Life Without Parole – A Guest Blog Series By BlueWhiteRed

Your Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Queen of the region of Mean, is very tired so Blue stepped in for me

Edit:  I am still here kids.  My surgery is not until January.  My Dr’s have simply advised that I try and take it easy which is why Blue has so graciously picked up the reins.  I will be back for Stabby 2morrow.

Welcome to Doing LWOP (1 of ?)

Hi, BlueWhiteRed (BWR) here. In my efforts to make Kelly stay still and rest up, I wanted to become Adjunct Faculty at the Really Big Mean Dog School of Law, as her Associate Professor of Real Life For Felons. Please stand up, face your nearest Department of Corrections and salute. Thanks. My wife saluted me back.

I am not a felon. I am squeaky clean. I haven’t had a speeding ticket since 1996, in a tiny town called Welcome. Can you stand that? I want to write what I know about being a young female doing Life Without Parole (LWOP) in a state prison. I know such a girl. She is not in AZ but really, on the state level, I don’t think it much matters.

I won’t tell you her name, the state, the prison, her crime or my opinion of her guilt. I will just try to show you what I have seen with my eyes, heard from her directly, or researched on my own. My wife knows everything (remember, Juan said, “With the truth, you ain’t got to remember nothing?”) so she knows I write this, and knows the contact I have with “My Prison Girlfriend” (that’s what Mrs. BWR calls her). For you, let’s call her Susan.

Susan has been in prison for 12 years. It took about 8 years for her case to go to trial, from crime occurring to commencement. She has been on house arrest and pre-trial incarceration. She had never committed a crime before this. Her case was fairly notorious where it occurred although not televised. I was not in the USA when it was adjudicated. She was a professional person with a post-graduate degree.

She is not liked in prison. There is one prison for females and so she is high security. She can’t hold a job, take classes. The COs hate her, probably because she will not shut up about the smallest of things she perceives to be unfair. I have tried many times to tell her to choose her battles carefully, you know, like those people on “Extreme Couponing”. I never understand how they lose their minds when 1 coupon doesn’t double. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway…the CO is not supposed to be her friend. But she has a lot of problems remembering that prison is not a democracy, and she surrendered most of her rights when the gate closed behind her. She has not been beaten or raped, and has become “Gay for the Stay” (as they say). Unfortunately, she is the poster child of who I predict Jodi will become, should she receive LWOP. She has ample commissary (what some jails/prisons call “canteen”. It’s money earned or sent for the inmate to use to buy things that are not given to them.) So, she gets involved emotionally with women whose goals are to milk her, financially via her commissary account. Then they get transferred to another Bunkie and Susan ends up heartbroken and with yet another new Bunkie. A Bunkie is a prison term for your cellmate. The COs rotate every couple of months, and from her letters and calls, I can tell when a Stickler is on her block versus someone less so. I never have gotten the impression she has gotten in good (not sexually) with any CO or administrator. Because she is the Norma Rae of that place, they do tend to take her protestations seriously but do not do anything to appease her.

In this series, I will tell you about a typical day for her, the day I had visiting her, the day I spent shadowing a county CO when I was offered a job as a CO and anything I can to help you see what a LWOP involves. I hope to dispel some things I hear like, “free medicine for life”, and that they have computers/Internet, etc. Personally, I think Jodi deserves the death penalty. I think the cruelty and absolute lack of remorse, plus the sadism she shows (the irises she sent Travis’ Grandmother?) make her the worst of the worse. But this isn’t about Jodi Arias. This is about what LWOP means. Right at this moment, I don’t know which is worse.

Feel free to leave specific questions in the comments and I’ll regularly post an FAQ at the end of each post. As I’m sure most of us would say, Kelly — rest and get stronger. We all miss you and want to hear your magnificent humor and take on the soap opera in Maricopa County.

BWR – roger out.

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34 Responses to Life Without Parole – A Guest Blog Series By BlueWhiteRed

  1. renaes24 says:

    Welcome to the faculty, BWR. I hope you can put the DEAN right where she belongs at the moment: flat on her ass! We will need her to keep all the fuckery in Arizona in check so she needs to rest up for it as it looks to be a long haul. (14 new defense witnesses? Welcome 2016!)
    Can’t wait to hear more about LWOP in a state womens’ prison. (I only know about federal men’s prisons……).
    Looking forward to more from you.

  2. jackie hardie says:

    Thank you BWR for taking over while Kelly is hopefully on the mend…

    Whilst I do understand that none of us mere Mortals are able to make any sense of the goings on at the JA trial, it is helpful to know exactly just what JAs future may hold for her….

    One revelation did occur to me today about the trial of JA……We are all aware that the Defense is stalling in any way possible in the hopes of losing Jurors and that a Mistrial will be declared. What hasn’t escaped me is the fact that the prospective Jurors had all filled out info during Voir Dire and agreed to the date they would be available to sit on the Jury. I am not privy to any of the questions pertaining to any future dates that they might have listed as to why they would NOT be able to remain on the Jury, but KN is and I believe that it his intent to surpass those specific dates. Talk about misconduct…

    Anywho…My question to you would be…If a person is sentenced to LWOP, how long is it before they are allowed in to General Population and what is their day-to-day existence like up until then? I have heard many different versions of this and I’m not sure if it is the same across the board or differs from one prison to the next.

    Thank you so much and please let Kelly know that I’m sending positive juju her way. Feel better soon Kelly 🙂

  3. NancyB says:

    I’m looking forward to reading more of this series. Very interesting.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Nancy. It’s Kelly. Blue doesn’t have the admin codes yet so I said I would field the comments that I could and blue will do the rest K. I myself am very much looking forward to the rest of this series because it is going to give us a very good idea of what is in store for Stabbykins.

  4. Thank you so much for taking the steering wheel while Kelly rests. I don’t like worrying about her… She is a jewel, and I don’t think she realizes that. She is my main concern right now.

    I have been passing along information about ‘how to report’ a Judge in Arizona and I personally complained to the Review board about this incompetent, biased Judge. I hope its okay to copy here the info. She will not be kicked off this trial, that would cause even more delay than the defense attorneys are getting away with as it is. But they do take these complains seriously, we remain anonymous, and she could be ineligible to run again at election time! If you or Kelly do not want it here, please feel free to delete this post. Fair enough?

    Here’s where anyone can go to complain about a judge in Arizona! Have y’all done it yet? I did, and others are doing it too!

    Judicial Performance Standards
    I feel that concerning this trial that Judge Sherry FAILS miserably in THREE of the 5 standards that are expected of sitting Judges in Arizona. Perhaps she does okay in the 1st and the 4th, which are:
    • Ÿ Legal Ability: Decides cases based on applicable law, demonstrating competent legal analysis.
    • Ÿ Judicial Temperament: Dignified, courteous, and patient.
    As for the other 3, I say she has not shown the integrity the court requires. (This is taken from the link below from the Judicial Review site.)
    Once judges take the bench, the public expects them to be good judges. The Commission on Judicial Performance Review exists to provide meaningful and accurate information to the public for its use in voting on the retention of judges and justices appointed to the bench through merit selection. To do this, a carefully designed method of providing clear and accurate information about each judge and justice appearing on the ballot at the general election is used.

    High standards are set for Arizona’s judiciary.
    The JPR Commission evaluates each judge up for retention election to assess the judge’s:
    • 1- Legal Ability: Decides cases based on applicable law, demonstrating competent legal analysis.
    • 2- Integrity: Free from personal bias. Administers justice fairly, ethically, and uniformly.
    • 3- Communication Skills: Issues prompt and understandable rulings and directions.
    • 4- Judicial Temperament: Dignified, courteous, and patient.
    • 5- Administrative Performance: Manages courtroom and office effectively. Issues rulings promptly and efficiently.

    I repeat…I don’t think she meets the requirements for #2, 3 or 5!

    Please tell Kelly I’m sending her a card as soon as I can get to the post office. One of my sons totaled his truck and I’m letting him borrow my car until January, after the holidays, when he can get another vehicle to go to work. But I’ll get Kelly’s card in the mail as soon as I can. And I DO look forward to reading more about LWOP from you! Thank you for a great introduction.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Judy. I’m here, just trying to do what the doctor says and take it easy. He told me that 20hours a day researching and writing is not taking it easy so Blue is going to take over on the days I am feeling especially tired till it is surgery time. Blue will have all the admin codes soon so that questions posed of Blue can be answered directly. Till then you have me. Thank you so much for the kind words Judy. They mean a lot and I plan on being around for a long time, so I am trying hard to do as the doctor says. The post is fine. We don’t arbitrarily delete things here unless of course it is offensive which this definitely is not. Take care, have a great night.

      • Please get to feeling better, Kelly! I don’t like worrying about you. But, between you and me…I’ve lived my life with a bad heart and I can tell you, we DO learn what we can tolerate and that’s all we do. We do not over do things! My other said that between my 1st and 2nd birthday, I had both double pneumonia and whooping cough at the same time. My parents said they were shocked that I survived. Then, on the heels of that, I developed Rheumatic Fever which left me with a Rheumatic Heart Condition. The only thing I remember about all that is I could not play ball or ride a bike or run…things like that. I thought my mom loved my brothers and sisters more, because she’d let them do those things. Once in a while, at school, if I had a substitute teacher, I’d ‘play ball’. Man, I could hit that thing…and take off running. The next thing I knew, I’d wake up in the hospital with doctors telling me I almost killed myself. LOL

        But as the years went on, I learned my limits, and I’m now past retirement age, reared 4 decent, God-fearing children, and have a wonderful family. I consider myself blessed.

        But, it never would have happened if I had not learned my limits and how to stay within my limits. Please stay within your limits, and you’ll do fine, Kelly.

        Do you have a surgery date scheduled? I hope its soon. I really do.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Judy. That is my problem. I am waaaaaaay overdoing things. Thing is, I am for all intents alone. I have ross if I need a ride somewhere but I’m not going to ask an 80 yr old man to help me clear a tree, or stuff like that. I am trying to work within my limits till I get this surgery done I swear to god I am. The tiredness all the time is starting to scare me a little and today I thought I was going to pass out cold. Surgery is end of January. Thanks for the concern.

  5. karen30036 says:

    I read somewhere that inmates have to wait at least 5 years before being allowed in general population (In AZ), is this correct?
    Will all the Arias interviews and tweets stop?

  6. Linda says:

    Thank you BWR I am glad for your info on LWOP. Rest up Kelly you need your strength to carry on and we need your wisdom. So thanks again BWR for stepping in.

  7. Jean says:

    Hi Kelly, First, I want to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. So thank you! Second, I want to say – hell yeah- please take care of yourself. Stay away from that nasty Ebola and or do not get to close to stabby. You would definitely catch something. OK, now for what I really wanted to write you about. I have been doing a lot of research – watching the trial again and All the police interrogations, following the tweets (hate “trail by tweets” or TBT —ugh!!) So, I went to bed last night and I dreamed that JA got out, released just like they have been wishing. And not only out…because in my dream, ok, nightmare, she knew me personally and didn’t like that I was a friend of a friend of the family…I’m not, again it was a dream), anyway she came after me. I woke up crying, wondering if she was really crawling through my doggie door (ok, I don’t really have a dog or a said door for that dog…it was a dream) anyway it was really scary. NOW if I was terrified, and I don’t even know her – I can not imagine what Travis’s family is going through, or his friends (Chris and Sky). Where is she getting this polarizing energy? From the devil himself probably. She reminds me of a bully. If she does not get what she wants, watch out!! I do have a few questions though. If you can help in answering them, that would be great. 1. The gun that she used, she said she threw it in the dessert area. And there is no way after all this time to try and find it? Proving it was not Travis gun but her Grandfathers. (Again It would catch her in another lie!) 2. She or Alfred E. Said that there are 3 people that would love to get up on the stand and tell us what an upstanding person she is. But they are afraid for their lives. I call B.S. On this because she has family in the courtroom, but even her own family won’t do it, why? What are they trying to do here? 3.Nothing much is being said about the day she was arrested and had a gun that she just bought…and a suitcase – because she was going to flee. Why isn’t that talked about more? 4. With all of the art that she copies..I mean draws…not one of them is Travis’s face. You would think she would want to see that face and keep hurting family members with it. Surprised that the “ding dong the witch should be dead” didn’t think of it yet. And last but not least > I seriously get ill to my stomach thinking she might be conning everyone so much that she actually gets out early ( like time served) PLEASE REASSURE ME IT WONT HAPPEN, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR POP ROCKS ON TOP? I threw up when OJ’s and Casey Anthony’s verdict came down. Literally ran to the bathroom and up chucked. I am praying that she will be gone soon. I do believe her game plan is to make a lot of money to hire Casey Anthony’s lawyer for the appeal. I really think money talks and she will con a lot of gullible trolls to get her out. So there are my thoughts and ramblings. But I am serious, I hurt every time I see the family in court. They have to see her and hear her pitiful excuses. I think I would have gone nuts if that was me. I continue to pray for them, keep up their strength and hope to God and Juan comes through. Thanks for reading, Sincerely Jean Lehmann Hammond, wi Tweet name; Jeano0000 😀

    Sent from my iPad


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Jean. Thank you so much. The problem is the size of the desert and where she may have thrown it. My theory is that she walked in some and buried it. That is what I would have done. I also call bullshit on number 2. It will be purchased perjury and nothing more. 3. Because it was a 9mili and had no bearing on the case. She was legally allowed to own a firearm. Juan did actually just bring this up recently that she was in mid flight when she was arrested. 4. That reason for that is that it would cross the son of sam law by profiting off of the likeness of the man she killed. Hope that helps. My heart, you know that cold stone thing that resides in my chest breaks for that family every single day. Have a great night Jean. RBMD

      • Ruthanne says:

        I don’t think she buried it, only because the desert is very hard. I lived just west of Phoenix, and north about 2 miles from the prison she will be moved to very soon, for 3 years, right after this happened, and wish I knew before I left, I would have been looking for it. Anyway, the desert is not soft blowing sands like the Sahara in the movies, it is very hard, and not easy to dig into. She probably drove a while, pulled over somewhere and walked in a bit, in some random area that isn’t near a tourist attraction, but I don’t see her taking time to dig in the hard sand. There are plenty of small mountains and they have a lot of rock and brush, she could have chosen one of those areas and hid the stuff under rocks and brush where no one will find them accidentally. Although, if I were still there when I learned of all this, I would have mapped a likely route from Mesa to Utah and driven it and stopped to search periodically, and tried to get others to come and help. I’m pretty sure it COULD be found, but it would take a lot of people and a lot of time, and I see why the State wouldn’t bother, especially since there is no guarantee. She could have taken them back to Cali and thrown them in the ocean just as easily, and the State won’t waste time on something so uncertain.
        Sadly, I recently had a nightmare about her too. It pissed me off. Made me think about what the family must go through. I feel awful for them. This just needs to be over.

  8. The first posting I see on this fabulous blog was in April 2013, according to the archives. Is there any possible way to read posts written before then, or is this the actual time when the blog began? I am totally fascinated by your musings, and I want MORE! If possible, send me a link at Keep up the fabulous work!!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Janice. Welcome to the comment section. I have tons of writing but I actually started the official blog on that date. I add stuff from my compiled writings every now and then when it is a slow news day or just when I feel like it, but no there is no other place to go and read except my harddrive. Thanks so much for the kind words. RBMD

  9. shyloh says:

    Get well SOON Kelly. Can’t wait to start reading all the questions on this post. SOOOOOO excited! Welcome BWR!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Shyloh. I’m around. My surgery isn’t till the end of January but my doctors orders are that when I am feeling extremely tired I am to rest and Blue was kind enough to take the reins whenever they need to be taken.

  10. Arizona Rose says:

    Hai Kelly, Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Queen of the region of Mean, I’m praying and hoping you will soon be well again. Thank you BWR for taking over the reins from our Dean…I too am looking forward to learning more about LWOP. Please reassure me that, if sentenced to LWOP, Stabby’s interaction with the public will be terminated for good.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Rose: I’ll be all good once this damn surgery is done. Till then Blue has offered to write whenever I am having a bad day heart wise and I have accepted.

  11. geribouwman says:

    My prayers are with you Kelly. Please get well. Twitter will not be the same without you.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Geri. I will be around for a while yet. Blue is writing for me on the days when I am simply not well enough to do so until surgery time. I’m hoping I don’t have to impose to much because Blue is probably going to be very busy for the first week after surgery. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

  12. bobbie thompson says:

    I’m new here so Hi RBW. I hope Kelly gets better soon. Looking forward to seeing what JA’s life WILL be but here’s some things it WON’T be.

    She will never again go to interesting places with a man she “loves.”
    Never again enjoy the sexual pleasures of a man she “loves.”
    Never again enjoy the independence of going to dinner, a movie, or just to visit a friend.
    Never again have a strawberry frappuccino.
    Never birth children (Thank God).
    Never walk down the aisle with the man she “loves.”
    And she will never make it to Cancun.

    If there are JA supporters here who feel I’m cruel to “poor Jodi” by making these statements, let me tell you how cruel you are. I’ve heard statements that you feel the Alexanders should just “get over it” and “move on.” “Poor Jodi” and her family are suffering because she will be locked up. At least JA’s family can:

    See Jodi every day if they wish.
    Hear her voice.
    Wish her a happy birthday.
    Give her a Christmas gift.
    Laugh with her.

    At least Jodi can:

    See a sunset.
    Have a conversation.
    Draw a picture.

    Travis will never do those things. His family will NEVER again hear or see him. No matter what he did with his life his family will still suffer from his loss. No matter what he did he didn’t deserve to die as cruelly as he did. He didn’t deserve to die PERIOD.

    I don’t care why she killed him. Whether it was premeditated or not. Whether it was self-defense or not. She OVERKILLED him. PERIOD. So I. Don’t. Care. She deserves the death penalty. Let her family miss her as much as Travis’ family misses him. I’m not going to argue why I don’t believe it wasn’t self defense because you strange supporters don’t get it. Just get this: I believe she OVERKILLED him. Period.

    Thanks for letting me rant, Bobbie

    • bobbie thompson says:

      And by JA supporters I’m talking about any who are lurking. I know there aren’t any posting supporters

    • Jodi J. says:

      bobbie, I just wanted to say that I love your comment. There’s one thing that I’d like to say, which you didn’t: screw the JA supporters…and not in a pleasurable way.

  13. Tyla says:

    Welcome BWR, looking forward to your insight on this trial and your blog on LWOP.

    I don’t think the DP will happen, I pray it does but I have my doubts. I would happily accept LWOP but I have some doubts that may happen too!! If this jury doesn’t sentence her and it goes to the judge to sentence, I’m afraid she may say LWP, with time served ….. scares the fucking shit out of me but sadly I think there is a high possibility of this after watching this judge run this trial …. this trial is such a mess

    Kelly feel better 🙂 Prayers going out to you ❤

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tyla. I’m around, just having a rough couple of days so Blue graciously agreed to blog for me last night. I also can’t wait to read more about this. Thanks for the thoughts Tyla. Have a great night.

      • Tyla says:

        I know you’re around LoL, I didn’t mean for it to sound like you were out of commission – Just saying I pray for you every night with the upcoming surgery and all. So sit back, relax and let us continue our prayers for you for a healthier 2015 🙂

  14. Laurel says:

    I think its been amply demonstrated that the judge is a weak fool who has let and does let the defense run the trial. it’s pathetic – as much of a miscarriage of justice as Judge Ito and the OJ Simpson debacle.

    That in itself is beyond horrible to Travis who deserved justice and not to have his name maligned and dragged through the mud; and to Travis’ family who suffers anew with every bit of b.s. and lying misdirection the defense parades in front of the court/the jury.

    My gut says that Stabby lives every single moment of every day with the knowledge that Travis did not love her, did not want a relationship with her, and did not consider her marriage material.
    I think THAT is her hell, and THAT is why she tries to keep killing him every day in the courtroom.

    She tries to trash him hoping to silence the voice of his scorn, his dislike, disinterest and the humiliation of his rejection. and it doesn’t work.
    She’ll hear his voice in her head every day – and probably has nightmares of it at night.

    Don’t think for one second her smug psychosis reflects what she is really feeling. Look underneath the infuriating obvious. This is a woman whose payback stares her in the face ALL THE TIME.

    Juan just drives it home. There is no escape.

    Travis didn’t want her.
    Travis didn’t love her.
    Travis wanted someone else.
    No matter how many times she stabbed him, or shot him – his voice, his face, his ghost reminds her of it over. and over. and over.

    Her crime deserves the death penalty.
    If the jury as a collective entity has an intelligent brain that uses common sense in making their decision, that’s what will happen.

    If they don’t, it doesn’t mean Stabby will ever know clean air, freedom, good food, or any other good thing about being free ever again.

    • Gail says:

      Very well said. This part especially:

      “My gut says that Stabby lives every single moment of every day with the knowledge that Travis did not love her, did not want a relationship with her, and did not consider her marriage material.”

      Oh, I hope so, I hope you are on point.

  15. hbbeachbun says:

    Thank you BWR for taking over while Kelly regains her health and strength. Our prayers are with you Kelly.

    BWR I am so looking forward to reading your insight about LWOP. Bobbie Thompson I agree with every word you wrote.

  16. Deb says:

    BWR, this is a fine piece of writing here! You make LWOP sound interesting…purely from a distance, though!! 😉 I’m looking forward to reading more…

  17. Welcome aboard BWR, thank you for stepping up to the plate and making the Queen get some needed rest. I look forward to your story about LWOP and Stabby penalty phase. Like another poster I am wondering if Stabby will be in solitary and for how long.
    Kelly do what the Doc says and get more rest. You’re in my prayers.

  18. Adele J says:

    interesting article. Thankyou. Waiting to hear more about “Susan”

  19. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Hi Everyone, thanks for all the great comments! I will post part 2 today/nite and address the questions. BWR

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