Presented Without Comment For Right Now-Trust Me There Will Be Oh So Much Comment Once I Am Done Laughing



28 Responses to Presented Without Comment For Right Now-Trust Me There Will Be Oh So Much Comment Once I Am Done Laughing

  1. Carly Brewer says:

    And I thought I hated Jose Baez! The Stabby defense team is the scuzziest to ever appear in criminal jurisprudence. All I can say is HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA you dumb fucks. Take that up the ass like your client!

  2. Adele says:

    A royal SMACKDOWN from all levels. So friggin nice to see!!

  3. margo says:

    I can barely contain my joy. Suck it, Stabby & Co.

  4. Mama Via says:

    Did I miss something? Did she rule already?

    • Deb says:

      Sure does look that way, Mama!!! YaaaaaHOOOOOOO! But, then again…even a “sometimes” judge gets the ruling right…merely by the law of averages…. 😉

    • Lacey says:

      Yes, all DP motions filed denied!

      • margo says:

        “All” is right! I was shocked when I read the ruling and saw all those Motions on pages one and two – I’d lost count but would never had guessed there were SO many! I’ve been trying to follow the computer/porngate BS for weeks but sometimes it’s just too much for my poor brain to handle. Hopefully the actual trial can continue now, although there’s no more court until next Tuesday. I’m thrilled to think of Stabby stewing in her cell for the next few days over JSS’s decision. I fucking LOVE karma. 🙂

    • Mama Via says:

      Haha…just read it…not a judge grew some balls!

      • debl115 says:

        And she not only grew some balls, she grew some mother-fucking-HUGE balls! Put that in your pipe, Jenny from the Cell Block, and fucking smoke it.

  5. Laura hickey says:

    Kelly, can’t wait for ur take on this!!!

  6. Mags Vazquez says:

    HA! HA! HA! HEE! HEE! How about another motion Numnuts?

  7. pasha00 says:

    It was an EPIC smack down!!!! For once, I am proud of sometimes judge JSS

  8. Jeannie says:

    Ooooo, I’m so excited.

  9. margo says:

    From Trial Diaries, from earlier today: Nurmi is accusing Juan of Prosecutorial Misconduct again….Juan says quit attacking the Prosecutor when you are failing at something.


  10. Samantha says:

    A glorious day indeed! Wilma in a tizzy, Juan on fire, epic smackdown from jss! Wheeeee

  11. Next we’ll likely hear that the Serial Slut Stabber is back in the mental hospital…for completely losing her cook and trying to kill herself. Or a guard! Giggle, giggle (I learned the giggles from Dr. Goofus Spill Water Gefner!)

  12. I meant to say for ‘losing her cool’, not her ‘cook’.

  13. renaes24 says:

    Stabby should be PROUD. She hit the trifecta! She has now been ‘DENIED’ by: 1)JSS 2)Az COA 3) AZ Supreme Court!
    Ain’t that a kick in the head!

  14. BethT says:

    Love it! Hope all the Stabbyites take it up the ass, too, Carly! LMFAO!!!

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