This is a RBMD Mini Blog/ Rant

January 5, 2015

There are things that we must discuss-my brain says so that’s why.

hai everybody. Well, I still have heat. YAY me. I wanted to address something that some of the comments have sort of kind of brought to my attention. Now, your Law Professor/ Dean of Fuckery/ All Around Smartass/Queen/and front runner for Supreme Ruler of the Universe had developed a VERY tough skin over the years. Of course certain things hurt me. People being made fun of because of scars they got during their personal battles, belittling someone because of the way they look or speak. People who are tormented because they don’t fit neatly in whatever box society thinks they belong it. Any animal being hurt for someone’s fun or profit.

The point, the point what was the point. Oh yeah. I have seen some shit. I have been through some things that would curl straight hair and you all know what I have shared up to now because I love and trust you and it gets worse. Degrees. You have to get used to the water in degrees. Like someone torturing an animal, I will NOT EVER tolerate someone coming here under whatever alias they choose to torment someone that I consider a friend or someone who has come here because it is a safe haven.

You are safe here. I am not going to center out people. This is what in my own head I call the island of misfit toys. We are all of us, veterans in a way (no disrespect to blue or any other soldier who has served with dignity and for the greater good) but we have all of us been through some kind of war of our own. There are those; Mama, myself, Harley, Blue, just to name a few who have been through a nuclear blast and walked out the other side burned and sick from the radiation but alive.

You are safe here. I have infinite patience. I have the ability even now to forgive (to a point) but when I am angry, when I perceive some hurt against you my vengeance is swift and I can reduce someone to a quivering mass of gelatin with a few well placed words.

Please do not EVER feel that you need to be silent here, or that not being silent opens you up to ridicule because believe me when I tell you, you have several thousand people that have your back.

We have created a safe place here. A place for people who just want to laugh, a place for people who want to tell their stories, and everybody has one, and a place to feel that lovely warm glow that you get when people understand you.

The thing I love the very most about this blog is that everybody cares. Everybody worries about each other, everybody wants the best for their fellow blogmate. I will never let that change.

There have been comments, mostly directed towards myself, Christine, Jen Wood and a few others. It doesn’t matter because while I have saved them for something I am working on once I get all the IP addresses confirmed, you will all get to see.

You all matter to me. I take that very seriously and I will be damned if someone hurts you on my watch. On our blog. No sir. Not going to happen. So again I encourage you. Take a chance. Tell us your story. If you want it to be a blog I will post it as such. If you just want it in the comments that is fine too. But don’t you EVER be afraid of what will happen if you take that chance Not ever.

Well, this has turned into more of a rant than a blog, but it is what it is.

I love you all very much. You are the reason that I don’t spend my days with the blankets pulled up over my head like I used to. All those things you wish for me, I wish 10 fold back for you.

I think I am done. Mama, Blue, Essem, Harley, anybody else, if I missed anything just add it in the comments.

Have a great night and don’t forget the Stabby fuckery begins again tomorrow. Have a great night and rest safe in the knowledge that I will not allow anyone to hurt you here.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out!!

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