The Really Big Mean Dog School of Economics: The Law and Retirement

Retire already-the entire state of Arizona

Hai everybody. You know, this case has bothered me for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a convicted murdering whoredog psychopath (at least according to HER expert witness) has not yet been sentenced. Why oh why is this trial not over and why oh why is Stabbykins not sitting in a shu somewhere waiting for them to find a good vein? Then it hit me.
Lawyers become lawyers because the law interests them. Now financial lawyers have a leg up because they combine lawyering and finances. Even prosecuting attorneys don’t have to worry to much about it because they have these things called retirement plans. Turns out, if you get a high profile case and you are a defense attorney now you too can have a retirement plan. It’s called a Stabby Einstein. It makes fiscal sense for the defense to draw this case out as long as humanly possible and that appears to be exactly what they plan to do.

Lets look at some facts shall we, since everyone likes actual facts as opposed to made up shit that there is never any proof of. Fact: Alfred E. was a legal aid attorney prior to the commencement of this trial. Fact: He tried to bail because not only does he hate, hate, hate stabbykins he also wanted to open his own practice. Fact: He threw enough of a fit about it that sometimes Judge Stephens decided that the Great State of Arizona should pay him private practice money to the tune of $225 per hour. According to the Huffington Post on top of what he was paid as a public defender he can be expected to pull in up to an additional $200000. Let that sink in for a minute. An ADDITIONAL TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. It will be higher because now we have thrown the Supreme court into the mix. Billable hours. Every motion, every phone call on behalf of her or from her, every visit to the jail, every day in court, all of those things are billable hours. That is a fact. Here are some more facts for everyone.

Fact: Stabby fucking Einstein has a mitigation specialist that the Great State of Arizona gets to pay for. She does a lot of things so I guess she gets a lot of money. She lies, she smuggles shit, she calls people retards, she blabbers all over twitter to whoever will listen and apparently she is helping hide money from the IRS for Stabbykins. Isn’t that nice. Know what the mitigation specialist doesn’t do? Find mitigation. It must be with Waldo. Thing is, according to this little factual document Cha Cha is only getting $55 per hour and man they have rules most of which she has broken so bitch might not be getting paid. That would explain the hot topic clothing and earrings from 1980. How is a cougar supposed to live on a measly $55 per hour?

Remember when I said that good old Cha Cha had her hand in the murder money pie. Well, your Queen/ law professor, dean of fuckery and Economics professor is apparently right again. According to a source on Christine Beswicks Article that goes by the name Juan Martinez Tie this happened “Listen Sonja, I don’t want explanations about anything: the Alexanders are still out for Jodi’s money. Jodi releases the artwork to MDLR [Maria de la Rosa], any sales go to a bank account that MDLR [Maria de la Rosa] has password to. Then when the money gets to be enough, some charity (when Jodi has implied) and the rest are added to the fund.” Juan Martinez Tie got this from a Facebook post. So not only is Cha Cha in it up to about her elbows, she has idiots for confidants. The next one is a little more convoluted, but also a Facebook post that was happened upon by Juan Martinez Tie. Hello [redacted] I don’t think this involves you nor Maria. And [redacted] knows I knows I nor SH never take any money from Art site….That money goes to a bank account that MDLR has access to….But Jodi Can’t say anything because of the IRS! But some people just can’t stop stirring shit!” Please note the part in italics. Tsk Tsk Maria. Hiding money from the IRS. And making sure the Alexander’s don’t get any of that fucking murder money you soulless fucking cow. MDLR is Cha Cha if you were wondering. I have no clue who the fuck SH is.  EDIT: SH is Apparently shortform for SHithead Auntie Sue

Christine Beswicks entire article can be found here It is a great read and chock full of those pesky facts that certain folks seem to hate so much *cough*PV.

Now lets deal with this whole Supreme Court thing. OMG Alfred E.  you are an inventive little fucker I will give you that. So, the Supreme Court of the United States runs from October until about July every year. They work in two week increments. Whether they even entertain this is anybody’s guess, but the odds of them overturning the CoA’s ruling according to my very good source who could represent me in court any damn time are between slim and zero. So once again, big time waster, not going to amount to shit.

Since tomorrow it is going to be a motion hearing we may as well just call it no court so if you are interested I will post a whole thing on how the supreme court works.

That is it my lovelies. I’m going back out to look for my cat. Read Christine’s article. That is your homework assignment.

RBMD Peacing the fuck out.

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50 Responses to The Really Big Mean Dog School of Economics: The Law and Retirement

  1. Owlie says:

    “Rights” for a CONVICTED MURDERER is one thing. Raping the system and mocking it is another. Someone needs to put limits on this bullshit. What’s it been….two weeks of testimony in three months?? I swear she is the devil incarnate, and her entourage aare soulless fucks too. the perfect shit storm. my prayers to the alexanders daily.

    • Tyla says:

      Couldn’t of expressed myself any better Owlie ….. my thoughts exactly!!

      It is truly a sad day in America when a JUDGE allows a convicted killer to rape the taxpayers and make a fucking fool of the “VICTIMS” rights, although I have NOT seen any victims rights during this trial!!!! This judge, defense and her entourage sickens me for what they have allowed to be done to Travis’ memory …. I pray for the Alexander family every day, how they endure this is beyond me, I would of gone postal by now!

  2. Lacey says:

    Kelley, I read her article earlier when it was posted. I really wish that the new govenor, or JSS top boss can throw some shit @ her. Stay warm my friend..

  3. Samantha Williams says:

    Good job Kel! Expose these motherfuckers. More to come. I love your writing. You are #1 in my book and many others. I love you my friend. We will put this shit to a FULL STOP right gf. xxoo

  4. Adele says:

    Well done. ChaCha is just a joke to behold. She needs to end up prosecuted.
    Stay warm, my friend. 😚

  5. Debilu says:

    Read Examiner article earlier-EXCELLENT! And was looking forward to your blog. Could “SH” be that crook Simon Many-Last-Names who runs JAII site? Just a thought for extra credit. 😉 Take care!

  6. tinkachew says:

    Not sure about this but I believe SH is Sue Allen Halterman skankies aunt? She is the one I commented about on the JMPSP page & that pissed SW/PV to report my fake name to Facebook.

    • renaes24 says:

      I am also pretty sure it is Aunt Sue from all I have read

    • I was thinking also that SH is ‘Auntie Sue’. She’s claimed from her own mouth (or typing fingers) that she ‘set up the fund’…..

      Yep. SH is Auntie Sue, the twin sister to Serial Slut’s mama.

      Kelly, I hope you find your cat soon. A long time ago I learned that cats don’t have the kind of steadfast loyalty that a doggie has. Its almost like that ‘wild cat’ lineage that cats came from suddenly rears it’s head and the kitty runs away, with no reason, except that it wants to be a ‘wild cat’.

      (We had 2 over the years that did that. Took off into the woods and would only come back occasionally to find some food, even if it was dog food! But when we’d go to approach them, they’d take off again, into the wild side of life…out in the woods.)

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      you are correct tinkachew.

  7. renaes24 says:

    Where, oh where, to begin! Court tomorrow? With WHO as witness? Last I saw, pseudonym is being called to the stand. Problem: pseudo is an ‘expert’ (and I use the term oh so very loosely) witness in the PORN (prosecutorial misconduct) part of this trial OF WHICH THE JURY KNOWS NOTHING AND IS NOT A PART OF! However, the JURY is going to be there………so?????
    I think either Dr Goofy will be back for Juans’ cross-examination OR (more likely) the jury will AGAIN be sent home until pigs-fly or hell freezes over because we all KNOW Ball-less Sherry sure can’t or WON’T make anyone do anything much less make a DECISION like a real JUDGE should!
    My hope list now includes
    #1 ENDING this fiasco and sending the lying twat to Perryville on LWOP. (Sure she deserves DP but she won’t get it anyway)
    #2 Bringing Cha-Cha up on charges AND (per contract) making her RE-PAY all monies paid to her for this case
    #3 Having the mess on the bench REMOVED from any cases above misdemeanor or juvenile court and then REMOVED AGAIN by the voters in the next election
    #4 While I would WISH that Numbnuts and Wilderbeast would be sanctioned by the Arizona bar…..I know that won’t happen. So, instead, let them be OUTCASTS in the Arizona legal community, leaving them only able to get indigents and drunks as clients.
    #5 To the family of Travis: I know they would like the death penalty.(However,it is unlikely that will ever happen and even if it did, the fight is on in AZ to do away with the DP). They need to rip the bandage off , no matter the hurt, and begin to heal.
    #6. Get the IRS to seize any and all monies that the whore has squirreled away OR baring that: let her money all be taken by all those she has taken in with all her lies and cheating. LET THE SCAMMER BE SCAMMED!
    While I know it is not what everyone wanted, I think the COURT and the LAW are more important than the piece of trash named Jodi.
    (I will now get down off my soap-box and stand in the corner)
    PS: WHERE or WHAT happened to your CAT?

  8. hbbeachbun says:

    I hope the entire fucked up, corrupt, bunch of them get caught. So sick of Stabby and her lying cronies. We all just want justice for Travis and peace for his family.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai hb: I also hope that the entire fucking bunch of them is trapped in an elevator and has to deal with each other for all eternity. I so want peace for the Alexander family, but she is going to ensure that they never ever have it.

  9. BlueWhiteRed says:

    BOOM is my first reaction! Isn’t it interesting that ALV actually inappropriately mentioned, “I don’t have much of a retirement plan”….she obviously didn’t clue in on the “Stabby Einstein Retirement Plan” (I…LOVE….THAT, too funny.) I really am sick over diverting funds directly into that “irrevocable” trust, bec I am pretty sure it’s untouchable by (most importantly) the Alexanders and the IRS. It’s one time I want the IRS to step in and plant their cattle prods (25) into the 3rd Hole at the Putt-Putt-Slut. Great post, Kels…hand on my heart for Kitty and for you.

    • Mama Via says:


      Putt-putt Slut!!!


      Heeheeheehee 😂😂😂

      I gotta go change my Depends!!!


    • SidebarSally says:

      OMG! putt-putt slut…absolutely LUV it!! thanks for the *RoArinG LaFf**

    • renaes24 says:

      “Putt-Putt slut”…..I LOVE it !

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      hai Blue: That is the very first thing that popped into my head when I started writing that last night. I wish that there was something to be done about it. I myself have written to the IRS complete with all the information I could gather, but I don’t know how seriously they are going to take a Canadian writing to them.

  10. bobbie thompson says:

    YAY! I has electricity again. Temps here at 17 with wind chill making it feel 5 degrees. It was a little concerning after a couple of hours of no heat. Luckily the house only dropped 5 degrees before power was restored. And the house now smells wonderful from all the candles lol.

    I think SH may have been a typo and was maybe supposed to be SJ since the h and the j are beside each other, but who knows? I just wish someone in the know could go after all these trashy people and haul them in. Maybe some of JA’s supporters would realize they’ve been lied to. Nah. They’re not smart enough to figure it out. They’ve proven that by believing JA. Like my counselor says “Ya caint fix stoopid.”

    I’m sure Nurmi has a nice vacay planned from his JA proceeds. I wonder if JA realizes he hates her guts and is riding her back for money. So it’s like she’s his whore huh? * slaps her bottom* ” C’mon biotch, gimme that money!”

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Bobbie. YAY. I’m so glad. I hope you are at least staying somewhat warm. No, I have confirmed that is was indeed auntie slut, I mean Sue. Renae was correct. Can you even wrap your head around the amount of money he is getting from this trial. I myself tried and sent myself into such a rage I had to take an extra pill. True story.

  11. Anne Wyatt says:

    Fucking fucks the lot of ’em..funny tho as secretly I think fatassnurmi also wants whore dead cos hes using up all appellate motions..hahaha
    Deeeeenied again!
    As for cougarfuckenlicious karma will gt her as she trips over the curb in her 1970’s three sizes too big ugly steal-ettos & breaks her fucken neck!
    Love ur blogs Kelly ! 🙂

    • HarleyGirl says:

      Fat ass numnuts doesn’t want her dead, after all she is his meal ticket because after this he will never have another client. she has sucked him in now (pun intended) and he knows this is the best money he will ever make. He thinks he will be famous for this trial, more like infamous. He will be in the same catagory as bozo baez is in. Stabby has made numnuts her bitch and stabby has made wilsnot and M. Del A Grosa her girlfriends. They are making a shitload of money so they keep on stalling. You know the saying if you can’t dazzle them brilliance then baffle them with bullshit! The duh-fense team is just pissing off the jurors more everyday. I hope when they finally get to deliberate in 2020 it takes them 10 minutes to give the bitch the DP. If I were the Alexanders i would hire a hit on the bitch! LOL!!!!

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        She is definitely his meal ticket and the appeals could put his bank account into the million dollar range. Seriously, think about that. He will be infamous and there will be people who want his representation because of who he is, but he is not going to be a huge lawyer by anyone’s stretch of the imagination.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Anne: Karma is going to get the whole entire lot of them I assure you. Nothing good can come from such evil, conniving people. NOTHING. Thank you so much Anne, thank you for reading.

  12. HarleyGirl says:

    I hope all those motherfuckers are cursed for the rest of their miserable lives. Maria Del La Grosa will have to go back to whoring for $1.00 a blowjob and she will have to give change back on that. Maybe stabby can give her some tips…, see what I did there! Del La Grosa’s meat flaps are probably as sloppy as sheets on a clothesline in a hundred mile wind! I hope Numnuts wife dumps his nasty fat ass and wilsnot’s husband or wife dumps her as well. I hope Juan busts all of their asses and they end up in jail or losing their licenses to practice. There is no fucking way the Constitution will change because stabby wants it too, if anything there will be new laws to prevent defense attorneys from blowing millions of $$$ on murdering POS like stabby. There should be a cap on these trials. Juan is not going to give up on this, they have really pissed him off now. Sorry for the rant. This shit just pisses me off.
    Kelly, when are you going into the hospital? I am praying for you everyday. I really love the fact that you love your animals like I love my weeny dog. She is not doing well but I am grateful for everyday i get to kiss those little whiskery lips of hers.
    Thank you Kelly for letting me speak my truths here. I can’t begin to tell you how much this blog has literally saved my life. The people here have shown me love that I have not had since my Mom died. God Bless You and i am so proud to have you and everybody here as my friend. I am grateful for this safe place to express my happy and dark feelings and feel safe about it.
    Please fight and get well Kelly, you are loved and needed. Sorry for rambling.

    • Mama Via says:

      The bartender asked his patron..”Man, that is some black eye! How’d you get it?”

      He said…”well, I called my wife a “two-bit whore”…then she popped me with her sack of quarters!”

      Heeheeheehee! Hahahahohoho!

      Two bits! Sack of quarters! Heeheeheehee!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Harley: Glad to see you my friend. I think that they already are. And yes, Cha Cha can go back to her dollar blow jobs because after reading the contract from the county, I have a hard time believing she is going to be paid so I hope it was worth it for her. I don’t think anyone besides Cha Cha is going to not be allowed to practice, but since her position is one that is contracted out, that is not really a thing anyway. I do think that sanctions are in order for Alfred E and maybe Willmott, I am reserving judgment on that one. My surgery is the 28th. I will probably be there for two or three days and then homecare for a while. I am eligible for a nurse because of my disability so I have that. I also have Ross who I guarantee will be here daily to check on me and the young man up on eleven will be coming to walk the dogs every day. I am feeling very good about the surgery, I know I am in good hands and once it is done I will be getting the proper amount of oxygen to my brain again and every word will no longer be a struggle. Very much looking forward to that. I am so glad you found this place Harley and that you know that we care about what you have to say, and that you are safe saying it. I will fight, it is the only thing I know how to do. I want you to know that you are loved and needed as much as I am. Take care Harley, have a great night.

    • Catherine says:

      Off topic here but HarleyGirl, I think I know you from another site, and if you are who I think you are ( the weeny dog and your dear Mother semi-confirm it) I missed the doo-do out of you when you left. You know me as catherineb, if so. HugS!!!

  13. Coco says:

    SH=Simon Hall aka SJ.

  14. TisMe says:

    Enjoyed every word, thanks. You know, if Stabby didn’t get all stabby in the first place and execute an innocent man that money wouldn’t exist. So why is it those immoral goons on its side are all benefiting from murder and doing their best not to let the actual victims see any of it. Each and every single one of them starting with the lying whore herself absolutely disgust me, takes a special kind of asshole to do what they do. Excuse the language.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai TisMe: Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed it. Exactly. I don’t have an answer for you although I am working on trying to dry up the money train. I think everyone should do what I did. Write the IRS. Send them the quotes on Chirstines blog. Explain that this should not be legal and that if it is indeed a loophole it needs to be closed. You should never mess with the Feds money is my strong belief.

  15. Betty says:

    SH is aunt Sandy from what I heard..

  16. geribouwman says:

    I guarantee one thing. MDLR will have a really hard time signing another contract with MCSO again after this trial/penalty phase is over. And PV will have to find a new BFF. TRU DATT!. Glad you are feeling better Kelly.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Geri: How are you. Long time no see. There is no way that will ever happen after this debacle. The woman is a criminal pure and simple and you just cannot flaunt the law like that.

  17. Mama Via says:

    Well, my friends…yesterday’s temp, after calculating the wind chill factor was 72 degrees….but, I must have forgotten to knock on wood, or pissed off a Canadian or something…because we will only have a high today of 45…it actually serves me right! But the extreme fluctuation irritates my fibro…and my arthritis…and my back…so I feel like dog poo warmed over today…woe is me…

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Aww Mama I’m sorry you are feeling poorly. I get it with the pain. I have had so very many broken bones that any fluctuation fucks me up for days. So bad that even the pain pills don’t help. I hope you feel better soon.

  18. Christine Beswick says:

    Still laughing at “soulless [bleeping] cow” oh my lolol Thanks so much for this Kelly.LOVE your coverage and thank you for getting into the economical brass tax of it all! Love you!!! xo

  19. Mama Via says:

    DERN it! I wasn’t done yet! I am celebrating FOUR YEARS cigarette fee today!! Yeah, me! (Yes, I cheat, I Vape, but less than 30ml a month and at least I don’t SMOKE STINKIES!)

    Well, all my life, as a coping mechanism, I’ve kept my eye on the future, believed in “tomorrow” (drag out Little Orphan Annie here…) and remembered that the Bible says “It came to PASS”…it doesn’t say “It came to a STAY”…it says PASS…so, at some point in the future…

    The SOVEREIGN of SOLITARY will have her color crayons and color pencils confiscated as “contraband”…and the days that our little Princess of the Penal (not PENILE, PENAL) System passing her self off as an “artist”, and her days of pimping TRACINGS as “art” will be long gone…

    When I draw, I use the BEST (LONG, not golf) pencils I can afford…when I paint, I use the best paint (I have to order it, because not even the Art Store in Tallahassee carries it!). When I write a note, I use my personalized Crane & Co stationery, and my Limited Edition Namiki Fountain Pen…when I crochet, I usually choose the custom Sterling Silver crochet hook that my DH bought for me…an artist is only as good as his tools…and when (if ever) our Tramp of Tracings is allowed to have colored pencils…she will be limited to the 24 color set sold at Commissary…(and my limited knowledge of the Florida State Prison has shown that the commissary carries Dollar Store merchandise and sells at Nordstrom prices! No REAL artist wants the color pencils with 95% “filler” and 5% pigment of the “craft” or “student” quality that will be carried at Commissary!!) Commissary also carries only ONE style/size of “art paper”…and I rather doubt that the person restocking the Commissary KNOWS or CARES amout the differences between “card stock” and “cold press”‘ art paper!

    Our Murdering Maven didn’t walk around bragging she was a WAITRESS…she identified herself as a PHOTOGRAPHER (she’s lost her camera, of course)…NOW she’s an “ARTIST”…and she’s going to lose those color pencils and crayons! That just “tickles” me!

    Think about YOUR day, beginning to end…and the things we have that she won’t…won’t.ever.have!!!

    When I wake, I kiss my DH (she will never marry and wake up with him)…I go downstairs, make our breakfast & get my DH off to work…then, out on my patio, I leisurely have my coffee & watch the sun rise. (No patio outside, no sunrise/sunset) Later, I might hop into my car and go shopping…or call my son…or go to the Art Museum…(no car, no shopping, no museum)…I might pick up my phone and call my son (no phone, no SON, no grandchildren)…or, I might turn on my iPad and see if the jewelry I like is on sale (no smartphone, no jewelry)…of course, I’ll walk BouxBoo the French Bulldog around the block a few times, (no dog, no walking the block)…or I will go to my “studio” and either paint or draw (no studio, no paint, no pencils) or I’ll crochet (no thread or hooks)…and, of course, I have my a Eastern Star meetings…and if I’m not feeling good, I can rest on the sofa or the bed (no fun meetings with women who aren’t criminals, no leather sofa, no tempurpedic mattress) or…I could always have a nice long bubble bath in the soaker tub (no bubble bath, no garden tub, no silk Jammies) then, end the evening watching TV on the BIG screen HDTV (no big screen, no Netflix, no Hulu, no DVDs, no cable). Oh, and no calling out for a Meat Lovers Supreme Pizza, or a visit to Outback or Carrabbas…no martini with DH when he comes home…no waiting for the VIAGRA to kick in…or the fun after it does…no going to sleep in DH’s arms, listening to him softly “purr” (or elbowing him when “softly purr” turns into full-blown SNORE!) and perhaps worst of all…no e-mail, and NO RBMD School of Law and Fuckery….There are many “I’ll never have’s” on her list…

    And, now, looking at all WE have that she never will…even those of us who struggle to get by every day have more than she does…or ever will have…because above and beyond our list here,,,WE have our FREEDOM every day to choose what we do…we stay in or go out as it pleases us…we have privacy when we use the toilet, or the shower…we choose what to wear…we have a LOT of choices everyday…

    The reason we have these choices everyday is that when we daydreamed about the demise of the person who hurt us..,we chose to NOT act on our impulses, we chose to allow Karma to dish out vengeance…

    She made bad choices…Gramma used to tell me “you can do whatever you dream to do…but always remember two things: be prepared for the consequences of your choices…and that even “doing nothing” is also a choice that has consequences”

    I’m sending everyone love!

  20. Mama Via says:

    Addendum: my psycho powers…I mean PSYCHIC powers also forsee the following….

    Good old Numbnutz, having fleeced the taxpayers of arizona with a multitude of Motions…has bought an island out in the Keys…there are three buildings there…his house, a Burger King and a Taco Bell…margaritas are “air dropped” every Friday…as well as his prescription for VIAGRA…but, the RX won’t help, his wife refused to go there, and he’s about as welcome on the mainland as “Middle Finger” Cheney….speak of the Devil…”Middle Finger” wrote Numbnutz asking for asylum for his Guest Who Won’t Go Away…he’s sick and tired of feeding, clothing and giving room and board to the Parasite What is Glued to His Sofa….and after asking all twelve of the Pinellas Pinheads, not a ONE of them will let her move in and “be the Nanny”…Numbnutz, who once had a soft-spot (in his skull) for psychopaths, is “taking the request under consideration”.

    Jenny from the Cell Block is a Platinum Member of The Hair Club…they transferred “pubes” up to the “bald spot” and now she reeks of Charlie Tuna….after having her Law License pulled, she bought a “Pot Shop” in Denver…and insists that everyone call her “Doctor Jenny”…never mentioning that it’s a J.D. she has, not a PHD or an MD….

    MDLR moved to Nuevo Laredo and opened a Strip Club called “Cha-Cha’s” just across the border. She is sure that Dog the Bounty Hunter won’t find her there…she financed the strip club with the monies from selling Murderabelia, mostly tracings some ‘ho in Arizona did…and she didn’t report the earnings to the IRS, who tried to “Al Capone” her…but she slipped over the border befor the SWAT team got there.

    Hodi not only received the DP, but since Numbnuts used up all of her appeals in the “Trial That Wouldn’t End” she has no appeals left. She threw a fit about her crayons being confiscated, so, they put her into Solitary…Angela Simpson is in next-cell-over…( Angela says she has nothing to lose by taking out a “wanna be”…and called the ‘ho a “gutless wonder”…

    The Alexanders have finally found some peace…the only time they think about HOdi is the first of the month…the court ordered that all money “donated” to Hodi in excess of $75 a month will be paid to them. all of Travis’ nieces and nephews will have scholarships, compliments of HODI, and her family.

    Poor PV developed Alzheimers…and cannot remember what a computer is…she sits in the corner repeating “I wish I were a REAL journalist, like Christine and Kelly…I LOVE them!!!” But, when questioned, she doesn’t know what a journalist is, or who Christine and Kelly are…her days are filled with taking meds and sleeping with her stuffed pig…

  21. Mama Via says:

    Forgot one…..NotAJudge Sherry “SideBar” Stevens broke under the pressure, and now spends her days down in a Tombstone…she entertains the visitors by playing the “Town Drunk” over at The BirdCage Theater…but, she’s a “method actor”…so she’s mostly drunk all day. She’s been reprimanded several times for singing “If I Were Queen of the Forest”…she’s been warned SEVERAL times that The Wizard of Oz has NOTHING to do with Tombstone, and to STOP playing the part of “the Cowardly Lion”!!!

    JUAN Martinez is now Attorney General of Arizona, and the crime rate has dropped 83% since he took office. He is planning a run for Congress soon.

    Detective Flores is now Special Investigator for Arizona, and still works closely with Mr MARTINEZ!

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