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Doing LWOP 3 – Ho, Ho, Hmmmm…..

Hi everyone, Associate Professor of Real Life for Felons, BWR here. I don’t know if I will type this correctly, adeieiwhslsiw, because I’m still cracking up over Kelly’s Lowered Expectations. OMG, each post is funnier than the last! Brava, Queen of Meanville!

Thanks, as always for reading, and Kelly, for letting me share the air space with you. I was going to jump right in and talk to you about “shopping” at the (Name) State Prison, but got the mail first. In it was a $1,000 USD check from some loan company. It’s all MINE, “just in time for holiday shopping!” At 33% APR interest. Ho, Ho, Hmmmm.

How Inmates Get Da Money — Until about last year, Susan only could receive money in her commissary account from people (12 or 15, I can’t remember) on her approved visiting list. That way the prison could ensure she wasn’t being funded by a released felon (unless they’re related, rolled eyes), or ISIS, I guess. Anyway, that changed and now anyone with the exception of above can put money in her account. A 3rd party (there seems to be quite the capitalism via the State Prison system, no comment from me, other than ALWAYS a fee.) has a website. It doesn’t cover every single state, but many. You establish a username and password, then her state, then prison, then number. Once done, you can either set up regular payments via credit/debit card or a one-time deposit. She gets a receipt when the COs deliver such documents (and feel like it) so she knows her balance. It also states the sender’s name from the credit/debit card, so no anonymous donations. You can also download a Prison-specific form, fill it out and put a money order in. Then send via snail mail to the Department of Corrections, located at the state capitol. When the COs get the money order receipt, (and feel like it) they hand to her. I’m not “debasing” the COs, just providing Susan’s feedback on the couple of times I’ve sent money.

So, what can a prisoner buy? (I’ll cover what she can receive another time.) They must buy everything not provided at reception (the absolute basics, scrubs (color specific like on an aircraft carrier, only in her case, they’re yellow for being Level 4 security status. (Only Death Row and newly admitted capital LWOP prisoners are Level 5 and wear red.) She’ll never wear another color again, because LWOP is always LWOP.) (Sorry for all the ()s, by the way.), bras (2), underwear/socks, toiletries, a jacket, hat and gloves. If she were indigent, they would be provided for free. She buys all replacements and a variety of items from the commissary. I looked up the order form and thought you’d be interested to see the variety my former state tax dollars helped subsidize, and cost to her. (each price does not include the usual too-high State Sales Tax):

*(For Kelly) Poptarts (Choc. Chip or Cookies & Crème) ( box) $3.18
*Donuts, Powdered (up to 5) $2.60 each
*(For Stabby) Sketch Pad (up to 5) $.69 each (bargain?!)
*Stool Softener (1) $3.90
*(For PV) Dreamsickle Cookies (Kosher, up to 5) $1.16
*Love You Card (up to 5) $1.15
*Mascara (up to 2 and wonder if AZ allows?!) $1.42

I know there are things like CDs and players, small TVs (there are no “public” ones), and DS game players/cartridges but I couldn’t find that list. I do know they are marked up 40% from outside retail. So maybe they increase their profit margin by under-pricing the Love You cards and overpricing the “toys”.

They are not allowed to trade, buy for someone else and of course, no refunds. The no trade/buy for someone else rules are to keep things like loan sharking and Power Differences (thanks, ALV for that phrase), etc., happening. They can buy 8 items per order. She can send things like the cards out. All envelopes are pre-stamped directly to the envelope to prevent contraband from being placed underneath. I guess no hair samples for DNA testing are sent out that way.

I hope you find this information interesting and wonder how much holiday shopping Susan will do for herself or send out (limited). Ho, Ho, Hmm…..

PS. There’s no one wearing a blue vest selling gas cans at the State Prison.

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31 Responses to LWOP 3 – Guest Blog by BlueWhiteRed

  1. bobbie thompson says:

    Gosh Jodi! No blond hair dye.

    Thanks for your posting time. Always enjoy hearing how miserable she will be 🙂

  2. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Bobbie, you’re quite welcome. I waver which is worse, LWOP or DP. In Stabby’s case, for me, it’s whatever shuts the mike off. And, I assure you, no Clairol! Thanks..

  3. renaes24 says:

    I’ve often wondered if they sell broken clam shells to shave legs with. If not, perhaps their ‘beauty salon’ provides corn-rows for underarms?
    Thanks for the post BWR

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Renaes, I know safety razors were on the order form….or maybe it was pumice. I’ll have to ask. I’ll get back to you on the corn rows, lol.

    • Deb says:

      May I suggest a cheap pair of tweezers? It could be the blunt-edged ones, too 🙂

      • renaes24 says:

        Great, I’ll send one to Jodi and see if she gives herself a Brazillian…one hair at a time. 🙂

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        I have to believe the only thing that could make Stabby miserable in prison is a unibrow, so Deb, ensure those tweezers break the first time they’re used!

  4. jackie moore says:

    love ur writing thanks for helping kelly out and in the process all kellys friends and fans

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hey Jackie, thanks and I owe Kelly a lot for giving me something to do. My prior 4 letter word was PTSD. Now it’s RBMD.

  5. Hey Blue. So awesome that you are able to help Kelly out. Thanks for the blog and passing on info.

    And hugs to you, Kelly!

  6. karen30036 says:

    Say Arias dodges the DP. It is possible she can get life with the possibility of parole. I’d like to believe that since her crime was determined to be especially cruel, she would get LWOP, but this judge has allowed this case become one big clusterfuck and who knows anymore ….

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hey Karen — If the jury hangs or votes for Life, then JSS then decides if LWOP or LWP. This is per sentencing guidelines in effect when TA was murdered. LWP is only possible after 25 years (35 for a child under 15). Hope this helps.


    • Ruthanne says:

      JSS is a lot of things, but I don’t think she would give her parole. Fingers crossed.

      • renaes24 says:

        I disagree. I think JSS WOULD give her life with parole eligibility. JSS spent too much time in juvi court and seems to think poor Stabby is young and can be redeemed. That is one big reason I am hoping for the DP in this case….just to take it out of JSS hands. I think a lot of people would be OK with LWOP but it’s a gamble with this ‘judge’

      • Ruthanne says:

        renaes24, what makes you think that JSS thinks that about skankhobitch? Is it just the lackadaisical way she runs her courtroom, or something more specific?

      • renaes24 says:

        JSS has ‘mothered’ Jodi. Harken back to all the little ‘chats’ when Jodi was representing herself. Constantly asking for ex-parte’s and JSS only refused her ONE and that was right after she gave up her status. Between that and the rulings AND some of the looks that JSS gave the HO (in the first trial), that tells me to be wary of JSS giving her LWOP. To Stephens, Jodi IS young.

  7. Laura hickey says:

    I hope stabby gets LWOP because she’d have a very, very miserable, lonely, and possibly (hopefully) friendless life. DP is too easy. Can’t believe I just said that. If she gets LWP, I will be pissed. A lot. Thanks BWR — very informative and fun to read ((though the () did confuzzle me some))))).

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      (Hi Laura, couldn’t resist more brackets! My dad used to tell me to stop disclaimering things when talking!) I keep changing my mind and was leaning towards LWOP until earlier today, in terms of being more miserable. I believe JA is a sociopath or psychopath – same meaning. As such, everything in her path is to be considered, manipulated and most of all, NOTICED. I don’t think she will be hated, because she knows how to read people very, very well and adapts like a chameleon. If DP, she has zero contact; no one to manipulate or notice her.

      • Laura hickey says:

        Good points about arias’ personality traits (read psyco traits). She’s certainly not as smart as Einstein, but she’s very good at manipulating and telling people what they want to hear so she can swirl them in her Koolaid pitcher. She needs recognition, like you said — buckets of it. Makes me wonder how she’s been faring these past years with no light shining down on her. (I’m a big user of () too, so no worries!)

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        The 1 or 2 fights she’s been in at Sheriff Joe’s, I think, were those few who are always bad-ass or on to her. It’s her ability to get the people to care about her when all the time she is playing them….that’s what she does. I think she just considers prison as her next game. How she’ll play that game? Whatever works. I meant to say that the difference between JA and Susan is that Susan is stuck up and so everyone dislikes her. Dummy.

      • Ruthanne says:

        Exactly why I hope for the DP just to keep her away from everyone else. She won’t actually be executed, for those that want her alive a long time to suffer.

        Although she loves herself so much I don’t know how much she will suffer anyway, especially if they can play video games and watch TV. I have to hope not being able to control others or have contact with anyone will be punishment enough, and not being able to enjoy anything on the outside, but she looked for a free ride for a long time, and now she has one, (it isn’t with a man, but she is being supported), so I have to think that’s somewhat comforting to her.

        i don’t care, as long as she can’t be around ANYONE again ever inside or especially out, so DP is my preference.

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Ruthanne, I am so glad to reply to you, first, a thought that popped into my head: Stabby finally achieved her goal. Now men spend millions on her. Well, look closer, Stabby. Male and female TAX PAYERS of AZ have and will. Then, all of us when it goes Federal.

  8. BWR.. nice to know Stabby will get bare minimum. Clothes etc.. I didn’t know each different inmate level had a different color. Praying Stabby’s is red. Hoping IT has paper but know pencils LOL. Wouldn’t that be a pisser. PV can stick the Dreamscicles where the sun doesn’t shine. Hopefully Stabby needs lots of stool softener so much shit there inside that thing.LOL to the gas cans, hahaha no more road trips for Stabby. Now isn’t that a wonderful thought! Great post and tell the Queen I am so happy she got her Christmas tree and got out in the public. And BWR. Hoping you don’t need to cash that wonderful $1000 at 33 percent. Boy, they really get you with those at this time off year.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hi Smurfette — just want to be clear that Susan is not in an AZ State Prison, but I have to belief AZ is worse than her state (which is tightly controlled yet you see some “comforts” like the sketchpad and pencils. Would be a total pissa (spelling intentional) if they sold sketchpads and no pencils in AZ. AZ is a more conservative state than Susan’s; Sheriff Joe’s Homey Don’t Play Jail would never fly there, for example. Queen Kelly is still here, I just give her fingers a rest so she can decorate her Christmas tree, or cut out those paper snowflakes that are Stabby and the Whole Defense Team! Thanks for reading and making me laugh!

  9. mrsmojojojo says:

    Hello BWR….. I’m wondering if Stabby will have access to the media should she get LWOP? I never want to see or hear from her ever again. I pray the Alexander family has some recourse in the civil courts in regard to her hawking her “art” (a term that is used loosely). After all, nobody would ever purchase or even look twice if she hadn’t slaughtered Travis. BTW…. The picture that was often referred to but never shown until recently, is posted on the internet. The picture I refer to is the throat cut autopsy picture. Found it by accident, I should’ve gone through my entire life never having to see that. But it does bring the entire point of this ridiculous trial home. Nobody deserves that.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      And Howdy back to you, Mrs. Mojojojo. Thought I’d bullet my reply so I cover everything you asked/commented:
      1. Stabby & Media in State Prison: #1 question I’m asked. I don’t know because my friend Susan is not in AZ but I have decided to try to find out, via official sources, answers to that question and an overview of LWOP and DP in AZ. So stay tuned.
      2. Alexanders v. Stabby For $$$: The Alexanders filed a Wrongful Death civil suit against JA on the day of the verdict. I know she would have to ensure her “art” can (a) be sent out of the prison procedurally, (b) not be related to her crime unless AZ Son of Sam laws have changed by the US Supreme Court (some of it was reversed, I know that much but would have to check the specifics). My family has a lot of CPAs, so I can check if they can be awarded anything from her appellate fund – my gut feeling is NO.
      3. I’m glad you have been shielded this long re the throat picture, because, unfortunately, it’s been available online for over a year. In a twisted move, many of her supporters purposely posted crime scene photos in Instagram, etc. I don’t know the genetic mutation that makes someone think that’s ok. If I were on the jury, no mitigation would supercede that picture.

      Hope this helps, thanks for commenting and I’ll work on #1 asap.

    • Ruthanne says:

      That pic was available last year, you just had to know where, it wasn’t widespread. I saw them all back then, but chose not to look at any this year because sadly they are all still in my head, and I don’t need or want a refresher. I feel like Juan needs to use them to remind the jury periodically why they are sitting in court.

  10. Ruthanne says:

    BWR, thanks for the post, always informative. I’m afraid I wouldn’t do well in prison, I don’t like either of those pop tart flavors, hate powdered donuts and can’t draw stick figures well. 😦 I am wondering why they need mascara?

    So I was going to ask what seems to be topic of the day, (week, year?), and will have to wait for you to research and get back to us, the media question, and if it makes a difference if she gets LWOP vs DP.

    My other question is regarding the art, I know if it has anything to do with the crime it’s supposed to be a no-no but as was pointed out by another astute commenter, if she hadn’t killed Travis, no one would even know who she is, let alone purchase anything with her name on it, so although indirectly, it is all related to the crime and therefore should not be permitted. Nor should her Twitter accounts or blog posts be permitted. Perhaps someone else is running things, but those posts are definitely her words, and her delusional and twisted thoughts. Eww.

    Although I prefer the solitude of death row, if she were to get LWOP I don’t think she would fare as well in State Prison as in County Jail. Especially with the serious offenders she will be housed with. I think they will not fall for her crap and she will have to be a lackey and like it, or have some serious issues. I tend to imagine her getting into serious trouble and not lasting long under those conditions, though.

  11. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Ruthanne, I hope I can get AZ specific info on quality of life in AZ and their application of Son of Sam ASAP. Having said that, it’s my opinion that, unfortunately, the 1st amendment, which she largely will not lose in prison, will allow her to voice (visits and phone and mail) her Twitter and/or blogs. Things like security info would not be allowed from anyone, certainly not a prisoner. Re her “art” sales. I can say this much. Mail is searched in and out of Susan’s prison, especially for loose items. Very strict rules. And remember something I said: AZ is a bajillion times more conservative than Susan’s current state. (I actually am shocked it still has the DP, frankly.) Re relation to the crime. I know this is horrible, but again, I think (just IMO) I think the 1st amendment covers her right to profit from speech/art not directly associated with the crime. But I know this for FACT: any monies that are directly EARNED by her are considered income, and certainly on the federal level? Yep, 28% federal income tax. (if she is in an overall middle tax bracket) Prisoners are still required to file federal income tax forms on monies earned directly by/for them. Not earned being a prisoner making license plates, tho. This is where the Alexanders can divert profits, by winning a wrongful death suit. It’s the irrevocable trust, run by another, and not payable to Stabby, that I am checking on but feel 90% certain is free from lien by the Alexanders. Sorry so long, I ate breakfast.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Just want to be clear: monies earned by her include a civil suit won BY/FOR her, book deals contracted to her, inheritance, etc. Not donations to her commisary account, or, I think, the trust ir other donation accounts not registered by her SSN. Just put it this way: Monies payable to her SSN. Susan fired and sued an appellate attorney after paying a large retainer. She won substantially all of it back. Yep, state, federal and local (in her jurisdiction) all came out. She can’t spend it per se, but her Power of Attorney can at her behest.

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