We’re All Stars Now, In The Dope Show-Or Something Like That.

So, lets get right to it my lovelies the infamous magical I can explain everything except only in secret trascripts that were released yesterday. They are mind numbing. I’m afraid I lost brain cells. Dave Erickson warned me they were boring. Hey, I like boring I said, I live for boring. I did not expect I would want to stab myself in the eyes with a fork just to get away from them.

She brought the bullshit, I will give her that much. Enough bullshit to collectively fertilize all of our lawns. That strong fuck you Martinez, I am more Einstein-y than you are voice was gone and the mighty pitbull had to ask her to speak up about eleventy billion times. First, she said how much she wished she could change the way things turned out that day. Mama Via was kind enough to translate for us. ” I wish I could do the day over again so I could have prepared better…and taken my own damn camera, which takes better pictures anyway! I’ve always imagined her pulling off to the side of the road to throw away the knife and gun…and stomping around yelling “oh SHIT, damn, Damn, DAMN!!! WHERE DID I LEAVE TRAVIS’ FUKKIN CAMERA!!!” And then, consoling herself with..”well, at least my EINSTEINy brain remembered to delete the pictures! The cops will think NINJAS did it!! Tee-hee!” Thank you Mama.

You’d think she was scared mommy and daddy were outside of the door listening as she busted them on their coke and weed habits. I KNOW!! I too was shocked that somebody was doing a little blow in the 80’s when Stabby was four. THE HORROR!! And mom of Stabby smoked a joint the day she was born. A joint. ERMAGERD. I think I have the vapors give me a moment. Wait because it gets so much worse. Somebody took some of the Peruvian marching powder to a wedding. Now, had they held her down and shoved it up her nose, I’d say that Houston we had a problem, but other than that, they did some coke, they never got caught end of that particular mitigating factor. Oh yeah and when she found the coke, it was on a mirror chopped into lines with a razor sitting on the mirror but she didn’t know what it was. That is some memory there. Jesus. Oh but wait, the weed. The weed that Mom of Stabby smoked before Stabby was born. Stabby admitted she was smoking weed herself for exactly five months during her formative years so that kinda negates mommy fucked up my brain cuz she smoked a joint. Just Sayin’.

Other things we learned from the “I am now much less intelligent than I was before I started reading this drivel document” is that Stabby has a brain that needs to be removed and studied like preferably immediately because she can remember things from when she was two years old. Now, you know me. I would never just pull information out of my ass like some “other people” so I look up what the odds are of having solid memories at the age of two years old. and I quote ” while a two year old can form short term memory of an event they are lost by the time the child is three or four. It even has a name. Childhood amnesia. Solid memories which are carried forward as lifelong memories typically form between the ages of three and five usually at the mid point of these ages. Basically what that means is that a two year old can have a memory that they can tell you about within a certain amount of time but within weeks or months the memory will have been swept into the pool of childhood amnesia. Why is this important? Because little Stabbykins can remember a softer gentler time with her daddy when he used to bounce her on his knee and tell her he loved her to pieces. Isn’t that sweet? Squeee. I’m still shocked she didn’t say she got confused and thought he was saying someday princess cut someone into pieces. That may come yet who knows.

Anyway then we got to read about the terrible abuse that Stabby suffered by being beaten with a wooden spoon. Please raise your hand if your parents hit you with anything when you were little. Spoon, hotwheel track, ironing cord, belt, coat hanger,  switch, walking stick, all of the above? Anybody get shot? How many of those of you who raised your hands have killed someone? Bye Bye mitigating factor number 2. Just as an aside, Stabby’s brother Carl apparently got the same treatment and he has yet to kill anyone. Good Job Carl!!

Juan spent a great deal of the day throwing random objections around mostly just because he could and the supply of goodboy treats were running low. It was amusing to read them because while on their face they were real objections, they weren’t really necessary other than to annoy the shit out of Jenny from the Cell Block and it worked in spades. Jenny got all mad and shit. I think she’s still pissed about that comment about him wanting to off himself if he was married to her too.

Apparently somewhere along the line between her last mitigation testimony and this mitigation testimony the fog lifted because Stabby remembers pretty much everything now. Another Stabby Einstein miracle. Praise baby Jesus. Nana Stabby can walk AND the fog has lifted.

Around the age of 7, things began to change in the Stabby household. Punishments got more severe. (maybe the coke and weed ran out?)

At 17, Stabby’s huge gigantic type dad shoved her into a door frame and she hit her head and was knocked unconscious. She remembers this because all people that lose consciousness remember everything that happens before and after they wake up. Ask any of the nurses on the blog. They will tell you that totally happens all the time.

Then her grades began to slide because of her parents and she didn’t finish school because of her parents and she moved in with Bobby Juarez because of her parents and he screwed around on her probably because of her parents and she basically hopped from relationship to relationship because of her parents.

I just discovered that the wrong person is on trial here. Her damn parents need to be facing the death penalty because this is very obviously all their fault. Case solved, lets all move on.

We have now come to the end of part 1 of the never ending mind numbing super duper secret transcript.

I will fill you in on the rest of the earth shattering news later. My brain hurts right now.

RBMD peacing the fuck out!!

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64 Responses to We’re All Stars Now, In The Dope Show-Or Something Like That.

  1. The last pages of the 2nd transcript cracked me up. It was a sidebar after they got the ruling from the appeal.

    Great blog Kelly!

  2. Shannamac says:

    Wow, you nailed it Queen. (Bow).
    I’m thinking her childhood was pretty Rosie compared to most.

  3. renaes24 says:

    Kelly! Good Job!…….did you see where in one of her post-conviction interviews (where she talks of Nurmi telling her she has NO mitigating factors) she says that there was NO drug-use or abuse in her home while growing up and WISHES there had been (so she would have one of them dang ‘factors’).
    Can’t wait till you read part 2 (I will send asprin and stronger things if necessary for you to get thru it)
    Way I took the whole enchilada? Stabby put the HO in hobo!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Thanks Renaes: I do remember that. She didn’t get beaten enough and there was no drug use. I laughed a lot about it actually. But no wonder she didn’t want her parents in the courtroom.

  4. Again, brilliant, Kelly! I guess break is over by now, so going back to hear more from that not-a-real-scientist-don’t-even-have-a-degree-not-really-an-expert,-just-a-computer-nerd witness on the stand…..I’ll be back later to comment more.

  5. Tyla says:

    OMFG Kelly I just about pissed my pants reading …… “I’m still shocked she didn’t say she got confused and thought he was saying someday princess cut someone into pieces” 🙂

    Kelly do you remember when she gave an interview with Troy Hayden, she said Alfred E told her she didn’t have any mitigating factors and Troy questioned her and she said …… “nothing that is what you typically see in a case like this, such as a childhood where there was drugs, alcoholism, molestation, none of those things occurred in my family so I guess we would sort of joke that my mom didn’t beat me hard enough, so I don’t have mitigation.”

    I hope Juan can use that IF she takes the stand again, which I kind of doubt now that her lies are public and being dissected by media and us

  6. Kitz Lynn says:

    Great job Kelly! You always leave me laughing…. AND thinking lol!

  7. Owlie says:

    i honestly just scanned through the transcripts because it was just so ridiculous. she’s at her best when she’s trying to manipulate people isnt she. leave it to you though, to make a great laugh out of something so insane!

  8. geribouwman says:

    I have a problem that when I laugh so hard I lose my breath and pass out. I have fainted one time at work, fell on the floor and fractured my jaw from the fall. I remember everything before and after loss of contiounciousness. At the age of 2 I remember absolutely nothing, nada, And I can’t wait to find out how I made Sober and PV so famous. I compare their fame with Daffy Duck and the Big bad Worlf. And nobody reads those books anymore. Anxient.

  9. Tina Roche says:

    Hi Kelly, i had a bad day today, i felt i was going to have one of those down days the minute i opened my eyes this morning but honestly and no BS you made me laugh today and thank you for that.
    I could not finish reading all her crap, is is sickening, but i’v been thinking a lot about JA, where ever she ends up i bet you anything she will study law in prison and then she will prove to everyone how great she is and the good she has done with her life and how she helped inmates and possibly get them all freedom LOL.

    Hugs Kelly, don’t stop making us laugh

    What do you think.


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Tina: I think the idea of her studying law in prison may have just given me an aneurism. Good god. Can you even imagine. Have a great day.

  10. Brandy says:

    Excellent as always Kelly! Remember when Stabbinstein said that she use to grow pot of the roof of parents house as a teen?, her parents found out and called the cops?, well, how many parents that use drugs want to have cops around there house, let alone sniffing around? Just saying. To say her parents had there hands full with this sociopath growing up is an understatement. Everything that comes out of that evil POS mouth is LIES!!

  11. debilu2 says:

    LMAO! You are still brilliant!!

  12. Tammy says:

    You are brilliant! I have to hit that Paypal button because I don’t want you to EVER stop blogging!

  13. Tyla says:

    If anyone is interested read this article from Debbie Maran – very, very interesting and informative


  14. Lynch says:

    Kelly, another great read! As usual, pissed my pants laughing (stop that Kelly I am running out of depends)!

  15. Mags Vazquez says:

    Bravo Kelly, Bravo!!! I hope the jury isn’t buying all this crap, skank is sure unloading a lot.

  16. Mama Via says:

    I so TOTALLY agree, Brandy! There is only ONE pot head I know that is dumb enough to invite a social worker into the house while she has her stash and paraphinalia laying all over the house…So, to “get out of trouble” she ran away to Abalama, and sponges off her mother…until she gets into trouble again…and she will run away again…needless to say, she is so Einstiney that she (believes that she) is the smartest person she knows! Her dad is a cop, in some little Podunk town…and in the 15 years Dumb Bunny has been toking weed and popping pills…Dad busted her only once, when she was 15, then he spent all of his retirement money sending her to rehab (which didn’t “work”)…so, he has since decided that she’s is SO fukked up, all the money in the world won’t “fix” her…so he gave up…Our not very logical pill-popping, dope smoking friend assumes that all her lies work with everyone…I find that she’s almost as entertaining as Stabbykins! She will end up like my grandson’s mother…found dead on the floor as a result of trying to get a cheap high…

    I’ve found a lot of correlation between Dumb Bunny and Stabbykins…(my 5 cent psychology degree) tells me that neither were ever abused…just the opposite…they were coddled, neither ever had to face the consequences of their actions as children, they WERENT confronted with their lies…

    Stabbykins remembers “bouncing on Daddys knee at TWO…and her dad having coke on the mirror when she was FOUR! (bullshit!) and also at FIVE…(page 25). She also claims she was working when she was “13 or 14. 13, I think”. US Labor laws are VERY strict! She wouldn’t have been “a hostess” at 13…against the law!
    Page 36 she says dad had “Claim Jumper Family Restuarant”..”Is Claim Jumper like a chain?” “No”. (Yes it is…Claim Jumper Family Resuarants are a chain!). “More it was chores, you know, contributing. If I went to bed without doing dishes and it was my turn and I went to school without that, instead of being able to do my homework, I had to drop everything, and go get that done first and then you could go do whatever you want to do.” Oh! Poor baby! She had to do her chores! And if she didn’t do them when she was supposed to, she still had to do them! Her parents weren’t supportive of her education! And her parents were SO MEAN! And she was buffing 18 year old Bobby Juarez when she was 15. And she went to Costa Rica and her parents only paid part of it, and Victor was her boyfriend there…OMG! I was still wearing white anklets when I was 15!!!

    Does this phrase bother anyone but me????
    “It is completely discording with the way I lived my whole life”

    You know..my parents were truly abusive…my mother would hit me with anything her hand could reach…we didn’t “take turns” doing the dishes…we did dishes EVERY NIGHT! The one night I left a glass undone, my mother came to my bed, grabbed me by the hair in the middle of the night and DRAGGED me into the kitchen…yelling, screaming and slapping me all the way!. ..,we also cleaned the bathrooms, living room and bedrooms, vacuumed floors, polished the silver, did the laundry, ironed the clothes (AND SHEETS), mowed the yard, weeded the “garden”, washed and waxed the car…and during the summer, when everyone else was playing…we spent 8 hours a day waxing the wood paneling in our house with Jubilee Wax! (On top of all our other “chores”)…when we got done inside, we waxed the outside! (We lived in a trailer)

    And then, my parents wondered why all my teaches said “she never does homework”! Like DUH! Do it in my sleep?

    I’m guessing most of you have been in similar situations…you know how we walk on eggshells around our parents! She raiser her hand against her MOTHER…and didn’t expect her dad to come and push her into the piano? Or door? She never did confess to hurting animals…and kicking her mom in anger!

    She is not an abused child! She’s a SPOILED LITTLE LIAR,


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hey Mama: Here is a story and it’s true. You reminded me of it. My little brother stole some money off of my ma once because we were hungry, had not eaten in two days. She had 30 on her for booze or some smack who knows and he took 10 dollars. It was just before I finally just bailed. She caught him with food and was gonna beat him so I said I did it, I couldn’t bear that child to take a lick of pain if I was around. She come after me and I gave her three shots before I finally had enough and punched her in the face. Now I was about 80lbs soaking wet but I was so damn mad it made up for my small size. I broke the bitches nose. But my dad, who didn’t have much use for her either still felt a need to come to her defense and he was on me with a belt so fast I never even heard him coming. He beat me stupid. It was bad, but it was because I had hit my ma. He told me the next day it was because I hit her. He told me you just don’t ever lift your hands to your parents. I suppose in normal houses that was probably true too. I tried to explain that she had flat out punched me in the face three times but he didn’t care. He just said again you don’t ever raise a hand to yer parents and if you ever do it again I’ll kill ya. I left soon after that. This bitch never saw abuse in her life. I know why she wanted the courtroom closed, because she didn’t want her parents to hear what she was saying, although how she figured they would never find out is beyond me. But I would bet money that is why. There is NOTHING that pisses me off faster or more than a DV or abuse faker. It demeans every one of us that has survived it. And it makes it that much harder for the next one that actually may have to kill in order to survive. Damn now I’m madder than a wet hen.

      • Mama Via says:

        I know honey, I’m angry for the same damed reason! I went to school with welts and bruises and huge knots on my head…and that Flippin little liar can bring up THREE times That her parents MAY have jacked her up? Ha! And sef can fukkin “remember” shit when she was 2,4 and five…but she can’t remember slicing travis’ throat? Shooting him in the head? Stabbing him in the back HOW MANY TIMES?

        I never, ever, ever raised my hand to either of my parents (but I’m proud that you had the huevitas to do so!) I was too DAMNED frightened of them! I felt that they could have ended my life…and found a reason the court would have given them a medal for doing it too! When I was 7, my mother took me to the county jail and told them to lock me up for 20 minutes because I had lied to her…and they did! But, that was the 50s for ya!

        When I was 8, my dad was Security Police on base for a while…some young kid kicked his mom…and he was taken to “juvi” for a while…I figured “juvi” was a lot like the jail was…and I lived in fear! My stepbrother, the one who molested me, was always telling me that I only got to live with him and his mom because there wasn’t any room for next at juvi or at the orphanage…and I could stay only as long as I didnt piss anyone off…(not true, of course)…he told me that no one wanted me…not even gramma! When you are 5 and six…you’ll believe anything! Nothing has made me happier in my life than the day I found out he had died! He was the best liar, best manipulator and most evil person I’ve ever known!

        Honey…I’m so sorry for what you’ve endured…but, like me…you survived…and it has made you the special, loving, warm humorous person you are! No child deserves what we have endured…but, maybe what you’ve endured helps others to endure…others to heal.

        You are a most wonderful lady! Good karma will come your way, I know it!

  17. BethT. says:

    I am trying sooooo hard to not let all of this get under my skin, but damn I’m mad too, Kelly. That idiot Soper won’t STFU and she is so stupid it’s no use to talk to her, she doesn’t even understand the insults! Arrrgggghhhh!!! This crap that is spewing from Jodi’s pie hole is ridiculous and I sure hope there is at least one abuse victim on that jury that will see this for what it is. Her childhood, by her own admission, was carefree and happy. But, that doesn’t give her a mitigating factor, does it? So, how do you like it under the bus, Mommy and Daddy Arias? Damn now I feel sorry for them, to have to deal with this ungrateful and demonic child and be blamed for everything that every happened to her. Arrrrgggghhhh!! Where’s me rum?!

  18. BethT. says:

    Oh yeah — LOVE me some Eric Clapton!

  19. brenda says:

    I have never yet met a person who when encountering anyone they choke them till they pass out!! Yep only Stabby Eienstein!!!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Brenda: It’s because Stabby lives in the Einstein-yer than us universe that all these weird events happen.

  20. Bazzethound says:

    Way to go RBMD!
    I’m pretty sure you now need to be “sectioned”, just like that other awful lying blogger Christine. You’re both part of the jealous conspiracy that’s keeping Stabby in jail.

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      But, but I am not an orange. I swear I peed a little when Reneas said that. And yes, it’s true. It is solely because of Christine and I that Stabby languishes in jail.

  21. Brandy says:

    JSS DENIED Stabby’s motion to have the DP removed! some good news 🙂

  22. Brandy says:

    Hey Kelly, want to send a donation for you, could you please post your address again, would rather mail to you than use PayPal. TIA

  23. My Real Name says:

    She is so full of shit. A fucking lying whore. U are such a great writer, not missing one point. Plus, I peed a little.

    And oh!! Prepare for the Webbitches to come out swinging. The def motion to remove the DP was just D.E.N.I.E.D.


    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai MRN: You know I get bonus points everytime someone passes fluids of any kind right? I’m up to about 857 I think. Christine keeps score for me. There will be blog on the whole denial of the motion to remove the death penalty. I just have to regain my composure first because that shit is funny.

      • Connie Rust says:

        OMG I just read that ruling. It’s humor is second only to Kelly’s blogs! I laughed my head off. I just have one word to say about it……waaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Gawd can she find anything else to whine about? I now understand why sometimes judge Sherry took so long to rule. She had to site all those ridiculous whining motions! I knew there were a lot of them but seeing them all in one document really brings it home. JSS might make it as a blog writer since she isn’t cutting it as a judge. ‘Zealous’ cross exam by JM….cracked me up, Good grief!

  24. bobbie thompson says:

    *looks around* Nope. No trolls here. I’ve been busy reading tweets and motions. Holy JEBEEZUS! Have you read the 16 page motion to deny letting the bitch off the hook? I’ve never seen so many excuses! And the JA supporters? Everything they see is all like “Misconduct! Free Jodi!” I predict next week we will see “Motion to Dismiss. Juan used wrong staples on forms.” JAII “yes! It was an intentional act to discredit Josi and de-edify her! The judge must release her!” SMDH. The sad thing is JSS didn’t use kindergarten words in her motion so I’m thinking the majority (all) of JA’s supporters aren’t going to understand it.

    Wow Kelly, you must have a crystal ball, I have been beaten with a belt and various items that were not meant for those purposes. And wow! I’ve managed to not kill anyone. Including my ex-husband and the man who held me hostage and wanted to rape me. Now that last guy, I did threaten to put my 4″ spike heel in his nut sac if he dared come any closer. I assuming that’s what saved me and him both. Men tend to worry about that part I’ve noticed.

    Drugs. Umhummm, is Mama and Daddy still using? Or did they make it through rehab? I’ve tended to notice that while there may be social users of drugs it’s the exception not the rule. Have you noticed that all JA’s stories are just one or two events? I mean, c’mon, if your parents were users to the point it caused you to grow up and viciously slaughter a man, I’d think you’d need a more harrowing experience than what she claims. But I’m sure her supporters are properly horrified. WTF ever.

    Kay, I’m gonna read what everyone else had to say. Great read as usual Kelly

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Bobbie: I know right. I promise I will be writing about the motion rulings but I have the flu and I tried but was not happy with the result. My head is too stuffy to think. Nope I have an inhouse psychic remember.

  25. Aw, Kelly and Mama!! I’m so sorry to hear those instances of abuse from your childhood. Now you’re both strong, witty, funny and big- hearted. While that lying, POS is one step close to death row! You seriously have me cracking up and crying, at the SAME time. I wouldn’t say abuse, but I did come from STRICT home. A military family, we didn’t call them CHORES, it was called LIFE. I looked after my younger siblings, cooked, cleaned, laundry, mowed the lawn, edged the lawn and shopped for groceries. and STILL manged to get good grades. The only families that I saw that were DIFFERENT from mine, were on TELEVISION! My mother worked and my father was gone, a lot–twice to Korea and three times to Vietnam.I recall we still had time to play and that there was no tolerance for misbehaving. If one of us got into trouble, we ALL got into trouble–it was our job keep each OTHER out of trouble. We all got the belt, for misbehaving or getting,”a bad grade.” My grades were so good that the plan was that I would go to high school at an accelerated pace and start college, early. When life put a monkey wrench into those plans, with my parent’s divorce. I didn’t run away or threaten suicide, Arias, I went to school half a day and WORKED the rest of the day. It wasn’t ABUSE, it was called being part of a FAMILY! I had to scrimp and save and I went and paid for college, my DAMN self! Nursing school. Yes, Kelly, you’re spot on with the head injury and memory!! I was so grateful that I KNEW how to run a home and take care of my children and work to provide for them. Life IS hard work, not sponging from man to man and living on someone else’s sofa–Arias!! Pediatrics and Pediatric Oncology. I saw babies who were beaten half to death, TO death and families endure horrific pain and sacrifice. Debilitating injuries. Devastating illnesses, babies born WITH cancer. Babies born to REAL addicts and unlike their worthless parents, these newborns have to suffer and manage their first few weeks on this planet, suffering through, withdrawal. Oh yeah, I still haven’t read her latest lie. I’m cracking up over the notion that her “drug addicted parents,” called the police!!! I can tell you EXACTLY what would have happened, if Pot head Mama and coke sniffing Daddy had found her stash. BTW, Arias–does it HAVE to be lines on a ROUND mirror, cut with a razor BLADE? I mean WHAT? Other wise that shit wont WORK? Papa Stabby: “Daaaaamn baby!! That door knob you call a daughter, finally DONE GOOD!! ”
    ***A FIGHT BREAKS OUT. Rolling papers and lighters go FLYING***

    Mama Stabby: “It’s MY Tupperware!!!”

    Papa Stabby: “It’s MY fuckin’ ROOF!!!!” Yeah, pretty much like THAT…

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Margaret: Thank you, but I think I can speak for us both pretty safely that yes it sucked hard, but we came out the other side most likely much better people. But thank you so much for your kind words.

  26. OMG, Kelly, I love you so much! You bring me tears of laughter every time I read your posts. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing your gift with us!!!😂

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Janice. You’re welcome. It makes me happy to make people laugh. And maybe think a little sometimes.

  27. Martini13 says:

    The title of this post & the video make me give this an A++++++++++++

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Martini. I didn’t know who would get the title. I was gonna use the actual video but then I went wait, that was a pretty um…interesting video. I do love Marilyn Manson. He’s such a brilliant crazy man.

  28. hbbeachbun says:

    ROFLMAO. Kelly you are brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Thanks Kelly, I don’t say much (too used to being told to shut up I guess) but I am in total agreement with you. I work as a nurse in ICU and have yet to meet a patient who can tell me EXACTLY what happened before they were knocked unconscious, during their period of unconsciousness and after their unconsciousness was lifted (pretty much like a fog lifting). I could go all Nurse Ratchett on you and talk about rising CO2 levels but then I’d feel like a bit of a nerd. The abuse stories don’t fly with me either. When you have seen people come in who have been beaten to the point of being unable to breathe on their own with marks and burns and bites and punch marks all over their body not to mention broken bones and teeth, a broken finger (which is probably just a cut tendon anyway) just doesn’t cut the mustard. Keep on keeping on Kelly.. love your work…

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Rosemary. you don’t have to worry about that here. We are a peaceful bunch really. Unless somebody attacks one of our friends. Then not so much. I like to consider the comments section a place of refuge for everybody that needs it so you talk all you want. Someone is always around to listen.

  30. I love your writing as much as I love Christine’s! The two of you would definitely be a hit on a video commentating. Think about it…sure that I’m not alone in saying I would pay to watch it. 🙂

    Take care, and keep the juices flowing!

    • reallybigmeandog says:

      Hai Debra: Funny you say that, about video. We are actually considering the idea. Been kicking it around a bit. We will see

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