It Must Be My Birthday

Is there such a thing as too good of a day? just wondering.

Hai everybody.  It has been such a fun day hasn’t it? The fun and games continue on Christine’s blog and by our count I’m up by 7, Jenny from the Cell Block objected to her own evidence on the record, the motion to remove the death penalty was DENIED.  All of these are wonderful things. They make your queen so very happy. I thought there was nothing on earth that could make me feel any better than I did right at that moment. And then my dear friend presented me with a gift that could have come from baby Jesus himself.

These are letters from all of Stabby’s supporters. Most likely literally. Read them, they are fascinating. Especially the one from the world famous Heather Soper. I love how Stabby is running her murder money corporation from jail. Throw away the bands you had made because they will take away from the white bands I am selling? Holy fuck. You are a cold hearted bitch lady. No remorse, it’s all just for show. Just give me that murder money bitch!! As an aside Stabby supporters, isn’t it nice to know that we have people EVERYWHERE?

stabby supporter letters 1

stabby supporter letters 3

stabby supporter letters 2 stabby supporter letter 4 stabby supporter letters 5

As for the 16 page smack down that was laid down by sometimes Judge Stephens, it is hilarious. They forgot to ask for a dismissal because Juan was all yelly and grilly. They also forgot that he looked mean at Stabby or called her the blonde haired thing. Maybe next time guys. I will deal with todays shenanigans tomorrow. There is a lot, so this will just have to keep you giggling until then.

Oh, and Stabbyites; Eat a dick mmmkay.
RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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  1. Love it Kelly. They will have to go in the Supa Sekrit room to come up with their next nonsense.

  2. Owlie says:

    OH MY GAWD!!!! lmao lmao…”all hail the master manipulator”. that’s how those letters look. i am just dying! these people couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. today’s ruling was EPIC!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Owlie: I just about had a stroke when those showed up. It’s almost better than winning the lottery. I swear you just cannot make this shit up.

  3. barb says:

    I really needed a good laugh today. Thank you.

  4. I hope they are all crying tonight

  5. Just think…court doesn’t reconvene until next week. Poor little two-bit good for nothing is going to have (for the most part) all that time – between now and then – to be mad as mo fo hell with no outlet for her rage! Nothing can fuel rage more than when there is no one there to hear the rage of just how g’damn screamin’ mad at the g’dam f’n world you are. !

    Waaaaah waaaaaaah waaaaaaaaahhhhh

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Michelle: Nah, she probably has a pet rat named ratty boy chained up in some unused corner somewhere that she can kick till he runs away never to be seen again.

      • Too funny. I guess the cockroach already ran away

      • That is so incredibly sad (for the rat, even the cockroaches), but so true. Someone, or something is going to feel her wrath. Have to feel sorry for the inanimate objects that surround her because they are going to get a beating! And not her, owie owie owie, my mom had “A” wooden spoon kind.

        Here is to hoping she breaks…something (her neck), other than her fake TA did it finger.

  6. Mama Via says:

    I read this on Christine’s page…written by REALITY BASED…and I just HAD to let y’all read it! Too FUNNY,

    Hi Christine! I have read along for a very long time and always love your
    articles. FACTS are a wonderful thing! I also read along with RBMD and love her
    too. She always makes me laugh!

    I have always just read along and rarely commented but felt I must say
    something now. One thing that bothers me is the Jodi “fans” always
    saying we are jealous of Jodi. I have decided that I will just do them a favor
    and admit it. Yes, you figured it out, I am jealous of Jodi. I thought I’d list
    a few reasons I am jealous of Jodi…

    I don’t get to hear myself described as a stalker, murderer, three-holed
    wonder, wh*re, and a mentally ill person in a courtroom, on the internet or on
    national television.

    I am not going to spend the rest of my life in prison where, on a good day, I might get some jello with my meal.

    I don’t have photos of my “lady bits” all over the internet.

    I haven’t aged 10 years in one, due to the luxury spa services Sheriff Joe

    I don’t get to go to bed every night knowing I stalked, harassed, lied to,
    manipulated and brutally murdered a man.

    I am not despised world-wide.

    I don’t get to use my third grade art skills (sorry third graders) to take
    money from very gullible (and often unstable) people.

    I don’t get to know that the physical relationships I have had with
    men in the past, are the only ones I will ever have (at least with a man…).

    I don’t have to know that as more and more prisons go to video visiting, I will
    probably never hug my family again.

    I don’t get to “shop” from a limited list of over-priced commissary items that
    surely doesn’t hold the ONE THING I would give my left arm to have just one
    more time.

    I don’t have people from other countries using my name to con gullible people
    into fattening the scammers bank accounts.

    I don’t get to be the one facing Juan ’s fiery indignation at my lies and

    I don’t get to have Nurmi, Wilmont and La Cuca Cha Cha as my daily buddies.

    I don’t get to be the butt of the joke on the internet and tv.
    I don’t get to stand up in court and tell people that the BEST reasons I can
    think of to spare my life is that I can grow my hair and I will recycle.

    I don’t get to have hear my parents tell the police “she did it”.

    I don’t need to alter my 1000 Places To See Before I Die so that they can all
    occur in a 6×8 cell.

    I don’t get to look at the Alexander family faces and know that clearly visible
    pain and anguish was caused by me.

    I don’t get to know that I called myself a “photographer” and yet, ironically
    enough, my own photos helped prove I am a vicious, lying killer.

    I don’t get to be represented by a lawyer who is supposed to save my life, but
    has made endless motions to be removed as my lawyer and told the jury he
    “doesn’t like me 9 out of 10 days”.

    I don’t get to face the death penalty knowing that in my 30+ years of life, not
    ONE PERSON (including FAMILY) is willing to testify to save my life.

    I don’t have charitable organizations refusing donations from me because
    I am so vile it would be an affront to their cause.

    I don’t get to know that the most highly honed skill I have either involves my
    “lady bits”, lying, manipulation or a trifecta of all three.

    I don’t get to know that the reasons I am to use for saving my life are being
    decided by a woman who used Cougarlicious as her twitter name (and couldn’t
    even spell it correctly).

    I don’t get to sit in a cell all day knowing that I will never again: swim in
    an ocean, breathe the beautiful air of freedom, create my own family, hold a
    baby, be a productive part of society, own my own home, eat whatever I choose,pet an animal, travel freely, sleep in a comfortable bed, wear the clothing of
    my choice, or have an address that doesn’t include “department of corrections”. (Not to mention, crawling through a doggy door, stealing money from someone’s internet bank site, taking yet another selfie, or sleeping under a Christmas tree).
    There are just so many things to be “jealous” of with Jodi! I’m sorry for the length but just thought I needed to clear the air LOL. I’m sure the fine posters on here can add to the list!

    • Deb says:

      Mama, thank you for sharing that one…my reading time is very curtailed lately…so, I really appreciate your putting this letter where I’m sure to see it ❤

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Mama: I remember reading that and howling when I read it. It is quite brilliant really and ever so true. Thanks for posting it here.

    • Mama Via says:

      So, I answered REALITY BASED….

      BRILLIANT, Reality!!! I’ll add just a few more items…I’m a (real) artist…so…arias will never again paint in oils (assuming “her” oils were actually painted by her, and not someone else…and I’m voting “someone else”)

      Her “graphite pencils” are the kind that are donated from Putt-Putt Golf…not from the art store
      She won’t put her grubby little fingers around any color crayons or colored pencils for at least the next 3 years, if then…
      (Living without my art supplies would kill me!)
      We won’t even talk about the Dollar Store “art paper” sold at the commissary…
      Never again hold a camera, or a cell phone, or a tablet…or whatever electronics are invented
      Never have the thrill of a new car…wear a wedding dress…go to sleep wrapped in a husbands arms
      Attend her parents funerals when that happens
      Never decorate a Christmas tree, or go to Easter Sunrise services
      Go to Maui, Paris or London…
      Never hold her child…or grandchild…
      Never graduate from high school…or college…
      Never dance with a man again
      Or fall asleep on the sofa while watching a big screen TV
      Will only be able to talk on the phone with someone willing to accept collect calls
      (And she will soon find out that her “friends” Jenny and Cha-Cha, really WERENT her friends…they were PAID to tolerate her, and like Nurmi, they didn’t like her 9 days out of ten, either…but they pulled the short straws!)

      You forgot to be jealous of washing her three pair of State issued panties in the toilet
      And sleeping with her face less than a foot away from the toilet bowl
      And all “jewelry” she wears now rattle…and have keys!…wrists, ankles and belly chains…
      Will always be subject to strip searches, and searches of her belongings for contraband…

      Will never have a “job” again…any money she has will be because someone felt pity, and deposited to her commissary account.
      Every letter sent or received will be read by a CO. No privacy

      And when one of her implants starts to leak, the state won’t care…and when one is flat and the other “fluffy, her prison name will be changed to “Lefty”

      Will never have a nice glass of Merlot or a martini (extra dry, shaken, not stirred)

      She will have to learn to be pals with Angela Simpson!

      I’ll think up more!

    • Connie Rust says:

      Mama….u forgot one. You don’t have Juan Martinez signing canes on the courthouse steps because he exposed u for what u really are and sent u on the journey to the gurney.

    • debl115 says:

      And all of those 1,000 places she wanted to see before she died? She didn’t get too fucking far, did she?

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Debl: Well now she will get to see the inside of her stainless steel toilet, the dark side of foot fungus, and most likely the inside of bertha’s ass, so I call it a win for sight seeing.

    • Mama Via says:

      I cannot help but wonder how Stabbikins and the Stabbites are dealing with reality tonight…the decision JSS handed down was “judicial” in its tone…but, I think that one could read into her grouping them all together that she is (finally) getting her fill of Numbnutz “Let’s pretend I’m an Attorney” game.

      Stabbikins got her “apology” into the jurors minds, if not on the record…and there MIGHT be one person who saw remorse in the delivery…it is going to depend on Stsbby’s acting ability…and how peeved the jury is over all the days that they aren’t “working”! When I was a juror, the judge told us that we didn’t have to leave our common sense at home…and “common sense” is telling these jurors that it isn’t the prosecution stalling and playing games…it isn’t the prosecutor dragging what should have been an hours worth of “expert testimony” into days of repetitive questions and answers.

      Myself? I’m torn…arias DESERVES the death penalty…BUT does she DESERVE more chances to have this same trial appealed time and time again? Don’t the taxpayers deserve to never hear this wench’s name ever again? Miss K, how does this ruling effect future appeals? Did you ask your attorney his opinion on this? WE all knew that all these motions were BS…but I think that we all wondered if Not-A-Judge would see it all differently, and give credence to some BS motion…most likely JMs “bedside manner”…he can be a bit off putting…and I for one, wouldn’t want to be in the box and forced to answer his questions…

      I noticed that one of the options for witnesses to testify was thru the testimony of the Mitigation Specialist…OMG…is this her first trial? I, for one, would just love to see THAT cross examination! Do you think JM would tear ms cha-cha a new one with all the questions WE gave had about her activities in support of Ho-Ho-Hodi? Oh, boy!

      Just when you think this trial couldn’t get any stranger…it does!

      • Mama don’t worry! Whatever sentence is FINALLY metered out, here, her life will be hell on Earth! For a long while, I wanted her to get, LWOP. I wanted her to SUFFER, more. With death, there is an automatic appeal and a sense of urgency to any concerns. i did a lot of research and be ASSURED, appeal does NOT mean, NEW trial. A panel of VERY wise judges, who are USED to manipulating witches like herself, will pour over every WORD, motion, and weed through all the bullshit, that WE saw and read. It will take them YEARS! She is USED to snapping her fingers and what ONCE took hours or days, will take YEARS!! if she EVER gets to be among general population, she will be housed with the worst of the worst. Given the NATURE of her crime, she will be the WORST. Ladies who are given LWOP, tend to adapt and want to LIVE, even if there really doesn’t seem to be a point. “Accidents,” just seem to HAPPEN to the more difficult prisoners, at Perryville and the authorities are HELPLESS to STOP it! I’d like to ADD to the LONG list of reasons why I’m jealous of Jodi Arias, although, I can SEE this will be a “game” we will be playing for a LONG time! I’m SO jealous of Jodi Arias, because she will NEVER spring out of bed, and wonder: “Gee, what do I want to DO, today?”

    • That, right there, was sheer brilliance and well-said! Thank you!

    • REALITY BASED says:

      Thank you for your additions to the list! I would have replied earlier but had a hard time getting back on to my profile (weird?). Yours, and others, additions are hilarious! I had a list of about 40 and had to cut it down! LOL! There is just SOOO much material here!

  7. bobbie thompson says:

    The hilarious insanity grows daily. When I read the ignorance they spew I either shake my head in confusion or fall in the floor laughing. Then I wait patiently to see if you found the same ignorance I did. And you do. You always do. So I get to laugh and shake my head again. Loved that post about jealousy, too. Yeah, I been jealous of skanky a long time ROTFLMAO. (Good job on the inside intel)

  8. Martini13 says:

    Baaaaaahhhhhahahaaaaa!!!! These people are better than Dumb & Dumber: “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… *insert another stabby lover post here* and totally redeem yourself!” LOL!!! Tell them the odds of the cavernous killer getting out of the clink is 1 in 10 trillion and they’ll jump for joy: “so you’re saying there’s. A chance!” Haaaaaaa!

  9. Barbara Hernandez says:

    Today was a good day for the Alexanders…

  10. Hi Kelly … Ontario here Love your articles:)

  11. hbbeachbun says:


  12. Connie Rust says:

    Are u kidding me?? Are those people stupid? Oh wait….yep they are.

  13. Kelly, I think its been a birthday gift for a lot of us today! And I just betcha you listed all her ‘supporters’ in this blog! Well, except for Matt, her ex ‘boyfriend’ who stated some time back, “Yes, I would lie for her.”

    And maybe that ‘wannbe famous’ guy from New Zealand, who said Travis TOLD him…IN A CAR….that he viewed porn and then that same guy this year suddenly came out of his fog, and now remembers that Travis viewed ‘child porn’.

    Its been a REALLY good day, hasn’t it, Kelly! Happy Birthday to us! Love you, love Christine, love what both of you have to say and love both unique ways that you two get it across and out to the world. You both make my life happier!

    • HarleyGirl says:

      Hi Judy, Travus told him in a car…sounds like the Joran Vander Sloot/aka Urine Vander scum told some guy how Natalie Holloway died and he did it in a guys car. Then he changed his story about 60 million times and got away with it. Well he was stabbed in prison recently and I felt so bad I could hardly use the word fuck for a whole 10 seconds. By the way Fuck is my favorite word! Who out there has ever stubbed their toe and not said Fuck! It is a great word and I am so glad Miss Kelly allows it here.

      • reallybigmeandog says:

        Hai Harley: you use whatever words float your boat sweetie. You know that cursing is my favorite pastime.

  14. Omg, Kelly it WAS such a great day! Even I’m not going to put a damper on the day.The truly good days are SO rare. I’m going to enjoy today and worry TOMORROW, about what COULD go wrong. JSS surprised the HELL out of me! Spine and SASS, all in one day!! Pace yourself, girl! We don’t want to lose this new side to you. I never followed The gold patrol, Kelly or Christine, until being forced to “watch” this trial, by tweets. Oh, the joys of silver linings! EVEN MORE good news, tonight if you haven;t watched the latest, Gold patrol! For instance, I’ve never HEARD of a remedy mistrial for the PROSECUTION!! Yes, Martinez could request a MISTRIAL based on all the bullshit the defense has pulled and get a THIRD whack at the witch!! OR, that we don’t necessarily NEED 12 jurors, to complete this trial! I invite everyone to go watch. Unfortunately, I already KNOW, Heather(stole my name) and her merry band of idiots. I might have put up an SOS in here or with Christine–not that I can’t hold my OWN, it was like WHO ARE THESE LUNATICS? My cell phone started alerting like CRAZY. An article I commented on MONTHS ago, they decided to ATTACK! I was blindsided as they attempted to contemporaneously, de-edify me…from BEHIND–and not in a GOOD way!! Finally, Kelly has been slapping out these belly laughs ALL DAY!! I think it was your first? A MUST read or revisit!! I laughed myself silly and sobbed at the same time!! The commentary was hysterical and heartbreaking and REAL!!!

  15. renaes24 says:

    Kelly? In your last laugh I heard traces of James Earl Jones (that’s a compliment). Love to hear it!

  16. Candice Lee says:

    I’ve been reading your blogs… And I must say… You are funny!!! Thank you for making my day soooo many times!! The whole “eat a dick mmmmmmmkay” made me spit whatever the hell I was drinking EVERYWHERE!!!!! lol….. I only find it fair you come help me clean this mess up now!!! Haha…. Keep up the awesome work.. Looking forward to your future bloggings😃

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Candice: Thank you. I get points if I make you spew or pee a little so you always have to tell. It’s a rule. So, YAY!! POiNTS!

  17. Anne Wyatt says:

    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
    Soper what a pos !
    Heard fromPV lately??? Hahahaha hahahaha
    Undermedicated shouldbealllockedup fools

  18. Adele says:

    😀😀😀👏👏👏 my morning coffee tasted extra good this morning. Lovely to wake up to such brilliant entertainment….with a beautiful denied. Denied. Denied denied. Etc. the excitement of getting to the end of each issue was reading “Denied”.
    And you, my friend brought it home so eloquently…….almost better then Christmas🎄
    Have a wonderful day…and as always, thanks for your great work. X

  19. Tyla says:

    Excellent day for the Alexander’s and us and it’s about damn time we got a HOORAY day 🙂

    Mamma Via loved your reasons why you are jealous of Jodi – going to add one more ……. Will never be able to take a shower alone or more then 3 days a week

    As always Kelly ❤

  20. TisMe says:

    I wonder if Stabby tells her goons what colour undies to wear. They sure are a gullible bunch of fruit loops.

  21. BethT says:

    Oh I just love it when my day starts like this!! Hooray! I missed the whole thing last night and this is so delicious I don’t even need breakfast!

  22. HarleyGirl says:

    Kelly, Loved,loved,loved your blog today and everyday! Thanks to you and Mama Via, I laughed so hard I peed my pants….who says I can’t multi-task! Mama don’t forget no more strawberry fraps and cinnabons. No more listening to the music of her choice. No more wind in her greasy hair as she makes her famous road trips to get laid or off somebody else who has pissed her off. No mor dicks in those 3 stretch out smelly holes of hers. No more beauty products to fix that nasty face. No more cameras. She is basically fucked. No more tampons! she will miss those shoved in her hole even though she has to use 3 at a time to fill that wind tunnel. She will really miss the sex because she is a horny little schoolgirl! That bitch might want to commit suicide for real but maybe Angela Simpson will help her along. She will be somebody’s bitch for sure and have to wash their smelly underpants! Thank you for all the laughter. Go Juan and Go Jury, kill that bitch!

  23. BethT says:

    This is absolutely “keills” me, hahahaha. “She told me she keilled him but the jail reads her mail.” Oh, so if she didn’t keill him she is in jail for it so she must adopt a charade for the mail readers! Hahahahah! Stupidest thing I’ve ever read! Pure Gold! We could take her responses and perform a damned good comedy routine! Heather “keills” it once again!

  24. geribouwman says:

    My favorite saying of all time. Jennifer Wilmott—This trial has gone long enough already. WOW!!!

  25. Alice Girard says:

    hey kelly first let me say i loved the blog and every comment that followed. the list of things she will never do again is endless. i would like to add that she will never do just what i am doing…enjoying my home,wondering what i will fix for dinner ( i’m thinking shrimp),having me some peanut m&m’s and snuggling with my dog. yes she is fucked. according to jeff gold there is effectively no parole in AZ. once they ride her out to perryville that will be period end of report. i am fairly certain she will lose every appeal. evidently the ninth circuit is pretty stingy when it comes to granting appeals. oh well that worn out old saying comes to mind….can’t do the time? don’t do the crime.

    i was thrilled as well that sometimes judge stephens got out her denied stamper and went to town. i have a pic in my head seeing her at her desk,stamper in hand,cig hanging out of her mouth banging that stamper on those motions. hahahaha i swear i can just see it. wonder how many times she stamped denied on each one? wish i
    knew how to do graphic stuff…i would make a pic but i can barely type soooooooooo.

    hope all is well with you and that you are finding something to laugh about every day.

    take care.

  26. mrsmojojojo says:

    Hi Kelly…. Hope all is well. Another great angle to the Stabby story. Wow! I don’t keep up with those whack jobs so seeing their actual writings is shocking. I knew they were stupid or crazy or both. The post from that girl who still doesn’t believe that Stabby murdered Travis, in spite of an admission on the stand and a personal letter from the perp.. WTF???? When faced with reality they still deny it and are willing to follow her anywhere. They need legal guardians, they should not be out in the big bad world unsupervised. On the flip side, I imagine Stabby dealing with them, which is a hell unto itself. She is nothing if not pretentious so cavorting with the likes of the must really get her over inflated ego in an uproar. I realized today that I like Hitler, Bin Laden, Manson & Bundy more than I like her. Looking forward to the end of this when all of the information that didn’t qualify as evidence comes out. Then we can get some acurate idea of what kind of crazy she is. My feeling has always been that this is some new kind of crazy or some lethal combination of disorders that has never been seen before. I don’t think she will have a fan club at Perryville. In fact, that probably pisses them off.
    Can’t wait til she gets there, temps there get as high as 120 degrees. The closest thing to hell available to us. Be well funny girl!

  27. Mama Via says:

    This is another episode of “what life is like on death row”…

    Well…y’all know that I write to a couple of men on death row…whenever I feel “flush”…or I’m feeling especially nice, I will put a $20 into FL’s commissary account…he SAYS that he has no one on the “outside” to write, or deposit into commissary account, etc…at this point, I’m thinking that maybe listening to all of Hodi’s lies have made me more cynical, and I can’t trust a word that comes out of a convicted criminals mouth!

    Yesterday, I received a letter from (oh hell, I can’t remember what I called him last time, I’ll just use his real name) Toney, who resides at Union Correctional at Raiford, Fl. He was convicted of murder 20 some odd years ago…he says that he was covering for a “friend” who did it…but…since the friend had pot with him and didn’t want to get into trouble…yards, yada, yada…the ninjas did it.

    But, again, it’s lose/lose with whatever they say…if they tell me “I’m not factually guilty”. I think “yea, sure…you and everyone else on DR is innocent!”…and if they say “im guilty, I’m guilty, im guilty, and I deserve to be punished”…I think “omg! He shouldn’t be writing that! He KNOWS his mail is read by the COs!” (And the DR inmate who wrote to me from Mississippi started going into details…and I’m thinking…”this guy is sick! I need to tell him that I can’t write any more!”). Well…so much for my crazy thoughts…

    So, enough of preamble…

    So, I know that $20 a month isn’t much…but, without a little bit of cash, they can’t get deodorant, shampoo (which is also laundry detergent), soap, toothpaste, or any of the necessaries…the state does supply TP…)the kind you find at rest stops…really THIN stuff! I call it John Wayne TP…cause it don’t take shit off nobody!) but, otherwise, you must purchase everything else….I suppose it isn’t too awful doing without Right Guard if you are a man, locked up in cell by yourself…but I’d think women would be easier to gross out…it’s awful when your own stench would knock a buzzard off a shitwagon!

    Once per year, your friends/family can go online and buy you sweatshirts/sweatpants and tennis shoes. Twice a year, underwear, socks and t-shirts. And once a quarter, FLPACKAGES is “open” to order “food packages”. “Food” (ha) that can be ordered are instant coffee and cocoa, chips, nuts, cookies, crackers, pastries, candy, Ramen soup, tuna, oatmeal and those Slim Jim style sausages. A 5 oz sausage runs $3.80 and 3 oz Ramen is 60 cents.

    Well, every time I send a $20 using J-Pay (the same company administers Perryville inmate accounts) it costs me $7.95 to process the payment! So, this month, I decided to just pay $60 to FLPACKAGES for three months “allowance”…and “save” $16 of “fees”!

    For the “SecurePackages” food order, the order must be placed no later than 1/31, and are to be delivered 2/23-27. You may NOT place an order of more than $100, and, if you do, everything exceeding $100 will be disposed of “at the inmates expense (sic)”. “It is the inmates responsibility to never possess more than those quantities allowed.” (Arias will be able to receive these same “SecurePacs” $80 box every 3 months, as an inmate works up the classifications, they are allowed more boxes.)

    So, there is another little bit from the annals of living on Death Row!

    • HarleyGirl says:

      Momma Via, I have not heard “like a buzzard off a shit wagon” in years. You made me laugh so hard i farted and scared the dog! Keep those comments coming! I love this site. so free to talk about anything and I feel so safe here. I really need to feel safe because of my own fucked up issues. I so enjoy reading here everyday. It really makes me laugh otherwise I would not laugh at all. Love you girl and love to all of the cool people on this site. I love Kelly for allowing me to come here and accepting me on the low or high days. So many people don’t want to be around me because of the mood swings so I just gave up and stop leaving the house. I only go to doc appts. Sorry running on and on. I bet stabby stinks like a buzzard off a shit wagon! Lol1

  28. karen30036 says:

    I’ve been out of town the past two days and it seems I have some catching up to do, The news sounds good and spirits are high.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions on video.
    I hope everyone is well, and have a lovely evening!

  29. HarleyGirl says:

    One more question, what does toss the salad mean?

    • Arizona Rose says:

      I’d tell you, but it’s a little bit ew, so rather Google it. I thought I’d heard of most sex acts, but it took Jodi Arias yapping away non-stop about her sex life to educate me about tossed salad and cream pie. I’m sure Travis found himself in the same boat as I did.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Harley: Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to know.

  30. TL says:

    She’ll never be able give Travis or any man a hand job though she loved his dick, thinks he has a nice dick, quivers at the thought of it.

  31. Arizona Rose says:

    I hope you’re feeling better, Kelly. Congrats on another side-splitting post. Those Arias supporters are none too bright, their stupidity knows no bounds.

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Out in left field

(Totally fictional) Drama Queen Stories


sometimes, there are monsters walking amongst us

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