The Really Big Mean Dog School Of Law; Letting Your Jury Die Of Old Age

I hope sometimes Judge Stephens at least has their plots picked out. It seems like the least she could do – Arizona

Well her we are everyone, the 2nd to last class before exams. Letting your Jury Die of Old Age. YAY! Tonights class promises to be as exciting as it sounds. Before we get to class as usual, your Queen/law professor/dean of fuckery/economics professor/sarcasm expert has some house keeping matters that need to be attended to.

Christine Beswick sent us a note this morning and since I am not sure if you all saw it, here it is. You all are so deeply appreciated I wish I had words to say. Hours later, a whole night sleep even later, and I am still speechless at the response from yesterday. The words thank just seem so *small* in comparison to the feelings of gratitude I have for yall! You’ve left this writer speechless! My deepest gratitude to each of you, and especially to dear Kelly for co-ordinating the mission with her troops. Nothing but love for you Kelly! And you guys too! Honestly, it is people like all of you that make me choose writing/truth telling on a Sunday over couch time. Any day of the week! Much love to the RBMD family! Thank you thank you thank you!!! *kisses*

I am so proud of how quickly you all rallied around our friend Christine when she needed us. Of course she can hold her own, but with the threat of a deluge of the ten or so people plus all their alternate personalities I figured better safe than sorry. That and I think we can all agree that a good time was had by all. Well all people not named SW. I cannot abide bullies. Not now, not ever. Especially when said bully is going after any one of you. That I will not have.

Just Da Truth has been added to the blog roll. I have read a lot of his blog and it is good, so if you are looking for someone different to read, check out Just da Truth. It is a very good blog with a ton of info on Stabbykins.

Now on to todays class. I will provide a synopsis of todays court proceedings and get to the root of the class. Allowing your Jury to simply expire of old age and the ramifications thereof.

True to form, sometimes Judge Stephens started out the day with a sidebar because at this point we wouldn’t want our oldest juror to have a heart attack at a sudden change in the routine. Tweets will be brought to you by Jens Trial Diaries and will appear in quotes unless otherwise stated.

Detective Flores was called to the stand because of course we are still going with porngate. They don’t have anything else and we are trying to drag this out long enough to bump off a couple of the jurors so Flores takes his place on the stand. Jenny From the Cell Block is running this line of questioning and is asking Detective Flores about controlling the crime scene. “Jen is going over the electronic evidence on the scene…phones, laptops etc and the policy in handling them” Detective Flores while looking at Jenny like she had two or more heads said he was well aware of the procedures regarding the computers and he knew he was not supposed to turn it off or on. Since the screen on the laptop was dark he grabbed a pen and poked one of the keys bringing it out of sleep mode. This is NOT turning the computer off or on just for the tinfoil hat wearing bunch out there. He then reported the status of the computer to forensics all per SOP. So Jenny, the same one that asked Dr. DeMarte TWICE during the original trial why she hadn’t interviewed the very dead Travis now asked a completely gobsmacked Detective Flores if he thought it was okay to turn the computer on. The computer that was in sleep mode and was not turned on. That computer. She asked a bunch more crap about the computer that didn’t really matter much and then we got to some more important stuff. “Willmott asks if Flores stopped the defense from looking at evidence and Flores says no he didn’t interfere” Detective Flores then emphatically stated that he did not turn the computer on. He said that Juan was sitting in a corner taking notes and was on the phone. The judge then excused the jury so that Jenny could question Flores in an attempt to form some foundation.

OMG she asked Detective Flores if he recalled Juan making comments about looking for nude photo’s of Stabby Einstein. Ewwwwww. Someone pass the brain bleach and AS IF YOU SKANK HO BITCH. Jenny says that two other lawyers heard him say this??? What lawyers?? When?? Why is this a new thing?? Anyway Juan got a little hot pretty fucking fast at that statement and said to the judge if you are going to let this in lets talk about how the prosecutor said how horrific the crime scene was ( I still find it odd that he refers to himself in the third person) and what a liar multiple Stabby is with her plethora of lies about what happened. Sometimes Judge Stephens says it’s irrelevant. All of it. “Juan says at the time, the accusation of Travis looking at porn or the pedophilia accusation wasn’t even brought up yet.”

OMG I’m dyyyyying. The defense wants Juan to be removed as lead council so that he can be called as a witness. Now this is a maneuver I have seen in a trial or two and it never works and always pisses the judge and the prosecutor off. And it did. Alfred E. decided this was a perfect time for one of his patented fits (pitching a Nurmi- copyright pending) He is now begging for her to let them call Juan as a witness and demanding a mistrial. AGAIN. SOMEMORE. STILL.

There was a ten minute recess. Now, I have a source in Arizona who told me Friday that the transcripts would be released on Tuesday but asked me to keep it to myself so I did. During the recess I found out my source is still a great source because the transcripts are being released on Tuesday. We also found out there will be no ruling on the DP motion until either Flores or the computer tech are done their testimony, but we are not sure yet which one.

Flores is now back on the stand and is holding firm to his earlier testimony. “Willmott is saying this testimony was false and Juan objects for vouching and we have a sidebar”

Back from sidebar: Flores says defense expert testified also no porn on computer Jenny begins to giggle an evil little giggle for some unknown reason. “Willmott is saying a Mr. Brown found a porn video on the computer. F says he doesn’t know he hasn’t reviewed the whole report” and with that the seething pitbull is up.

Juan first tells the jury that the crime scene wasn’t pristine because Travis’ friends had been on scene before police arrived. Juan asked Flores that unless god comes down on the scene they are all contaminated correct? Detective Flores answered yes. “Juan asks if there was a different policy at the time of this crime on looking at computers on scene. Flores says Yes” “Juan is reading a policy from 09 and Nurmi wants to approach” Detective Flores provided the power source for the laptop and defense team plugged it in. The pitbull asked if one of Flores duties was defense babysitter to which he answered no.

Juan brought up Lonnie Dworkin and how he went and made images and copies himself. He said that in 2009 these mods would have been known to the defense computer expert. And Lunch is mercifully called #giftfrombabyjesus.

So, to reiterate. The defense was accusing Juan of looking for porn on TA and JA’s computer. He denied it vigorously as did Detective Flores. Sometimes Judge Stephens remembered she was indeed sometimes a judge and refused to allow the defense to bring in the accusation about the prosecutor looking for porn. In a report from Det. Brown it states there was no porn movie on this hard drive that belonged to Travis. Smith was talking about the registry only but he said it only had terms on it and no actual porn correct? Flores answered in the affirmative Then the mighty pitbull roared. There was NO child porn of any kind found on any hard drives belonging to Travis Alexander Correct. Flores answered with a resounding correct and the the Travis is a pedophile train barreled off the tracks and hit a building.

And just like that court was over for the day. Nobody knows why. A motion to preclude a witness for the state has been filed and my in house psychic says that witness they do not want anywhere near the stand is Dr. DeMarte. We will have transcripts 2morrow and court on Wednesday again and we still do not have a ruling on the DP thing, although I would say the lack of ruling and the fact that trial is sort of continuing answers that question.

Now, how does all this fit into letting your jury die of old age?  Well, we have now been in the retrial phase since October. It is January and we are going over the same stuff over and over again. I give this at least another month or so.  Our oldest juror could be dead by then.  Several more may be bored to death and then we won’t have enough jurors to get a verdict. That would mean a mistrial and good old not a judge would have to impose sentence.  Alfred E is a slick one.  In a slime highway kind of way.

Oh and tweet of the day goes to @Banyarola who said Do you guys realize we fought and won WW2 in less time then this trial has taken?

That is it for tonight my lovelies

RBMD peacing the fuck out.
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50 Responses to The Really Big Mean Dog School Of Law; Letting Your Jury Die Of Old Age

  1. debilu2 says:

    EXCELLENT as always!! As totally aggravating as it is, I think maybe Sometimes JSS is giving the duhfense enough rope to hang themselves – and their client. Thanks! Take care!!

    • Valerie Bachelier says:

      As usual, Kelly, LOVE your perspective! I heard that half of the transcript will be coming tomorrow, per Beth. That will hold us for a minute, until we get back to court on Wednesday (God willing). Glad you are warm and cozy up in the frozen tundra! Also peacing the fuck out here.

  2. renaes24 says:

    Thank you Kelly. I tried to pick up what had happened today in court by going back thru the tweets. With what I had read, it appeared that I MUST have missed something…..but no, evidently what I had read was the entire “days” event. Hummph! Yeah! Sure! Judge Batshit Crazy will rule on ‘some motion’ someday. (The decade is yet to be determined).
    I hear that La Cucaracha wasn’t there for poor Stabby today. She was probably out haunting the homeless centers for a mitigation witness…perhaps one with a real degree this time. She had no luck even though she was using the pitch that she would pay more than what the going rate is down there at that nasty old pay-4-plasma center…….After that, she had to run into a few ‘Gentlemen’s Clubs’ as she had some try-outs to attend because sooner or later, this trial will end.
    Only too happy to come out to Christine’s “party” last night. The crowd was awesome! SW/PV worked herself into her usual lather. Funniest of all is that she put out the word asking for her supporters to help her (via Twitter) Well, she might have gotten 2 although Tuna-Helper would have done her better! I mean, when you have a “Heather” wailing that someone ‘stole’ her name (because, well, there is only ONE person named Heather in the entire UNIVERSE) and this same “Heather” then says “…(name)…..should be SECTIONED”, like the person was some sort of orange or grapefruit or sofa or who the hell knows……..well……..If that is what passes for ‘help’ I suggest the ‘battle’ is OVER! Anyway, it was a great party so Kelly, I have to again thank you for the invitation.

    • I’m innocent I tell ya.

    • La Cucaracha wasn’t in court because she had a day at the spa, which she tweeted about:
      “Had a great day at the spa, and shopping for a new Lexus. My hubby wants me to have the best. Love him!!!!”
      I can only imagine the fit cmja would throw knowing that HER mitigation specialist is not only sleeping with someone else, but also loves him more than she loves stabby. I expect the good folks at jaii to appeal to supporters that more money must be donated asap so that stabby can have a spa day and shop for a new Lexus, too.

  3. kt blair says:

    This was awesome ! So now juan was trying to view porn? Are you kidding me? Nurmi needs to pull up his big boy pampers and stfu. Man the eff up nurmi jeez!

  4. Thank you for giving me a bit of a smile, in this class about allowing the Jurors to ‘expire of old age’. I needed that touch of humor after today.

    Kelly, I am so, SO mad with this dirty defense team and this so-called ‘Judge’. I just finished reading something VERY interesting and I hope you’ll go to this site and perhaps even share it with someone who can be influential in passing it on to those who need to see it!

    If anyone can get this to Juan or to Bill Montgomery office, it needs to reach Juan before he cross examines that ‘John Smith’ pseudonym on Wednesday. It clearly explains how Nurmi and the defense team are DELIBERATELY trying to use false, twisted evidence to get this case thrown out. And I bet JSS cannot understand this (with her green pea sized brain) UNLESS its laid out clearly, as pointed out in this research of what is happening. In fact, I wish it could be put into the transcripts of the current so-called trial and to get it into testimony would be the only way, I think. Unless Juan could include some by filing a formal, written Objection and use some of this PROOF, so it could be in written legal form.

    Go to this site and see Deborah Maran’s “Posts to Page” on the left.

    (101) Understanding The Travesties of Unexpected Murder Trials

    • bobbie thompson says:

      Yes I read that article. It took awhile as it is long and full of computer stuff. Not my forte. Gimme medical terms and conditions and I can run circles around you. Computer…I’m sitting in the corner blubbering with my thumb in my mouth lol. But it was very informative. I hope Nurmi gets in trouble for his shit. They will have to spell it out in kindergarten lingo though for the JA supporters to grasp it. And even then I’m sure it will be a *conspiracy.*

  5. Brandy says:

    Hi all, I wanted to share this excellent blog called.. Jodi Arias Trial A wealth of info and really breaks down all the latest porn info and lack thereof, and basically the lying Bullcrap that the defense is trying to sell in this Penalty Phase. Now, I am gonna read your latest post Kelly. Love your blog!! 🙂

  6. Pnutt Drayer says:

    Great blog Kelly! Not sure what I’d do without you, Christine and the Juan Martinez Prosecutor support facebook page. Any updates on the coffee mugs? I cannot wait to get mine!

  7. renea taylor says:

    Can you imagine the Jurys reaction if Dr. DeMarte gets on the stand….they will be shocked to actually hear a sane person testify!

  8. dott arnold says:

    ‘HI kelly..I love ur blog…I made a brief showing at christine’s party last night.. I.thought it might b fun to “Pop in a lil’ porn” on the dvd player..but opted 2 “Pop a lil’ corn instead” and just leave a comment…just wanted 2 ask a quick ?….it was tweeted 2day that a juror had a ?..well that didn’t go over 2 the ? was not allowed 2 b or answered…my thought was that some FED UP 2 HERE juor had the audacity to ask..”WTF does ALL this puter crap have 2 do with MITIGATING FACTORS?”…just wanted 2 ask u what u thought the ? was about….LOL..can’t wait 2 hear ur answer..another LOL moment in the trial was when wilma wanted Juan 2 take the stand..funny azz chit that was..whacha think wilma wa smokin’ 2day?..anywho thanks for the laffs tonight 🙂

  9. bobbie thompson says:

    You are very welcome Christine. Twas quite enjoyable. But I’m jealous, SW avoided speaking to me at all costs. hmmmmm.

    Excellent observations Kelly. I loved the tweet about Juan wanting to include his opinion of the fact that JA was a huge liar. I almost fell out of my seat when I read that one! Started to SS it to ya then thought* Nah, she’ll catch it* lol. And the evil giggle? WTF was that? Professional? Seems ChaCha may be rubbing off on JW.

    As to Heather’s name loss, I hope she found it. Maybe that’s why she left, the inability to respond due to name loss. We should all be sectioned for this. Then we can pitch a Nurmi too.


  10. Alice Girard says:

    hey kelly…great blog once again. i went to cristine’s article last night and read ALL the comments and i have just have one question…HJ Blankenship….is he any relation to HR Puffinstuff? lol sorry i have been sick. and it is so fucking cold…2,6 F at my house right now. i hate winter. going to do a nyquil shooter and call it a night.

    SW/PV and “heather” (someone stole my name) soper….hahaha is all i have to say. i am going to try and get logged in to comment but really have just been to sick to give 2 shits about much of anything. i am now starting to finally feel not like “omg what’s in this fucking petri dish?”

    in the time it took me to write this comment the temp dropped 2 tenths of a degree. brrrrrrr fucking brrrrrrrr.

    take care.

  11. Jeannie says:

    I have watched many trials over the years. Remember when there used to be a CourtTV? I have never seen a trial like this. So many incompetent people all together. Maybe that’s just what they want to happen. Keep going until the jurors drop like flies. They have to wonder what the defense lawyers are doing. Why in the world does it make a hill of beans if there was porn on a 30 year old mans computer anyway? Does it excuse JA from stabbing, slitting the throat and shooting Travis? I hope this jury can see through all the games unlike the Anthony trial who were totally stupid.

  12. mugwump* says:

    Jodi Arias in “As the stomach churns”, our own daytime drama continues…

  13. karen30036 says:

    One of the many charms of a Borderline is their ability to get everyone around them fighting. I remember Dr. Drew joking about it because of a discussion he was having with Mark Eiglarsh about Arias, that turned into an argument even though they were in agreement with one another.
    Borderlines do love their drama. You can always feel them in your presence. They are the people that leave you feeling drained and so totally frustrated you want to put them through a wall. Travis pounded his head on a closet door instead of losing it and pummeling Stabby…

    This brings me to PV. I don’t have a twitter account, and have had to endure her comments that are nothing more than absolute shit meant only to get attention and incite people to respond in the negative. She has to rally her troops (her tens of followers) to start shit and bring about fights because those that know the truth, and have a brain, feel the need to defend not only the person she happens to be attacking, but to defend the truth.Perhaps PV is in awe of just how good Stabby is at her Borderline skills and wants to emulate her. Either way, both are pretty fucked up to say the least.

    Juan Martinez is a passionate prosecutor, far from a bully. Only those that have no integrity, or lie, or will take money to sit on the stand and spin bullshit consider him a bully. Alfred E. and Jen from the cellblock have been dealing with this borderline client for so long, they are losing sight of what it means to be a respectable lawyer and have crossed the point of no return after todays session. Sad, Stabby destroys everyone around her, another borderline charm.

    Today beat all. Juan wants to see Stabby’s naked pictures? Juan called as a witness? Like I said, the point of no return. Yes Alfred E. it’s game over. For you that is. You’ll be sitting in your lab, next to your lawn mower wishing you owned a jumbo tron so you can jerk off to those hideous meat flaps … careful now you don’t pile all that weigh back on and you lose sight of your peen again.

    Another great post from Kelly, and I look forward to all the responses as always.

    G’night to all …. peacing the fuck out.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Karen!!! How you been? Well, since I am a curious little monkey, when this all came up about the borderline bullshit I looked it up. You are correct. I agree with your second paragraph with a caveat. I think that she really does believe she is helping Stabby. I really believe that. I find it odd, but that does not make it any less true.
      Juan is an incredibly talented prosecutor, but I’ve been around lawyers my entire life until I went…off. There is always misconduct on both sides, both sides will push the line as far as they can reasonably get away with. My friend James used to say that is why the line is there. Thanks so much Karen for the kind words. G’night.

  14. Coco says:

    Thanks Kelly, appreciate you always keeping us informed.

  15. HarleyGirl says:

    Thank you,Kelly for helping me to understand this bullshit. I am curious to see what is going to happen with these transcripts. I know the media will have a field day with them. It is a shame the jury will never get to hear the new lies compared to the old lies. I am sick of wormi and willsnot…..those fuckers are getting on my nerves. Also did everybody see the pic of stabby on the Juan page? She looks like shit with the greasy hair and saggy face. What is she about 45 now….not aging so well!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Harley Anytime. What I think is going to happen is a big bunch of nothing. We weren’t far enough in for too many new revelations. I think that Stabby is going to refuse to continue testimony, it will be stricken and that will be the end their case.

  16. Tambo says:

    Absolutely love, love, love your blog! I’ve been here for a long time but it’s my 1st time commenting-def won’t be my last! 🙂 Thx for the laughs!

  17. Hei Kelly, Thanks for the invite to Christine’s bash! It’s always nice to rally against bullying….. I just hate haters. They suck out all the good, leaving rotted stench in their wake. Of course, Christine’s article was very informative, straight facts and always a joy to read!
    As usual so called judge can’t rule on a damn thing even after she sets a date, then wobbles twice and maybe ruled on Wednesday. Uhg!.. Couldn’t believe Nurmi wanting Juan to take the stand, such a piece of Shit. Willsnot is a joke too, with her evil laugh. Praying this jury hangs in there and they don’t die off old age…. PTFO

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      hai Smurfette: I hate bullying. I agree about Christine’s articles which is why I think the Stabby camp goes so insane regarding them.

  18. Bless you, Kelly for writing this tonight! Now, I wasn’t naïve enough to believe we’d get a ruling on porngate OR receive the transcript. But, seeing Det. Flores on the stand, this morning, setting up the crime scene, gave me a true, déjà vu, twilight zone, moment–HOLY CRAP, she really IS going to allow the DT to retry the whole mess from the beginning!!! It took me a while, but it finally dawned on me– not only has “sometimes-Sherry” developed a flair for the dramatic, I think she taking cues from the dark side. The DT isn’t stupid. They’re EVIL, but not stupid. As long as “sometimes Sherry,” keeps STALLING these rulings, Shabby is HAPPY! She isn’t cooking up some NEW scheme and unlike MDLR, there’s a CHANCE that Wurmi and Wilma can stay out of jail, when all the charges against these assholes are filed AFTER the verdict. Stabby and her deranged followers, REALLY believe that porngate is going to SET HER FREE! Let them think that!! Will we get the transcripts tomorrow? I doubt it and don’t care! Will we get a ruling on porngate on Wednesday? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. Keeping HOPE alive in that whack-a-doo is the ONLY chance we have of keeping this trial moving forward. I don’t believe Wurmi HAS any witnesses, unless he can coherence ANYONE to say ANYTHING on her behalf, he’s run out of options. Gefner and “incognito-anonymous-guy,” have split the country–we’ll NEVER see them again! So, it’s DeMarte and Stabby. DeMarte will straighten this mess up in ONE DAY. Stabby? We thought eighteen days, was too long? She will STAY on that stand, until we ALL die of old age!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Margaret: Me either. I don’t think they are necessarily evil, I think that KN is just much much smarter than we gave him credit for. Never a good think to underestimate the enemy. Yes I think we will have the transcripts today, at least according to my source we will. There is a lot to transcribe.

      • karen30036 says:

        I can’t even imagine what lies Stabby spewed from her secret time on the stand. It seems her parents indulged and enabled more than abused. Stabby thinks she can get away with anything, and has, until now. Even now, she’s not going to go quietly without tantrums and destroying everyone around her. Will there be justice for the Alexander family? My opinion, no. That ship sailed when JSS allowed testimony with no proof to back the claims of abuse and pedophelia. The defense team, knowing what they know, continue to attack TA. I think it’s evil to do that. Except for delay the inevitable, what purpose does this serve?
        Now …. will Stabby resume her testimony and face Juan, or will it be stricken from the record and the jury ordered to disregard?

      • Hi Kelly, your source is a “keeper!” As eager as I thought I was to read the “festival of super-top-secret-lies,” I’ve found excuses and put it off ALL day and STILL have’t read a word! I can’t wait to hear YOUR spin on it. I think the reason I haven’t read, goes back to the ones I call “evil.” I’m not meaning a mystical or supernatural , force.”Alfred E.?” I can die happy if I NEVER see or hear from him again. Every time I DO, I feel the need for a shower. Wilma? Every time she’s “up to bat,” the camera would inevitably catch her chirping and hopping and giggling and hugging herself, when she thought she scored some points–all with the back drop of the huge, Alexander family, right BEHIND her. Their faces, looking eerily, similar to the victim, Travis Alexander. Their beautiful , young faces, permanently etched, with pain. Every time they coached their client to spew her lies or cheered their hired guns, to foul the memory, of a decent, young man, with every HEINOUS lie, the entire family would recoil, in pain. Alfred E. and Jenny from the block, get up and look at themselves in the mirror, collect a paycheck, ( a NICE one) and willingly, try to divert, subvert and stall justice, for the survivors of Travis Alexander. Without batting an eye! If THAT ain’t evil, I don’t know what is.

  19. Martini13 says:

    Another entertaining day in class! Love the recap! I hadn’t seen Christine’s comment so thanks for posting that. I like confirmation that there truly are some really great people out there in this crazy world we live in who will stand together, with pride, to ward off the bad guys when a situation arises 🙂 *hugs to all*

  20. hbbeachbun says:

    Another great perspective Kelly. Can’t wait to read what you have to say after we all get to read Hodi’ s lying transcript. This is going to be good.

  21. KarlaMNL says:

    Excellent read Kelly as usual I don’t know if the jurors r feeling it but Calgonn take me awayyy The DT is so boring and Nurmis temper tantrums r out of control Its been one big fat snoozefest. and I. can only just imagine for the Alexanders it must. Be like hell having to see that ugly monsters face everyday welll everyday of court that is Ive got ZERO respect for JSS letting this drag on ZERO resect for the DT for LYING and ZERO respect for witnesses willing to lie for money but most of all ZERO respect for MDLR for smuggling disrespecting the victims and making money from a brutal murder Anyway Kelly I was very sorry to hear about kitty friends passing Hopefully he or she is romping around in dog and kitty heaven with my Kate I lost last summer

  22. sweetiepie says:

    My comment didn’t show up….might be because I put in a link. I’ll try again, because you have to listen to this if you haven’t already. OMG! Audio interview with a Jodi Arias supporter (Danielle) who claims the prosecution deleted 5,000 child porn sites.


  23. Adele J says:

    and BAM!!! The lady hits every point, bang on again!! So appreciated, and always so well done. Kudos!! my friend x

  24. I LOVE your blog! Just wanted to say that Juan Martinez uses the third person to refer to himself so the record will be clear–if the court reporter takes down his statement just using “I turned on the computer” instead of “The prosecutor turned on the computer,” the record could be difficult to decipher for future readers. The prosecutor is responsible for the record. Thanks for the awesomely funny commentary–it is sorely needed after having to deal with such a nasty gal like Jodi in court!

  25. Tyla says:

    So enjoyed reading another excellent, fabulous post Kelly. Between you, Christine and JMPS I never miss a thing so thank you all for your hard work. ❤

    1) The defense has whined “mistrial” because the media has scared his witnesses and they are afraid of death threats (cough, cough) ….
    2) The defense has whined “mistrial” because Det Flores woke up the computer (again cough cough idiots!) ….
    3) The defense has whined “mistrial” because Juan asked to see ja sex photo’s on computer (we all know that is true because 3 secret invisible lawyers where there to hear him – can't even cough on this one, just want to vomit the words … fucking idiots!) …..
    4) The defense has whined that now he wants Juan to take the stand because Juan is a liar (and we all know the defense and his client have been so truthful …. cough, vomit and SMFH!!)

    This defense team is scared and fucked up more then I have ever seen in my life and I have watched many many trials and have NEVER seen this kind of behavior from a defense team AND a fucking judge allowing this shit to continue! If Alfred E thinks this is helping his private practice once his ja income is gone he is so wrong! All this whining and demanding and motions and delays only make him look like an attorney who is trying to hang on to a rope by a thread and by his weight he’ll fall hard in the end!! God I get so angry with what this sometimes judge allows!

    I am positive these transcripts we are getting to read will bring my blood pressure to the boiling point – we all know she made up a different story and most likely threw either her brother or her father under the bus for her own justification for killing Travis. The only reason to hold her testimony hostage is because she knows the media and us will make a field day out of calling her a fucked up no good whore of a sick evil lying bitch and we WILL call her on her lies. Hopefully the jury realizes this monster has to be on death row!

    • renaes24 says:

      I really don’t think there will be ANYTHING of note in these ‘secret’ transcripts. Here is why:
      Recall her ENDLESS days as a witness…….it took her FOREVER to get even close to the time of the murder. I don’t think she got far in her testimony. She truly BELIEVED that she had lots of time in secret so was building to her REVELATIONS.
      She was upset in court when she found out that the Supreme Court had denied her request to stay SECRET because now, she faced options (none of them good): a) continue testimony but with severe restrictions on new lies b) have her entire testimony thrown out since she would not be ‘crossed’ by JM c)have her original trial testimony submitted in court (the one where she admitted to constant lying)
      Actually, from the Defense standpoint, option ‘c’ is prob the best. It is something Nurmi could actually ‘spin’ and point to as a ‘mental’ problem. However, Jodi, being Jodi, is not likely to agree to that.

  26. Great blog Kelly. I too had fun over at Christine’s. Thank you for the heads up.

    I think Nurmi is going to stop the entire mitigation case if he loses the battle of JA’s testimony and his latest motion. He will just take his toys and go home. Then he will declare his game is over. Desperation oozes from him. (Among other things oozing from him)

    Loved tonight’s lesson. Good job Prof.

  27. BethT says:

    Thanks Kelly! Can’t wait to hear your synopsis of Stabby’s testimony – no doubt it will be epic!

  28. CarlT says:

    I think when the transcripts come out…… It’s gonna be 4 pages of testimony and 140 pages of sizzle sizzle sizzle from all the sidebars and approaches.

  29. @HarleyGirl – “… a shame the jury will never get to hear the new lies compared to the old lies.” Now I can’t get ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ out of my head, although it’s almost the perfect anthem for this travesty of justice.

  30. KarmaIsMyName says:

    This is my first comment, hello all. Really enjoy your blog and Christine Beswick on Examiner. Ya’ll are so funny, informative and kind to your readers. It’s great how you recognize each and every poster, that’s amazing and rarely see it anymore. Can’t say enough how great I think that is and how you have each ohers backs! Ya’ll have been through some stuff with the Jodi lovers fuckery! You are one tough cookie Kellie, roll coal! That was an impressive fix.

    Wanted to say I had it in for JSS but now rethinking that, she better know what she’s doing and I hope the duuufense has some sanctions coming when this is over. I need to get it out of my system just how much the duuufense aggravates me! It’s akin to lawsuit abuse but instead it’s victim abuse. JSS does give them far too much leeway, especially with the delays, those are uncalled for. If the Incompetent fricks don’t have their shit together by now, they never will. JSS SHOULD know they are playing the system and put an end to it now. We aint playing!

    If Jodi’s testimony ends up being the same lies she told before I am going to end up all pissed off. Little itch has to play all timid now? Hahahaha, poor Hodi Jodi, that needle is gonna sting ya!

    Oh, and, Michael Keiffer needs to report the weather or something, no offense to those that do and if I spelled his name wrong, not sorry.

  31. Mama Via says:

    I’m reading the transcripts…the new word to use incorrectly is “discording”…as in…”It is completely discording of how I lived my whole life.”

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Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

Varmt News Network

It's the Internet.


Just another site

Asleep in Left Field-My Life

4 out of 5 Friends recommend this site

Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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