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Doing LWOP – Part 2 of ?

Hi everyone, Associate Prof of Real Life for Felons BlueWhiteRed (BWR) here.  Since I am still rattled by the asswipe in the late model Mitsubishi SUV who passed me on a double yellow, 45mph zone, doing about 65…THEN…flew right through a school zone during dismissal…THEN…was second at a red light, passed the first car AROUND THE RIGHT SIDE (while I was on the phone with the non-911 Sheriff’s Department.), we will dispense with flag salutes to the DOC (Dept. of Corrections.)

Thanks for reading part 1.  I’m not a blogger, so please forgive my not answering you individually. I will from now on, as this is the week I don’t have to play Mr. Mom.

It seems most of you want to know how Stabby will be jailed, and her access to the media, Twitter, etc.  I need to say that I don’t live in AZ but my suggestion on her specifics would be a series of YouTube videos by a Mr. Carl ToersBijns. He was a Deputy Warden in both NM and AZ DOC and gives great, concise information.

Specifically, “Jodi Arias – Culture Shock”.

This will give you a great overview of her transitioning from Sheriff Joe’s Homey Don’t Play to State (Shit Just Got Real) Prison.  I can answer one question – YES – Jodi will spend her first 5 years in Solitary Confinement if she receives LWOP/LWP.  AZ does this to transition her to prison, ensure she complies with rules and then determine what level of custody (see also: privileges) she deserves after those 5 years.  As for visits, interviews, money, gifts, etc., I’d suggest the AZ DOC website.

I’m not trying to deflect your Jodi-specific questions, but rather direct you to accurate, current information as it pertains to her and AZ.  My purpose is to give you somewhat firsthand information on what LWOP really means to a person, especially a young female with no prior record.  My friend Susan was approximately the same age Jodi is now when she was sentenced and imprisoned.

For Susan’s first 4 years or so, I would say her (and I daresay, Jodi and others) focus is GETTING OUTTA HERE.  Appeals give inmates a project; something to focus on, instead of accepting the inevitable.  Susan has exhausted her state appeals, the US Supreme Court refused her a writ of certiorari, and she has one appeal left, called a Writ of Habeas Corpus.  In simplest terms, she can file a civil suit against the Warden of her prison, on the basis that she is being held illegally.  Usually the basis is her attorney(s) were deficient, evidence was omitted/discovered, etc. I guess I should disclaim that I’m not a contemporaneous or past attorney, lol.  Anyway, I can’t stress the need for a project more.  Rather than assimilate, these types of inmates look for any and all means to get a new trial, or better yet, dismissal of charges.

There is a frantic energy to “I’m not supposed to be here”.  They will burn up the phone (more on that in a minute), engage their families into any/all ways to get an appellate attorney involved.  I have seen military recruits experience this; the ones who realize their contracts are binding and getting up at 0300 to be screamed at for 18 hours isn’t their cup of tea.  Most recruits begin to assimilate around week 4 of 8.  I think prisoners are similar, just change it to years.

Susan was classified the highest security level once convicted, so she lived in a separate area called the Security Housing Unit (“SHU”) for about 2 years.  She lived in a single cell, had meals delivered to her door slot, got out of her cell 3 times a week for 2 hours to shower, make phone calls, mingle.  So it wasn’t true Solitary Confinement.  Her visits were contact visits (more on that later) and she tended to think living alone was better than with a Bunkie, for those first couple of years, anyway.

I will state my opinion that she is a manipulator, who has a hamster wheel going 24/7, to figure out her next move on any issue.  This is unfortunately how she ended up where she is.  Anyway, I say this because she has zero problems asking anyone for anything.  The frustrating part, for her, is her access to those she can ask.  So let’s talk about STUFF. Each subsequent blog will focus on STUFF we take for granted, that the inmate can’t:

1.  Phone calls: She is allowed 12 phone numbers only on her approved outgoing call list.  These numbers are researched (can’t be to the victim or anyone opposite of her case) and then approved.  Taking away phone privileges is a common punishment and, knowing her, a painful one.  She can drop/add numbers once a month.  I’m on her list.  She dials a pin code, then my number.  A 3rd party company (Securus, in her case) calls me.  An automated message says to me, “You have received a call from (her name), an inmate at (Name) Correctional Center.  Press 1 to accept the call….”  I can accept the call, ignore it, block it, etc.  She can talk to 2 people for 15 minutes each call, for each day she is allowed “out”.  The 15 minute call costs me about $4.00 and I fund Securus before she calls. (Kind of like EZ-pass if you have one of those).  Susan is not one for rules that apply to her.  I told her in the beginning she could call anytime on a Thursday, as it was the easiest day for me to talk.  She calls when she wants to.  Since she gets out of her cell for about 2 hours twice a day, sometimes she calls and calls.  I feel I should not give one inch on MY rules, especially since I am paying.  In that regard, I feel like training a child.  3rd party calls are a HUGE no-no.  Oh, I am told every minute or so that these calls are recorded and monitored and believe me, they are.  (Her prison has a detail who solely does this.)  I never discuss her case or the participants/details because of this.  The final thing about phones:  cell phones are the newest contraband and the inmate who has one will probably find the signal jammed or someone will rat her out.  But Susan has been in prison so long, I had to explain what a cell phone vs. landline meant.

Thanks again for reading.  Enjoy your freedom!  Kelly, try to keep your BP down during the Stabby Molasses Penalty Phase.  BWR – roger out.

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13 Responses to LWOP 2 – Guest Blog by BlueWhiteRed

  1. Laura hickey says:

    Thanks for the info and insights from Susan. “Culture shock” is right — arias, because of her personality, narcissism, and feelings of entitlement, will make her assimilation really, really tough. And, too, I wonder how many visits she will get over the years. will her family/”friends” eventually abandon her? poor baby! (Every time I hear “assimilation” I think of the Borgs!) thanks and I look forward to the next one! No need to reply!

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hi Laura, I will write about visiting Susan’s prison and that phrase, Culture Shock, took on a whole new meaning for ME. I don’t know AZ DOC policy, but Susan has a visitor list of about 15? Her parents, now elderly, but supportive, moved out of state. She has cousins who visit, but oddly, no friends that I can remember we both knew. I think JA will have family probably move to AZ….just my opinion. Thanks for reading & I hear “Borgs”, too!

  2. Deb says:

    BWR, thanks for the links and the info you come by through your friendship & experience with a felon in a state prison. I’m glad it doesn’t sound good at all (because I’m all for stabby getting the ever-lovin’ shit kicked right out of her lyin’ wonder holes)…but I’m also gobsmacked as to why anyone would commit an on-purpose felony and open her/himself to this! It doesn’t sound like your friend had an ‘oopsy-daisy’ type accident of felonious proportions, either. It sounds kinda like she might have known she was heading down a dark path, but figured, “What the hell, I’m feelin’ lucky!” I realize I may be totally off base here, but that’s the impression I have. I’ll say ahead of time I’m sorry to your friend, if I’m misjudging. I don’t like to do that…

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hiya Deb, you’re 100% on target. Susan did not have an oopsy moment. I honestly think these people belong to the Smartest Person In The Room Club. You’re not off-base re Susan. There’s also the “If More Than 1 Person Knows, It Ain’t A Secret.” Thanks as always for your feedback & reading.

  3. You know, BWR, a long, long time ago my husband used to drink. Well, worse, he was a bar room ‘guzzler. It got so hard to endure that I eventually took the 3 kids and left. It was bad enough that he was guzzling (or spending his pay check on buying for other guzzlers) and that was money we needed for the electric bill, groceries, milk and baby food, and all those necessities.

    After several months of him living ‘back home with ‘mama’, he decided he didn’t like his bars and drinking and womanizing as much as he thought he would and he did finally stop his drinking. He was ten like a different man! I’m serious.

    Now, I said all that to say this…He’s told me in the past, “I used to say that I did not know what I was doing when I was drinking. But the truth is…I knew. I just did not care!” I honestly think people like your ‘friend’ and the Serial Slut Slasher JUST DO NOT CARE EITHER! They just do not give a rat’s butt, unless it is to THEIR OWN personal benefit. I could be wrong. (I have been before.) Neither do the current most hated defense attorneys in the land! THEY JUST DO NOT CARE! And if you or anyone allows them to, they will use you to get whatever they can.

  4. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Judy, first, I am so respectful of your strength and putting your kids and yourself first. I know many of you wonder how I can be friends with Susan still….I will talk about that when it’s right, but suffice to say, I have been onto her a very long time. My wife knows everything as things happen, which gives Susan no perceived leverage. She had/has tunnel vision and narcissism. They didn’t line up with the law. Thanks, I always enjoy your input.

  5. Alice Girard says:

    hi bwr….i am enjoying reading your blog. i know a little about prison..i have been married for nearly 35 years to a man with bi polar disease. he,being his own worst enemy, has landed in prison (drugs not murder) twice,county jails more times than i can count and VA hospitals from Michigan to Florida. he has never been a max prisoner always a level one or two. his last bit was in the prison in Marquette MI…back in the day they used to send the worst of the worst there and then weld the cell doors shut. i dunno aclu or somebody objected so they stopped doing that a long time ago. i guess my point is that he told me about the level 5’s and how much it sucked. zero contact visits…pretty much the same as any prison these days. thankfully he now understands that he will be on meds the rest of his life (and mine) and that’s what makes him feel better…he is not cured. you are a patient man as i know how they con and spin shit and i know in my heart i couldn’t,wouldn’t do it again. she is lucky to have such a friend. looking forward to the next edition.

  6. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Alice, I, too, take meds to keep me on the healthy road, and it was so hard to accept/comply. I can understand the pain and toll that has on the family; my family lived it, too. I appreciate your compliment so much. I just felt moved like my father had been, to remember people before these horrible decisions ….and that’s what they were….decisions. She takes a very small part of my day/life. She isn’t Stabby but not a Saint. Take care….

  7. NancyB says:

    I enjoy your writing and style very much. Can’t wait to read more of this serial! The links were very interesting information also.

  8. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Hi Nancy, thanks and glad I paid attention in English! Appreciate you and your thoughts.

  9. bobbie thompson says:

    HAH! She’s gonna be miserable. She deserves it. I see her supporters saying stupid shit like they’re glad Juan is losing cuz she deserves to feel justified. NO! She deserves to be miserable!

    Thanks for the inside look of Jodiho’s new life.

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