The Really Big Mean Dog School of Mechanics Presents: What To Do When You Run Out of Oil And Have To Restart Your Furnace.

Really universe? Just trying to keep me on my toes?  It worked-My basement

Hai Everybody.  First.  If I have not replied to your comments, it is because I had a slight disaster this morning and I am just getting things back to normal now.  I sincerely apologize. Could not be avoided.  Second. I am the only one on the blog with moderation powers.  If you make a comment and it doesn’t get approved right away it is because I have been doing something else and couldn’t get to it.  Please relax and I promise to get to it just as soon as I can.  Third. I had a very shit day. It is better now, but that does not change the fact that I had a very shit day.

We have hit an extremely wicked cold spell in my part of Ontario.  Well, Ontario in general judging by what I have been reading.  I went to bed last night and everything was fine.  I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was my breath.  The second thing I saw was a guinea pig that looked for all intents like he was dead.  Now, my upstairs is exceptionally cold even on good days, but not that cold.  I went downstairs and as soon as I put my foot on the linoleum floor I knew.  I had run out of furnace oil.  I looked at the thermometer and it was 32 degrees in the house.  I don’t know what that translates to in Celsius because we changed from standard to metric when I was 9 and I have always just used standard.  32 degrees Fahrenheit is the freezing point of water, which I know is 0 degrees Celsius.  So, I had to go and get diesel(out in public in my pajamas because I was not about to change clothes in the freezing cold.) There is an Agoraphobes idea of a good time right there.   I put a space heater in the kitchen before I left and put my guinea pig Taco by it so he would warm up.  I prayed and cried all the way to the reserve that he would be okay when I got back.  Guinea pigs HATE the cold. I got 10 Gallons of Diesel and came back and dumped it. I checked Taco who seemed to be perking up a bit and went back for more Diesel.  Now I had 20 gallons.  I went 2 more times for a total of 40 gallons of Diesel all together.  My hydro bill is going to be short, but needed that much to make sure I had enough weight in the tank.  Turned the heat on and…NOTHING.

I  skyped several heating and cooling places and got zero help what so ever.  If I wanted to pay 150 dollars somebody would come and fix it for me.  I told them it might as well be 1500 dollars, but they didn’t seem to care.  They would not tell me how to do it over the phone because of liability.  I told them it would be pretty damn hard to complain if I blew myself up, but they didn’t seem to care.  Fuck em, I thought.  How hard can this be, it’s a diesel engine plain and simple. I had one more idea and thought I would try that first.

Now, a furnace engine is just a weird Diesel engine and if anything runs on gas I can fix it.  I am a very multi facetted Queen/Law Professor/ Dean of Fuckery/Mechanic.  So, I approached it like I would a regular diesel engine.  I thought I would share what I did because at some point something like this might happen to one of you and now you will be prepared.  Diesel engines need to be bled when they run out of fuel because they get a vapor lock.  No biggie, I just had to find the bleeder screws and do exactly what you would do in that situation.  The problem with this theory is that the bleeder screws are not located where they would be on a normal diesel engine so I had to find them.  I eventually did.

I will now walk you through the steps necessary to restart an oil furnace if you ever run out of fuel.

1-put in enough diesel so the weight will help push the liquid through the lines.

2-gather all the tools you will need before you begin to do anything. You will need a 3/8 (in 99 percent of cases) open ended wrench.  A 3/8 socket will not work, but channel lock pliers will work in a pinch.  An empty container that will at least hold one gallon.  Make sure the container is something you don’t want to ever use again.

3-some form of clear tubing preferably 1/4 inch. You can use bigger but it makes things more difficult.

4-some kind of throw away rag or paper towel to place underneath the bleeder screw.

5-attached the 1/4 inch line to the bleeder screw (it looks exactly like a brake bleeder)

6-Turned the nut on the bleeder counter clockwise half way so I was ready to go when I did the next thing.

7-said a really long prayer about not blowing up

8-hit the switch to turn the pump on and call for oil (scariest moment I have had in a while)

9-cracked the bleeder wide opened. and watched as first there was just air, and then bubbly diesel, and then until in ran in a clear stream and the bubbles were completely gone.

10-hit the furnace switch and simultaneously closed the bleeder.

11–waited to see if it worked.

It did, but unfortunately, I forgot about the hot water tank and had to go do all the same steps on the hot water tank about an hour later. So, I once again have heat and hot water. Perhaps more than anything, I have proven to myself once again that I can do anything that needs to be done. Pissed me off to the point where I threw a pen across the room, but I got it done and I am truthfully pretty proud of myself.

I have not had a happy day. I can’t get the smell of diesel fuel off of me, I have a tension headache that would kill a small animal I am pretty sure, and I am fairly disheartened by it all. The only shining spot is that I did it all by myself. Well that and I managed to not blow myself to the next lifetime.

So there you have my day in a nutshell. What did you all do today?

have a great night everybody.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!


56 Responses to The Really Big Mean Dog School of Mechanics Presents: What To Do When You Run Out of Oil And Have To Restart Your Furnace.

  1. debilu2 says:

    I am impressed! You really ARE the queen!!! Glad all is well now.

  2. hbbeachbun says:

    Sorry your day was so shitty but it did end well. Damn girl, you really can do everything. You have a right to pat yourself on the back and be very proud of yourself. You go girl!!! Glad you are warm again.

  3. bigmeannurse says:

    Yay! Female ingenuity! You stuck with it and figured it out by yourself. I hate it that society has neglected to teach women mechanical skills over the years. There’s got to be more to relationships with men than ” it’s so nice to have a man around the house” for our fix-it needs: we need to be prepared for our own emotional and financial needs too.

    • Deb says:

      Boo-yah, bmn! ITA & ^5 to you 🙂

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai bigmeannurse. I am sooooooo glad that my,uh…whatever they were were too drunk to worry about things like me picking classes in high school. I took auto and machine shop and put up with all the bullying that went with it, but I know how to bleed a diesel engine and I can fix any kind of car as long as it has a carburetor hence my 30 year old rocket dog.

  4. HarleyGirl says:

    who says women are helpless? They can kiss RBMD’s ass and mine too! I am always doing my own repairing because if a man comes out to fix anything he rips me off. My husband doesn’t do shit because it is my house not his!
    RBMD, I see you have a mastiff, my daughter has a mastiff who weighs 300 lbs. and his name is Lloyd. He brings the mail in everyday and he walks around the house until my daughter takes it out of his mouth. Every time somebody comes in the house he brings a shoe or whatever he can find and offers it as a gift to the visitor. He is just a gentle giant. The little 4lb. chiuaha runs the house. He bosses the mastiff and the lab around. The little chi chi sleeps on Lloyd’s head during the day and in mommy’s bed at night. Lloyd snores so loud you can hear him thru all 3000 sq. ft. of the house. He is also a very loud farter!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Harley. Exactly. They wanted 150 dollars to come and bleed the furnace for me. It took me maybe 15 minutes once I made up my mind that I had to do it and it was EXACTLY the same a bleeding a diesel engine on a truck. Yes I do, 2 actually a Tibetan mastiff and a French mastiff. I also have a german shepherd and a rotti and a shitzu. The shitzu is ruler of the house here too. It’s hilarious.

    • Martini13 says:

      LOL at the visual of your chi sitting on Lloyd’s head!!!! Ive got 3 dogs myself and my oldest/tiniest (chihuahua) definitely runs the show!

  5. Mama Via says:

    Wow, just fukkin WOW! GRAMMA would have just “busted her buttons” with pride for the determination and stubbornness you exhibited today…and I’m pretty DAMNED proud of you too..,but, since I only wear stretchy clothes to cover my fat little lumpy body, I can’t bust my buttons, cuz I don’t gots none! Gramma used to say that “everyone has a good story, if you will just be quiet a minute and listen” (Gramma was really saying STFU) and “you can’t talk and listen at the same time”…hmm I WONDER why she would tell ME that? ;).

    You are someone I greatly admire, little sister! You are humorus, witty, intelligent, inventive, determined…in short..,a pioneer, a survivor…I’m proud to be your friend! (Tee shirt? We don’t need no stinkin tee shirt!) (aSurvivor tee shirt does not a Survivor MAKE!). Well, aren’t I just full of it tonight?

    It’s close to 2 am, and the air is so thick with humidity, I can barely breathe. It was close to fukkin 80 degrees outside, and my big event today was to wind my way around the fat pigs at the trough of “free samples” over at Costco…all in the quest to obtain for my spoiled and corpulent little dog, a $5 rotisserie chicken at the deli! No, I’m not going to make the obvious joke about how the rest of the day was spent laying on the sofa, keeping it from floating away…or the gratiuious comment that “as corpulent as I’ve become, that didn’t require much effort”…nope, not gonna do it! Just refuse to stoop to that level for a laugh! I’m also not mentioning that I’m freezing my big fat ass off…because you can’t set the air conditioner thermostat to 75 degrees…it’s either 74, too cold or 76, too hot…oh, woe is me! I live in a fukkin swamp!

    Sending tons of love your way…

    • Deb says:

      Those visual images you gave me are priceless, mama!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mama: THAT made me feel great. If I would have made gramma proud I did something right. I was pretty damn proud of myself too. Well, once I got all the fuck you random furnace companies that wouldn’t help me out of my system that is. I swore a blue streak for about 5 minutes once I got the thing going. LOL. I think I was just burning off the ‘I didn’t blow myself up’ tension. You had to go to Costco? I’m so sorry. When I have a working furnace I keep it set at 65 degrees. That is the perfect temperature for me. I love 65 degrees. Tons of love back at ya.

  6. essem58 says:

    Hi Kels, you certainly are an inspiration. You asked so I’ll tell you about my day which is in complete contrast. DownUnder is damn hot at the moment and on Friday with 45C temps a bushfire started quite some distance from me but by Saturday with 110km/h winds was heading my way so I got my irreplaceable shit together and got the fuck out and went down to stay with my parents. Hopefully this YouTube vid works (and is allowed on your blog). Someone took a vid driving through a nearby town about 20ks from me. Very eerie. Thankfully our wonderful Country Fire Service VOLUNTEERS are still out there fighting and reinforcements have come from interstate.

    • essem58 says:

      PS 45C is 113F Father Canell that’s hot!!

    • shyloh says:

      The video was great. And yes eerie.

    • Deb says:

      Glad you’re ok, essem! Yes, the video was some pretty eerie shit; and that business of driving on the left side of the road freaked me the hell out!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      essem: I couldn’t answer this for a minute. I had to wait for the tears to stop dripping. I was okay because you were okay but then I started thinking about all the animals that didn’t have a relatives house to go to and what all the people who’s houses burned were going to do and then I saw that damn kangaroo and I lost it. I’m not too proud to admit it. Not much can make me cry anymore. I want to cry, the tears just won’t come. Till right now. My thoughts are with you and every other living creature, man and beast. Stay safe please.

    • Mama Via says:

      You are in my prayers, Essem! As are the brave firefighters who work so hard trying to save lives, homes and memories! I used to live in so. Cal, and deal with fire season, Santa Ana winds, and the fear that our canyon would be involved! My neighbor, a fire fighter, was gone most of fire season…california is fraught with fires every year! Our Mother Earth is a good, but violent woman sometimes…hopefully, you had a quiet and cool night!

      I only know 2 C temps…0C is -40F is -40C…that’s it.. The extent of my knowledge!

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Essem, hoping things calm down in your area of the world and such pride for your volunteer Fire Service folks. Salute. BWR

    • essem58 says:

      Thanks everyone. Fire still going, it’s Monday evening now. My township no longer under threat unless serious change in wind so I’ve left all my precious belongings in the car in case I need to leave again.

      Deb, we drive on the same side as Mother England so I’ve been happy to drive a rental car when in UK but when in Europe and US I have trouble just crossing the road on foot !

      Kel, I wondered if anyone would spot the kangaroo. So far 26 houses have been lost. The State government is providing emergency funding

    • essem58 says:

      Oops… There are 700 volunteers from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. The support for the CFS volunteers and donations by the community is fantastic. We are so proud of them BWR and Mama.

      As its already Monday evening here I can tell you that court this morning was outstanding. JSS told Nurmi to STFU, Wilma to SIT DOWN and the previous testimony was released. Geffner wet his pants once Juan started his cross. 😉😉😉😉😉😉

      • reallybigmeandog says:


      • essem58 says:

        Unfuckingbelievable, I got up at 4am to follow on Twitter and its off again!!! So much for being a day ahead by the time Monday got to Arizona everything went back to same old shit.

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Wish I were there helping, Essem. Great memories of INR (Intl Naval Review) in NYC. I line-hauled (attached their mooring lines to our docks)a great Aussie ship into Port of Brooklyn. Never been so drunk.

      • essem58 says:

        Thanks Blue hopefully by the time you could get here it will be over but you could enjoy the giant piss up our Aussie Heroes will have 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  7. shyloh says:

    Damn girl! You lost me at one. I am so proud of you. I am pretty much like you are. I don’t give up. And when I complete the task whatever it may be. I am pretty damn proud too. Stay warm and keep your brain positive. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!! YOU are Great!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Shyloh. Thank you. I know that the people here, if they put their mind to anything it can get done. Now can you imagine if we all put our heads together over something. It would be awe inspiring indeed.

  8. Donna says:

    Awesome job Kelly! I’m not surprised though. You are such a strong woman…there was no way that this “bump” in the road called your life was going to defeat you!! High five and a fist bump to you!😉
    As far as my day goes, well I would say it was a good day for sure since my 81 (82 next month) momma (and second Queen of Fuckery) is still with me (thank the good lord), alive and feisty as ever! The day before yesterday she suffered another TIA and this one was her third! Just a matter of time before the BIG one (according to her doctors) but I say “pffttt” because she’s just too mean to let the man upstairs decide when her number is up, so to speak. Mini strokes are a funny thing, you know. They have a way of playing a nasty trick on you! They make you think that well maybe this is it…then they say fuck you…you’re not gonna die right now…you’re just gonna forget shit…or one side of your face is gonna droop down like it’s melting…or you’re gonna now talk like you’ve got a mouth full of marbles!!! Ain’t life grand???

    Fortunately this one only affected the memory part of my momma’s brain but since she insists on living by herself, my sis and I are just a bit concerned that she may forget where the fuck she’s at one day and just wander off!! NOT GOOD! So we decided yesterday while we were sitting in her hospital room playing 50 goddamn questions with her, because she can’t remember shit, that we were going to assign people in our family with “check on granny” shifts during the day and then my sis and I would take turns spending the nights with her just so she doesn’t forget something important like say….lock her doors at night, take her meds, and anything else that just might keep her around us for another 5 or 80 years!! So that’s it…Happy New Year and keep blogging because you’re a damn good writer!

    • Deb says:

      Donna, you sound awesome!

    • Mama Via says:

      Donna…I’ll keep you and the Really Mean Granny of Fuckery in my prayers…those TIAs are no flippin fun! Papa had a stroke about 16 months ago…at first, thought to be a TIA…and I know how it is to sit and wait for the next one…like waiting for earthquake aftershocks…never know if, when or how big they will be…(also like men and snow!)

      I don’t know as much as I once did, i NEVER knew what I THOUGHT I did, but, I do know this…the group of ladies gathered here, including the Grand Pubah of Fuckery Herself…are the strongest, most intelligent (not Einstiney intelligent, more like “DaVinci married Ben Franklin and they had a baby” smart), the most inventive, strong group of SURVIVORS I’ve ever (virtually) met! As each of you tells your story, I’m amazed with your ability to cope, your ability to invent, to find the answers to things that you face! I am amazed and inspired by each of you!

      As I’ve aged, I’ve come to realize how week I am now to the strength I once had…not just physical…but also, emotional, psychological…the old “use it or loose it”…and my “cushy” life with papa has spoiled me! I suppose that if you must endure a certain amount of “life-poop” (kinda like statues and pigeons) I’m happy that I collected all of mine when I was young and strong…and not now, when I’m old and feeble…

      Sometimes things are blessings in disguise…when Muther was in “good form” it really hurt me that without ever knowing my name, she “hated” me…now, nearing the end of her life, sickly and frail, I’m mostly ambivalent about what she’s going thru…I have COMPASSION, yes…but I’m not emotionally invested, which allows me to focus on Papa’s feelings, not my own. I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain…

      Donna, stay strong, you will be okay! My, Queen, my queen…you know how I love you…I’m so proud of you., you done good!


  9. Colerain says:

    Happy New Year glad everything worked out!

  10. Tyla says:

    OMG girl you are the bomb – I never would of been able to do that. You deserve to be proud of yourself, I really am in awe of your talents girl ….. 🙂 Glad you and your furry friends are warm, so stay toasty, eat a pop tart and relax because tomorrow brings more fucked up lies into the fucked up trial in the history of fucking trials.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tyla: I discovered when I was a very small child that if something has to be done, you simply figure out a way. I’m also very glad that we once again have heat and mostly that Taco is okay. I was very afraid he was dead. Looking very forward to tomorrow and whatever it brings with it. Have a great night.

  11. Deb says:

    Kelly, you never cease to amaze me and you never disappoint me about how strong, talented, & highly intelligent, you truly are! You are like Damon Runyon and “Winnie the Welder” – all rolled into one – to me! You are a real inspiration to me; and I mean that sincerely.

  12. fillymj says:

    Jeez Kelly. What a buttf***ery. I hate those kind of days but hey you prevailed. Smart gal.

    Chicago is snowy. Beautiful but your cold snap is heading our way tomorrow so I will be busy getting the barn ready for my 4-legged critters (horses) so they are comfortable.

    Me-Just hanging at home on the sofa with my other 4-legged friends (dogs) thinking about things I should be doing but am not going to do today.

    Looking forward to the trial finally moving on again. Don’t know how Juan stays sane.

    So everyone please stay warm & safe for the winter of 2015. Don’t want to lose anyone.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Filly: I knew with that name you had horses. I used to have five before asshole. I miss them so very much. I used to love to ride and I just loved to watch them in the paddock being horses. I couldn’t afford one now and even if I could, my doctor tells me I will never ride again due to the damages I have suffered. I too am looking forward to some forward progress in this farce of a re-trial.

  13. tinkachew says:

    Dangit I posted to the wrong day! So sorry ya’ll I’ll get the hang of this I hope…WTG Kelly! Knew you were awesome! Well now I’ve caught up on everyone’s posts I hope I can say I know you a little better now. Guess I should sit down & try to word things so ya’ll can get to know me more also, huh?
    Here it is the day before the start of the “court circus” for JA, tomorrow is Monday the 5th! In certain ways I’m looking forward to it in others not so much due to the very fact of the BS that is going on. I watch 2 interesting videos this morning…one posted on the FB page “Juan Martinez Prosecutor Support Page” that was really good but as I was on the Youtube page I tried to watch another one that kindof pissed me off royally! They were bashing JM for his boldness aka more about him yelling at the witnesses etc. What do they not get? He does that because he knows for a fact they are lying! Are they also jealous? Can’t blame them at all who wouldn’t be when he is the best at what he does & was born to do!
    So here I am pestering those here when you have much better things to do than read what I might have to say.
    Kelly I hope your doing good & will get back in the saddle again to write your wonderful blog that you make so awesome! Along with your fellow helpers that is too. Enjoy reading them all! Thanks for letting me be here & I sure hope that PV/SW doesn’t find me here too! Have a great day everyone!♥

  14. bobbie thompson says:

    I’m glad everyone is okay. I don’t have anything going on here except freezing my ass off. It’s been in the 20’s here with wind chills below that. I have my sweats on but I could probably go for 2 pair lol.

    The way you described running around for diesel was hilarious! I’m sure it wasn’t but ya gotta find humor where you can :). And I’ve gone out in my pj’s before. Just couldn’t work up the energy to dress or care what people thought so it’s all good.

    Iam READY for the trial to crank up. Juan has gotta be chomping at the bit by now! I’m sure though the trial will be all “All rise for the honorable Judge Stevens.” “sidebar” and we all sigh. That’s probably where all this wind is coming from lol

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Bobbie: No, it was hilarious. Not necessarily at the time, but in retrospect yes it was. I too am ready to get back to work. I want to start taking bets on whether this goes into may or june at this point?

  15. Mama Via says:

    Bobbie…:) :). sherry “sidebar” Stevens!! 🙂 🎊 fukkin priceless!!

    Miss Kelly…after that excitement, how are you feeling? 💔

    And I’m SO glad you didn’t blow yourself up!💣

    And I’m glad that Taco is all good too!🐹

    I love ya, kiddo…you fukkin amaze me!😍😍😍

    Mama👸. (Cuz he has a TIARA,)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Mama: I’m okay. All that running around knocked the shit out of me, but I feel better today so it’s all good. Took it very easy today, took all my meds and am being a good girl. I too am very grateful that I did not explode. Taco was the one thing that had me upset. Poor little guy. I did not know that guinea pigs went into stasis and I thought my stupidity killed him. I love Taco. I love all my pets, but there is something so endearing about a guinea pig running across your keyboard because he likes the ways the keys click. I’m so grateful he is okay. I love you ten times as much my friend. And gramma too. I hope she knows that.

  16. Owlie says:

    No way were you going to blow up. You aren’t done spreading your wit and humor and bringing huge laughs to people. Thankfully you and your menagerie are safe and warm again. You are still needed in the world Ms. Dean of Fuckery!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Thanks Owlie. I said a really long prayer about how blowing up at this point in my life would be a very bad idea just in case.

  17. BlueWhiteRed says:

    Owlie, I was about to post almost exactly your first 2 sentences. Kelly, every day, it seems, we learn how truly Einstein-like you are. Not Einstein-y, which is an opinion, but Einstein-like, which is demonstrated. I hate how it is assumed women are helpless or couldn’t possibly know how to xxxxx. Thankfully, my Pop, the original Mr. Mom (my mom died when I was 4) was Equal Op. He raised gentlemen and women who were self-sufficient. One of my sisters happens to be, in her line of work, very famous and published. I hope my boys are learning how strong and self-reliant women really are. As for my weather report, it’s about 50, raining and the kind of day I’m grateful for the crock pot. (I am the cook here at House of BWR.) Hope tomorrow doesn’t make me gnash my teeth. Enough is enough. God Bless the Alexanders.

  18. Alice Girard says:

    ahhh kelly your rendition of the diesel brought back a flood of memories…hubs and i used to have a lawn service. we used a 19 horse kubota diesel with a 6 ft mower. i ran it out of fuel once and once only….what a pain in the ass to get ‘er going again. i too prevailed after my husband screamed the directions at me over the phone. i am glad you got it going….it does just make you feel like “fuckin’ right THAT’S what i’m talkin’ about.” happy to that all the four leggeds are doing fine too.

    back to stabby tomorrow and the new motion that they want to interview everybody who ever touched that fucking computer and that might include the little chinese kid who built the goddamn thing…put nothing past alfred and jenny. and i suppose jenny will have to go over every boring bullshit word with geff because well you know the holidays happened and that ain’t stabby’s fault. so much info so little time. fuck.

    time for me to plant my ass in front of the TV for one of my favorite pasttimes… detroit and dallas. win or go home game.

    take care.

  19. Martini13 says:

    Your intelligence and independence never cease to amaze me! You go girl!!! Glad you & your babies are all safe and warm!

  20. tinkachew says:

    WOW♥ Kelly.♥…after trying to read your story through the blurry tears that started I’m at a loss for the words! I read it when it was posted but I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything until now.
    As I can relate to that so much you have no idea! I’m retired now but I’ve worn the coat of many colors…..animal control officer…dog/cat groomer….vet tech assistant…..patrol supervisor for local security. My husband was a police officer until he got into some trouble but he had 20 years in. Yes we are still married if that’s what you want to call it (25 years)…..I won’t go into that part of my life.
    I’ve seen so much horror that I will never understand it… it got to me so bad it almost killed me with the stress of it all.
    I have to say that you truly do inspire & have found out that just being you can help so many people such as I.
    Being that my life has been like so many others including your’s, I haven’t quite found out how or the why’s except that I just can not trust anyone but my animals.
    As I had mentioned I have been working on things that I do enjoy which isn’t much anymore….hate to say this but too many have ruined what I enjoy too many times so I have given up & shy away for those things. That one thing is making my own graphics (such as my Facebook Timeline cover photo) so I decided to try to make a few for a “blog” if I have the guts to start it that is. LOL
    What do you think of this title…JKMA…which is Just Kiss My Ass!

    But please know that YOU really do mean a lot to so many now including me for only that extremely short period of time that I first came here!
    This goes to the rest of you also as what little had been said I understand that here we really can be ourselves which I never can be due to regular life trouble of trying to be so.
    My husband of course thinks I’m crazy & maybe I am as I started to follow a few trials within these past years since I stay at home 24/7 my first was the Jessica Lunsford trial….Casey Anthony which both of those I got so involved it took me months to get over somewhat. Just a little of the Anna Nicole Smith trial to which I tried to stay away as much as possible so I wouldn’t get so involved. Now this Jodi Arias case I’ve been so wrapped up in my husband claimed I wanted her body! ROFL
    Far from it as such a sick thought popped out of his mouth! Which gave me the creeps he would even think that but then again knowing him as I do & what we have been trough in our so called marriage I can see why it did.
    My cousin told me about the case over the phone since she lives there & I was born & raised there….lived in Florida since my first marriage to a guy in the Air Force who is from FL…..been stuck here ever since. When I found out all the details of how horrendous this murder was I started to follow the case & watch it when the “live” court was going on T.V. & I was hooked!
    Now as with so many others I absolutely hate & despise this JA! I just can not for the life of me believe just how this court thing is going! I do know some laws & I love Juan Martinez…but since my husband went through a 3 day trial which also was a “farce”….how is that one person can create so much hated & evil & loathing & so much more that I can’t list? I’ve never met any of them except from all I’ve read & seen….I’ve had nightmares & dreams as well wondering just why that is? I sit here & wish the Alexanders were my family as I’m the outcast of mine. I wish I could change mine name (for real) in honor of Travis & leave & start a new life.
    So that is how I found you Kelly & everybody here by the admins posting you wonderful blogs & readings & looking forward to each day of reading one.That is how that dang sicko Sandra Webber found out what I said & did a screen capture of my Facebook name & reported me (I’ve used since day one 7 years ago) which in turn they shut me down until I sent a real photo ID. I’m still upset about that I I still try to get them to change it back as I really do need to “hide” from my cheating husbands skank/stalker not to mention him also!
    Oh my here I’ve done it & ran my big mouth as I’m told everyday too much! Please forgive my ramblings on. Just know Kelly you have inspired & changed lives with your blog & you being you & I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.
    Hope we can get to this dang trial soon I know Thursday but my heart does bleed for the Alexanders!
    Everyone take care & have wonderful day!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tink: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. If I can change one life, make one person feel better than I have done what I believe it is my purpose in life to do. Have a great night.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I’m so sorry for everything you have been through. I always wanted to be an animal control officer but I figured I wouldn’t be able to handle it when they put animals down. I hope I am able to help even if it is only a little. I also do not enjoy much in life anymore, but I am starting too. I had a Christmas tree this year and it had me spellbound. I had Christmas dinner. I love the title of your blog by the way. I’m glad you found us and I hope you stay. This is a great place to just say whatever is on your mind. you are in good company here, there are more horror stories than I care to count and everyone despises Stabby. Please comment as much and as often as you want. I am however usually researching during the day when I am not looking for my lost cat so I may not answer immediately. It doesn’t mean I don’t care or I haven’t read what you said, it just means that at that particular moment I have more pressing things. I will answer as soon as I can I promise. Have a wonderful night tink.

  21. Connie Rust says:

    Hi Kelly…not sure how I missed this blog but I didn’t see it until today and just had to comment. First of all YOU GO GIRL! I live alone too and absolutely hate to have to call someone for help. Have u seen the movie A Christmas Story? It’s the one with the ‘you’ll shoot your eye out kid’. Well u know Darrin McGavin and the furnace? That’s me. I have lived in this house for 10 winters now and have the most temperamental furnace on the planet. Every year I go thru the same shit. It was either 150 bucks a pop to call the furnace guy or learn to fix it myself (thank gawd for YouTube). I now know more about furnace repair than I ever wanted to know. It’s a gas furnace which scares the bejesus outta me but I grit my teeth and pray a lot. I often wake up to a freezing house. When I go to bed every night I pray the furnace will make it thru the night. The sad thing is it’s not that old. It was still under warranty when I bought the house. Of course the minute the warranty went out so did the furnace.
    I won’t even go into what I have learned just this year about submersible well pumps and pressure tanks.
    Since the passing of my father last year I have also learned a lot about farm equipment operation. I learned to get his 1958 Minneapolis Moline tractor started and keep it running…. also learned how to operate a 44 foot boom lift. I knew if I wanted to sell the stuff I had better be able to at least back them out of the barn. Regarding the lift….due to its sheer size and my lack of depth perception, just the fact that I didn’t take out the back side of the barn with it is quite an achievement. I breathe a sigh relief every time I move the thing. I still have it by the way if anyone is looking for one. Doesn’t everyone need a 44 ft. Boom lift? My father thought so.
    How hard can it be? That phrase will be etched on my tombstone.
    Hats off to you girl…I’m so glad I’m not the only idiot willing to blow myself up over a dam furnace (just kiddin). Since everything I have runs on natural gas or gasoline I’m keeping this blog in case I happen on something in that barn with a Diesel engine….thanks! Hugs…..

  22. Mama Via says:

    Debl: hi hon! In an earlier post, we mentioned the Tot Twat, Casey Anthony and her attorney, MF (Middle Finger) Mason….

    It seems that I always seem to be the very last post here at RBMD School if Kaw and Fuckery, so I’m not sure you will see this, but…I’m gonna turn my homework in anyway!!

    I had this rant about 3/4 written, and went to check a fact, and lost my DAMNED post! Oh, for Pete’s sake! Let me see what I can remember….

    I am THIS close to being married to good old “my mouth is full of grits” Middle Finger Mason! REALLY!

    He and my DH gave so many co-inky-dinks, it’s SCARY,

    Both are 71 years old; DH 10/1. MF 12/12

    DH received his JD & Bar exam in 1973…AFTER giving 4 years to his country in the Air Force. In addition to many medals, he received the Distinguished Flying Cross. (8 years to complete BA, JD & Bar)
    MF received his J.D in 1970, and passed the Bar in 1971, and did his best to avoid the draft…I’m guessing thru a “I’m a student” exemption. (10 years to complete BA, JD & Bar exam)

    Both have been before the US Supreme Court (DH won, it appears that MF lost and had to go to US Appeals Court.)

    Both had a stroke in 2012, DH on 9/30, MF on 11/11

    Here is where their paths begin to diverge….

    MF took the more lucrative route to (in)fame and fortune by defending criminals…and thinking up slimy ways to get their clients off, usually thru a technicality…

    DH took the less lucrative route by specialization as a Bond Attorney. (No, not Bail Bond) A Bond Attorney assists city, County and State governments obtain financing for improvements by the issuance of securities called “Bonds”…these improvements are always to the Public’s benefit and Quality of Life: ie: new schools, playgrounds, underground utilities, prisons/jails, parks, wildlife refuges, airports, etc. And the income to the purchasers is generally tax-free! So, instead of raising TAXES to pay for new County Offices, “Munis” are issued. Is very possible that your 401k has some “Bonds” in the mix.

    Both, at age 71 still work, albeit “reduced hours”, arriving at the office at “the crack of noon”..

    MF is worth hundreds of millions…DH is worth hundreds of tens…

    MF owns a 20,000 sq foot home, DH owns a 2,000 sq ft home

    MF has a Tot Twat cleaning his house and sleeping in the maids quarters…DH has a fat ass ignoring the house and sleeping on the sofa…

    I had better stop there…

    According to MF, the Tot twat keeps herself occupied (occupied, not EMPLOYED) by acting as “housekeeper, law clerk, secretary and stuff like that.”

    Needless to say, MF has a very beautiful wife (I’m guessing “Contour Lifts” and Botox are “de rigueur” NO ONE 60+ years old looks THAT good naturally!)

    I saw a local program that featured good ole Mush Mouth…it was filmed in his home. Honest, that place is a McMansion! The pool is HUGE…complete with waterfalls and statuary. He stated that he had over a MILLION dollars of work he did “pro-Bono” and “tens of thousands of dollars” from his own pocket laid out for Tot Twat’s defense.

    Now, don’t get the wrong idea…I do NOT begrudge ole Mush mouth his hundreds of millions of dollars…I see how hard my DH works to earn his (comparitive) pittance…and, after viewing his McMansion, it appears that he is personally keeping at least one General Contractor, a Builder, and several Interior Decorators busy buying junk for the McMansion,,,which keeps little guys like you and me employed! And, there is a lot to be said for someone keeping a lying, thieving criminal off the streets and away from the homeless shelters! Hell, I wonder if he would let all of US move in too!!!

    I understand that MF speaks three languages other than English…but I have to wonder if he speaks those as poorly as he does his native tongue! And, I suppose that if I had a big old house like that, and I was going to be a world traveler (like he is now) that having a house sitter ISNT all that bad…

    I know MY dream house has a Casita for the nurse who will be paid to wipe my butt in my golden years! I just wouldn’t ask an ex-party girl, et Ita vero, baby-killer to be responsible while I was away! (But, then again, I’m not a multi-millionaire…so what do I know? (Maybe this is his way of buying his way into heaven!)

    IF…huge IF…George really did molest her…IF big IF…george really drowned that child…I apologize for my assumptions…but, IF it gas been ME…just like Arias…I not only would have called 911 and told the TRUTH…I WOULD GAVE TAKEN THE STAND!!!

    Vincit omnia veritas! (truth conquers all)

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sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


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Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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