Signs That You Might Be a Mitigation Specialist

Still laughing my ass of that cougarliscious is on the record..for EVER! Arizona

Hai Kids.

Anyway since Grammaliscious got called out ON THE RECORD it made me think about how to know if someone is a mitigation specialist. chacha cougar friend If this dude doesn’t know then we are all fucked.  So, because I am a helpful law professor/dean of fuckery/ Queen of the region of mean I made a list.

If you think that discussing court matters on social media is a good idea- you might be a mitigation specialist
If you like to call people who don’t agree with you names like retard-you might be a mitigation specialist
If your English is so bad that you cannot properly form a sentence-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you smuggle things for fun and profit-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you like to pretend that your grandson is your boyfriend-you might be a mitigation specialist
If 1980 called and asked for its clothes back-you might be a mitigation specialist
If for the life of you, you cannot figure out how to spell cougarluscious (which is not a word) -you might be a mitigation specialist
If you believe that you actually are all that and a bag of chips-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you get busted smuggling things out of prison to put up for sale-you might be a mitigation specialist
If you offer two for one lap dances while wearing your naked pole dancing santa suitnaked pole dancing santa chacha   -you may be a mitigation specialist
If you think that PV is a really good person to be feeding information to-you may be a mitigation specialist
If you spend a lot of times NOT trying to find mitigating factors for your guilty client-you may be a mitigation specialist
If strange men often offer you money in back alleys -you may be a mitigation specialist
If you are being investigated for how deep into the murder money pie your hand is-you may be a mitigation specialist
If it has been put on record for all time that you, a professional person leaks information under the name cougarluscious you are an idiot and you may also be a mitigation specialist
If you may be looking for a job at hot topic so you can get the employee discount once you don’t have your job anymore-you may be a mitigation specialist
If you can work a pole and smuggle a cellphone contemporaneously- you may be a mitigation specialist

I hope you have all found this list helpful in discerning if you are indeed dealing with a mitigation specialist

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65 Responses to Signs That You Might Be a Mitigation Specialist

  1. Adele says:

    Another day, another great read on all that is HodiSkank. This week ended with Juan inserting a 💣💣💣 bombshell into the circus. So much more fodder for your blogs.
    Thanks, for what you do

  2. She’s had serious botox, facelift and fake teeth. No wonder she looks that good. And btw, the hair is dyed too.

    • Erin Mahnke says:

      She is definitely struggling to hold onto whatever “youth” might still be there. After a while the clock can’t be stopped, and her Grand son / boyfriend is going to look elsewhere. Sorry, but highly air brushed Glamor shots while you’re pimping a Dollar Store Santa hat isn’t going keep the Grand son/ boyfriend locked in the cougar trap for long.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Erin: It always makes me sad somehow when women cannot just age gracefully. I realize it is because men are always looking for younger, prettier but still. Have some self respect for Christ’s sake.

      • Deb says:

        Erin, thanks oh so much for that last sentence!!! ❤ and hahahahaha!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Starshine: Agreed.

    • Mama Via says:

      I can say what I’m going to say because I was married to a Hispanic male for a while…there is either more oil or something in “Latin” skin than in Caucasian skin…they “age” very slowly….BUT…gravity is gravity, and genetics genetics…you can fight either…not even IF you are a MitigationSpecialist…

      I have to wonder when I look at Muther, just who the fukk she thinks she’s kidding? How many 95-6 year old women have honey blond hair with no trace of grey? How many over 30 mitigation specialists who have black hair have not even a trace of grey? Yea…”natural” right!

      And, just like me…when the estrogen stops…even a mitigation specialist will have thinning skin, age spots, yellow teeth, boobs and/or implants that watch you tie your shoes (rather than look out at the world) and your ass drops down, and hangs around your knees…(remember Joan Rivers? SCARY!)

      One other thing for us ladies to remember…your life WILL be judged at some point in time…I hope that people remember me for being a lot like my dear gramma…I may not be beautiful (but beauty, like a flower, fades) but I regret only a few things I’ve got in my past…sure, I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve taken responsibility and accepted the consequences…I haven’t tried to hide my failures, I’ve tried not to repeat them.

      Someday, MDLR will have to face that she COULD have done better for her client…and accept the failure and consequences…if not in life, then karmic justice will prevail…

      Gramma says “do the best you can every day, and if you err, learn something from it, forgive yourself, sleep well and go forth the next day to make a totally different mistake!” “There are too many mistakes available in the world to feel that you need to keep repeating the same one!”

      Love to all!

      • Deb says:

        Well said-very well said, dear Mama Via! We missed u, 2 ❤

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Mama, have I mentioned how worried we all were about you? Please even if you aren’t feeling good just drop a quick line that you are okay. You are much loved here. Love to you mama, all kinds of it.

    • Arizona Rose says:

      In addition, this photo of her has been subjected to a heavy handed dose of Photoshop-type, flaw-correcting filters.

  3. renaes24 says:

    Hey Kelly, I was waiting and hoping for the latest chapter……..and you came thru! I read Christine’s article earlier….and wow! for her, Christine, it is a stinger! (Christine is ever so cautious about what she writes). I also saw PV’s retort….first saying she won’t even bother to read the whole thing…followed by referring to things that were well into and near the end of the article……..So much ignorance and so much venom…..course she made the obligatory ‘digs’ about people who need heat etc but the comments were almost defeatist by that point. (and by POINT, I mean the one I had to guess at since she never seems to really MAKE one).
    I don’t think Cha-Cha (aka La Cucaracha…song always goes thru my head when I have to think of her) will have many problems UNTIL the trial is over.( State of AZ wouldn’t want to make this more of a fiasco than it is already) After the trial? I wouldn’t want to be in her plastic heels!
    My concern is that all of this will be yet ANOTHER appealable issue. Hopefully, there is good documentation that the SKANK was not only ‘down’ with all this going on but initiated a batch of it. Oh what the hell! That bitch will be appealing until the day her putrid hoo-haw falls off.
    Hope you are feeling much better…….and I wait in gleeful anticipation of your New Years post where you may finally publish all the rubbish that came from the fish-toting , fish tale, fish smelling mama and her merry little school of minnows.
    Later…..and to you……..PEACE IN! (Inner peace!)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Renae: Christine is brilliant isn’t she. At this point there are so many appealable issues it really doesn’t matter. I’m doing okay for sure. Just tired. I am really looking forward to Newyears.

    • Deb says:

      renaes…you put the icing on the Christmas cookie for me with “I wouldn’t want to be in her plastic heels!” Thank you for that lovely image 🙂 of an tired, egocentric housecat, trying to look like a ‘killer cougar’ with fake FMP’s!

  4. Erin Mahnke says:

    Fantastic as always !!!! – The grand son but had me giggling like a school girl…not a horny one, mind you.. 🙂

  5. Erin Mahnke says:

    * Bit* not but…but seriously, does it really matter ?

  6. Christine says:

    Omg the tears are rolling down my face. I don’t know which line I like the best. All hysterical. Well played girl, well played.

  7. BlueWhiteRed says:

    That siren I hear is an ambulance called by the neighbors……cause I’m HOWLING…….are you and Christine cousins?! Thanks for Saturday Night LAFF!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Blue: That made my whole entire night. YAY. No we aren’t cousins but I think we may be sisters separated at birth lol. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. bobbie thompson says:

    Hilarious! Git ‘er done! (my other fav comedian). My comment didn’t show either. All I said though was “it’s gettin hot in here.” Maybe that sounded too sexual/ hahahahaha.

    SW just pissed she ain’t got enough followers to pay her. We could maybe pay to SHUT her up though hmmmm

  9. Jodi J. says:

    I am not a mitigation specialist, thank goodness! But ‘you’ are the funniest writer (along with hWild) that I know. When I see that a new post is up, it makes me very happy. : ) See?

  10. Tracey says:

    And the number one reason is……If you can work a pole and smuggle a cellphone contemporaneously- you may be a mitigation specialist!!!!! I have often wondered if she practiced using the word “contemporaneously” in front of a mirror……oh that’s right they don’t have real mirrors in jail or prison.

  11. This may be one of my favorite blog entries! Brilliant!

  12. You are my favorite blogger. 🙂

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Melissa. Thank you so much. What a sweet thing to say. I hope you get to enjoy my blogs for a very long time.

  13. Alice Girard says:

    i read christine’s article last night (love her)…then i went back to read it again and check the comments…i have no idea who PV is…i heard about her a long time ago and for the life of me i don’t know exactly where….is she the woman who was accused of taking advantage of a sick neighbor or relative or something like that? i don’t know maybe i have her confused with someone else…anyway who is she trying to bullshit? she read the entire article and then made that comment. i am betting she salivates waiting for you and christine to post…her rambly shit makes no sense and you guys make me laugh till i pee. contest over. i remember way back when stabbs real trial started and i said to myself…”who is that woman sitting at that table”? then i answered myself ” dunno but (and not to speak ill of the dead) she reminds me of the late tammy faye baker kinda hooker like”. i had no idea she was a “mitigation specialist”. so then i had to ask what does a MS do? i found out that they are supposed to come up with reasons to keep a POS like stabbs alive. well we know she did not discover a cure for herpes as she is sporting a big one..ewww. so that’s out. maybe if they mentioned she can suck the chrome off a tailpipe it would be helpful. i am just offering suggestions because all that other shit,the art and stuff……well that’s just stupid.

    great blog again.

    take care.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Alice: I also love Christine. I think her writing is brilliant and ballsy and those are both things I hold in very high regard. PV is Sandra Webber. No you don’t have her confused with someone else. Go back and read my reply to her. It’s worth the read. Thanks so much and have a great night.

  14. tammy says:

    Oh Kelly got to see the one about your fuel being paid for but not the one about the goat, I missed that. PV couldn’t get a free cup of coffee much less gifts of money. She makes my skin crawl, what a puke she is. Great Blog as always you just have to tell us about the goat lol Still can’t believe you carried that tree in by yourself! Hope you are resting……

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tammy: I’m sorry because it was a great comment. Well, I thought I’d offer to help her, it is Christmastime afterall lol. Oh the goat. What I said was they can take all the porn links and calling stabby names and I don’t care if he was banging a goat in the backyard that still does not give anyone the right to kill him three times. Of course I’m resting…mostly. lol. Have a great night.

      • Ruthanne says:

        Thanks for the goat comment, it was making me crazy wondering what it was! And I agree btw! LOL

      • tammy says:

        Anyone that would believe that defense would have to believe that the only time Travis stopped having sex would of been to go to the bathroom. What they did on the witness stand and in that courtroom was alot worse than the murder on june 4 2008. If anyone deserves the DP its Hodi if for nothing but all the lies she told about the child porn. I believe there will be a payday someday for that rotten nasty side of the courtroom, I for one can’t wait for that day. Now for the so called mitigation specialist(gag) I have never seen her with a file or even a piece of paper in her hand to take a note on what is her purpose besides to carry notes to Ma Arias?Hope to hear shes on food stamps when Jaun gets done with all of this… Glad to hear your resting, hope you are feeling a little better than you were. XXXXXXXXXXooooooooooo

  15. Debbie Young says:

    Yet another masterpiece! I agree with Jodi J. When I see “new blog is up” I can’t WAIT to read it! Let’s all just wait for the SLEDGEHAMMER to come down on Stabby, Chacha, Jason, Lisa, PV, and the rest of the Jodi circle jerk!

    Take care!

  16. karen30036 says:

    Because I don’t have a twitter account … it’s taken me a bit to figure out the cast of characters. When I vented a few posts back, I bitched about the trolls on twitter. I believe the main source of my irritation was/is PV. I’m at a point in my life that I can’t tolerate stupidity, being an attention whore, and those deliberately being a cunt or a dick just for the sake of being one.
    My opinion of these types … what they say reveals more about them, than the person they are attacking.
    Integrity, truth, and a passion for justice is what I see in Juan Martinez. It’s what I see in the peope that admire his work, and understand the passion he shows in his cases.
    What he sees, and constantly has to deal with across the isle from him (a bunch of trashy, greedy, incompetent, manipulative, whiney fucking assholes), I give him credit for the restraint he’s shown.
    Martinez isn’t going to point a finger at cougarwannabe unless he has the proof to back it up, unlike the merry band of fuckups who write checks their asses can’t cash.
    I love this blog and the like minded people who post here.Above all, the gut laughter and the anticipation of each new subject Kelly will sledgehammer home for our entertainment, and our fix for the truth. Peacing the fuck out … and a lovely evening to all.

  17. Another great one, Kelly! I had already read Christine’s article, but never, never would I have the mental ability to tell about it like you just did! You deserve the title of ‘Queen’, but not ‘Queen of Mean’. Maybe Queen of ‘rational’, maybe? Love how you see things, Kelly!

  18. geribouwman says:

    Kelly, I don’t get on much anymore getting ready for the holidays. Sometimes I feel spirited from it and sometimes sad. But always before I go to bed if I need a good laugh I know where to go. You should have your own tv show. Love you. And Merry Christmas.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Geri. Awww thank you. I don’t think with my scarred up face I’d do well on tv but thank you for the thought. Merry Christmas to you my friend.

      • Mama Via says:

        First…if you get cold…call me, and I’ll come visit…even with Estradol, I’m having hot flashes that could melt the snow not just off the roof, but would also clear half the road to town! It’s been in the low 40s (F) here…and my poor husband keeps shutting the doors and windows, and turning off the ceiling fans…he says he feels like I’m inviting the Arctic in…and claims I’m the cause of Global Warming…not to mention that I, and my other hormonally-challenged (older) sisters who come to Florida to escape winter’s wrath “up north” have caused South Florida to become an Amazonian heaven for pythons, gators, and old men wearing Argyle socks whilst golfing! But…I won’t be able to stay in Canada long…I DO worry about the polar bears…and I don’t want to be blamed for Iowa becoming beach front property when the Arctic ice melts! Secondly, what ever scars YOU see on your face are overlooked by those who love you…and ANYONE mentioning them to you, is nothing but a bully, trying to hurt you by using the one thing that is known to hurt you…a bully is a bully because they carry their own insufficiencies well hidden! (But, THEY know that THEIR inner wounds are MUCH uglier than your SURFACE!!) THEY attack first to keep you from seeing how rotten their insides are! Gramma says “Beauty is skin deep, but UGLY goes clear to the bones!” I had a “friend” once…very, very beautiful…on the out side….but her insides were TOXIC! She is “beautiful” and “successful”…but she’s never known HAPPINESS…I’m glad that I’m fat & not pretty…the few friends I have…love me for who I am…not for what I can give them, buy for them or do for them…I’d rather have one true friend than a thousand fakes…dearest Queen of the Universe, we love you for your insides…your humor, your fukkin attitude, and who you are…not for the wounds you carry on the surface of your body!

        Much love,

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Mama: Don’t you ever do that again or I’mma get me a switch. You had us all worried sick. I love gramma says. Gramma always makes me feel better. Thank you Mama. You are still in the soup for just disappearing but thank you.

      • Mama Via says:

        Mama didn’t mean to disappear, honey! Life has been busy! Muther is sick…had to be moved to nursing home-she will be 96 next week, she’s getting worse each day…papa and my son both had to be out of town when my back surgery was scheduled, so had to reschedule for Tuesday b4 Christmas..(so my back is just KILLING ME!) I’ve had Eastern Star initiation scheduled for 6 months, finally did that, but standing for so long HURT me..I’m also waiting for insurance to approve cataract removal and the corneal transplants (I’ve been mentally preparing for this since 1974, when corneal dystrophy was diagnosed)…and, because I seem to have hit the jackpot this month, a spot was found in my right lung…old age is NOT for PUSSYS!!!! But…gramma says that “there’s a silver lining in every cloud…but sometimes you gotta look real hard for it!” Surgery on Tuesday b4 Christmas means I’ll miss that HORRIBLY boring Christmas Eve with papas family (yea!), hurting back right now means I don’t have to clean house for Christmas visitors (YEAH!) and cataracts and corneas replacement may probably mean no more glasses (YEAAAAAAHHHH!). I’m not worried about spot on lungs…it’s SMALL! An MRI will prove no problemo, I’m sure! And, being tired and hurting means I get more DRUGS!!! I have a Christmas card for you dear…just have to walk to mailbox to send it…but,, gramma says “if you don’t get it when you need it, you’ll still need it when you get it!” I read every post, but sometimes my eyes just can’t take staring at the screen to answer! Sending love to all! I love everyone’s comments, and assistant dean is doing a great job! Big hugs all around! I’ll try to do better, and not get in trouble with the dean again!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        I know mama but you scared us all. Not just me, at least 14 people asked me if I knew where you were and if you were okay. We love you. I’m sorry about all the stuff you are going through. I love Gramma more all the time.

      • Mama Via says:

        I so appreciate the loving concern! And I’ll do my best to be a good girl from now on, dear Goddess of the Universe! A big hug to all!

        I’ve said at least a million times “all the good within me is because of my beloved Gramma!” She had 37 grandchildren…and every single one of us believed in our heart that WE were REALLY Gramma’s “favorite”! We all accepted that she needed to give the other grandchildren attention, but that was ok, cuz we knew we would each have Gramma’s full and complete attention “in a little bit”! My goal every day is to be more like Gramma, to love the people that come into my life just like she did; to make the people I love feel special, and important to me; to be FAIR, give more than was requested and take only what I need; to share when I’m able and to not be selfish; to always sacrifice my wants for a child in need; and most importantly, stand up for my principles and morals when faced with peer pressure…and always protect those who cannot protect themselves (especially children). My “sister/cousin” tries to do the same…she turned 53 in July…and just finished the adoption process for FOUR of her grandchildren, ages 1 1/2 year to 8 years! ALL four were addicted to meth when born, all four arrived at her house with meth in their system because their “mother” smoked that junk while the five of them were living in a VERY small bedroom! The children have been with her now for a little over a year…not once in that time has the “mother” passed a urinalysis…and her son, the father is married to a woman with SIX children…feels he cannot cope with TEN…has little to do with his own children…(I could NOT do what my sister/cousin is doing!!). I told her I admire her for sacrificing her “retirement” and devoting her life to these children…she said that she couldn’t allow them to all go to different foster homes…and then reminded me that Gramma had done the same for my sister and I…(and Gramma was 56 years old!). She reminded me that I’ve said my life is better because of Gramma’s devotion to us…so, I’m very proud of her!

        When my only sister was killed in the auto accident, this same wonderful woman saw me thru the worst time of my life…she is my cousin…she didn’t HAVE to worry about me, but she did..and still does…for the past 37 years, she has been as much a sister to me as my one and only sister was…so she earned the name “Little Sister”…she said last week “I wish the kids had a chance to know Gramma!’ I assured her that they DO know Gramma…because Gramma lives on in Little Sister…those children have had many difficulties…but with Little Sister with Gramma’s spirit living on in LS’s actions, those children will grow up to make Gramma proud…..(and one day, those children will quote “Gramma says” stories too…if you have a moment in your next prayers, ask for the Supreme Being to give Little Sister strength during her most difficult days….

        Thank you for being my close friends…for your concern and worry…

  19. Word, Queen Kelly! Gotta get you some heating.

    Webbz sucks goats, whathuh?

  20. Ruthanne says:

    Hilarious, as always!! I had read that article but not the comments, as I rarely bother with comments after news articles, but I started reading this and saw what you said, so I went back and read all the comments, then came back here to finish reading. Needless to say it is WAY passed my bedtime now, and I still need to read comments here.

    I am so sorry I missed the goat comment, i imagine it was a good one. LOL But your comment to SW was eloquent indeed, and more than I would have done in the same position, she does not deserve it, esp from you, after her behavior. It shows that you are the better person, and reminds me why I like it here.

    It’s about to get really cold in here, so I need to get under many blankets surrounded by my big dogs, (who needs heaters right?), and come back to read comments tomorrow. I hope you’re having a great night!!

  21. mrsmojojojo says:

    Somebody explain to me why you aren’t writing for the Daily Show… You are tooooo funny. Love it!

  22. mrsmojojojo says:

    Hai I’m back…. Just read Christine’s article, very informative. Please explain the money/art scam. I’ve always cringed at the fact that they are raising money, seemingly from people who are somewhat damaged and who should be donating to their own trust funds rather than that of a seriously deranged murderer. They don’t strike me as the kind of people who have alot to give. Anyway, I have always suspected that the family is enjoying the fruits of that pursuit. I am counting on you…. HRHQK to give us the background on it. Thanks!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mrsmojojojo: Okay, she is allowed to sell artwork as long as said artwork has nothing to do with the crime she committed, so if she were to trace and sell a pic of travis that is a violation of the SoS law. Herself is kind of a grey area. I think that doesn’t meet the criteria but I am going to phone a friend before I give my final answer.

  23. Miss Mia says:

    How sad for me that I’ve been following this trial since before it even started (feels like half my ago) when the 48 Hours interview originally aired, and I only discovered your blog (through a link on Facebook) about 2 weeks ago. Well, better late than never. You are brilliant and hilarious, and I swear you read my mind. The fact that you manage to make me laugh about a subject that never ceases to anger and frustrate me (the trial that never ends) is a miracle. I wish I could go back and comment on all of your previous blogs. But regarding this one, and Maria “Hoochie Mama” De La Rosa, I wonder this: What exactly is she being paid to do? Because she sure as hell isn’t mitigating. The fact that she could not find ONE SINGLE PERSON (besides druggie Patti and Pussy Whipped Darryl) to stand up for Jodi during the guilt phase is pathetic. Is Maria the one who found Dr. Fonseca? If so, she should be docked pay for that clown. Really, what the hell does she do besides giggle in a court of law with a convicted murderer like a teenage schoolgirl and dress like she’s on the prowl for a good old fashioned banging? She absolutely disgusts me. What are her credentials, and why hasn’t been fired for a) behavior unbecoming in a court of law; b) illegal smuggling of contraband from jail on behalf of a prisoner c) unprofessionally and inappropriately discussing a court case, in which she is involved, on social media? She thinks she’s Jodi’s BFF, but I’ve got news for her. We all know Jodi is making a list of anything and everything she could possibly use on appeal. If Maria doesn’t realize that “Ineffective mitigation” is probably at the top of that list, she’s going to be in for a shock. Her BFF will toss her under the bus at the very first opportunity.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Miss Mia: Have you caught up on them all? It’s kind of like binge watching Netflix except reading. I don’t know what the hell. I have heard rumor (from pretty good sources but it is still not confirmed enough to call fact) that she has her fingers way in the murder money pie, she is apparently getting paid $55 per hour although again right now that is just what I hear and that seems low to me and her contract is up in Feb 2015. That is a fact. I think she should be getting her resume together although what the fuck she would put on it is anyone’s guess because she isn’t going to have a job and if the planets align properly she may be looking at criminal charges. Why not right now, because I am sure that the entirety of Maricopa County knows that this is already enough of a mess and will quietly deal with her later.

  24. LindaNewYork says:

    Just ONE of my favorites:

    If 1980 called and asked for its clothes back-you might be a mitigation specialist

    Thanks for the laughs, again!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Linda: YAY!! That actually was my favorite one. You are always welcome for the laughs. It is my greatest joy in life that I make you all laugh.

  25. Deb says:

    To: our dear, royal highness, Queen of Mean but only to those deserving of it, Kelly: Thank you for making us forget how fuckin’ flusturbated we all are with this stupid travesty-turned-circus of a(cough) trial. We come here to laugh away our furrowed brows and clenched teeth; to loosen our tightened fists when we want to punch a bitch’s lights out; to forget that many duhfense attorneys have made a mockery of our justice system; and that some people who were given the title of “judge” by some trick of fate are actually allowed to preside in the courts of our land. Your ability to make us see the flaws in our system and in allowing evil to go unsanctioned, by using facts laced with humor, and allowing us to feel free to speak without being attacked or harassed by the likes of PV, cougarvicious, stabby & her evil henchmen…makes you ever so deserving of your many titles.

    We humbly request that you have the most joyous holiday EVER…knowing that we feel honored to be in your queendom, and we wish you continued health, new-found wealth, and peace in your dear heart. Now & always!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Deb: You royal highness is humbled. Thank you for giving me back a purpose in life and for sticking with me through thick, thin, weird, sad and funny. I think this is going to be the best holiday I have ever had. Hell, it already is. I have all of you, I have the most beautiful tree in the history of ever and I may actually eat something that is not a poptart for Christmas dinner this year. Thank you for your well wishes for me, they are returned to you all a hundred fold.

      • Mama Via says:

        Here’s to a “not a pop tart” dinner! Popeye didn’t become strong by eatin only pop-tarts! Throw in a cuppa soup or some cottage cheese, honey! Do you want a broken back like MamaPopTart…um, I mean MamaVia? (Ex PopTart lover)

  26. Arizona Rose says:

    I posted a comment that disappeared off Christine’s article, despite it not containing anything inflammatory, swear words, etc. It seems some people in the Arias camp didn’t like the question I asked which was, how did Stabby supporters know well in advance that porn would be found on the hard drive? They have been crowing and shouting their pie-holes off about it all over the internet for weeks, loooong before the issue was raised in court. It’s obvious that someone in the DT is yakking it up with Stabbyites and feeding them inside information.

    Whatever it was the DT tried to do, it was a big fail, as we all know, there was not a single porn image found on Travis’s computer. In my opinion, there is something seriously dodgy about what went on while the DT had the hard drive.

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4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

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(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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