NOT LWOP 5 – Visiting Day At The (NOT Arizona) State Prison / Guest Blog By BlueWhiteRed.

(Or, I need to talk about me)

ETA: We have a Two-fer tonight – check out Kelly’s post from the RBMD School of Economics!!!

Hi everyone, Associate Professor of Real Life for Felons, BWR here.  I’m trying to keep warm here so apologies in advance if my finger shaking ruins the read. More on that in a minute.  I’d like to say Happy New Year and wish you all the best possible road in 2015.  I never thought I would be doing this when 2014 began, so I’m proof positive that your road can divert. I just had to be open to it and get over my fear of posting.

I thank you in advance for letting me kind of ramble about Real Life for Non Felons. First, as always, thank you to Kelly for letting me drive the Queen’s Keyboard.  Thank you all for reading, asking for more and giving me something to think about besides myself and things that keep me up all night.  This late (for the East Coast USA) post is my personal gift to the “3rd Shift” of the World, the Pacific and west time/date zones.  I worked 3rd Shift for years and we got the shaft from anything that happened during the day.  So you probably get to read first.  You’re welcome.

Next sorry I haven’t been LWOP-ing for awhile.  Tonight, I told Kelly I would post and I beg her forgiveness that the post I planned about picnicking at the State Prison on Visiting Day is just not there.  I am so sickened by the terrorist shootings in Paris (below) and have been swamped from the holidays, which I actually looked forward to this year and Algebra from Son #2, which kicked my time and energy.  But let me assure you, *I* am your go-to should you need to solve:

3(a-6) = 4(b+3)

Don’t try to solve it, I totally just made that up.

Where I live does not have dangerous wind chills and I always believe misery is just as bad for you as mine is to me.  So no ragging on me for being a wussy about what some of you take for granted.  You get what you pay for, and I paid for pretty skies, hot summers and very little precipitation.  Our current temperature is 18F, and the wind is 20mph.  You can calculate the wind chill in mph.  Anyway, I’m fuming because every county for a 50 mile radius has a 2 hour delay Thursday morning. We use a school bus system for our entire state’s system, and, of course, our district will be per normal schedule.  It will be about 8F when Son #1 goes out to the bus at 0630, with winds still around 20mph.  Anywhere, that is dangerous in my book.  Not every parent has the time or vehicle to drive their child to school and it just sucks to be us right now.  So, in summary, as I Tweeted earlier (@RealBWR), “Our school Superintendant must be Sometimes JSS, and I’m Juan Martinez.”

The disgusting horror at Charlie Hebdo, the Paris newspaper, today’s target of terrorism has, again, given me Writer’s Block tonight.  12 dead after 3 terrorists stormed the newspaper known for exercising freedom of the press and publishing a cartoon of the Islamic State Leader this morning.  I’m literally sitting here shaking my head.  I think Kelly would say something like, “Get over it, Fuckers.” (The terrorist and whomever gives them warm and fuzzies)  So, if you’re seeing, “Je Suis Charlie” (#JeSuisCharlie), that’s French for “I am Charlie” and, as of this writing, had 70,000 Tweets with that hashtag.  Indeed.

Shoutout tonight to my childhood best friend from 4th grade, who spent most of last night reading the entire blog.  “Brilliant” was the feedback.  I had to humbly state that the brilliant blogs were Kelly’s…

For a great update on the Mess that is the Journey to the Gurney in Hot Mess, Arizona, I recommend Friend of This Blog, Christine Beswick’s (@bychristinebswk) articles  Meaty, easy to follow updates, thank you as always, Christine.

My co-Administrator when Kelly gets new heart plumbing in the next month, Paul A. Saunders, Jr (@The13thJurorMD), a juror on the Marissa DeVault DP case also in Hot Mess, AZ but with a Always On Judge, gives amazing perspectives on this trial.  He attends the trial and I recommend you follow him and read his terrific book, “Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale – The Hammer Killing Trial”, available on  I read it in one sitting, not because it’s short but because I attended the Evelyn Wood speed reading class, haha.  No, it was that riveting. Remember my first post about also being a DP juror?  That was the Cliff Notes version.  Paul makes you read the whole book.  Kudos.

I am off from Mr. Mom duties tomorrow because, again, my kids have to go to fucking freezing school tomorrow. I will post about the Visit tomorrow before noon ET, promise.  Then you can follow Live Tweeting (HOPE!) from the motion from the media to get Stabby’s Super Sekrit Testiphony released.

Ok, so again, thanks for letting me get some of my stuff out there to chew on; my therapist at the VA told me this morning how happy he was that I was talking about my issues; it’s my version of journaling. Gosh, I hate that fucking word, journaling.  And “O, Holy Night”, which used to be my favorite Christmas song.  The Stain of Stabby spreads far from the reach of Tide and bleach.

This is a record for public use of the word “Fuck”. Thanks, Kels, I never thought a Canadian civilian could clean up my American Sailor Mouth.

Stay tuned and stay warm.


18 Responses to NOT LWOP 5 – Visiting Day At The (NOT Arizona) State Prison / Guest Blog By BlueWhiteRed.

  1. slw600 says:

    Great post Blue. First, I acted like I was five and stomped because I wanted to hear about the LWOP chick. I got over it.

    Paris…I just can’t even…

    The trial..there HAVE to be some pissed off jurors right about now. Smart move Stabby.

    Cold. It sucks. My grown daughter moved to ND for a year (from the balmy west coast) because of a job she couldn’t pass up. She describes taking her dog outside and how the snot in her nose freezes (hers..not the dog’s) immediately. Lovely. Thanks Jess.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Haha, thanks for the image of the 5 year old. I started LWOP Chick but knew it needed lots of details and I am not up for it. Re the PO’d jurors – in my trial we had an extremely experienced judge who didn’t allow sidebars (mostly) or delays…but one day we had a defense PhD (who was stupid and annoying to listen to) and we had to go back to the Jury Room about 5 times. If the jury is annoyed (I would be; not easy for me to get to my courthouse), and the only voice they’ve been hearing for the last bit is Defense….I have relatives in SD who told me today they were at -double digits…shaking my head…thanks always to you, Jess.

  2. Mama Via says:

    Well done, Mr Blue!! I’m getting the vibration in your words that in spite at being upset with world issues, you are feeling better about BWR…I hope I’m right (and not just wishful thinking…you’ve been in my thoughts recently,,,stay warm..,the temp here today with wind chill was 65…I had to wear pants instead of shorts! (But come april, I reserve the right to bitch about humidity, ok?). Love you you and mrs Blue…and to everyone else!

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Boy, Mama, you nailed that one. I feel very lighthearted about myself after posting a non-post so thank you for pointing it out to me. Thanks for thinking about me and being my Mama from Another Gramma. You can bitch about anything, anytime. My bemused Mrs said Hiya right back and always enjoys your replies!

  3. Good reading, sir! I’m in East Tennessee…a 45 minute car drive to the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and its COLD here too! Right now, its 13 degrees and going down to 6 degrees tonight. Now, at 13 with a slight wind (more of a breeze), the windchill factor feels like 1 degree. I hope none of us have frozen water pipes by tomorrow.

    I’m hibernating. Not going out to go anywhere, unless its an absolute emergency. Some schools around here are closed tomorrow. Others are going to start 2 hours late. I think it must be because sometimes weather that cold freezes car doors shut and you don’t go anywhere till they thaw out. STAY WARM. (And thanks for holding my interest so well with your blog tonight. High five to you, friend!)

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      OK, Judy, maybe you can clear something up for me. I heard once that East TN changed their area code to 865 because it spelled: V-O-L. Now THAT’s a bunch a diehards! (I really admired Peyton Manning when he was at UT and also since he went pro.) I am glad you’re hibernating — I worry about the vulnerable…I decided to drive the boys to school; I just don’t like the idea of them walking even 5 minutes in this frigid wind. (At the tone, the current temp is 11F.) G’night, Judy!

  4. Connie Rust says:

    Great read Blue. I don’t work third shift….I’m just a hopeless insomniac so I love it when late blogs pop up.
    Been glued to the TV today. Between the AirAsia thing and now Paris I haven’t turned off the news in a week! That’s not normal for me. I’d much rather be watchng the zombies and American Pickers but the state of this planet we live on is holding me hostage these days. What is wrong with people…..sigh.
    I got y’all beat….its a whopping 3 degrees on my porch with winds at about 10. I don’t wanna know the wind chill so y’all can do the math. We have so much frozen snow on the ground that my poor dogs can’t squat to poop. What a sad state of affairs……

  5. BlueWhiteRed says:

    -12F is your wind chill, Connie….you’re my last reply tonight because that 0530 alarm that scares the bedoodie out of me is staring at me…yes, the AirAsia…I’m terrified to fly post 9/11, etc and it stirs up a large, warm, welcoming bowl of PTSD in me. I watch mostly CSI Miami (I can’t help it) and NCIS (duh, Sailor) but this Paris thing just gripped me today. I never understand why Rodney King got so much ridicule over, “Can’t we all just get along?”….that’s my mantra, too. G’nite, thanks as always.

  6. bobbie thompson says:

    Cold here too. 17 degrees and wind chill feels like 5. Our power went out a couple/three hours. I was nervous but luckily we only lost 5 degrees temp in the house.

    Counselors….grrrrrr! Saw mine today for the weekly head shrinking. He got annoyed with me because I tried to reason out some stuff. He said I just wasn’t getting it. Duh! Ya think?! That’s why I was asking. Homework assignment this week: Forgive myself and others who have hurt/harmed me. Yeah. I’ll get right on that. I almost came on here when I got home and ranted and spewed. Then I decided I didn’t want to torture everyone.

    So I can understand when your brain just ain’t what ya want it to be 🙂

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hi bobbie, yikes with the power outtage – we get those frequently during thunderstorms in the summer, which blows the A/C and is equally miserable (to me) as heat in the winter. If that makes sense. Glad you’re ok. Re the shrinks: I see mine every 4-6 weeks bec of VA availability. I think it works well for me, because I can see trends come/go that I might miss if I saw him more frequently. Maybe might help you? I think I speak for Kelly when I say this is a safe rant & spew zone and it wouldn’t probably be torture. Torture, for me, is listening to 18 days of the same person’s self-serving statements. You know? Why didn’t Bush/Cheney think of THAT?! Hope it’s sunny and warm(er) today. Thanks so much.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      I fucking hate shrink day. Honestly, I have a wonderful Psychiatrist, he is not one of those guys that sees you for five minutes and writes a script. He gives me a full 55 minute hour of his attention and I honestly think he is helping me. He has definitely made me face some things that I didn’t want to ever face, but now that I have I am dealing with them.

  7. BWR, Associate Professor of Real Life Felons…love those titles!
    Great non post tonight . I was looking forward to LWOP, Susan but totally understand concerns of world chaos and not being in the right mind set to continue with this. Tragic happenings in Paris. I feel and pray for the families affected by this. What is wrong with people? Did you know the police there do not carry guns or do I was told? How the hell are they going to protect the people when the only ones that have them are the criminals or terrorists? I thank God I’m in a country that has the right to bear arms! Praying that isn’t taken away from us!
    LMAO..I was actually figuring out your child’s algebra problem. Remembered you had to do the parenthesis first, then did that total outside number? There’s a certain order,I remember GEMDA, group, parenthesis, multiply, divide and add. Still trying to figure it out. Frustrated at this point and read the next line. “I made it up, don’t try and figure it out” Hahaha! Oh,I hate algebra! Then you got me with degrees outside, wind factor how freezing cold outside for kids and I stop and think, well it is a little chilly outside, don’t know the temp let alone the wind chill factor because there isn’t any. Then I need to immediately look up weather so I may post and know these things. So here itty is, the weather report from So. CA. Temp.57 degress and clear. 30.10 Pressure (whatever that is) and visibility 10 miles. Did this for all the posters who have commented about the weather. Nice to know about other states and regions.
    Christine Beswick is always spot on. Thanks for sharing. Glad you were up late and I was able to read this non post.
    Take care BWR! 🙂

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hi smurfette, glad you got a kick out of my title. My next older sister is the Dr. Janeen DeMarte, PhD (aka My Pinup Gal) of my family. Brains, gorgeous, slender. (Hello Dr. Freud?) Anyway, my point is that she is very accomplished (not a medical title, though) and some very well earned titles. I therefore, gave myself to take to the family reunion, title wise, haha. Re the chaos in France and guns – I didn’t know that about the authorities not having guns. My take is like speech/press: With great benefit comes great responsibility. I may be completely disgusted by what you say, print or own (guns), but I HAVE FOUGHT for your right to say/print/own. As long as you are accept the responsibility that comes with those rights. I’m lol that you tried to solve the algebra problem and the windchill; that’s about all the math I’ll throw at you, except maybe Stabby’s MPG for her trip to Perryville. Loved my tours in San Diego, so I’m all in for your weather report for SoCal. Hope you’re enjoying the day, be back within the hour for the real LWOP 5. Take care, too.

  8. gingerdidit says:

    Ok Blue…I’m on track Kelly REALLY resting??!!! Give her a sans Arias court brief to read if shes not.. 🙂

    Paris..”The Interview “, South Park writers and etc etc etc.. its hard for a rebellious “freedom of speecher ” to fathom what ..just what and why these narcissitic extremists..leaders..etc get their balls in a wad over some really funny stuff..cmon..i know they got to be laughing the K out of North Korea behind closed doors…cause the shit is FUNNY!
    God bless those that continue to use the mightiest weapon..and thank you.

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      gingerdidit —-I love that name, btw, you guys are really creative! Kelly is going through something (I daresay) worse than her heart valves, her cat was hit by a snowplow after being missing for a few days. Her heart is broken emotionally and I’m just trying to fill her pages so she can take care.

      Amen to “laughing the K out of North Korea” — loved that too. It amazes me what putinskis many groups are. Peace the Fuck out of everyone else’ beliefs. Pretty Simple concept, really.

      You’re welcome, as always.

      • BlueWhiteRed says:

        Er, I meant buttinskis….putinskis sounds like Putin is up to something….well, maybe I was right the first time…..

  9. Tyla says:

    Great read BWR, always look forward to your post.

    Yesterday I spent the entire day and most of night watching CNN – Paris, my heart and prayers are with them 😦

    Love Christine Beswick, she is always interesting and spot on

    Here in Florida we had a c o l d night, went down to mid 50’s and now it’s 60, going up to 70 and tonight down to mid 60’s – I know to some of you this feels like summer weather but to us in Florida it feels like we live in Fargo, N.D. when temps are below 70.. LoL – Although it does make for great sleeping weather if nothing else 🙂

    Thanks again BWR

    • BlueWhiteRed says:

      Hiya, Tyla, I won’t rag on you for FL weather, because of what I’ve said above: Your situation is just as relevant to you and mine is to me. Those temp changes are disruptive no matter the stop/start points. So go pick an orange for me! I’m about to write the actual LWOP 5 and decided to keep the TV off, because I can’t multitask for anything. Thanks as always for reading/commenting, enjoy your day.

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