A Plea For Peace On Earth…Or At Least On Twitter

December 16, 2014


Hai everyone. Welcome to tonight’s blog. Tonight is going to be a little different.

Because I am now Queen I have certain new obligations that it would be very wrong of me to ignore. It has been pointed out to me that this trial in particular seems to have turned us all into a bunch of raving lunatics. I’m paraphrasing of course, but that does not make it any less true. There are two definitive camps; the Stabbyites who we all think are completely off of their meds, and the Travisites (that would be us). Now I am a card carrying Travisite and I make no bones about it. The problem I have with some Travisites although none that are here that I am aware of are that they seem to have canonized Travis Alexander post mortem. People do not like to speak ill of the dead (well except for me, there I several dead people I speak ill of all of the time and it makes me happy to do so because they were dicks) but that is me. The problem with this is that Travis was no saint.

Your Queen is about to impart some things that may offend some of you and for that I am truly sorry. I care very much for all of you and it hurts me that I may say something to offend. Unfortunately, these are things that need to be said.

Travis Alexander was a man who brought himself up from nothing. He worked hard, he was kind to the poor, he was a good friend, and he was a good doggy dad. He was also someone who treated women badly (and I don’t mean that in the way Stabby keeps saying) he was what I like to call a heart predator. He was that guy in high school who would pursue you and pursue you until you finally capitulated and said yeah okay I’ll go out with you and at that point he would completely lose interest because he had accomplished his aim of making you look. He liked to make woman fall for him and then he would get tired of them and because he was so good natured he would keep many of them as friends, but he would move on to the next conquest. He, like Stabby, was also a liar. Maybe not lies of consequence to anyone but him, but he was a liar none the less. Just like a lot of other people. Do you remember the mortification on his families face when the whole world got to hear that not only was he not the 30 year old virgin that he purported himself to be, but the amount of kink that he was into? I certainly do. They died a little that day, not because of the embarrassment, but because he had been lying to them too. He lied to his friends by pretending to still be temple worthy (remember Deanna Reids testimony about how he would carry a gym bag with his temple clothes so it would look like he had been to temple?) I do. He lied to the women he was dating about how many of them he was dating at one time. He lied about his financials, he put on a good show, but he was struggling financially. Travis was a player, just like most other men (and women) on the planet are. He was just a normal man. Like any other normal man. Not a Saint, not better than anyone else, not perfect. Just a normal man with normal faults.

The problem with all of this is that the Stabbyites are saying he was Satan incarnate and we are saying he was the second coming of Christ. Both sides are wrong.

Stabby is going to be sentenced on the evidence pure and simple. She has already been convicted, something a lot of people seem to forget. There is a huge trail of stalking behavior, and I believe that the emotional abuse did happen and absolutely went both ways. I think she is just as guilty of that as he is. I don’t think that is a mitigating factor however. If somebody saying mean things to you was a mitigating factor for murder, ¾ of the planet would be dead.

The point of all of this is I have watched rational, kind, nice people devolve into foaming at the mouth people who are saying and doing things that are so against their nature it defies my understanding and I am as guilty of that as anyone. There is a huge chasm between being a smart ass and saying smart assed things and saying evil, mean terrible things to people.

As some of you know I reached out to Joe Santos to try and talk in a civil manner about the things he said to me as well as the things I said to him. We have been speaking about the whole thing via DM and email and I have discovered that Joe Santos is not the devil anymore than I am, he is just on the other side of the fence about the trial. We have been able to speak civilly on the subject, and while we have different opinions we have both decided that we don’t need to act like a pair of asses to get our points across.

I asked if he would be willing to put his two cents in on this because he is one of the people that we have all been so rabid about, me especially.  He said some terrible things to and about me. I did exactly the same thing to him which makes me part of the problem.  He agreed and his words are well thought out and heartfelt.

These are Joe’s words, the only change was to the spelling of my name because there is no additional E in it.

Good evening. Thank you for giving me a few moments of time on your blog, Kelly.

As many of you may know, not too long ago Kelly and I use to fight like cats and dogs… We still have different opinions regarding the Jodi Arias trial, vastly different! We basically back different horses…But, recently, we have gotten to know each other better via private DM’s and are now on actual speaking terms. And, we are now civil to each other. I realized it was wrong of me to be disrespectful to a lady, especially one more mature than I am. I know some of you are wondering, but isn’t Joe an old large man? Well, no, that picture isn’t me. Just a bad joke Janet played on me. Besides, that man looks TOO happy to be me… Who knows if I keep drinking so many frozen Latte’s I might be that guy in a few years but, for now, I’m me.

But, anyway, we want to address civility. This case has been unprecedented in as far as the emotions involved… Therefore, civility has been thrown out the window by many. We are ALL guilty.. No, wait maybe 1% never “Snapped” as George Barwood would say… @kirawylok, The pretty girl from Chicago has never Snapped I think, unless I missed it. But, most of us have. Face it. I’m sure if I flew a drone over the home of the lady who told me to go f*ck myself this morning on Twitter and asked me if my green card is still valid,(just to interject, this happened, I saw the tweet) I bet I would see her helping an old lady cross the street…But, once she logs on to Twitter…. Look out!!! Completely different person.

Anyway, this won’t reach everyone t, as Rodney King said during the Los Angeles riots: Couldn’t we all just get along?… Impossible… But, let’s try to be civil. It is the Season…. Happy Hanukah.

The point of this entire post I guess is that I am tired of all the fighting. I don’t mean the little barbs tossed back and forth, or the smartassed and oh so funny comments that come forth from both sides of the fence, I mean the down and dirty I’m going to get you, I’m going to post all of your personal information on the internet, I’m going to hunt you down and kill you bullshit that goes on. You all matter to me and I have seen so many of you hurt from the other side, which of course leads me to the logical conclusion that if we have been hurt, there have been casualties on the other side as well. It’s Christmas time. Time for peace on earth and love your fellow man and all that stuff that should be everyday, not just this time of the year, but I will take what I can get. But can we at least attempt a ceasefire for the immediate future.

Thanks for reading. Your regularly scheduled programming will return shortly.
RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Retrial- Garbage In Garbage Out Edition (thank you Jeffrey Gold)

December 16, 2014


If I lose this post again I’m just not fucking posting it- Arizona

Hai everybody. So, I just wrote and lost this blog. TWICE. We are having brown outs and for whatever reason my computer is not saving anygoddamnthing at the moment. I am not amused. But, I am dedicated if nothing else so I will try this one more time.

I have to give Nurmi some credit because he has pulled off a brilliant tactical move. He won’t say whether Stabby will or won’t continue to testify until he hears from the COA so Juan can’t make a motion to have her testimony stricken if she decides not to testify. And he did it just before he brought out the defenses next idiot for Hire Dr. Gefner. Otherwise known as the human ventriloquist dummy. Dr. Geffner of water spilling fame from the first trial. So whatever she said is still in the Jury’s minds, can’t be stricken and now we have some paid doofus to further pound whatever it was into their heads.

Jenny From the Cell Block is up on Direct and we are once again going through the entire life and times of Dr. Geffner. For those of you who missed the first time around, this is what happened: Harpo, who dis man is, Arizona

If foghorn Leghorn and General Custer had a kid, it would be the dude on the let’s try and make all these nice people think these are not the droids they are looking for sur-rebuttal train. Aerosmith was present for a scathing rendition of “Train Kept Rollin’ which had the entire gallery on its feet. The vet waited patiently as Conductor Stephens kept the minions shoveling coal and the train picked up speed. Jenny from the Cell Block took a stab (yes, I said it and it stays) at something new today. Boring the jury into submission just so they could get the hell out of there. We spent an entire day talking about the Foghorn leghorn Jedi Masters credentials. Where he went to school, how long he went to school, who he banged at school, how many bong hits he took at school, his favorite cafeteria food at school. The fact that he NEVER talked about Stabby, or read a police report only came up when he stared straight into the gallery and did that Jedi thing with his hands and said “None of those facts are relevant” The only time we were actually sure he was alive was when he got onto the subject of Janeen DeMarte and her Diagnosis of BPD. With a totally straight face he told Jenny from the cell block that he’s right, Janeen is wrong neener neener. It was a breathtaking display of testimony.

Alfred E. Nurmi spent a good deal of the day looking like he paid the vet to shoot a dart into his ass and Stabby stared at the jury like the death eater that she secretly is. All we need now is he who shall not be named, Harry Potter and a wand dual and the circle of life will be complete.

Jenny from the Cell Block is going to lose points in the beauty part of the pageant of the insane due to the ever growing bald spot on her head. Good thing she has all that poise and charm or she’d be out already.

Geffner actually managed to keep a straight face as he told the jury he determined Stabby didn’t lie or distort her answers on Dr. Demarte’s psychological tests. He also said the tests did not indicate an aggressive, hostile, or violent personality, but rather a crushed flower in the throes of PTSD. The sympathy vote missed the whole thing as she snored through the testimony.

Geffner decided court would be a great place to practice his standup routine. This expert witness with eighthundredmillion years worth of experience couldn’t operate the touch screen computer and managed to spill water all over himself, the witness stand, the floor, the vet and conductor Stephens a couple of times.

The highlight of the entire routine however was when Geffner, who has a familiarity with brains, you know like I have a familiarity with nuclear fusion, was asked to use his zero experience with autopsies to refute Medical Examiner Horne’s testimony about the gunshot coming last. The psychologist/standup comedian testified that in his inexperienced and totally untrained opinion, Travis could have turned into a zombie and totally continued to walk and stuff. Then he took another bong hit and braced while the dog handler put the attack suit on him before they turned Juan loose.

Somebody had some extra raw steak at lunch because a completely foaming at the mouth Juan fairly leapt out of his chair and charged the obviously terrified Geffner. He immediately crushed his non-existent credibility by informing the gallery that dudes testimony had been tossed as having absolutely no merit at several other trials where he’d been a witness. Mortimer Snerd just smiled and giggled in what seemed to be an attempt to keep the obviously rabid pit-bull at bay.

Juan then to the surprise of absolutely no one anywhere, proceeded to lay the smack down of all smack downs on the ventriloquist dummy sitting on the stand about Mortimers absolutely no validity, uniformed thoughts on Travis’ gunshot wound. The smell of brimstone started to permeate the air and we all wondered for a moment if Jenny would be called back from whence she came due to her stunning FAIL at ever calling this witness.

That was last time. Time has to be better right. He’s had practice now. He knows what to do. You would think that but no it was pretty much exactly the same.  Juan has already had to have two darts put into him because he got the illustrious Psychologist’s notes from the university of Malingering (thank you Stabby’s Pencil) for fun and profit at just past 11pm last night.  Geffner the human ventriloquist dummy is expected to be on the stand all week (oh goody) and Juan needs at least two days to interview him.  This time around Mortimer Snerd isn’t just going to talk about his interviews with Stabbykins he is also going to talk about every other experts interview with her which doesn’t sound quite right to me. Remind me to check on that.  He already has the Dr. Samuels I love you Stabbykins look on his face so she has obviously been communing with Satan again.  Since she doesn’t have a soul maybe she just traded him for some anal and a blowie?

Going over the MMPI2 that diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder and instead of arguing this time he is likely to agree, because agreeing means she has a mental problem and somebody on the Jury might go for that.

Stabby apparently reported lots of symptoms of trauma probably largely in part to things like killing a guy and then telling a bunch of bullshit that nobody believed and then being incarcerated. I’d be a little traumatized too.

The Jedi Master is now going over Stabby’s rather high score on Stabby being a psychopath. Bet they didn’t pay him to say that shit.  I got 5 that says that was said accidentally.  She also has major sexual issues to which the entire planet collectively said “No. Really?”

Since pretty much every time Stabby opens her mouth it is either self serving or an outright lie I would say most of what Geffner has to say is useless because if he hasn’t noticed she LIES.

He actually called the PTSD that she has from butchering a man a mitigating factor.  I shit you not he really honest to god said that.  He has however so far managed to not spill anything on himself so he is at least doing better that way.  Just as an aside the Jury isn’t taking any notes on the Psych testimony so whatever her super secret testimony was, it looks like they don’t really give a shit.

Mortimer Snerd admitted on the record that nobody knows what the fuck is going on in that psychotic little head of hers, it’s all just a guess.  ON THE RECORD.

That is it for today kids, but just think we have a whole week of this to look forward too.  Juan shredded him last time, I hope he brought the attack suit.

Have a great night. RBMD peacing the fuck out.

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