A Plea For Peace On Earth…Or At Least On Twitter


Hai everyone. Welcome to tonight’s blog. Tonight is going to be a little different.

Because I am now Queen I have certain new obligations that it would be very wrong of me to ignore. It has been pointed out to me that this trial in particular seems to have turned us all into a bunch of raving lunatics. I’m paraphrasing of course, but that does not make it any less true. There are two definitive camps; the Stabbyites who we all think are completely off of their meds, and the Travisites (that would be us). Now I am a card carrying Travisite and I make no bones about it. The problem I have with some Travisites although none that are here that I am aware of are that they seem to have canonized Travis Alexander post mortem. People do not like to speak ill of the dead (well except for me, there I several dead people I speak ill of all of the time and it makes me happy to do so because they were dicks) but that is me. The problem with this is that Travis was no saint.

Your Queen is about to impart some things that may offend some of you and for that I am truly sorry. I care very much for all of you and it hurts me that I may say something to offend. Unfortunately, these are things that need to be said.

Travis Alexander was a man who brought himself up from nothing. He worked hard, he was kind to the poor, he was a good friend, and he was a good doggy dad. He was also someone who treated women badly (and I don’t mean that in the way Stabby keeps saying) he was what I like to call a heart predator. He was that guy in high school who would pursue you and pursue you until you finally capitulated and said yeah okay I’ll go out with you and at that point he would completely lose interest because he had accomplished his aim of making you look. He liked to make woman fall for him and then he would get tired of them and because he was so good natured he would keep many of them as friends, but he would move on to the next conquest. He, like Stabby, was also a liar. Maybe not lies of consequence to anyone but him, but he was a liar none the less. Just like a lot of other people. Do you remember the mortification on his families face when the whole world got to hear that not only was he not the 30 year old virgin that he purported himself to be, but the amount of kink that he was into? I certainly do. They died a little that day, not because of the embarrassment, but because he had been lying to them too. He lied to his friends by pretending to still be temple worthy (remember Deanna Reids testimony about how he would carry a gym bag with his temple clothes so it would look like he had been to temple?) I do. He lied to the women he was dating about how many of them he was dating at one time. He lied about his financials, he put on a good show, but he was struggling financially. Travis was a player, just like most other men (and women) on the planet are. He was just a normal man. Like any other normal man. Not a Saint, not better than anyone else, not perfect. Just a normal man with normal faults.

The problem with all of this is that the Stabbyites are saying he was Satan incarnate and we are saying he was the second coming of Christ. Both sides are wrong.

Stabby is going to be sentenced on the evidence pure and simple. She has already been convicted, something a lot of people seem to forget. There is a huge trail of stalking behavior, and I believe that the emotional abuse did happen and absolutely went both ways. I think she is just as guilty of that as he is. I don’t think that is a mitigating factor however. If somebody saying mean things to you was a mitigating factor for murder, ¾ of the planet would be dead.

The point of all of this is I have watched rational, kind, nice people devolve into foaming at the mouth people who are saying and doing things that are so against their nature it defies my understanding and I am as guilty of that as anyone. There is a huge chasm between being a smart ass and saying smart assed things and saying evil, mean terrible things to people.

As some of you know I reached out to Joe Santos to try and talk in a civil manner about the things he said to me as well as the things I said to him. We have been speaking about the whole thing via DM and email and I have discovered that Joe Santos is not the devil anymore than I am, he is just on the other side of the fence about the trial. We have been able to speak civilly on the subject, and while we have different opinions we have both decided that we don’t need to act like a pair of asses to get our points across.

I asked if he would be willing to put his two cents in on this because he is one of the people that we have all been so rabid about, me especially.  He said some terrible things to and about me. I did exactly the same thing to him which makes me part of the problem.  He agreed and his words are well thought out and heartfelt.

These are Joe’s words, the only change was to the spelling of my name because there is no additional E in it.

Good evening. Thank you for giving me a few moments of time on your blog, Kelly.

As many of you may know, not too long ago Kelly and I use to fight like cats and dogs… We still have different opinions regarding the Jodi Arias trial, vastly different! We basically back different horses…But, recently, we have gotten to know each other better via private DM’s and are now on actual speaking terms. And, we are now civil to each other. I realized it was wrong of me to be disrespectful to a lady, especially one more mature than I am. I know some of you are wondering, but isn’t Joe an old large man? Well, no, that picture isn’t me. Just a bad joke Janet played on me. Besides, that man looks TOO happy to be me… Who knows if I keep drinking so many frozen Latte’s I might be that guy in a few years but, for now, I’m me.

But, anyway, we want to address civility. This case has been unprecedented in as far as the emotions involved… Therefore, civility has been thrown out the window by many. We are ALL guilty.. No, wait maybe 1% never “Snapped” as George Barwood would say… @kirawylok, The pretty girl from Chicago has never Snapped I think, unless I missed it. But, most of us have. Face it. I’m sure if I flew a drone over the home of the lady who told me to go f*ck myself this morning on Twitter and asked me if my green card is still valid,(just to interject, this happened, I saw the tweet) I bet I would see her helping an old lady cross the street…But, once she logs on to Twitter…. Look out!!! Completely different person.

Anyway, this won’t reach everyone t, as Rodney King said during the Los Angeles riots: Couldn’t we all just get along?… Impossible… But, let’s try to be civil. It is the Season…. Happy Hanukah.

The point of this entire post I guess is that I am tired of all the fighting. I don’t mean the little barbs tossed back and forth, or the smartassed and oh so funny comments that come forth from both sides of the fence, I mean the down and dirty I’m going to get you, I’m going to post all of your personal information on the internet, I’m going to hunt you down and kill you bullshit that goes on. You all matter to me and I have seen so many of you hurt from the other side, which of course leads me to the logical conclusion that if we have been hurt, there have been casualties on the other side as well. It’s Christmas time. Time for peace on earth and love your fellow man and all that stuff that should be everyday, not just this time of the year, but I will take what I can get. But can we at least attempt a ceasefire for the immediate future.

Thanks for reading. Your regularly scheduled programming will return shortly.
RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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95 Responses to A Plea For Peace On Earth…Or At Least On Twitter

  1. sandymetter says:

    Beautiful Kelly! Good for you for seeing the bigger picture! xo Sandy

  2. JPops says:

    Amazing!!! Thank you so much to both of you for writing this (and working together to do so). The “wars” have gotten so outta control its nearly impossible to get any real info anymore or have any normal conversations. Hopefully this is the start of something good! Xo

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai JPops: Thank you so much for reading and I agree and think I can speak for Joe too that it has gotten way out of hand. Hopefully it is the start of something good.

  3. Constance says:

    Very much agree with Queen – and this post.

    f everybody was as mature as the two of you have been, looking at the other person’s point of view, seeing things in context, preferring peace over fighting for the sake of ego, we would have a much better world.
    God Bless You both.

    I am a Travsite, and yes, he was human. I have always thought so.
    And believe it irrelevant because all that matters is Stabby’s actions.
    Travis could have been a truth teller or a liar, a monogamous man or a player, a good Mormon or one who wasn’t practicing so consistently – and that doesn’t matter because what DOES matter is that he was murdered in cold calculated blood.

    The defense seems to be able to ignore the facts in favor of rhetoric and irrelevant issues designed to get their unrepentant client off.
    It is disgraceful and disgusting.

    The laws should be changed so that these sideshow tactics were not allowed – or it should just be lawyers on a jury so that the nonsense would never fly.

    However, given that that isn’t the case currently with this trial, let us all remain civil to each-other.

    I will hope earnest that Stabby be given the death penalty or one of her cellmates will take her out. She’s evil.

    Others want her to have a lesser sentence or even to be let out on parole eventually, maybe they see want people to make excuses for THEIR behavior or misdeeds, and so empathize with her.

    Regardless, being upset with one another, achieves nothing.

    Her life and freedom as she knew it is over. Ours is not.
    We have choice. She doesn’t.
    In that, we already ‘won” the battle. so it is wholly unnecessary for us to engage in petty wars among each-other, which only diminishes the pleasure of our victory.

    Let us all be better people, let us rise above the malignant turmoil Stabby brings along with her presence, and let us be role models for GOOD behavior.
    Let us be different than the defendant.
    Let us have class, dignity, grace and decency.
    That’s the way to win – no matter what happens to her.

  4. Meredith says:

    Hi Kelly! Just got through reading your latest blog and this is one of the most reasonable and sensible blogs I have read in a long time. I have enjoyed your sense of humor and the descriptions that you have given to all the players in this trial. For quite some time, it has bothered me that a lot of people are portraying Travis as a saint. You are right; he wasn’t. He seemed to be a nice person coming from hard beginnings. And you are right about him being a player like most men; I whole heartedly agree. As my late husband used to say, “all men are dogs even me.” I know I am old fashioned but it seems to me that there is something to be said for chastity. Sex is not a right but a responsibility in my opinion. Yes it is also a biological function but if you just fuck without any emotion but pleasure, what’s the point? Like I said I am old fashioned but it seems to me that women ( and men) should have some emotion other than pleasuring oneself when having sex.

    Anyway, I just want to say that this has been one of the most sensible blogs I have read. I wish you luck regarding your heart condition and if you don’t mind, I would like to say prayers for you. I wish you peace and good health in the New Year and a Merry Xmas.

  5. debilu2 says:

    Wonderful blog! I too think we can agree to disagree without personal attacks – to or from either side. Kind of like a heated sports rivalry. It’s OK to cheer for your team, but uncalled for to attack the opponent’s fans. Great job, Kelly! Happy Holidays!

  6. debilu2 says:

    Wonderful blog! Showed that Joe is human like all of us. I too think we can agree to disagree without personal attacks – to or from either side. Kind of like a heated sports rivalry. It’s OK to cheer for your team, but uncalled for to attack the opponent’s fans. Great job, Kelly! Happy Holidays!

  7. Mama Via says:

    Kudos! Well done!! I think that the Gramma hug I sent to you yesterday was just what you needed! Gramma would have been even more proud of you than I am! Good for Joe S. too. To be honest…Arias doesn’t affect any of us personally, we do not know the Alexander Family, or the Arias Family…this does not keep us from being compassionate, and praying for the families…it does not keep us from hoping TRUE justice is done…(but let us not be like the group, who, last night were yelling “what do we want?” DEAD COPS!! “When do we want it?” RIGHT NOW!) Let us poke fun, let us see that the “system” needs change…but let us NOT become a “mob mentality”, let us go on being what we were before…compassionate, loving, logical people who prefer to live our lives under the Golden Rule…to always treat others the way we would wish to be treated….Stabbites and Travisites will never agree…but this circus will be over in a few months…the “good” that came out of it was that we’ve all come to know one another!

    Just like my DH an I….DH is allowed only ONE “Obama low blow” each day…and I see Obama in a more accepting light, (he isn’t perfect, BUT he deserves the respect of the office, he’s done good and not so good)…Obama is not worth losing my marriage over!

    While I understand that our emotions can get the best of us, there are times when even I must sit on my fingers, to keep from typing something that I might later regret.

    I send love and “holiday greetings” to each of you…may the new year smile upon us…and give us the best year of our lives!


  8. Erin Mahnke says:

    I love this post…LOVE. And, I have so often wanted to make the comment as well that Travis was a flawed human being…like ALL of us. We are all flawed, imperfect people, and we ALL struggle with issues. You are absolutely correct when you mention the people who want to proclaim Travis Alexander as a Saint. I honestly believe he would be one of the first people to laugh at that ridiculous assertion.

    No. He was not a saint. None of us are. I think the majority of us CAN agree that despite his imperfections, he was a pretty damn fine human being, trying to find his place in the world, and made some HUGE mistakes. Like us all. And, met a horrendously evil ‘woman’. – Arias, has zero redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    This whole saga…the trial, the verdict, the first penalty phase, the second penalty phase, etc has made me want to bury my head in the sand and forget all about June 4, 2008. It all reminds me of politics…the absolute sheer ugliness of it all.

    – The good things that have come from such a tragedy are friendships that have been made, the wonder and glory of one Juan Martinez, and reading vents and rants that have had me doubled over in laughter. Not because any of us are by nature truly mean spirited people, but because we are on the right side, and we are all hilarious. And whether it be poking fun of PV, or, mocking JA’s black hole vagina….the abysmal disgrace that is the duhfense team….it makes for seriously funny reading, and makes it easier to not throat punch people.

    – I am mumbling off on a serious tangent…but in the end, I do believe that good will conquer the demonic evil that is one Jodi Ann Arias, and she will spend the rest of her life….wherever that might be in a pretty awful fucking place.


    • Deb says:

      Erin, your last paragraph was the perfect ending to a great (& pretty damn funny) comment…

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Erin: Thank you. Yes a lot of good has come from this tragedy. I thank you for your kind comments and for reading.

      • Ruthanne says:

        Another good thing I have seen from this, is the effect that Travis has had on some people to try to do more good for the world and to better themselves, myself included. I have always tried to evolve, but there are some ways of looking at things that I adopted from Travis, and I have spoken to and read tales from others that have been positively effected by the good in Travis. That to me is the best thing that has come from this whole terrible tragedy.

        I have always said he was not perfect, no one is, and I have refrained from anything vicious, thankfully, (which is why I post everywhere by my real name, LOL, maybe that keeps me in check), but just stating facts at times has placed me on the wrong end of someone else’s wrath. Nothing terrible, thankfully, but enough that I stop the conversation there and move on because I won’t let it get unnecessarily heated. I can see how easy it is to get carried away, to respond in kind when someone is mean or belligerent, and I hope that everyone that reads this takes a step back and thinks before they post. You can type it out to feel better, if you must, then delete it instead of making it public, I’ve done it numerous times.

        The anonymity of the internet, and especially screen names and fake names, has given people the idea that they can do and say anything they want. Perhaps no one online knows who you are, although too often lately that isn’t the case either, but YOU know who you are, and who you WANT to be, so be that person, not the anonymous jerk who treats others badly, or viciously attacks someone’s children. Not everyone has a belief in a higher power, or a universal connection, but if you do, whatever that may be, that entity, the universe, God whatever you refer to, sees it all. There is no anonymity there, keep that in mind as well. And if you have no such belief, just think of the golden rule and behave accordingly, because it’s the right thing.

        Your Majesty, Kelly, you have set an excellent example, and Joe as well, that I hope will be spread far and wide and followed by as many people as possible. If we could end all cyber bullying, we might still have hope for peace on earth as well.

  9. Mama Via says:

    One last thing…I wish perhaps that Arias had acknowledged Travis’ “mitigating factors” before killing him, it isn’t easy growing up and finding your manly place in the world when your mother is a druggie and you dad is MIA…some of us HAVE grown up that way, we know what it is like…no, Travis wasn’t a “saint” he was “human”…but what did you and I do when we felt “used” by some self-centered jerk? We did a 180, and got the fukk OUT…IF he was “so persuasive” (and I know you and I knew the same jack ass) we just learned to turn off the phone and not take the fukkers phone call!!! We have ignored phone messages, e-mail and mail! Easy peasy!! None of us up and killed the guy three times over, being a jerk is not a crime, killing IS…and “self defense” doesn’t include being stabbed in the BACK as you are running AWAY! AND it’s a lot easier to run outside CLOTHED than it is to run outside nekkid! But, that’s just my opinion…I could be wrong…

    • Deb says:

      Mama, you’re not wrong…but you sure are funny as hell, while making your points!

    • renaes24 says:

      Mama, I tend to slay all my ‘dragons’ in my dreams…(in really inventive + sometimes creepy, bloody ways. I was told a long time ago that doing that was acceptable. Consequently, I have never felt I ‘needed’ to pull out a gun or other weapon while awake.
      Was Travis ‘abusive’? Well, in some sense, yes he was. He could be cruel; he could be a ‘player’; . …and in some cases that can be abusive. He kept women compartmentalized but that is not really abuse. That is being young and full of yourself.
      I think I get so upset with Stabby because, as everyone (at least here) seems to agree: she could have walked away…..or as you suggested, just not answer the phone/email/text. Stabby could have killed Travis three times over IN HER DREAMS and none of this would be going on. Unfortunately, she chose to ACT on those dreams……..

      • Constance says:

        I had incredibly abusive parents and for decades I wished many bad things on them. Regardless, I never took any physical action.

        So being abused doesn’t mean or justify that you become an abuser yourself, let alone a murderer.

        There are people who always want to portray themselves as victims (Stabby) – when the reality is that they are perpetrators.(Stabby).
        That doesn’t MAKE her a victim. Travis is the victim.
        The defense wants the jury to forget that. Hopefully, they will not succeed. Hopefully the jury will give a unanimous DP sentence.

        Here’s the thing though – even if they don’t, even if this is the biggest mockery of justice since OJ, Travis will never love Stabby.

        She will remember that every day of the rest of her miserable twisted life.
        She lives with that knowledge.
        And no matter how many jurors she lies to, no matter how many cellmates she lies to, the knowledge that she was unloved and unwanted and never was gong to be marriage material for him, still faces Stabby relentlessly in the dark of the night.

        THAT is her nightmare, her sentence and our justice, at the very very least of it.

  10. Deb says:

    Kelly, you are a strong & principled person. I admire you. I respect you. You have drawn a very good group of people to this blog who are like-minded. The talent displayed here on a daily basis is mind-boggling. The dedication to making us all aware of a justice system that needs to be monitored and maintained, is awe inspiring. This takes time, courage, humor, faith, and a good dose of measured indignation, when warranted! You have set high standards for yourself and your guests here. I pray that you can feel all the positive energy you help generate, and that your health and peace of mind will increase on a daily basis. You are special and mean so much to me and the rest of your ‘crew’.

    • Mama Via says:

      Thank you, and you are so right, Deb…LONG after we start saying “HODI WHO???” (Me before the rest of you, I believe, cuz I am already afflicted with SomeTimers…it’s LIKE Alzheimer’s …but you only get it SOME time…not All ze time!). Oh, Damm, my train of thought left the station before I did…again!! Oh, yes…long after we forget Hodi, us’uns will still be friends…typing with just two fingers and one eye…(cuz the cataracts + corneal dystrophy makes you see double…but, this was how I learned to drive home after a night of drinking when I was 22…so, I’m used to being a one-eyed (one-horned flying purple people eater!) driver…). OMG!!! It’s a good thing I’m a teetotaler…what would I be like if I still sipped the Devil’s Potions??? Our friendships here are very dear to me!!!

  11. BlueWhiteRed says:

    The saying is, “The truth hurts.” Not tonight. Nice job, both of you. Happy Hannukah – thanks for saying, Joe. Part of my family is Jewish.
    BZ, Kelly.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Thank you Blue. I didn’t know what kind of reaction this post was going to get. I’m really happy to see that the people I love so much are the people I knew they were.

  12. Adele says:

    Wow! Get out of my head, or what! I am so tired of seeing the heavenly saintly pics of Travis. He is the victim, he is innocent, and he was a typical, young, virile, man with a lot of chutzpah. No better nor worse then most..and also never a saint.
    Thank you for putting my thoughts and words to paper. You did it beautifully. Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Adeste Fidelis, and all the rest.
    And God Bless those poor, poor children slaughtered by the dregs of the earth.

  13. bobbie thompson says:

    I’ve always thought Travis got too …sexed up with JA. I think he was a “normal” horny guy. JA introduced him to a whole new level of sexual pleasure. I say this because I have an ex who introduced me to a whole new level. He also introduced me to abuse. I stayed for 5 years until I figured out he wasn’t going to stop drinking and abusing. I didn’t kill him. I left. And trust me, there was a particular night I COULD have killed him. I sat on top of the refrigerator for hours holding a knife and stabbing towards his hands when he tried to grab me. He finally passed out drunk and I slept locked in the bathroom holding the knife. That’s REAL abuse.

    So, no, I don’t think Travis was a saint. But he sure as hell wasn’t physically abusing JA. He didn’t deserve to be slaughtered. I first became involved in this case about 3 weeks into it. I overheard JA make the statement that Travis was choking her and she pushed his hands away. I spun around to the tv and said “She’s a liar.” You see when being choked you grab the persons hands to try to clear your airway. It’s basic instinct. Trust me. I know. And I know. And I know.

    I have attempted to be civil to the other side and it rarely works. Scratch that, it hasn’t worked at all. I have tried hard to only call JA names. She doesn’t deserve my respect. I have called a couple of people names and behave in a manner foreign to who I am. I attained a college degree and lots of counseling to change the abused person I was. I’ve tried to maintain that new person. Sometimes I slip. I’m human.

    But Kelly, what has brought all this on? My email? My FB friend dying? Or am I just reading too much into this? Good post, good thoughts.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Bobbie: I do not believe for one second that Travis was abusing Stabby physically for the exact same reasons as you. I’ve lived it. I’ve been choked and it is exactly as you say, you try and get the things cutting off your air away. And I know and I know and I know. Isn’t that the question. I guess the answer is because I have spent my entire existence fighting for survival. From my parents right on up to the bastard that almost ended my life. One very long never ending fight. And now I’m a shell that breathes in and out and on my really good days I can leave the house with a 240lb attack dog for protection or I can’t leave at all. I am so tired Bobbie. I’ve contemplated suicide and rejected it for reasons I won’t go into other than to say who would even know? I have you all. That is the extent of my family. You guys right here. I don’t want to fight and I’m damn good at it. I can do things with words that would leave most people a quivering puddle of goo. I just don’t want too. And I don’t want anybody else to because I think it diminishes us all somehow. I get it that there are those that are never going to understand what civil means. I personally will deal with those on a case by case basis, but if this blog changes the thinking of a couple of people, and those people change the thinking of a couple of people, that can’t be a bad thing. I write this blog and tell personal things about myself in hopes that I can maybe help just one person know that somebody else has been there and the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t a freight train. My life is in ashes, but I am alive and it is finally mine. I don’t want to go backwards anymore unless I am backed into a corner and have too. Sorry it got long winded but that is it in a nutshell.

      • bobbie thompson says:

        This made me cry. I crawled out of the hole and made my safe bubble. I recently have been diagnosed with PTSD. Having custody of my grandkids caused strange reactions in me. I lost over 50 pounds, lost handfuls of hair daily, stomach issues to the point of vomiting, and SEVERE shakes. I thought I had escaped my abuser. Physically I did but mentally I guess not. So my safe bubble got punctured and I’m a mess now. Struggling to get back in it. I hope you find your safe bubble and feel happy there.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Oh bobbie, I’m sorry. PTSD is a bitch and it just shows up whenever the hell it feels like it. You will get back in. Be well.

      • Constance says:

        May the rest of your life be better than all that has come before.

    • Ruthanne says:

      I know too, same reason I came into this, about the same time as you it seems. I never thought to get on top of the refrigerator, might have helped a time or two. Usually it was too sudden though. He always went for the throat before I knew there was an issue, it was how it started almost every time. Oh well. Glad you got out and moved on too.

    • Mama Via says:

      My dad used to tell me “if someone attacks you, kick him in the balls!” The very LAST thing you think about while being held up against the wall, with someone’s huge hands around your throat…is his BALLS!!! All you want is AIR…your life flashes before your eyes, your feet and legs kick, your head feels like it’s going to explode, your tongue gets fat and thick, you lose control over your eyes, and your hands grasp, scratch and attempt to pull the hands from your neck…seconds feel like hours…

      You know who has been there….and who hasn’t!

      • Constance says:

        Mama Vie,
        yes, you do.

        Everything out of Stabby’s mouth is a lie, and we all get outraged anew every single time.
        I wish nothing the defense said moved us at all, because we concentrated on the truths coming out of Juan’s mouth instead.

        I hope you have gotten away from your abuser, and have safety now.

      • Mama Via says:

        Yes, Constance, I did, and I have…I have a wonderful, loving husband now…who has never even raised his voice to me! But, my experience made me realize what a diamond I have now!

  14. Alice Girard says:

    hey kelly….thank you so much for this blog. i have often thought the same thing but have kind of kept it to myself so as not to be seen as disrespectful to travis’s memory. i have always thought that the sex thing was a mighty struggle for travis him being so mormon and stabbs,well, being stabbs it was a tragedy in the making. i have no sympathy for her as she is using real things like abuse in her defense. i do not for one moment believe she was abused by her parents or anybody else. i see her as the abuser. i have been lucky and have not been the brunt of an attack by anyone but i don’t post a whole lot of shit and if i do i just state what i think without attacking anyone else…..i am afraid of the internet anyway. had a lot more i wanted to say but i will save it for another time because i am tired as hell tonight. anyway i am glad that you and joe buried the hatchet….and not in one another either. 🙂

    take care.

  15. Ruthanne says:

    At least this post didn’t make me inhale my twizzlers. 🙂

    • Deb says:

      Ruthanne, I’m glad you don’t need CPR, even though you chew your twizzlers into really small pieces & all 😉

  16. Laura hickey says:

    Awesome Kelly! Well done, well said. I’m with you all the way. Thank you.

  17. debl115 says:

    One of your best Kelly. As much as we can all agree to disagree with the JA supporters, once in a while there is a person like Joe, who I have disliked from day 1. But now, maybe, I have a different opinion of him, albeit I don’t agree with everything that he posts, at least, I don’t dislike him as much as I used to. Fucking the peace out from the Pacific NW. Don’t post much, but follow just the same. Take care of yourself, lady

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      deb: Thanks. one of my most controversial for sure. We don’t have to like them, I’m just saying we don’t have to act like them. Something I have personally been guilty of. You take care too.

  18. deathpenaltyneedle says:

    Well, although I like to refer to the other side as “pariasites” I concur. I tend to not engage in discussions with the other side and they usually block me as soon as they catch wind of my username, so there is no emotionally charged written exchange between me and the pariasites. Yay for me and them. I also tend to try to inject (pun intended) humor into conversations, if for nothing else than to lighten the mood. People have gotten so emotionally wrapped up in this case (not saying some don’t have good reason), that their perspective has become skewed. I’ve seen people profess their undying love for a man who they never knew, probably would never have met, would never have been interested in in this life and has now been dead for some 6 1/2 years. This is the kind of reaction or attraction that somewhat plays into the situations you talked about in today’s blog. Still, I’m with you on the Travis was no saint thing. Travis was a human being and instead of people elevating him to sainthood, it might even be doing him a greater justice for some people to allow themselves to have a better perspective of his life, struggles and pain in order to remember that he was a human being just like the rest of us. Anyway, this is just a rambling of a death penalty needle, so what do I know. Happy writings and Merry Christmas to you too.

  19. HarleyGirl says:

    I have enjoyed this blog for a long time but tonight I am truly sad about this blog. Is anybody perfect and true to their religion? Does that mean we all deserve to be hunted and slaughtered? Doesn’t everybody have their own sexual pleasures that are not talked about? I have made some downright filthy phone calls to my husband and past boyfriends, but that does not mean I am a pervert. If Travis killed stabby this trial would be over and Travis would be on death row. This evil bitch has had more than a fair trial and then some, yet the justice system is still dickin around all the while literally abusing the Alexander family. Travis was an imperfect person but not a killer like stabby. Travis’ family knows he was imperfect but why make them hurt anymore by just throwing more hurt on them. This blog just made me feel sad. Sorry if I have offended everybody but I had to get it out. Happy Holidays to everybody. Again,I am not mad just sad.

    • Mama Via says:

      HarleyGirl…I’m sure no one is offended, dear…we all know that no one is perfect…(but my DH comes pretty close!)…and It’s very difficult for a human to stay within the confines of the Mormon church…LDS knows it’s difficult, which is why they encourage marriage early in life, and require their missionaries to travel in pairs. 99.9% of the time, BUT what consenting adults do in the privacy of home is no one else’s business!!! SEX wouldn’t have been an issue in this case if the defendant hadn’t MADE it an issue! The defense has been using the sexual aspect of this relationship only as a ploy in the defense strategy, and, sadly, we all fell for the deception. “If you can’t argue facts, argue the law, if you can’t argue the law, argue facts…and if you can’t argue the laws and facts, argue sexual deviancy!” The entire defense has depended on blaming the victim, and depending on people’s emotions to cause a mistrial or getting a hung jury. The reaction of the public proves my point. After choosing 16 people to serve as jurors, the defense relies on them NEVER coming to an agreement. The actions, reactions, and the emotionally charged and divided general public proves my point! Judge Lambchop COULD have stopped this circus, but was too interested in her hang-nail when she lost control of this trial! Gramma said “nothing good ever comes from the discussion of religion and politics!” I’m SURE she would have changed that to “religion, politics or sex” if she had seen this trial! Arias has been found GUILTY of the crime of murder! Only her sentence remains to be decided!

      I’m sure that Miss K did not direct any of her comments toward US…I believe her comments were instigated because she has so often lately seen the results of intolerant attitudes…(not us)

      I’m sending you big hugs, and lotsa love!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Oh Harley, that isn’t even close to what I meant. I actually thought I said that but I can’t look and answer comments. The point, the only point is that we are all fighting over people that none of us know and we have no stake in this. I die for that family a little every day and I hate Stabby so much it feels like I am on fire from the burn of it. I’m sorry I made you sad.

      • HarleyGirl says:

        Kelly, No need to apologize,we all have our own opinions. I hate evil and no mater what Travis, a typical horny 30 yr old man who has had a 3 hole wonder constantly thrown in his face and everywhere else does not deserve what he got. The media,stabby and defense team has brainwashed people into thinking Travis deserved what he got because he was horny! To me that means stabbys’ bullshit is working on people. Just sayin. What straight young man is going to turn a whore down? Forget about the religion he is still a man. This case has been focused on too much religion. It’s not like Travis was the Pope! Oh well, please never apologize for your opinions. I hat e the fuckin holidays and always get more depressed and it probably would have been better for me to just shut up! Take good care of yourself, Kelly.

  20. renaes24 says:

    Kelly, I very much like what you said in this blog. It does make one pause and think.
    I agree that too many (at least on Twitter posts) have made Travis out to be some sort of saint…..posting pics of him in clouds or Jesus-like images. It actually has made my head spin at times.
    However, as far as ‘twitter-wars’ : while I would love nothing more than to not have to block or mute a gazillion of Stabbys minions….I don’t see the détente happening. I hope I am wrong. I hope that your ‘talking’ with Joe is an honest beginning…..but I feel there are some truly evil people that will not ALLOW that to flourish. I wish I could be more optimistic, but sadly, I can’t. Again, I hope I am wrong.
    I have been limiting my time reading the trial tweets the last few days just to get away and get perspective. That perspective comes down to this: the trial is not a play and yet we are the audience. Now that is a horrible statement. It’s a real crime and someone is on trial for their life and at times I think we are all ghouls taking it all in. It is not one of our family members ON EITHER SIDE. We have no TRUE stake in the outcome: we are not the ones going to jail or to death row.; nor are we the ones who had to bury the body of our family member or sit thru all the half-truths, lies and damn lies.

    • renaes24 says:

      Never finished my comment last night because I had some thinking to do. Upon reflection, I think a lot of the rancor of this trial can be boiled down to 1 person. Who is it? Lets see:
      JODI? nope. Although she is an evil conniving bitch and it is SHE who uses people like toilet paper…..she is just going by her nature. You pick up a snake and you cant blame it for biting you. It is just what they do. You (Travis) picked it up and you KNEW it wasn’t a pussy cat……..but you just had to play……..well, the snake don bit ya! (Note: I am not justifying Jodi, nor am I blaming Travis for his own death…..just pointing out that snakes are snakes and if you play you are damn likely to be bitten)
      ALEXANDER FAMILY? No, they have behaved quite well and I cannot fault them for anything.
      JODI’s FAMILY? While insensitive and boorish, I would hope that a family would support a daughter. To the extent they are supportive? It’s had to say…….I think the ‘minions’ tend to egg them on to more and more twisted behaviors…..plus all the MONEY that these minions are bringing their way. O tend to see them as ‘trailer-trash’ without the trailers…..and yes, I am being a bit cruel here
      DEFENSE TEAM (Nurmi + Willmont)? Nope. They are just doing their job. They have to defend their client and while it
      appears they are doing it in the lowest available form….it maybe (hell, probably) is the best they have to work with. They are also having to try to go with their client’s direction and for all we know, she wanted them to come out with even worse things.
      PROSECUTION (Martinez + Flores) Again, they are just doing their jobs and they too have to take Travis’s family into account and accede to their wishes when they can.
      THE MITAGATION SPECIALIST: This woman is a mess. She should have been pulled off long before a lot of the dirt about ‘cougar’ became the scandal of the court. One look at her ‘court attire’ should have put the court on notice that she was no professional.
      This leaves JUDGE STEPHENS. THIS is where the true fault/rancor lies. She should have known as far back as pre-trial conferences, that she was not equipped or up to this job. She was and is in over her head. I blame her for not recognizing it and rectifying it. She could have contacted the scheduling judge and asked to be removed BEFORE ONE DAY OF TESTIMONY. This is her first capital case and she has failed miserably! She has failed not only the people of AZ but all the members listed above INCLUDING JODI. JSS could have reigned in EVERY SINGLE MEMBER AND PART OF THIS CASE. Again, she fails miserably. She has single-handedly caused more bad feelings on all sides than anyone could imagine……
      So, I for one will try and reign in the nastiness but the sarcasm for this ‘trial’ will be there forever.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I honestly think you are right renae, but at least I can say I tried right. I tried to end it.

  21. renaes24 says:

    Trial watchers might want to read this to see how things could have been done ” http://t.co/rep4QZQH3t” you might have to copy + paste into your address bar as I’m not sure why I can’t get it to just “link”

  22. Coco says:

    Great blog Kelly. Happy to see you and Joe getting along. Joe, thank you too. 🙂

  23. mrsmojojojo says:

    Thank you Kelly… It needed to be addressed. In 2013 while the jury deliberated her sentence I was forced to examine my own reasons for wanting the death penalty. I realized that the crime, no matter how viscous isn’t a death penalty case to me. We had the perp after all, she will never hurt anyone again which I believe she most certainly would’ve done if she wasn’t arrested. I realized that it was Jodi herself that offends me even more than the crime. It is her shameless, self serving, manipulative interviews,the never ending stream of BS that enraged me to the point of throwing things at the television. Soft things of course, but all I could think was just shut up and go away. I was pro-LWOP until the press tour she did while the jury deliberated sentencing. For me, I like DP because it meant she would be under tighter control and virtually no access to the media. I thought if the jury so found,the DP would be overturned someday but she would have enough time alone to think about what she did to Travis and subsequently to his family.
    I’m ok with LWOP. Just go away Jodi. No…. Travis was no saint. I’m sorry but he passively participated in his own demise. All the signs were there. He just didn’t look. I’ve often wondered why he let her in that night and why he never called the police. He was trying to protect himself from the whole sordid sex thing I guess. If he had only been honest and had FAITH in everyone and everything he held dear, he would be alive today. She knew he was afraid of the secret getting out and used to her advantage. Anyway, whatever Travis was or wasn’t, whatever lie he told in words or in a false image… He has paid for his crimes for lifetimes to come. In the end we all have feet of clay. We are the sum total of our childhoods and experiences, he tried very hard to rise above and fell short of the mark. So what? he who is without sin, cast the first stone. Do you think it is even a remote possibility that she will get LWP? That would be an injustice. Thanks again Kelly. You are an amazing girl!

  24. Rayne says:

    I have always enjoyed your blog so I hope I don’t offend, but I feel I need to be honest. I agree with a lot of what you have said and I for one would not get too nasty, vicious or stoop to personal attacks, except, of course, for Stabby & her team of losers…when it comes to them all bets are off imo. But I’m passionate about this case, have been since way back to 2008. I’m also horrified, frustrated, disgusted & angry at every single part of it….and incredibly sad for Traviss family & friends. I am both grateful and shocked that she was even convicted. Having said that I believe it takes a ‘special’ type of personality to support a vicious, lying, conniving and vile murderer and fight to see her set free. Sorry but any friend of Stabbys is no friend of mine. I do see where you’re coming from and the good intention with this.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Rayne: The point of the comment section is to comment and you would be amazed at what it takes to offend me. That being said, for this particular subject even if it had, which it didn’t I would have posted it. Everything you just said about the shock and horror and frustration, I feel it too. That bitch claiming self defense from DV. Eat a dick and anybody that believes it can eat one too. Joe and I are not buddies, we have simply decided that spending time being completely ignorant to each other is a waste of time. Call it a cease fire. Doesn’t change anything except the words flung about. That was my point. We don’t have to stoop to that level and I am probably more guilty than anyone of that. I get my back up and things get said and once you say them it’s hard to take them back. That’s all.

  25. http://mariazwire.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/taking-the-high-road.png I am so happy and proud of you for writing this blog, taking the high road is always (mostly)the best route! Peace to everyone of you, even the Stabbyites, we all have a heart and soul (most) =) ❤

  26. KarlaMNL says:

    Hi Kelly great blog but unfortunately I’m GUILTY of being one of the mean ones Having said that I have never said Travis was a saint He wasn’t but he also wasn’t a pedophile and I take great issue with the skankenites accusing NO actually stating he was on the word of a narccisstic pyschotic pathological convicted murdering LIAR and maybe i have over stepped my bounds at times I freely admit it but i still think Travis did nothing a million other guys have done and certainly didnt deserve to die by HER hands and I pray to god this jury sentences her to death which she richly deserves The ONLY redeeming quality JA has had in her entire life is that had it not been for this trial I wouldn’t have gotten to know and love truly wonderful people

    • Mama Via says:

      Well said, Karla! ANY of us could have our lives scrutinized and be found BOTH an angel and a devil. Each of us is like a diamond with many facets; each facet is made by our interaction with others. Only the Supreme Being sees our diamond in all it’s beauty. Everyone else sees us only thru the facet they have developed. My Gramma saw me thru the very large facet she developed, the good parts of me perhaps, and maybe some of my lesser foibles. (Each of my ex-husbands sees me differently, and don’t see what my DH sees! One knows me as a drunk, yet my DH has never seen me drink a drop!) Soup sees me thru the facet she developed, and she sees me as a mean, vile, wicked c-nt, my son doesn’t see that at all, he sees me thru a different facet entirely, some good, some bad, and no one will EVER see me as my beloved sister did……each of you see me differently, too. Do you see what I mean? We ALL strive to live good lives…some days, months or years we do better than others!

      I’m sure, someone, somewhere…sees Arias’ diamond thru a facet we will never see…her gramma, mother, sister perhaps, see her diamond as beautiful, and worthy.

      But, remember, the only diamonds without flaws (without carbon) are CZs…beautiful, but fake! I DO know “CZs” that live in LaQuinta, Newport Beach & Malibu, their beauty is fake, lives are fake, so are their tits, ass, hair and face…all sculpted by plastic surgeons to attract the money attached to the ugly men they chase and marry…and then wish dead…in fact, one CZ Diva has wished TWO wealthy husband’s deaths…one died hitting a tree buy trying to avoid the deer who jumped in front if his car…the other of (prostate?) cancer..I’ve often wondered if she EVER has any remorse for the constant refrain “Oh GOD, I DO wish he was DEAD! GOD how I HATE that man!” (Not because he was mean to her, but because he gave money to his “selfish” daughter!) I know I would have inconsolable remorse every day…but, maybe when you receive a McMansion, a Jag and millions of dollars in the will, these things ease your conscience…my thoughts are eased knowing even Mrs Jones’ days are numbered, just like mine….). I SO adore my wonderful, kind, loving husband. I accepted his (few) flaws as being part of the entire package. I’ve “saved his life” once, and I would do the same again and again…because HIS diamond is so beautiful and bright! I have no desire at all to live life without him…his loving concern envelops me, and gives my own life meaning. The idea of being a “wealthy widow” doesn’t call to me, I’d rather keep waking to his warm arms around me…no amount of money can/will erase the intense fear of living without him! I hope that the light and colors of MY diamond shine on him and make HIS life as beautiful as he makes mine!

      Oops…gone on a rant again!

      Each of us makes facets on the diamonds of the people we meet. We should each try our best to be sure that the facets we make improve the beauty of one another’s diamonds. And remember that just a little polishing of a “bad” facet will change the sparkle! The facet that my husband makes daily polishes and re-cuts/removes the “bad” facets made by men in my life a long time ago!

      Perhaps, the best thing for Princess Arias is LWOP…look at your own life 10-20 years ago…are you not different? I hope that I am a better woman now than I was even 10 years ago. I hope that EACH of us become more beautiful diamonds as each day passes.

      Karla, I’m so happy to have my RBMD family to chat with each day…I’m happy to have a new facet made on my diamond! Merry Christmas! May the new year be better than last!

      • renaes24 says:

        Mama, that was one of the most beautiful and truest posts I have ever seen. I, too, am ever so grateful for my wonderful ‘diamond’ that I found after many years living with coal! I had given up but we got married when I was 60 (who does that?) and my only regret is that we did not find each other sooner. He reminds me though that all that went before in our lives makes us who we are today so we should just be grateful. Thank you. In return, and for those still without a ‘mate’ here, may I tell you something MY gram said:
        When you are dating…..keep BOTH eyes open.
        After you are married…..close one a little bit.

      • Mama Via says:

        Well, you and me, Sister-married-at-60! I just “saved the best for last”!! Renae, are you one of my (many) cousins? My Gramma used to say that too!! Truth be told, I shoveled a LOT of coal before I found MY diamond! I too wish I had found him earlier in life…BUT I’m not sure that my diamond had been polished enough to appreciate what I would have found at the time…I went thru a period when, deep in my own psychosis, I thought I could “fix” the “walking wounded”…now I’m old enough/wise enough to realize men can’t be “fixed”…if they are “broken, do your duty and call 911…and keep walking! YOU now what I mean!

      • Mama Via says:

        Sorry for typos…eyes are dry and not seeing very good this morning…one eyed, one finger typing bt memory…and then auto correct “fixes” it for me! YOU know what I meant!

      • Constance says:

        Beautiful post, Mama. You are very wise.

      • Mama Via says:

        Constance, Gramma used to say “Too fast we become old, to slow we become wise…” She also used to say “always listen to old people because they didn’t get old by being stupid.” IF thru what little wisdom I have, I can help someone from stumbling, we both gain from the experience. (gramma used to say that “when you THINK you are SMART, go look at all the books in the library, and you will see how little you REALLY know!”). Sadly, I’ve been 52 years without the lady I called “mom”, 38 years without my dad and beloved sister, and 36 years without my dearest, dearest Gramma…between my being a stubborn headed swegian (Swiss/swede/Norwegian) and “bringing myself up” without parents…I guess I haven’t done too awful bad…but the road was hard, and VERY rocky! Every bump and pothole taught me something…and being a natural cork, I bounced when I hit hard spots…and floated in the floods…occasionally going under the waves, but always popping back to the surface…and, when I found myself in the middle of the road, run over by a truck tire, I (eventually) resumed my original shape…cuz that’s what cork does…

        People asked me “how did you survive all that?”…and I always answer…I didn’t know I had a CHOICE…the sun kept rising every morning…and I was still there…

        But, honestly…all the good within me is because of my gramma…she deserves the credit…she was the child of pioneers…who came from “across the pond” and WALKED from New England to Iowa…they didn’t give up…it was in their genes to survive…and they gifted those genes to me.

  27. Tyla says:

    Excellent post Kelly – I have been a firm believer (since the beginning) that no Travis was NOT a saint …. did he abuse jodi – NO, was he a sexual man – YES, was he a good boyfriend – NO. Travis used jodi for sex, big fucking deal ….. what guy or woman hasn’t done that – it doesn’t deserve being killed over and it‘s NOT called being abused, it‘s called LIFE!! Bottom line is he was a typical man who loved sex and didn’t understand how a “relationship” with a woman is suppose to be….this I have to blame on his upbringing. Do I think any woman or man has a right to take another person’s life ….. here’s a big fat NO, NEVER! I, from the beginning of this trial, believe this bitch jodi deserves DP, not just for the way she killed this poor man but because of the way she paraded in front of the camera’s so many times, because she has NO remorse for what she did and what I can’t get out of my head is her saying …… I saved many children (something like that, can’t remember the exact words now). I for one could live with her getting LWOP but I cheer for DP because the Alexander family wants that for their brother (which I can firmly understand).

    I think this trial has brought out so much anger from some people because of the way it has been conducted. How does a Judge allow so many questionable things to happen, how does a “sentencing trial” turn into a conviction trial again! If this sometimes judge handled this trial like Judge Perry on the Casey Anthony trial I truly believe this trial would have been over and done with within 3 months top, the bitch would be sitting in her cell in Perryville as we type – this sometime judge is going on 2 + years for ONE fucking trial!!

    It angers me when jodi uses the “abuse” card about Travis, he was a lot of “crappy normal” things but abuse I don’t buy that. I was abused by who I believed to be my “soul” mate, boy did I have blinder’s on about him ….. he was very good at the abuse, he apparently was so good at abusing women that he knew exactly how to hurt me so I wouldn’t have any proof and I stupidly continued to stay with him because (get this, bet this is the first you ever heard of why someone stays with an asshole) I kept telling myself if I don’t cause waves he’ll love me like he did in the beginning!!! Dumb ass broad! Anyways, I finally got his ass out of my house for good, although I’m still dealing with the same shit all abusers deal with – low self-esteem. At least I got out of it alive, my heart goes out to any person (man or woman) who has been abused or hasn’t gotten out yet or didn’t make it out alive. So when jodi starts her shit about being abused I see red and I do so want to slap the fucking snot out of her.

    Kelly I am so glad you and Joe S. have made amends, it seems the holiday spirit (or was it your tree 🙂 that has you and Joe in a happier peace loving place. And keeping with the holiday spirit I would like to say ……. it has been an honor being part of this loving group of commenter’s (is that a word?), you all are such caring people, your comments are heartwarming, intellectual, and sometimes belly laughing. Kelly I give ALL the credit to you for if not for you ….. OUR QUEEN …… none of us would be here, so thank you dear Kelly ❤

    • Constance says:

      You hit the nail on the head.

      A weak judge causes anguish for everyone on the prosecutions side. And Stephens is the weakest of the weak.

      There is a great website worth reading for anyone who stays with a jerk and is in torment about it. It changed my whole life emotionally, and i don’t say that lightly.

      • Tyla says:

        Thanks for the website Constance, I skimmed through it, I will look at it more thoroughly tonight when I have more time.

  28. Christine Beswick says:

    Way to go Kelly! So proud of you! Being the bigger person is what life really is all about, but you are so right, especially now. Thanks for giving me another reason to admire you 🙂

  29. Deb says:

    Mama, you’re not the only one who’s ranting today! I feel compelled to add my two cents, so here it is.
    The anger in me regenerates on a daily basis when I read/hear/see what is being done in and out of that courtroom – and all (on the surface) to “save” a devious murderer. I absolutely blame stabby. I absolutely blame jss for her consistent lack of control and apparent insensitivity to a victim and the victim’s family. I totally and strenuously blame the defense attorneys; and here’s why. They are using the laws that are put into place to protect INNOCENT people from unjust, inhumane, and secretive proceedings that can be used as TOOLS against an INNOCENT person from being persecuted through the legal system. These laws are in place to keep the judges, lawyers, and legal system, accountable to the society that has allowed them the power of pursuing, prosecuting, and punishing anyone who harms another without a damn, good reason.

    The defense lawyers in this case, and a few others I have been following for the past five years, are using their jobs to provide an open platform for personal gain – personal fame – and to promote whatever they are subjectively interested in at the current time. Their “job” does not require them to defend the accused against TRUTH or FACTS. Their “job” does not give them the right to refrain from recognizing when their “client” is openly and aggressively trying to manipulate the very system which is there to protect the INNOCENT.

    People who commit violent crimes have many different reasons, excuses, and mitigating factors for doing something society, by a majority consensus, has deemed unacceptable. This doesn’t give the legal system a blanket “obligation” to allow perjury, subterfuge, misuse of power/money/popularity/media to further their own, subjective and often greedy agendas.

    This is what I see happening at a very alarming rate. It is not only being condoned by so-called “judges”, lawyers, and some very prominent “journalists”, but now we are subject to listening to a form of the – what I call ‘the absurdity cult’ – people who have no interest in anything other than interjecting themselves into public view, to be heard, seen, have attention paid to them, because they believe they are very special and demand to be noticed.

    I usually don’t engage anyone who is demanding my attention (probably because that was always the tactic used by tormentors I have known). And I am not about to change my style now. I choose to ignore the lunatics, the drama-seekers, the people who are fame/fortune hopefuls…and use my time in pursuit of open-minded discussions. I love the humor here. I appreciate the candor, too. I can tell that the people who share deeply personal feelings are being truthful and have a great insight into understanding why we all, as human beings, do some very odd – sometimes bad, things. I also see how we are open enough to admit our reactions to being hurt and abused have caused us to make some exceptionally bad choices in life. I have done this repeatedly; I’m still a work in progress, trying to become a whole, well -functioning person. And I love to laugh (especially when I need to see how ridiculous it is to lose hope) – at myself – my life – my family & friends (not in a vicious way) – and at the world I live in. I have spent too much of my life crying and I find that laughing through the tears has been my salvation on a number of occasions.

    And now, I’m getting down off my soapbox 🙂

    • Tyla says:

      Deb, you wrote an excellent post. I agree with you and I appreciate how you expressed yourself ….. very interesting and worthy of a high-five lady 🙂

    • Mama Via says:

      Excellent, indeed! Well done! Since I’m on such a good rant today, I’ll continue…back in the old days, when the TV had only three channels, and cartoons were on EVERY channel EVERY Saturday, folks who would complain about programming were told that if they didn’t like what was on, to use the OFF button, that’s what it is THERE for! This applies to our lives too…if you don’t like someone’s company, get them OUT of your life! Yes, I know it is difficult, but I’ve been forced to do it. From the toxic woman who (like the alley cat she is) gave birth and then walked away…entering my life only to cause drama…to my ex-husband who got is machismo by choking me…I walked away, and never looked back. Many folks have difficulty doing so…including Arias/Alexander! If someone is TOXIC…RUN, do not WALK, AWAY. Travis would be alive today if EITHER
      had said “it is over, GO AWAY, STAY AWAY!” The relationship they had was not love, it was ADDICTION, and addiction is LETHAL! Very good rant, Deb!

  30. renaes24 says:

    Kelly, I hate to break it to you but the peace you craved has already collapsed. Between what Joe Santos posted on you “Porngate Part 3” page (which just magically showed up in my email account) to what is again happening between him and PV and a few others…..there is NO peace.
    I will hand it to you for trying……..but for some, there is no hope.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Remae: Hahahahahahahahahaha I forgot all about that comment, which is actually what started all of this. It’s gone now because it was pretty fucking offensive wasn’t it? I have no clue about what is going on with him and PV is it back on twitter already? Damn. Anyway at least I tried. So, if fighting breaks out now, some more, still, it isn’t the fault of our side is it?

      • renaes24 says:

        Nah, I just read/watch and now shut off twitter. I am so thoroughly disgusted……..
        Plus, old ‘should use a sippy cup’ is still on DIRECT and is regurgitation all that Dr F went over and my head cries out : “Make it stop”! (Meanwhile, there is OBVIOUSLY no one on the bench to call it repetitive and make it stop…..sigh)
        The Magnotta trial is in the jury’s hands and they questioned the Court judge about is BPD a mental disease under the criminal code and the judge replied Yes! So heaven only knows what will happen there…….because it’s Montreal…….and FRENCH. At least in Canada, either side can appeal…..the one saving grace.
        Ah for the ‘good old days’ of Valium! I should put some in a safe-deposit box but who knew what the years would bring!

  31. BrandyinCalif says:

    Hi, I read her all the time but have never commented. LOVE your Blog Kelly! You have a gift of communicating the madness of this joke of a Trial, and your humor and the way you express the absurdity from the Duhfense team is GENIUS! You have made me laugh out loud and kept me from pulling my hair out! ( I need to keep what is left of my thinning hair! LOL I cannot wait for Demarte and the Hughes to get on the stand to clean up all the BULLSHIT the Duhfense is plopping all over the courtroom! They will turn this trial right side up. I had another thought last nite about 1 more step SHARKNAHO STABBINSTEIN did in her premeditation to try and get away with her evil crime. In the naked pics she took of her and Travis, before the murder, she had her hair In pigtails. I believe she did that to keep her hair out of the way so she could see to do all of her stabbing and to keep Travis from grabbing at her hair and pulling her head down to maybe get an upper hand in trying to save his life. Just a thought.I will write more on that later, my friend just called and needs me to take her to the doctor asap, poor thing is so sick. Hope you are feeing well today.

  32. Arizona Rose says:

    I enjoy making what I consider to be a witty comment here and there, but I’m not into Twitter or Facebook wars. If I don’t like reading what a person has to say, I simply block them, or don’t go there. I do however believe in the old saying that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep and, in my opinion, Joe’s name is tarnished by the company with whom he aligns himself. We’re all entitled to our own point of view, but there is no excuse for the vile things PV has done, and continues to do. It is despicable.

    As for Travis, he was a normal red-blooded young guy who enjoyed sex, as did Stabby. No big deal. What is different in her case is that, as Dr Giggle and Burp testified, Stabby is a psychopath and instead of staying away from him when he made it clear he wasn’t interested in her beyond her being a friend-with-benefits and a booty call (with which she was cool), she totally premeditated murdering him, and carried it out in an exceptionally cruel manner. That she continues to lie about Travis and to throw mud, any mud, at the wall in the hopes of making some of it stick is especially cruel.

  33. Beth says:

    Hi Kelly, I’m so glad to see this post. I’ve been out of touch but I love reading this today. I have said very few things anywhere, and I do not have a twitter handle but I do read the tweets, and I have stayed a few paces back from the fray. I’ve always liked your style and I like it even more now. You have expressed what I have often thought, that Travis was just a normal guy struggling with his morality and I think if you’ve been single very long we’ve all dated a Travis. I’m even still friends with some ex-Travis types, too, and glad to be friends with them because they are great friends once you figure out they just want sex and lots of it with lots of women. Who doesn’t know a guy like that? Jodi is a messed up head case and it would appear the older she got, the more messed up she became. No doubt she knew she was losing her youth and in her mind, Travis was her last chance at a better life. She did not have what it takes to make her own life. I’m sure she figured her “no holes barred” approach to sex would hold onto a man because who else would allow themselves to be so debased and like it and keep coming back for more? This was her self-worth and when it did not work to her advantage she had nothing left but anger and viciousness. That is why she must be put away, she is a danger to society. Travis was a sinner not a saint, just like most men I know.

  34. shyloh says:

    Love the post. I look back at my life and WOW! Me not a saint at all. I am reaping a lot of Karma still.HAHA! That would be “Bad” Karma. I have learned not to waist my time arguing if others don’t agree with me. But it happens. It always will.

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Out in left field

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sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


Just another WordPress.com site

Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this WordPress.com site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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