The Stabby Einstein Penalty Phase Whatever the Fuck This Is Part Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy Five

January 9, 2015

The IRS people are very nice. They seem to like it a lot when you rat people out. Especially when you have proof in writing.

Hai my loyal subjects. Your Queen, Law Professor/Dean of Fuckery/Professor of Economics/Resident Sarcasm Expert and all around pissed off bitch right at the moment has had a very busy couple of days.  First. If you have donated and I have not sent you a thank you I sincerely apologize. It has truly been pandemonium around here the last little bit. I truly appreciate that you took the time to donate to my not freezing to death.  It means a great deal to me.  Second. I report all of my earnings through donations just to nip that little thing in the bud.

Janet Cook, a friend of mine was attacked viciously by the wanna be anything other than what it is PV. Yet more scurrilous bullshit that has no basis in reality what so ever. Janet Cook is one of many, Stabby’s Pencil, myself, Jen wood, Beth Karas, Dave Erickson, Troy Hayden, Jeff Gold, Juan Martinez, Esteban Flores, Pesky Varmint and the list goes on and on and on.  Now lets get to the fuckery that is the never ending trial so that Alfred E. can purchase a small island somewhere when this is over all paid for by the nice folks in Arizona.

Alfred E. went to the supreme court. The supreme fucking court in an attempt to put some more dollars in the coffers, I mean to save poor stabbykins from having herself outted for whatever utter garbage she most recently spewed. Can’t wait to read it and I am still betting she said her Daddy diddled her when she was a kid. Anybody want to take that bet? I can’t believe that Alfred E. thought that Stabby was so important that the Supreme Court would even entertain hearing this bullshit and I was right. The supreme court has way bigger fish to fry than Stabby not wanting the world to know what she said. Poor poor muffin. According to my source, the transcripts should be ready by Tuesday at the latest. All four hundred fucking pages of them. Testimony that was used to set up for the paid witnesses that should be ashamed of themselves for even being there. And isn’t it funny that Geffner has no problem testifying in public, Dr. Sexpert also had not problem testifying in public. This leads me to believe that any remaining testimony is a bunch of bigger lies than the ones before. I am quite frankly disgusted with the whole entire thing. A man is dead. I don’t give a flying fuck if there was porn on his computer. Do you? As Dave Erickson said, can we all just agree that there is porn on the computers of all men over the age of thirty and move on? Was there child porn? NOPE. Was there animal porn? NOPE. and even if there was, does it matter? One has nothing to do with the other. And what everyone forgets is that porn or no porn, according to Stabby, who never ever lies, it was not the porn, but a dropped camera that started the fight that never fucking happened. What started that fight was the fact that he would not capitulate and take her to Cancun.

Has anyone given any thought to those receipts from Walmart other than the gas can? Two bottles of sunscreen. Now with the new rules for flying liquid can only be in a certain size and guess what, those two bottles of sunscreen were the size that one is required to have to take on an airplane. Why would Stabby not just buy one big bottle of sunscreen which would have been cheaper since she was saving all her pennies if she was just using it for around California or Arizona or whatever? That has bugged me for a really long time and now I have my answer. Same thing with the facial cleanser. Two small containers when it would have been cheaper to buy one big one. She needed the smaller sizes to meet flight requirements. The one that was supposed to take her to Cancun. Now of course this is speculation, but it is a hell of a theory. Here is the receipt. receipt stabby

Stabby went to Travis’s house to try and convince him that the sex was worth taking her to Cancun. Travis being a dude, appreciated the sex but had not intention of taking a complete fucking whore dog skank to Cancun. I think that she went prepared in case he said not and we all know the aftermath.

Stabby is running out of options rather quickly.  I guess that whole home for Christmas thing didn’t work out. Why don’t we shoot for Easter now, because you know she is going to be freed any fucking day now.

I have another shocker for all you tinfoil hat wearing fucktards. If there has been misconduct in this case, cha cha and Alfred E are leading the parade. So, from me to all of you Stabbyite idiots, eat a fucking dick in your goddesses honor.

RBMD Peacing the Fuck Out!  At least for now. I may be back later with more.

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