Any More Stupid? Like Seriously, Could it?

December 5, 2014

Somebody slipped their collar – Arizona

Hai everybody. I have a secret to tell you. I am having a very difficult time putting this down on my blog just because of the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Stabby killed a man. 3 times over. She stabbed him 27 times plus the defensive wounds, she cut his throat clear through his esophagus and then just for good measure she shot him in the face. I don’t care if he was fucking goats in the backyard, that doesn’t change the fact that she viciously and with malice of forethought murdered him. As far as her conviction goes, this is all moot. I’m not saying that somebody isn’t going to be in trouble if this turns out to be true (and I am far from convinced that it is seeing as how Big Numpti is obviously a stabbyite) I’m just saying that it has no bearing on her conviction whatsoever.

My lawyer friend James gave me a quote today and told me to use it. He used layman’s terms so the Stabbyites that come here to lurk would understand. According to James “Even if it can be proven beyond a doubt that Mr. Alexanders computer was filled with nothing but the most putrid forms of child pornography that can be found out there, that does not give Stabby(he calls her that now too) the right to become his judge, jury and executioner. The fact that it was not the alleged porn, but according to her own testimony the fact that she dropped a camera and he became enraged totally negates any porn that may or may not be on his computer. The Jury should not even be allowed to hear about it.” That my friends is from one of the best trial lawyers in Ontario.

So, onto porngate part 2.

This is Big Numpti. BNsuch skills with the computer imaging and stuff.  Is that Stabby with a knife and gun in her hand I see in his eye? He is another one that is going to save poor Stabbykins and she will fall in love with his big ugly ass and they will get married and live happily ever after until the next hawt guy comes along.  I hope he owns Kevlar underwear.

The mighty pitbull was frothing and fairly launched himself out of his downstay, even with Detective Flores trying to distract him with goodboy treats. The old vet with the tranquilizer gun peaced out last hearing day and hasn’t been heard from since. The defense is determined to prove that Juan purposely erased the 166000 porn files and believe me people Juan is NOT THE ONE today.

Juan resumed his cross of Big Numpti AKA the I see dead people in someone’s eyeball dude by snarling that maybe he was the one that deleted 75000 files from Travis’ computer.
Big Numpti’s answer to that was “you’re lying. That was the best he could do while trying to protect his throat area. He then muttered something about prosecutorial misconduct. Seems to be a theme here from the defense team doesn’t there?

The whole day pretty much went like that. Juan blamed BN and BN told Juan that he didn’t know diddly shit about computers so how would he know.
It was an almost word for word rehash of what happened during porngate part 1.

Typical of the pitbull he wants hard facts, dates, times and the defense is as usual ill prepared. Juan slaps the hammer down. Is there an indication that the porn sites were accessed on June 10th 2008? BN says yes. Imagine that, Travis was such a porn freak that he even accessed it after he was DEAD!! Juan is reading my mind. Since Travis was dead at the time, was it him that accessed the porn. BN seriously pauses before he answers no.

Anytime Juan asks a question that the Big Numpti doesn’t know the answer to, he becomes very condescending for the next little while.

In a nutshell because I have had enough of this as I can stomach for the day, BN is an ass, there is no malicious intent here, there may have been some mistakes made but nothing was erased on purpose. Juan won’t be getting sanctioned, there will be no disciplinary committee, her conviction will not be thrown out and everything will remain exactly the same except that Nurms has managed to waste even more time.

From Christine Beswicks article.

Defense expert for Jodi Arias has essentially stated that he can not prove how the files got on the computer of Travis Alexander. But another expert disagrees. Michael Geraghtty, former Executive Director for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says it’s not actually all that difficult to tell how a porn file got on a computer. He says even novice investigators can “tell the difference between someone who deliberately downloaded such images and someone who may have inadvertently downloaded” them. He also says,

“A good forensics expert would try to determine how [the images] got on the computer and who was responsible for putting them there. That would be determined by looking at the totality of the evidence, not just the fact that there were images there. There is always some type of trail we can follow to determine if the person were likely actively involved in the process of downloading the material.”

Does this mean that the defense expert Neumeister is not a good expert? It seems he can not definitely prove….anything. We know that some porn was accessed on this computer after the murder of Travis Alexander. Thus, there is no trail to point back to Travis Alexander that, beyond a reasonable doubt, proves he was the one that put the files on the computer. So who did?

Who indeed? Maybe a doggie door crawling, Christmas tree hiding behind, cooking baking laptop using skankhobitch. That makes way more sense to me.

That is it for tonight kids.  short and sweet because this who hearing thing is annoying to me.  I have other fish to fry, like the idiot that has been shooting his mouth off on facebook for a year but is ascared to testify in open court.  I’ve been digging all kinds of interesting things up about him.  That will be tomorrows blog.  Till then.

RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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