Guest Blog Day 18 The 13th Juror.

I feel shitty, oh so shitty…

Hai guys.  Sorry I just sort of fell off the map.  I’ve not been feeling well and mostly been sleeping. Mostly.  Since I am not feeling great Blue and Paul are taking the wheel for the next few days.

Posting Day 18 of the 13th Juror first today and Blue will be coming at you this afternoon with something completely different (yet fascinatingly familiar) and then Day 19 of the 13th Juror will appear tomorrow.

So without further fanfare  I present Mr. Paul Sanders.  My friend and one hell of a writer.  The 13th Juror.

The Jodi Arias Retrial: A Juror’s Perspective

DAY 18


I am not sure that anyone on the Jury was thrilled to see Dr. Robert Geffner on the witness stand as they filed into their seats. We were moving into his third day of Psychological testimony. The Jury has learned that he has testified in over three hundred trials as a twenty five year experienced Psychologist who also has opened many clinics throughout the country.

Dr. Geffner was dressed conservatively in a dark blue suit with a white shirt complimented with a gray tie. Jennifer Willmott handled his questioning who was sharply dressed in a medium dark blue business skirt suit wearing black stockings and black high heels. The view of her shoulder length hair from the back shows it to be perfect in form and shape. Every hair is in line and she carries herself confident in appearance and in questioning.

“Doctor,” Jennifer Willmott started. “We ended yesterday talking about the childhood of Jodi Arias.”

“Yes,” he offered, turning in his chair to look at the Jury, “she came from an abusive family and left when she was eighteen.”

“Thank you, Doctor. I would like to move on and talk about some of the experiences she had after she left home. Are you familiar with her first boyfriend, Bobby Juarez?” Willmott asked.

“Certainly,” he answered with a chuckle. He had a habit of making small laughs throughout his testimony the prior two days. This was the first time it really started to seem annoying. He may have done this out of being a nervous expression or maybe it was done as a way to bond with the Jury. This, however, being his third day, there was a failure by all to see the humorous inflections as a good thing.

The family of Travis Alexander sits in the front two rows every day and in their same seats. Samantha sits on the end of the front row and she carries a small book and takes notes periodically throughout testimony. They are a close group and I feel great empathy for them.

The Jury feels empathy for them especially in knowing that the Defendant has been convicted of first degree murder. The Jury feels an enhanced sense of empathy given that the Defendant is Death Penalty qualified in the cruel and heinous nature in the crime. This empathy is unspoken but it is there. I do not think the family of Travis Alexander enjoys these minor attempts at lightheartedness and neither does the Jury.

The law says that the Jury may not feel empathy or sympathy for the Defendant in rendering their decision.

I speak as a former Juror of the Marissa DeVault Trial in the brutal killing of Dale Harrell. The trial began in January of 2014 and recently concluded in June. We felt this same empathy for the family and conveyed it as great respect for the family of the victim. We may not have used it in the Jury room but it was there, deep inside, a great sadness in the senseless loss of life and the unending pain that the family would endure the rest of their lives despite our reaching a decision to give the Defendant life in prison without the possibility of parole. I speak of the DeVault Trial in much the same way I construct the daily Juror Perspective on the Jodi Arias Trial in my book, “Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale,” (available on

We did not consider feelings of sympathy or empathy for the killer, Marissa DeVault.

Dr. Geffner turned toward the Jury, “Bobby Juarez was an abusive relationship for Miss Arias at eighteen years old. This set up a pattern in her later boyfriends. I believe, or evidently,” he said correcting himself with a laugh, “I heard he was a big guy.”

“Where did you get this information?” Willmott asked.

“I look at Jodi’s journals and I got this from her brother from his interview.”

“Very good,” Willmott said. She walked over to a projector screen and put up a picture of Arias with Bobby Juarez. The picture came onto the screens throughout the Courtroom.

The picture was of Bobby and Arias on the floor with Bobby’s arm wrapped around her. He was shirtless and somewhat muscular. One could see a “six-pack” on his stomach. They both looked young and Arias so much so that she was almost unrecognizable as one had to struggle to match her features as she looks in the present sitting in the Defendant’s chair. Bobby and Arias were both smiling playfully in the scene from seventeen years prior.

The picture displayed showed that Bobby Juarez looked the same size as Arias even though the Doctor had just said he was a “big guy”. The Jury notices little inconsistencies like that and they usually end of in the pile of discarded witness testimony once it reaches the deliberation room. One or two inconsistencies in testimony and a few objective interpretations will easy dispose of a witness. I noticed five Jurors taking notes.

“How was there relationship abusive in your opinion, Doctor? Can you give us an example?” Willmott continued.

“Certainly,” he answered affably. “There was an incident when they broke up that is corroborated by Jodi’s bother. Bobby Juarez was heavily into martial arts. He was also into control and power. One night, he hit and choked her, twisted her wrist and put her on the floor. When her brother found out, they went to his house because he wanted to scare Mr. Juarez. Well, when Bobby opened the door, he flipped the tables because he was wielding some sort of Samurai sword and they ran away.”

Jennifer Wilmott walks over to the projection machine. One can see her dark blue sparkled fingernail polish as she centers the “Abuse Wheel of Power and Control” document that we had seen the day prior on the projector.

“And how does this apply to this document?” Willmott asked.

“Again,” he said turning again to the Jury, “this is a prime example of what her future was going to be like with her relationships. She falls into situations where the men in her life exercise great power and control of her. She really is a victim as demonstrated by the chart with physical and sexual abuse. It is a cycle with her and Bobby Juarez. It was the first abusive relationship after coming from an abusive family.”

“Very good, Doctor,” Willmott responded cordially. She slides the document off the screen and the Courtroom is introduced to a picture of Arias and Matt McCartney. The Jury looks at the screen stoically.

The picture shows Matt wearing a white sweater with his arm wrapped around Arias in a posed picture. It looks like the two of them are in front of an aquarium with a large maroon Scallop shell framing them in the background. Matt looks kind and Arias looks much more familiar in relation to her present looks.

“Can you tell us your expert opinion about this boyfriend?” Willmott asks.

“This is another abusive boyfriend,” he answers readily. “In this case it wasn’t physically abusive but it was emotionally abusive. He had been cheating on her and she found out. This was very hard on her psychological make-up. It caused her to distrust people, diminished her self-esteem and was damaging because she had not planned on the relationship to end in that manner. She had to look for answers.”

“Did there come an occasion where she went to see Bianca, the girl he was having an affair with behind Jodi’s back?” Willmott asked.

“Yes,” he said. “She drove to see her, it might have been a somewhat long drive and there are some conflicting stories on what was discussed.”

“Did she go up to confront her?” Jennifer Willmott queried.”

“I wouldn’t say it was a s much a confrontation as it was a validation. She couldn’t understand what happened in their two year relationship. As I understand it, she cried a lot when Matt went to Crater Lake. He had started this relationship while Jodi was living with him and Jodi needed to clear her mind. So, she went to Crater lake to see Bianca and, from what her brother verifies, it was not a nasty confrontation by any means,” he explained.

Jennifer Willmott turns around, away from the Doctor and walks to the defense table, picks up a document, places it on the projector screen and her shiny blue fingernails straighten it out. Her fingers look small.

“Do you know what this is, Doctor?”

“It’s the results of an interview with the boyfriend, Matt McCartney.”

“Can you discuss the importance of these answers?” she asked.

Dr. Geffner turns to the Jury while Jennifer Willmott uses a cursor to direct the Jury’s attention toward the statements he was speaking on.

The Doctor relayed the answers on the screen saying that Jodi was very affectionate and kind. She was not clingy or needy and the boyfriend and girlfriend had discussed marriage at some point. The attention was directed toward Jodi always having her “moods” which was a sign of early stages of chronic depression. He further explained that Matt had said she would take things the wrong way and cry a lot. He felt she sobbed excessively and she was very emotional.

“Did Matt McCartney think she may have had some issues about that?” Willmott asked.

“Yes,” Dr. Geffner answered with a little laugh. “He was not a Psychiatrist or trained in my field and he felt that she was bipolar. This did not show up in any of the tests but now that I think about it, there could be signs of being bipolar,” he offered.

“Why do you think that?”

“She had severe emotional shifts. She also had some spending issues which is characteristic of being bipolar and these were some pretty bad habits causing her financial problems. This is one manifestation of a complicated condition,” he said. He leaned forward toward the Jury. “She was not manipulative and she did not appear angry by any means after they broke up. She had self-esteem and depression issues which might lead an average person to think it was bipolar. She had identity issues as anyone might have after the collapse of a two year relationship.”

“Did she have a relationship after Mr. McCartney?”

“She did,” he answered. “She met Darryl Brewer a short time after she moved to Big Sur. She was twenty-two while he was forty two and he had a young son. They had a long relationship. There were no signs of abuse or aggressiveness. He was a catering manager for a restaurant she had applied at and they started a relationship very quickly. I believe they broke up in 2006 when he met Travis Alexander.”

Jennifer Willmott put a picture of Darryl and Arias with his son in his arms taken on a sunny and windy day. She looked a lot as she does in the present except that her hair was long and she did not wear glasses. It looked like an All-American family picture of happiness and contentment.

“What do you think important about this relationship,” Willmott asked.

“Objection!” Juan Martinez said. “Calls for speculation.”

“Sustained,” Judge Stevens said calmly.

Juan Martinez had as many objections sustained as he had them over-ruled throughout the three days. I would watch him as he sat in his chair leaning forward with his elbows on the prosecution table with his chin resting in his thumbs. He would look at the screens and sometimes he would quickly jot notes on his legal pad. He was not obtrusive by any means but one felt he was being patient as well as having command at the same time. I expect that the wheels never stopped turning in his head.

Jennifer Willmott recovered quickly without looking toward the Prosecution table. “Based on the interview results of Darryl Brewer,” she emphasized, “What do you make of this relationship in your professional opinion?”

“There are some things that Darryl said that are consistent with what Matt McCartney said,” he explained to the Jury. “For instance, he said that she showed signs of being bipolar. He saw a lot of mood swings and the signs of depression that we have spoken of in her prior relationship. It really made me think twice about a bipolar condition.”

“Was there anything else of importance in your opinion?”

The Doctor, never being short of words, went on and on about the damage Jodi had suffered in her prior relationships and she was looking for something greater. He felt she had limitations in that Darryl wanted no more children and she was looking for children in her future. Darryl could not provide that. She met Travis Alexander and this changed her life.

At one point in the early afternoon, Jennifer Willmott had the typewritten results of the Darryl interview on the projection screens throughout the Courtroom. I mentioned in an earlier Perspective that Jurors not only listen to what is said, they always read beyond what the Defense may draw their attention to. They are continually searching for answers and more information.

The answer to one question did not go past the Jury. Its causal link was obvious but unintended. Jennifer Willmott was very good at removing documents quickly after hearing testimony on a subject whereas Kirk Nurmi had a habit of leaving documents on the projection screens for an extended amount of time. This piece of information was exposed subtly.

I looked at the Jury and I saw them reading documents in their entirety while they were on the large screen in front of them. I saw Judge Stevens doing the same thing while Dr. Geffner spoke.

One answer read:

“When they moved to the desert, they weren’t used to the heat. He (Darryl) started keeping a five gallon gas can in the back of the car in case of running out of it and often took a few gas cans on trips.”

The Jury did not miss this and it was not mentioned by the Defense even though it was on the screen for all to see. Its qualification and reason for having gas cans did not make sense. But, even more so, it brought attention to the gas cans. I don’t think the Defense wants to talk about gas cans. I think the Jury wants to know what gas cans have to do with moving to Arizona.

We spent the rest of the afternoon painstakingly beginning the process of going through a day by day and moment by moment timeline of the relationship of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. The ill-fated meeting was in September of 2006. The met for the first time at the Rainforest Café of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This timeline would continue into Day 19 of the Trial. The Jury would be excused for the day after an extra hour of testimony.

The gas can mention was a seed in the Jury’s head.

Juries love evidence that they can touch see and feel. They also like dates and times.

Somebody on the Jury is trying to remember when she bought the gas cans…

Every good relationship that develops as a result of this Trial is the manifestation of the Spirit of Travis Alexander.”

Justice 4 Travis Alexander…

Justice for Dale…

Paul A. Sanders, Jr.

The 13th Juror @The13thJurorMD (Twitter)


51 Responses to Guest Blog Day 18 The 13th Juror.

  1. Constance says:

    Stabby CHOSE to be in each one of those relationships. She wasn’t forced to start them and she wasn’t forced to stay. These men were of her deliberate choosing.

    It doesn’t matter if they were or weren’t abusive.
    That has nothing to do with her murderous actions.
    “I’ve been abused” doesn’t equate to “therefore i can murder”.

    She CHOSE to murder.

    She CHOSE to try to cover it up.

    She CHOSE to lie. Repeatedly.

    She CHOSE to trash Travis’ name (via the Defense team) when she knows there are no verifiable facts to back up her misleading distortions.

    This is a sick twisted sociopath.

    Getting Geffner on the stand who wants to make Stabby out as the victim is pathetic.
    Victims are people who had no choice.

    • Tyla says:

      I couldn’t say it any better Constance – we all have choices to make in our life and whatever choices we do make we have NO right to blame anyone but ourselves. I hate this girl so much, I swear the reason my BP has gone up is due to this damn trial and all her fucking lies.

      Paul I so appreciate all your posts but I do wonder when you state what the jury feels or thinks or wonders …. in all respect to you sir isn’t this what YOU feel, think or wonder? Because we all know you can’t talk to the jurors to find out what they may be thinking. What I’m trying to say WITHOUT being rude or disrespectful to you Paul (because I do enjoy reading YOUR perspective of this trial) you are putting your jury experience thinking into this jury – I so do pray that all these juror’s do think and wonder like you, but as we all saw, last year juror’s dropped the ball in their duties – their commitment for Justice. Again, we can only pray all these juror’s think, feel and wonder as you say they are doing

  2. Constance says:

    p.s. in no way am I saying Travis was abusive. I don’t believe he was. This was in reference to her prior boyfriends.

    Hey, I got caught up in Stabby crap to even write about “abuse” – I was even bothering to respond to the misdirecting nonsense! Ugh.

    Here’s another thing. If somebody says something mean to you then you have a CHOICE to leave the relationship immediately.
    Then nothing mean will be said to you again because you won’t be talking to the person!
    Can’t keep blaming somebody if you keep CHOOSING to show up to have it dished out to you.

    Paid witnesses suck. I just hope the jury uses its collective BRAIN, even if they are instructed not to have empathy!!!! Can you imagine a stupider instruction when justice deserves empathy???

  3. jackie hardie says:

    Thank you for filling us in on the atmosphere in the court room, Paul. I have often wondered what the Alexander family must be thinking listening to Geffner drone on, regurgitating more of Fonseca’s testimony.

    Although this seems tedious and boring to us all, rest assured that these “experts” have opened up every door for Juan Martinez to explore. From the slashed tires to the new testimony of JA offering to loan TA her stun gun for protection. Now why would he need a stun gun if he supposedly had a real gun? Hmmmm…Food for thought.

    Ms. Kelly, I truly hope that you have better days ahead of you and that 2015 brings you the good health and happiness you so deserve. Many of your blogs have touched my heart, some with the most unimaginable sadness I have ever felt. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas surrounded by Peace & Love.

    • Ruthanne says:

      I didn’t hear the stun gun info, where/when did that come up?

      • jackie hardie says:

        Thursday during Geffners’ testimony. Wilmott was reading from JA’s journal and asking Geff’s opinion. One of the entries was regarding TA’s tires getting slashed and JA had so generously offered to let him use her stun gun if he were afraid of the vandals returning. This is the first time we have heard anything about this and it seems to me that there may have been many other recent additions to this journal.

      • Ruthanne says:

        I can’t believe there could be this much evidence tampering, but I feel certain that journals have been tampered with during the course of the time, not only after arrest, but even since the first trial. How is this possible? How else can much of this new information be explained?

  4. Mama Via says:

    Excellent, excellent blog post!!!! Well done! (Although I do miss my Little Sister, Miss K!)

    Some perspective from a (diagnosed & self-professed) BI-polar…without having more information on daily activities of De Queen of DeNile, I can’t say Hodi IS BI-polar…BUT…there MIGHT be signs that she is, irritablity, mood swings, self-aggrandizing, spending sprees, etc…BUT (in HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS) being B/P is NOT an excuse for murder! I have YET to PERSONALLY murder ANY of my numerous ex-husbands (I think I have Liz Taylor beat, but not Andy Rooney)…and, TRUST ME, every one of my ex-husbands NEEDED killing! But, I HATE orange, and prison bars make me look fat(ter)! So, to the best of my knowledge, every one of those AssHats live and breathe…(but I’m not sure about the one who took off and sailed to Rio de Janeiro, last I heard, there was a posse led by several “baby-mamas”, a pod of their adult children, a flock of attorneys and a gaggle of multiple state entities wanting to know how he could afford a 46 foot sail/cruiser when he was “unemployed” and unable to pay child support…thankfully, that’s his problem and not mine…and, one more thing, trust me when I say that Magician had a nice wand, but it wasn’t very “magical”! THIS was the ex who edified me on the ways of someone with (diagnosed) Anti-Social/Sociopathic Disorder (under DSMIV),, Oh, gee whiz…I almost went on a rant there!

    I see de Queen of DeNile as not only a pathological liar, and a manipulator, but also a Sociopath with passive/aggressive tendencies. There are a few un-edified (gads, I LOVE that word!) individuals who will actually drive HOURS to confront the woman who is messing around with “HER” man…but I’m not one of them! I was born with fucking roller skates on my feet! If “my” boyfriend decided he was going to gave a thing with someone else, I’d be gone so fast, his head would swim! And if it was a “husband” he would be served with paper so fast, he wouldn’t know what kind of truck hit him…but, his wallet would be one hell of a lot lighter! Gramma told me that there is more than one fish in the sea…and Grampa told me “don’t get mad, get even”…and I say, don’t get even, hit him where it REALLY hurts, their WALLET!”

    I USED to be very “sweet”…”yes, dear, what ever pleases you, pleases me”…but…Gramma said that “the only way someone can walk on you is if you lay down!”…and my “rug playing” days are over, I will not be walked on again! I won’t be punched again, or kicked…I refuse to hand over MY money…and I’m tired of always eating the burnt toast, tired of “doing without” so that someone doesn’t have to go to a job they hate, and I won’t EVER again pay some man’s child support (“cuz if you don’t, I’ll have to go to jail!” Too bad, you should have thought of that sooner…I’ll send you some stamps!)

    Oh, I AM on a RANT! Dr Geff doesn’t scare me…he has been on the stand WAAAAAY too long…he’s boring that just to death…AND Juan hasn’t ripped him a new one yet…and you know he will…

    At this point, I don’t CARE what they do with Hodi…just send her away…never to be heard from again! ASSuming she gets LWP, she will STILL have to mind her Ps & Qs for 25 years…will STILL have to EARN parole…and as long as he has only the “fog” of memories, she will never get parole…and the Alexander family will be at every hearing,..detailing her list of crimes…

    Don’t worry…everything is fine!

    Miss you, Kelly! Love to all!

    • Ruthanne says:

      I’d hate to see LWP and the Alexanders going to all the parole board hearings. I want them to be done with this forever, unless it was just one more visit to watch her get the needle. No more than that, as they should be able to put her behind them for good and never hear her name again.

      • renaes24 says:

        I think they would have to go thru more with appeal after appeal after appeal and always the possibility of having a retrial on something or some technicality . Parole board would not be for a long, long time…if ever. In fact, first one or two they could actually do by letter. (Few M1 get out on 1st or 2nd time to board)

      • Mama Via says:

        I don’t know the laws of Arizona…but I know in Iowa, an inmate MUST serve 75% if his sentence before being permitted to be heard before the parole board. Look at how many times has VAN HOUTEN been up before the parole board! (TWENTY TIMES!)

        One of the MANY things that parole boards consider is “taking responsibility for the crime”…and no, “self defense” is NOT “taking responsibility”…and “the fog” doesn’t work either! Hodi MUST make SIGNIFICANT progress to be considered for parole. An excellent example is Leslie VAN HOUTEN! Her accomplishments: She’s taught other illiterate inmates to read, stitched a portion of the AIDS quilt, made bedding for the homeless, and recorded books on tape for the blind, all while holding down various jobs as a clerk for different members of the prison staff. Van Houten has previously been commended for her work helping elderly women inmates at the California Institution for Women where she is incarcerated AND earned two college degrees while in custody. She has made a full and complete disclosure to her various crimes, and expressed the deepest remorse for her part in the crimes.

        Prison and parole are not the easiest to deal with! “25 to LIFE” COULD mean LIFE!! Arizona law states: The Hearing Examiner uses Commission approved guidelines to determine how long you should serve in addition to his/her own judgment. In using the guidelines, three important factors are considered. These are (1) the severity of your current offense behavior; (2) the “salient factor score” which contains items about you (such as your prior criminal history) that help predict your chances of success on parole; and (3) your institutional adjustment and program performance.

        So…this WILL be interesting…

      • Ruthanne says:

        I don’t think anyone is overturning anything or giving her any new trials. She can appeal all she wants, once this sentencing is done, and the Alexanders won’t have to think twice about her. It will all be done before judges, quietly behind the scenes with no media coverage or open hearings, while Stabby awaits their decision to keep everything the same, (uphold this courts decision). Eventually she runs out of appeals and waits for death. LWOP would be ok, but sitting on death row would be better.
        I pray there is no chance of LWP! That would just be wrong.

  5. Ruthanne says:

    You were singing my theme song, I feel shitty, oh so shitty, LOL I can’t believe someone else sings that besides me! That made me laugh and feel bad for you at the same time. Only you, Kelly. I really hope you feel better soon, especially that you are well enough to make your turkey and chooky bread. Rest up as much as possible, please. 🙂

  6. Deb says:

    Everything you gals had to say was spot on! And Paul, this was an excellent and informative point of view; thanks so much!

  7. renaes24 says:

    Nice post…..but miss my Miss Kelly Queen of Fuckery!
    I, for one, don’t give a good g## damn if the whore of Babble-On gets the death penalty. I just want her GONE, GONE, GONE.!
    Since it really doesn’t seem to me that this jury will give it (DP), I am only concerned that the Not-a-judge who sits doing who-knows-what while this trial drags on and one… her LWOP. That is a concern as I think the juvenile-court judge (that’s what she is in reality) looks as Hodi as ‘salvageable’. How I wish that Arizona was like many other states where in a capital case the ONLY options were DP or LWOP. I cannot trust this person sitting on the bench who wears the clothes of a judge.
    This Dr G. has worn out his time……No one CARES if the demon
    was popped with a wooden spoon oh sooo many years ago. Her being cheated upon by a prior boyfriend (again…so long ago) makes no difference, at least as far a MURDER. …too bad THIS jury didn’t hear all about “Travis’s” gun….(which totally never existed) and where the hell did this ‘stun-gun’ of Jodi’s pop-up from? (Might just explain the whole stab first vs gun first thing) Where the hell was that in the FIRST part of this trial?
    AH! I’m so sick of it all! PLEASE just send the bitch away! Amen!

  8. Very interesting blog. Lots of good details that we’re missing not having the cameras there. This is, what? Witness 2 of 14?? Train’s poor family! This testimony sickens me. I cannot imagine what it does to them.

    Kelly, many, many thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you feel their power. Stay safe and happy during the Holidays!

    • Travis’s family!! How I hate autocorrect!

    • Ann Upson says:

      I’m hoping Geffner’s testimony re: brother, boyfriends, Jodi, will mean the defense will not call these witnesses and shorten that list of 14

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Ann: Purely speculating but I would think Juan may call them to rebut and he is perfectly within his right to do that even if Nurms doesn’t. Have a great Holiday and I will see you soon.

  9. Ruthanne says:

    Did Gef try to claim the brother was a witness to the confrontation with Bianca, because if I recall, no one was with her, so neither her brother, nor Matt, would know first hand what happened.
    And identity issues? Yeah, she doesn’t have one of her own. Closest thing to truth this guy has said besides the couple of comments Kelly caught and mentioned the other day, high on the psychotic scale, was one of them.

    I don’t think the gas can comment being on the screen was an accident. They know Juan will bring it up again. They were planting the seed that there is a reason why she started carrying them on trips, she learned it from Darryl. Juan will have to stress she made the trip many times and didn’t have them until that last trip.

    Great insight in this post though, helps us feel like we can almost see into the courtroom. There are many people tweeting, but no one catches everything, and I feel like we’re missing so much, little things are overlooked here and there, and you have to find all the info you can from every (reliable) source to get a full picture, and still it isn’t really a full picture, but Paul does a good job at getting us closer to that point. Thank you.

  10. Jen Kane says:

    Who knew my 2 favorite posters were friend !!!!! Perfect !!!

  11. fillymj says:

    Kelly …….. you keep resting up and get better. Thank you for prearranging blog updates while attending to your health. Wishing you the best.

    Thank you to Paul & other bloggers to come & commenters. As many others, I have been watching this trial from the beginning & just can not get my head wrapped around the whole ordeal. Really I just want to read Paul’s book in 10 years when all of the true facts & misconduct are there as fact. Between the judge, defense, witnesses , and Hodi it is a bad soap opera ( that has sucked me in) & truly sad.

    I don’t have the wit of others but throughly enjoy reading what others have to say. Smart folks.

    This crap being spoon fed by Dr. G. and others is so ridiculous. Who has not been hurt or hurtful in dating relationships. When dating someone is the leaver & someone is the pusher. That is called a breakup & sometimes it is not pretty. Why does Stabby think her experiences warrant more than anyone else’s? F***

    At this point I don’t believe anything put forth by the defense or Hodi. I don’t even believe now that Travis had sex with her before she went all Stabby. Travis was afraid of her. Don’t believe he was so desperate & horny as to stick it in that mess again even for “old times”.

    We will never know what really happened or the time of events in the murder of Travis. That will go with Stabby to her death. Unfortunately it might be much worse then any of us know. Stun gun?? Jesus. I can only hope that Travis did not suffer even more than I thought.

    So to all. Keep rocking it. Kelly you take care of yourself. That is an order !!! Looking forward to new blogs & comments. Happy Holidays & peace to all. FillyMJ

    • Lynn C says:

      It has always been my belief that she showed up there claiming to be dropping off some money that she owed him. I think she probably tried to seduce him, but he was done with her by that time (“you are the worst thing that ever happened to me”). He thought she left, but she didn’t. Posing for pictures in the shower? My ass! She snuck up on him, and when he turned around and saw her there she stabbed him in the chest. I can only imagine what she was screaming at him at she hacked him to death. Probably something along the lines of “see what you made me do Travis”. I don’t think for a minute that the jury is even listening to Dr. G anymore, let alone believing anything he says. The defense witnesses all have one thing in common: a refusal to put the blame on Jodi for ANYTHING. And this judge allowing what is supposed to be mitigation ONLY to turn into a retrial of the guilt phase has me flabbergasted. I have heard NOTHING about WHY Jodi should be given life instead of death, only more reasons why she was “justified” in killing Travis. If that line of thinking doesn’t lead her directly to death row, this jury was biased against DP from the get go.

    • Gwen Bazzrea says:

      But… don’t forget the raunchy “sexy-time” pictures found on the camera from the day of his murder. I’m pretty sure she showed up at his house and instead of doing some dreaded menial chore, he chose to do Stabby instead.

  12. Arizona Rose says:

    Kelly, I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. I hope you’ll soon be feeling good again. Just take it easy and rest, so that we can soon have our adored Queen back with us.

    Paul, thank you for a spellbinding and very well written account of what it feels like to be in the courtroom, both as a juror and as a spectator.

  13. renaes24 says:

    If anyone wants to read the ‘other side’s take on this whole trial…..and has a LOT of time… might want to see this post on a JA website. (They actually BELIEVE this crap!)
    Warning: racist rant (among other things) and it is LONG

    • Cheryl says:

      I read that but do wonder what they think actually happened. They insult Juan so much and so childishly. But what do they believe? What a load of rubbish.

      • renaes24 says:

        The insults of Juan are ridiculous and RACIST (can’t believe how many ways they could think of to slam Hispanics). Do they really believe that crap……..I think they actually do…….or at least a large part of it. They TOTALLY believe that bloodtrail stuff. This is one reason they insist Jodi didn’t kill Travis. I find it hysterical that someone took the time to put together and post the bullshite……..
        and with a lot of her followers, well, if they read it on the internet: IT MUST be TRUE! (How else can they get these ding-dongs to part with their cash?)

    • Mama Via says:

      Wow…I’m not sure where to start! I’ve never before encountered such hateful racism! I’m speechless!! Just as amazing are the comments…I’m especially fond of the one comparing Hodi to Madonna…(the “like a virgin” Madonna?) and in another sentence to THE Madonna (the REAL virgin Madonna?) Im having trouble visualize Hodi in a pointy-breast corset let alone in light blue robes being all “more-of-God-ish”…

      I highly recommend anti-psychotic meds for all of them! I DID notice that one believes Hodi will be home NEXT Christmas!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yea, that a gonna happen!

      • Mama Via says:

        In case I wasn’t clear, I was referring to the “justice for jodi” link!

      • Ruthanne says:

        I refuse to read it. I prefer to read all of the comments from those of you that did. The crazy people make me so frustrated my BP goes up, and if they are being as racist toward Juan/hispanic people as it seems from the posts here, I will really get hot!! So best I stay calm and stay away from that page. 🙂 They do all need some meds though, I agree, and some serious counseling, some need commitment. LOL

    • My Real Name says:

      Hey, Dog Shit For Brains Racist Fuck over at JAII, aka Jade: JA’s father is full blooded Mexican. That would make his daughter half. Need I spell it out for you?

      Mmm-kay. Y-o-u a-r-e o-n-e h-u-m-o-n-g-u-s s-t-u-p-i-d d-u-m-b a-s-s.

      Yeah. these are the people who have JA’s back. Bucha fucken geniuses.

      • Ruthanne says:

        LOL I should have read ALL the comments before posting. Is it Mexican, her dad’s half? I couldn’t remember, I just knew hispanic. I knew her followers were stupid, I just didn’t know how extreme it was. And she will never point out anything that will correct any misconceptions, I’ve noticed in the past, she let’s them assume things often and never clarifies, unless something makes her look better to do so.

    • Ruthanne says:

      Do they know ARIAS is hispanic? She is half hispanic herself, do any of these people realize this?

  14. Alice Girard says:

    hey kelly…sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. hope this finds you better. love paul’s posts and his insights to what the jury might be thinking. i know i would rather be caught in a trap and have to chew,yes chew,my own leg off then to have to listen to one more line of drivel coming from the good doc. ho-lee fuck. the same as everyone i am wondering not only about the stun gun but about these journal entries….stabby has been a busy killer all alone in that cell 23/7. where did she get the journals? i don’t think they sell journals in the commissary. hmmmmmmm ms. cha cha could you step over here for a moment? i,for one,am grateful for the xmas break from stabbs and her never ending fucking drama. i have been thinking about it and i had some really shitty bf’s if this is now the standard by which we judge bf’s….fuck i could have killed them all AND their mothers if i used that criteria. i probably would have gotten some sort of award for one of them for sure and at least honorable mention for 2 others. i am sure mr. martinez is all over this shit. the vet will be locked and loaded ( he will need xtra darts) come sometime in jan. whenever jenny decides to sit her ass down and det. flores unleashes the pit bull. i think they should put geffner in one of those dog attack suits…for his own good and it would just be fun.

    i hope you are still enjoying your tree.

    take care.

  15. Mama Via says:

    I read Paul’s book “Brain Damage” today…I look forward to reading the one He writes about Arias! It’s 4 1/2 stars…he loses a half point for not getting a nit-picky proof reader like me to read and correct spelling errors and miscellaneous syntax errors. (But, hey, that’s just MY pet peeve!) (Or things like when someone says “for all intensive purposes” when it SHOULD be “for all intents and purposes”…or “axe” instead of “ASK”, or “pacific” instead of “specific”…I have a long list I won’t bore you with…)

    What I am ESPECIALLY grateful for learning (or being reminded of) is that not ALL juries are “Pinellas PinHeads”, or “Maricopa Morons”! There are MANY hardworking juries made up of citizens such as you and I!

    I DO believe that Arias DESERVES the Death Penalty…BUT…frankly, I have seen enough of that sociopathic liar to last what is left of my life! I work with the Death Row Support Group, and I’ve been writing two “PEN-pals” on DR now for close to two years…one in Ohio, there now for 6 years, the other in Florida, there now for close to 22 years. The Arias Saga is NOT over! Depending on what jurisdiction the verdict of Death is given, anywhere between 62% to 90% are REVERSED!!! (Just google “what percentage of death penalty verdicts are overturned” or go to to get TONS of info!). My Florida pen-pal CANNOT hold a job while on DR…and while this SOUNDS like what Arias deserves…the inmates on DR have NOTHING to to all day except work on their cases, and file ream after ream of motions! Numbnutz doesn’t hold a CANDLE to these guys!

    My Ohio pen pal wanted me to read one of his motions…so he sent it to me…and no JOKE…it was 3 1/2 inches thick…and included a CD!!! This was an arsonist, who was caught within HOURS of the crime…REEKING of gasoline…(another SODDI defense! some Other Dude Did It)…oh, and just so you know…there are no guilty men on Death Row…

    If this case has cost Maricopa County 3 million in costs so far…how many more million will be spent fighting the mandatory appeals process? 20M? 40M? Don’t the RESIDENTS of Maricopa County deserve a little justice too?

    Yes, even with LWOP, or even LWP, she will appeal…I’m afraid I’m not as “edified” on that as I am the DP cases! And I don’t know about Perryville…but Union Correctional doesn’t have air conditioning OR heat….and the meal fare at Arpio’s Bed & Breakfast is gourmet compared to Florida DR! My pen pal says he’s been fighting to get INSULIN for a few years now, because he is diabetic…the young man I was writing in Iowa, who served 8 years on a robbery charge said that when he needed glasses, he was allowed to go through a box of discarded glasses till he found a pair that “almost worked”!

    No politician wants to be said to be “soft on crime”…times are tough all over, and the state money for prisons has been severely cut! many of the “rehabilitation programs” have been discontinued…one of the VERY BEST programs was in so. Carolina, I think, building beautiful furniture…but when sales dipped, the factory was closed, and men who WERE being rehabbed, all of a sudden had nothing to do but fight. Florida solves that by reducing the protein in the menu, so no one has ENERGY to fight!

    Florida, Missouri and Texas have the highest rate of executions…(in 2014: 8, 10 and 10, respectively…to Arizona’s ONE!
    (Inmates on DR: FL 404. TX 276 AZ 123 MO 39)

    It seems rather silly to spend 20-40 MILLION dollars to put that wench onto Death Row…and then not follow thru on the sentence!

    Give her LWOP, put her in the corner, and fukkin forget her!

    Ok…I feel better now!

    • renaes24 says:

      Mama, if she is not on Death Row her appeals will take sooo much longer to get anywhere……(what’s the rush?) so I do hope the lil’darlin’ gets LWOP. Just cannot stand listening to more BS out of her and her ‘team’ Besides, once she is not a cause celeb or the ‘flavor of the month’ and just another lifer in Perryville, her entourage will move on to someone else and she can be forgotten in her dungeon that she dug herself! THAT will be more peaceful for the Alexanders (though they may not realize it yet).

    • Mama Via says:

      You are right, Ranae! Remember that we USED to hate Aileen Wournos? And Scotty “The Hottie” Peterson? And Drew Peterson? And Casey Anthony? Flavor of the month! INDEED!

      Of course, now, with no Court TV…or HLN Crime TV…it will ve a lot more difficult for us “trial watchers”…although I DO wish that court TV had been just “court” and less tv! The last few trials, I watched on YouTube so that I could watch the entire trial and no ads for Depends and Viagra (who wants to do the wild thing when you wear depends?). I’m hoping that someone, somewhere will continue providing YouTube trial videos…

    • Ruthanne says:

      I’d be fine with LWOP if she was confined the same as if on death row.
      I’m not sure, but my understanding of the state footing her legal costs is that she gets one automatic appeal if she gets the DP, and after that, she’s on her own. I am hoping that’s true. I know it won’t stop her, for a while anyway, she has supporters providing money, but eventually they will get bored, the longer they don’t see or hear from her, and they will find some other crazy person to follow, so the money will run out.

      I often wished she was in TX, she would already be on death row, and the likelihood of execution would be high, and it wouldn’t take long.

      Most importantly, Mama, I agree with your views on editing, grammar, etc… I often read books and think the publisher should have hired me to edit. LOL That said, I am working on a book, so if you do freelance editing, let me know… 🙂 You can’t properly edit your own writing, no matter how good you are.

  16. bobbie thompson says:

    I still have company so I will keep this short and sweet. Great story/blog/tale, well written and informative. But I’m jumping at the bit for Juan to get a hold of Geffner and rip him a new asshole

  17. My Real Name says:

    Hey, Paul, great as always. For now I will say that anyone who believes that JW’s questions along with Geff’s testimony are in any way beneficial to the defendant, well, I just gotta say; they have their heads way, WAY up their asses.

    More later, lol.

    And all great comments, folks!

  18. Gwen Bazzrea says:

    I just popped over to one of the Stabby fan sites. I almost woke up my sleeping son (who has the early Christmas gift of pneumonia) trying not to choke when reading the following:

    “This isn’t like a movie star or some rich female that has cash or credit cards galore to buy gas. Jodi had to scrape together her few dollars. She was also a spontaneous, often fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants little girl, who was prone at that age to flights of fancy, quite easily influenced by others, who had sporadic incidences of spur-of-the-moment non-traditional judgment. And arguably quirky reasoned rationale. Possibly her reasoning may not have conformed to “your” personal rituals or norms, but it wasn’t YOU whose rituals or actions you were to assess. ”


    P.S. get a flu shot. I know It’s not great this year, but it’s all we’ve got. Pneumonia sucks!!

  19. Lynn C says:

    I’m just wondering, what part of “emotional, moody, and prone to sobbing” does not equal “Needy” in Matt’s world? And if Matt thinks Jodi is so great, and so opposite of a psychopath, WHY THEN does he not have the balls to come and testify in front of the jury???

    • Maybe he’s one of the scaredy-cat “secret” witnesses. Or maybe he knows that if he testifies Juan will ask him about the forged letters he allegedly wrote for her or about the coded magazine messages that were on their way to him when they were confiscated. Or more.

      • Lynn C says:

        And there-in lies my biggest criticism of Judge Sherry. She allows the Goofy Geffner to testify to what basically amounts to hearsay on behalf of these men who refuse to subject themselves to Juan’s cross-examination. On the flip side, she doesn’t allow (deeming it “prejudicial”) evidence that can be verified as true because it might turn the jury against Jodi. What?? If she DID something, the jury should be allowed to know about it, and if something CAN NOT be verified with hard evidence (ie. Travis’ alleged attraction to children, Travis’ alleged abusive behavior) it SHOULD NOT be allowed in. This Judge has had her ass on backwards since day 1.

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Varmt News Network

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4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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