NOT LWOP 5 – Visiting Day At The (NOT Arizona) State Prison / Guest Blog By BlueWhiteRed.

January 7, 2015

(Or, I need to talk about me)

ETA: We have a Two-fer tonight – check out Kelly’s post from the RBMD School of Economics!!!

Hi everyone, Associate Professor of Real Life for Felons, BWR here.  I’m trying to keep warm here so apologies in advance if my finger shaking ruins the read. More on that in a minute.  I’d like to say Happy New Year and wish you all the best possible road in 2015.  I never thought I would be doing this when 2014 began, so I’m proof positive that your road can divert. I just had to be open to it and get over my fear of posting.

I thank you in advance for letting me kind of ramble about Real Life for Non Felons. First, as always, thank you to Kelly for letting me drive the Queen’s Keyboard.  Thank you all for reading, asking for more and giving me something to think about besides myself and things that keep me up all night.  This late (for the East Coast USA) post is my personal gift to the “3rd Shift” of the World, the Pacific and west time/date zones.  I worked 3rd Shift for years and we got the shaft from anything that happened during the day.  So you probably get to read first.  You’re welcome.

Next sorry I haven’t been LWOP-ing for awhile.  Tonight, I told Kelly I would post and I beg her forgiveness that the post I planned about picnicking at the State Prison on Visiting Day is just not there.  I am so sickened by the terrorist shootings in Paris (below) and have been swamped from the holidays, which I actually looked forward to this year and Algebra from Son #2, which kicked my time and energy.  But let me assure you, *I* am your go-to should you need to solve:

3(a-6) = 4(b+3)

Don’t try to solve it, I totally just made that up.

Where I live does not have dangerous wind chills and I always believe misery is just as bad for you as mine is to me.  So no ragging on me for being a wussy about what some of you take for granted.  You get what you pay for, and I paid for pretty skies, hot summers and very little precipitation.  Our current temperature is 18F, and the wind is 20mph.  You can calculate the wind chill in mph.  Anyway, I’m fuming because every county for a 50 mile radius has a 2 hour delay Thursday morning. We use a school bus system for our entire state’s system, and, of course, our district will be per normal schedule.  It will be about 8F when Son #1 goes out to the bus at 0630, with winds still around 20mph.  Anywhere, that is dangerous in my book.  Not every parent has the time or vehicle to drive their child to school and it just sucks to be us right now.  So, in summary, as I Tweeted earlier (@RealBWR), “Our school Superintendant must be Sometimes JSS, and I’m Juan Martinez.”

The disgusting horror at Charlie Hebdo, the Paris newspaper, today’s target of terrorism has, again, given me Writer’s Block tonight.  12 dead after 3 terrorists stormed the newspaper known for exercising freedom of the press and publishing a cartoon of the Islamic State Leader this morning.  I’m literally sitting here shaking my head.  I think Kelly would say something like, “Get over it, Fuckers.” (The terrorist and whomever gives them warm and fuzzies)  So, if you’re seeing, “Je Suis Charlie” (#JeSuisCharlie), that’s French for “I am Charlie” and, as of this writing, had 70,000 Tweets with that hashtag.  Indeed.

Shoutout tonight to my childhood best friend from 4th grade, who spent most of last night reading the entire blog.  “Brilliant” was the feedback.  I had to humbly state that the brilliant blogs were Kelly’s…

For a great update on the Mess that is the Journey to the Gurney in Hot Mess, Arizona, I recommend Friend of This Blog, Christine Beswick’s (@bychristinebswk) articles  Meaty, easy to follow updates, thank you as always, Christine.

My co-Administrator when Kelly gets new heart plumbing in the next month, Paul A. Saunders, Jr (@The13thJurorMD), a juror on the Marissa DeVault DP case also in Hot Mess, AZ but with a Always On Judge, gives amazing perspectives on this trial.  He attends the trial and I recommend you follow him and read his terrific book, “Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale – The Hammer Killing Trial”, available on  I read it in one sitting, not because it’s short but because I attended the Evelyn Wood speed reading class, haha.  No, it was that riveting. Remember my first post about also being a DP juror?  That was the Cliff Notes version.  Paul makes you read the whole book.  Kudos.

I am off from Mr. Mom duties tomorrow because, again, my kids have to go to fucking freezing school tomorrow. I will post about the Visit tomorrow before noon ET, promise.  Then you can follow Live Tweeting (HOPE!) from the motion from the media to get Stabby’s Super Sekrit Testiphony released.

Ok, so again, thanks for letting me get some of my stuff out there to chew on; my therapist at the VA told me this morning how happy he was that I was talking about my issues; it’s my version of journaling. Gosh, I hate that fucking word, journaling.  And “O, Holy Night”, which used to be my favorite Christmas song.  The Stain of Stabby spreads far from the reach of Tide and bleach.

This is a record for public use of the word “Fuck”. Thanks, Kels, I never thought a Canadian civilian could clean up my American Sailor Mouth.

Stay tuned and stay warm.

The Really Big Mean Dog School of Economics: The Law and Retirement

January 7, 2015

Retire already-the entire state of Arizona

Hai everybody. You know, this case has bothered me for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a convicted murdering whoredog psychopath (at least according to HER expert witness) has not yet been sentenced. Why oh why is this trial not over and why oh why is Stabbykins not sitting in a shu somewhere waiting for them to find a good vein? Then it hit me.
Lawyers become lawyers because the law interests them. Now financial lawyers have a leg up because they combine lawyering and finances. Even prosecuting attorneys don’t have to worry to much about it because they have these things called retirement plans. Turns out, if you get a high profile case and you are a defense attorney now you too can have a retirement plan. It’s called a Stabby Einstein. It makes fiscal sense for the defense to draw this case out as long as humanly possible and that appears to be exactly what they plan to do.

Lets look at some facts shall we, since everyone likes actual facts as opposed to made up shit that there is never any proof of. Fact: Alfred E. was a legal aid attorney prior to the commencement of this trial. Fact: He tried to bail because not only does he hate, hate, hate stabbykins he also wanted to open his own practice. Fact: He threw enough of a fit about it that sometimes Judge Stephens decided that the Great State of Arizona should pay him private practice money to the tune of $225 per hour. According to the Huffington Post on top of what he was paid as a public defender he can be expected to pull in up to an additional $200000. Let that sink in for a minute. An ADDITIONAL TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. It will be higher because now we have thrown the Supreme court into the mix. Billable hours. Every motion, every phone call on behalf of her or from her, every visit to the jail, every day in court, all of those things are billable hours. That is a fact. Here are some more facts for everyone.

Fact: Stabby fucking Einstein has a mitigation specialist that the Great State of Arizona gets to pay for. She does a lot of things so I guess she gets a lot of money. She lies, she smuggles shit, she calls people retards, she blabbers all over twitter to whoever will listen and apparently she is helping hide money from the IRS for Stabbykins. Isn’t that nice. Know what the mitigation specialist doesn’t do? Find mitigation. It must be with Waldo. Thing is, according to this little factual document Cha Cha is only getting $55 per hour and man they have rules most of which she has broken so bitch might not be getting paid. That would explain the hot topic clothing and earrings from 1980. How is a cougar supposed to live on a measly $55 per hour?

Remember when I said that good old Cha Cha had her hand in the murder money pie. Well, your Queen/ law professor, dean of fuckery and Economics professor is apparently right again. According to a source on Christine Beswicks Article that goes by the name Juan Martinez Tie this happened “Listen Sonja, I don’t want explanations about anything: the Alexanders are still out for Jodi’s money. Jodi releases the artwork to MDLR [Maria de la Rosa], any sales go to a bank account that MDLR [Maria de la Rosa] has password to. Then when the money gets to be enough, some charity (when Jodi has implied) and the rest are added to the fund.” Juan Martinez Tie got this from a Facebook post. So not only is Cha Cha in it up to about her elbows, she has idiots for confidants. The next one is a little more convoluted, but also a Facebook post that was happened upon by Juan Martinez Tie. Hello [redacted] I don’t think this involves you nor Maria. And [redacted] knows I knows I nor SH never take any money from Art site….That money goes to a bank account that MDLR has access to….But Jodi Can’t say anything because of the IRS! But some people just can’t stop stirring shit!” Please note the part in italics. Tsk Tsk Maria. Hiding money from the IRS. And making sure the Alexander’s don’t get any of that fucking murder money you soulless fucking cow. MDLR is Cha Cha if you were wondering. I have no clue who the fuck SH is.  EDIT: SH is Apparently shortform for SHithead Auntie Sue

Christine Beswicks entire article can be found here It is a great read and chock full of those pesky facts that certain folks seem to hate so much *cough*PV.

Now lets deal with this whole Supreme Court thing. OMG Alfred E.  you are an inventive little fucker I will give you that. So, the Supreme Court of the United States runs from October until about July every year. They work in two week increments. Whether they even entertain this is anybody’s guess, but the odds of them overturning the CoA’s ruling according to my very good source who could represent me in court any damn time are between slim and zero. So once again, big time waster, not going to amount to shit.

Since tomorrow it is going to be a motion hearing we may as well just call it no court so if you are interested I will post a whole thing on how the supreme court works.

That is it my lovelies. I’m going back out to look for my cat. Read Christine’s article. That is your homework assignment.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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